Knowing that Niall crashed the “All-British” performance at the Olympic closing makes me feel all warm n’ fuzzy inside.

#like an irish boss

It starts off slowly, at first you dont realize the shakes, first you dont realize the septicness, then it gets inside you, then you realize that you’re saying ‘top of the mornin to ya laddies,’ you’re reading everything in an irish accent, and you’re saying like a boss a lot, then before you know it you are miming along to the intro and outro before you’ve even realized whats happened, THEN YOU BUY A PLUSHIE, THEN …  i dont know, you’re really nice to me, all you guys are really nice to me …
—  if his disease is kindness i think im okay with that, Jacksepticeye 2k16


A little moment I thought about drawing after again watching Jacksepticeye’s reactions in ‘Erie’. The whole funny compilation is here:

I doubt very seriously if therealjacksepticeye will even see this, but if you do, Jack, thank you so very much for making me smile and laugh when nothing else can. You are such a friendly person who really makes my day! You make me proud to be part Irish!