For a year now I’ve been bugging my friend in ASB to make sure our senior sweaters next year are “Like A Boss” but with the B as a 13 for our graduating class. 

They better go with that idea and not come up with something fucking cheesy or I’m gonna rage quit.

AWJGEOAJWGEOJGWE. AGGGHHHH. I’d be so happy if it happened though.

…..Like a 13oss.

Oh god I am so lame please stop me.


4C 2012-2013 :-)

Hey friends we’re waiting on you!
Be at 50th Floor Sky Deck of Manila Tower at the Greenbelt Residences Condominium on January 4, 2013 Friday @ 7pm & celebrate our last year in High School together with good music, good company, a good view (Makati’s skyline) & lots of fun activities!

Get ready for a lil bit of chillin’ with some pizza and beer lovin’. Wear your best ala Coachella outfit and prizes will be given to the best dressed!! We’ll start the night with acoustic jams & ending it with dancing to the DJ’s spins.. Performers will be announced soon.

P 200 per outsider ticket! Pre-order from anyone in our batch (from our school).
P 250 door price
See you there!!

If you have any questions or clarifications, feel free to contact:
Alexa Callanta - 09179029550
Alia Hortaleza - 09178133915
Lexine Mendoza - 09165195192
Zahra Zanjani - 09175634619
Carmela Fortuna - 09178786531
ugh. i hate you college board. But anyway.

since i shall be taking that wonderful test called the SAT in just 1 short month, lets see how this goes. the rest of tonight shall be ssr writing and sat prep. i would like to clarify that i have studied a bit for this wonderous test, but no serious prep. I would also like the point out that unlike a lot of guides i have seen, i am pretty strong at math, and most of my errors are careless mistakes, so i’ll be trying to focus more on reading and writing. basically i’m hoping that forcing myself to chronicle this and such will be more motivation for me to study (i am horrible at studying, another product of our education system that caters to the below average)

but anyway

intro over, day 1 results up later!