Hi everyone! Since I get a bunch of messages about where you can find my stuff, I decided to have a place where I keep all the info together, such as links, prices, etc. You are still free to contact me if you have any doubts! <3

I also did an extensive Teen Wolf Cards catalog with all (most of) the cards I’ve done until now, making it easier for whoever wants a custom deck. Most of these are available in the book too. I’m still working on the Prints Catalog, but they’re not that many so hopefully that will be finished soon.

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But how about… “Scientific and Technological Advanced Research Laboratories” or S.T.A.R. Labs, for short? Because in the vast night sky, you, Harrison Wells, are the only star I see.

silver · soul // a playlist to celebrate sorachi hideaki and his work gintama.

“even if you’re lazy, you can still walk down your path of life, and you need to live well, like that.”

{ + listen } | good life - onerepublic | thankful - kelly clarkson | praise you - fatboy slim | thank you (falettinme be mice elf agin) - sly & the family stone | the wolves and the ravens - rogue valley | thank you!! - home made kakozu | happy - pharrell williams | thank you for being a friend- alyssa bonagura | you have made a difference - brain asselin | best day of my life - american authors |

??? - secret track

If I were to open commissions for things like icons, themes and graphics, would anyone be interested? I’m in real need of money so I can get out of this house, but can’t get employed right now given personal circumstance.

Theme examples: x, x, x, x

Graphic examples: x, x, x, x, x/x


anonymous asked:

I'll Give You The Sun is my favorite book in existence. Ever. Also, if you like graphic novels, In Real Life is awesome

i was looking at ill give you the sun but its hardcover so i was like !!! but im really wanting to read it so im thinking ill get it anyway

as for graphic novels; ive only read part of the miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children one (also manga but u kno thats kinda different) but i searched it and it looked cool!!

thank u <3<3

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hey babes! we're a new bio roleplay set in a cabin on the edge of lake ontario with a unique plot centered around the periodic table of elements. we would be really grateful to hear your opinion, please and thanks. have a great night!

Yes, of course! This message was so nice, please. First and foremost, the icon is really cool and so is the header, wow! Okay, now onto the real page. Oh my??? I really like the theme and graphics, like I don’t want to look away? And the plot is super intriguing? I’m really like this so far, oh my goodness. And the character page is so beautiful, this is amazing. Both the app and rules look pretty good, nothing to change there! And let me just say, the bios are really well written and it’s obvious that a lot of thought went into each one. And that all of the characters have some connections, that’s good! I really don’t have any suggestions on how to make it better, but maybe change the headers for the top of pages up a bit? Like, don’t get me wrong, it looks amazing and Calum is very nice to look at, but just change them up a bit? It’s really not that big of a deal though! This is definitely a rec!! Good luck!

kswrp asked:

hey barbie, we're a brand new elite college roleplay based in vancouver, canada. could we please get your opinion?

Okay, this actually has potential. Like, real potential. The side graphic has that cool window that really pulls me in but it’s all a bit too bland. You need some graphics help, otherwise you’re ready to run the rpc. A bit of a known plot and stuff but still fun and refreshing to see again.

perditusvulpes asked:

You are acting as if the epidode was real life rather than fiction. Murder is depicted in films all the time but it's not literal murder. Do you use this energy to actually better the world outside of tumblr? Word limit is limiting me here.

Triggers for pedophilia, game of thrones

I’m acting like that showed something graphic and unnecessary in real life? I’m upset they made some really gross calls this season, and if you care you can check my blog and see all the other posts I’ve made recently about those things.

And thanks for implying web based activism, which allows you to reach a much wider audience than irl activism for most people, is lesser. And I actually DO make sure the people around me in real life think critically about whether it’s appropriate to show children having sex and portray sexual relationships between a child and adult as okay (Tommen and Margery. In the books she insisted on waiting till he was of age). So yes I use this energy in real life too. Thanks for being belittling, I reeeeally appreciate it.

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The rest of the stuff is posted :) hopefully you'll find something you like better!

Nah no real graphic t’s but ok

The Black XL under the myrtle beach one.

The pink collared shirt, the one to the right of it and above it.

Both dresses the 18 and the ? One.

The 18 jeans.

The L white strap shirt above the green one.

And the pink one under the bar harbor one.


371. The Last True Vampire by Kate Baxter This is a graphic book.

This is a story with a bit of a switch up. Kate has put a new spin on this story line. She has really given us some different people here. I liked it. Mikhail is the last original Vampire. He is all alone with no chance of a mate. Claire is alone and lives in the slums. She is a waitress. Mikhail soon realizes she is his redemption. Spoilers here! There is a way to save both but they are hard headed. Spoilers! Here come the Sortiari who are resolved to kill off all the Vampires. This is a deep serious book. There is a lot of sex and graphic fights. It is not really a happy book. There are so many twists and surprises in this story. I recommend this to real lovers of graphic paranormal. I like this story and hope someone wants to read it too. There is another book on it’s way. I can’t wait! I have this book for an honest review for NetGalley.

Remo Djembe, MONDO(TM), Infinity, Key-Tuned, 14" x 25", SKYNDEEP® Natural, Goat Stripe Brown, Contour Tuning Brackets, Eco-Grain Choco Red Finish

Remo Djembe, MONDO™, Infinity, Key-Tuned, 14″ x 25″, SKYNDEEP® Natural, Goat Stripe Brown, Contour Tuning Brackets, Eco-Grain Choco Red Finish

The Infinity Mondor Djembe features amazing sound dimensions created by the warm, animal-like Mondor, Skyndeepr Natural drumhead. The life-like Goat Stripe Brown graphics add to the real animal look while the newly engineered key-tuned “Contour” brackets, and Designers Touch Eco-grain finishes add comfort and style.Remo djembes are inspired by the traditional drums of West Africa but use modern…

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