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Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

If you mean weak and breaks when too much stuff is weighing it down then yes I do occasionally feel like a plastic bag

also, Zinnia’s favorite snack are chicharróns: fried pork fat. 

they’re different from typical pork rinds in that they still have pork fat in them, while pork rinds do not (although fat is still present in their preparation). in fact part of the process is removing the rinds from the fat, which chicharrons do not

they can be bought in plastic bags like chips or sometimes you can get them fancier at an actual restaurant. they’re fucking delicious and i’m eating them right now tbh

for my muses at least mutated pigs are a thing in mexico and are one one of the most important food livestock (along with brahmin which to it’s credit as evidenced by the east coast is the single most important post-war animal for society)

they used to be rather rare in Baja but they’ve spread from mainland Mexico since then

she misses them and next time she’s back in Tijuana she’s buying like ten bags of chicharrons. specifically spicy ones made with chili or jalapenos

sometimes when Raul is knocked out in Normal mode,when he regains consciousness he’ll be like “They’re coming to stela my chicharrones!” before realizing he’s just dreaming. now u know what the fuck he’s talking about if you didn’t already uvu


Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

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01. Firework Katy Perry  
02. Firework (Acoustic) Katy Perry  
03. Firework (Live Acoustic) Katy Perrry
04. Firework (Vocal And Piano) Katy Perrryy  
05. Firework (Instrumental Karaoke) Katy Perrryyyy  
06. Firework (Music Video) Katy Perrrrrryyyyyy
07. Fireworks (Live On X Factor) Katy Perrrrrrryyyyyyyy
08. Firework (Live At Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show) Katy Perrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyy

"so what are you going to be for Halloween?"

Friend 1: I thought about being a ladybug. I found a costume that lights up.
Friend 2: That would be cute. I found a Little Red Riding Hood one that I liked. What about you, Ash?
Me: (cough) Well, I wanted to go as the Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who.
Me: But then I remembered that I’m the only Doctor Who fan so the ultimate cool factor would be lost on everyone, which is truly the bane of my existence. No one ever realizes how cool I really am.
Me: Maybe I’ll be Sherlock Holmes.
Friend 2: Aren’t those both dudes? 
Me: …problem?