Niggas extra

Like yes big dawg she’s bad I get it

But you don’t know this jawn from a hole in the wall and you trine fly her out ??

This guh could kill you nigga lmaooo

sassy-gay-justice  asked:

So is anyone else so completely done with white people who feel like they have to change their dialect and talk to black people in "jive"? Am I the only one who is totally not having it with awkward white dudebros calling me things like playa', sista', Pimp, Big dawg, etc.? Am I the only one who gives nothing but a blank stare and a raised eyebrow when white guys speak to me in ebonics?

You are not the only one, let me tell you that.

Not only is it NOT funny, but it’s subtle racism. As you may know, the reason why they change their dialect is because what they see is a black person. Every stereotype they’ve heard becomes prevalent at that moment. Without getting to know you as a person they have made an assumption of who you are, how you act, where you grew up, and how you speak. They are not seeing you as a person, but a stereotype.

With that being said, I do hit them that blank stare. So blank, that if I was laying down they’d think I flatlined.

Also, being the outspoken woman I am, I tell them exactly how their comments made me feel and that they made a racist assumption as soon as they saw me.

- Susie The Moderator