we have to set aside
our hearts
and put them to bed.  
Even though
they’re telling us
they’re not tired yet,
and sobbing
because they are
so very tired.

She did not know.
It doesn’t matter
if she knew.
They are embroidered
into each other;
handwoven tapestry.

How am I
to hold contempt
for such a mesmerizing
combination of colours.
—  Secret Series #4: “I’m really in love with my best friend but he’s been dating this girl since we first started talking a year ago but I can’t even be upset with her because she’s so sweet and they’re so good together”

“He’s your first love, I intend to be your last.” - Klaus telling Caroline he doesn’t care that she’s with Tyler, or if she gets with anyone else, he’ll be her last love regardless of what she wants.

“I understand if I have to wait for you, and I will. I’ll wait.” - Stefan realizing that Caroline is grieving and needs time to herself to figure out what she wants.

okay so just think about this au with me for a second

•Alec Lightwood is the shining beacon of perfection to his parents

•At least, on the outside

•he’s smart. even if he hadn’t been naturally smart to begin with, the kid had an amazing work ethic, starting all the way back in kindergarten

•he does everything he’s told

•literally, everything

•when he was two, his mom had wanted to do something outside of work that could be a bonding experience with her son

•and she’d been a star gymnast in high school, so she figured that she could totally teach a class

•so, she became a teacher and Alec became a stellar gymnast in training

•neither of them liked it very much, but while his mom totally dropped it (later saying that it was because it conflicted too much with her work schedule, but he didn’t necessarily agree with her), she forced him to stick with it so that he wasn’t a quitter

•so, now Alec was a gymnast and not a quitter

•and when he turned eleven, his dad thought that soccer had been just, well, the shit

•so Alec agreed to join that, as well

•he always did what he was told to do

•he was perfect, to them, on the outside

•and he preferred, of course that it stayed that way

•he was even the perfect older sibling. when his sister had been born, he spent more time with her than either of his parents really did. now, he kept her out of any real trouble, no matter how much she insisted that she let loose a little

•he’d even been the perfect brother to the arrogant orphan they’d taken in when he was eleven, no matter how many times he’d wanted to strangle him (thankfully, though, he and Jace were on much better terms nowadays, having spent the last seven years of their lives growing up together)

•and Max had always looked at the two of them with such childlike amazement, hoping to be like them someday

•Alec liked things this way. Basically, he liked being perfect. Perfect was safe. Perfect kept you away from destroying your whole reputation and stopped your family from shunning you. Perfect was the way he liked it, feelings be damned.

•but, sadly perfect couldn’t last forever

•because Alec was perfect on the outside, to more than just his parents

•smart, good looking, well rounded, and occasionally funny (on accident, but it still counted, as people had laughed)

•the problem was that someone else had started to realize that he was perfect, as well

•it had started with a conflict of interests

•the school wasn’t small, but it was still in New York, which meant that there was only really enough green area for one field

•and one day there had been a scheduling mixup

•supposedly, the soccer team had the field that day

•but so did the marching band

•and the marching band won simply because they’d gotten into their first set before the soccer players could even put their cleats on

•And, what do you know, that just so happened to be the day that Jace had wanted to borrow Alec’s car, leaving him stranded

•he refused rides from others, mostly because he trusted that Jace would stop by and pick him up before his date with the new ginger in their art class

•(he was wrong)

•and it turns out, marching band is really interesting

•and he really didn’t have anything better to do than watch

•his favorite part at first was the colorguard, but the music was also amazing

•he didn’t want to intrude, but he also didn’t want to walk away

•so he got comfortable in the grass and waited for Jace to text him back

•he didn’t notice, however, that a certain important someone had noticed him and had become very interested in his presence

•he didn’t realize that the head of it all, the first Drum Major, could not stop looking slightly to the left as he conducted, wondering just who the hell this stunning guy was

•it wasn’t Magnus’ best run through, to say the least

•the practice, like many a band practice, had no water break, so Alec never had to answer any questions about why he was there (technically, it was a closed practice, no visitors allowed)

•he also wondered how the damn hell they did all that work without water

•but two hours or so later, it finally came to a close

•still no text from Jace

•that little shit

•the sun was dipping in the sky and as the band broke apart, students scattering in attempts to make it off campus in a reasonable amount of time, Alec tried to call Jace

•after reaching voicemail, he sighed (a bit dramatically, but that was unintentional) and felt a quick little tap on his shoulder

•he turned to see who it was, ready to explain why he was totally breaking their rules, equipt with apologies

•but instead, it all drained from his brain as he saw exactly who had been trying to get his attention

•he wasn’t sure what he noticed about the stranger first

•there was so much to take in

•but quickly, he found himself drawn to the eyes. small, bright and gleaming hazel eyes, contrasted with pupils so dark that they nearly looked like slits

•and he kind of stuttered for a second, trying to say hi

•the cute stranger just smiled at it before asking, “So, what did you think of the performance?”

•and after that?

•well, let’s just say that Alec didn’t need a ride home from Jace anymore

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