Playlist: Left Eye

Left Eye died 15 years ago and I wanted to collect all of my favorite verses from her in one playlist.

I might be in the minority, but I’m a much bigger fan of Left Eye earlier in her career.  The longer she was in the game, the lower her voice got and the more philosophical her rhymes became to the point where, honestly, some of her most classic rhymes I still be like “…what?”  I don’t she was getting the respect she deserved as a lyricist because she was cute, in a group, and sounded like a little girl.  The other women in rap were a lot harder than she was and instead of staying true to what I thought made her unique, she changed her style to meet theirs and it wasn’t quite as successful, to me anyway.

I put these songs in chronological order, but I wanted to put this video for “Freedom” (1995) at the top because you can really see how unique she was alongside other Queens of Rap at the time.  "Freedom" was the theme from Panther and the original R&B version featured artists like Monica, Vanessa Williams, TLC, En Vogue, SWV, etc.  An alternative Rap Version was produced and shot as well featuring Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, Patra, MC Lyte, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Salt N Pepa and another artist I don’t recognize.  Unfortunately it’s not on Spotify so I can’t add it to my playlist, but you should find it and download it.  It’s one of my favorite moments in Left Eye’s discography.

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anonymous asked:

Omg so you know how Harry's doing lots of promo let's say he had like a 7 week old newborn when he went to NY before the single was announced and he has to FT with you multiple times a day always asking to see "his little girl" and you'd be like harry she's 7 weeks she won't do anything and he would just babytalk and coo over her each time and tell her how much "daddy misses you"

“You FaceTimed me a little more than an hour ago to see how we were doing, Harry,” the missus would sigh heavily, careful of the baby nursing o, looking directly into the camera on her phone as he smiles cheekily, “what do you want now?”

“I’ve got about half hour free before I’m needed in the office. I’m just eating some breakfast right now in the office cafeteria,” he’d chuckle, pointing the screen of his phone down to show the bacon sandwich that sat on his plate, a cup of green tea sitting beside it on a saucer, “must be lunch time in the UK? Is my baby eating? Are you with her?”

“She’s eatin’, yeah. Suckling away,” she’d smile and aim her phone down so he could see his little girl having her lunch, “she’s been really hungry recently.”

“Takes after daddy,” he’d smirk, whining when the missus went to move the phone away from showing her breast, “no, no. I want to see my little girl. I miss her.”

“She’s 7 weeks old, Harry. She does nothing but sleep, eat, and poo at the moment,” she’d state with a sigh, the baby moving from her breast and grunting gently and softly as she stretched her arms. His voice raising slightly higher than normal when he’d see her green eyes staring back at him, her lips parted and she let out the tiniest of sounds.

“Oh, look at you, baby. Hello, Poppet. Hi. Are you finished eating your dinner, hm? You look nice and full and happy, huh? What have you got planned with mummy today? Daddy misses you, so much.”

“We’re going off to Surrey this afternoon. Catching the train down to see Nana,” the missus would grin, “so, we’re going to have to go soon and get ready. Because I can’t sit here with my boob out for ages.” xx


deneebenton: I had the honor of meeting and performing for one of my hometown heroes last night, as you can see in the picture I look like an excited little girl bc I felt like the excited little girl who’s looked up to him all these years. Break all the legs in Sweeney Todd next week @thenormlewis and thanks for making my day!!

I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*