I like to think Stanley knows a decent amount of physics after 30 years of self study, certainly enough to impress young Ford :) And wouldn’t it be fantastic if he could, at least once, casually correct older Ford on his math??

And yes, Stanley does intentionally mispronounce things just to rile his brother up XDD



With big things happening this week, I resort to consuming caffeine in beverage form, which doesn’t always go over too well since drinking even weak green tea makes me want to have a heart attack. But if you add butter to coffee, it reduces the caffeine kick and makes the effects last longer. So I’ve been doing that. As an advocate of coffee and butter, I feel that Norway would do it all the time.

i honestly don’t understand people who think john is the social, agreeable, easily liked half of this couple like. john is absolute garbage at caring about anyone except sherlock and anyone else sherlock cares about i.e. mrs hudson like john’s date gets tied up and nearly shot through with an arrow and he’s mostly worried about whether or not he’s still gonna get his dick wet meanwhile sherlock is kind to homeless people, defends those who are being manipulated because they’re neurodivergent and/or queer, spends years of his life being hunted and beaten in order to protect his friends, literally still cries over his dead dog like…. what honestly will it take for people to realize sherlock is a sensitive soul with a good heart and john is great and smart and skilled and he loves sherlock but man, he is not nice


its my animation! check it out

one thing i really appreciate about “later” is that everybody just unanimously agrees that percy didn’t walk of shame because? why would he? he has nothing to be ashamed about and is perfectly content spending what could possibly be his last night and last morning alive curled up next to vex 

can we just appreciate how great isak is at taking good advice? and how it always moved things forward?

“Straight up. Chiller hjemme.” (Jonas)

“Hate comes from fear, not religion.” (Sana)

“What about how Even feels? Just talk to him.” (Magnus)

“If it feels like too much, just take it minute by minute.” (Sonja)

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I think I've found my Pam. She's my best friend, we laugh, and for the first time ever, I can feel an immense connection and unconditional love for someone... And no pressure around her, I feel blessed. But she keeps circling back to her ex who physically threatened her, verbally abused her, stole from her, treated her (and other women) like a piece of filth. It's gotten to the point where it pains me so much, I'm not sure if I can keep going on with it, but I can't let her be alone either...

BTS as things minty has said:
  • Namjoon: *texts friends in a different language to piss them off*
  • Seokjin: why do you mock me i am IMPORTANT
  • Hoseok: did you know if you google "micropenis" you apparently get at least one picture of hitler
  • Yoongi: worship me
  • Jimin: why do people always tell me my hands are soft
  • Taehyung: i miss being a thotty
  • Jungkook: *sends memes at 3 in the morning*


They’ve been together for years but sometimes they meet up in a club, pretending they don’t know each other. Levi gets a lot of attention and Erwin marks his property, shows the crowds that Levi is his and his alone.

I’ve had this reference for a while and wanted to try out some new colours, a bit more pinky green this time and I’m a total slut for hair pulling. Also I haven’t done an eruri in a while, so here we go!