sherlock: john, i-
john: whats wrong? are you alright why do you look like this let me check your temperature
sherlock: john, no, im fine, listen- i need your help
john: for What?
sherlock: i need to pretend to be ill, critically ill. there’s a man named cul-
john: seriously?
sherlock: what?
john: you want me to help you fake sick?
sherlock: john, this is important. will you help me or not?
john: [softly] yeah, course i will. what do you need.


“it’s $20 for a photo right?”
“i only have $19 is that ok–”
“oh, stop! keep the money, sweetheart!!! we were all college students once, give her your phone.”

“hey, nice case” (i have a hamilton case im crying)
“i saw you when you were in In The Heights!!”
“oh my god what were you??? like 5???”

idk how many of yall know this story but like

when i was an elementary kid i read this folktale called ‘talypo’ that was basically about some demon forest critter that got its tail chopped off by a guy living in a cabin and it started haunting him right? like every night it would call out to him from the hallway of the house and he’d sick his three dogs on it and every night one dog less would come back until there were no dogs left

and the thing crawled up on the edge of his bed and literally like mauled him so badly that the entire cabin fell apart and all that was left was a brick chimney, yadda yadda “sometimes you can still hear it” whatever

this story messed me up for YEARS… i developed a phobia of trying to sleep with no light/noise in DIRECT RESPONSE TO THIS,,, and years later like, in high school i tried to reread it because “haha i cant believe this scared me” aND GUESS WHAT!

Fun Game:

Watch GM Jexica and GM SDLM back to back. Observe how pretty much the only notable difference between Jexica Maya vs SDLM Maya is the Lucas of it all and what she’s wearing.

In both episodes, Maya:

• Gives Cory guff in class
• Gives Riley crap when she’s being ridiculous (“did I land on your head?”)
• Tries to get Riley to snap out of her spiral
• Uses her “announcer” voice
• Doesn’t care what other people think/if they’ll like her (aside from Lucas there at the end)
• Has wavy hair (😂)
• Is obviously more hip to reality than Riley who is having an insecure and rather absurd meltdown

I mean, I can definitely see that there’s an argument to be made that Maya’s maybe a little bit more indulgent of Riley’s freakout in Jexica than she is in SDLM, but other than that and liking Lucas in Jexica…seriously: what exactly is different here? What’s Maya “missing” in Jexica that she has “back” in SDLM? Be specific if you can because I just did a back to back and honestly? I’m pretty good at playing “spot the difference” and I’m not really seeing one beyond the Lucas thing (it’s definitely more of a Riley thing to ask to be evened up, I’ll grant that much) and peasant tops/dresses vs band t-shirts—speaking of which, Maya consistently wore band t-shirts from GMT1-Legacy when she ostensibly “was Riley,” btw…so…

Arguably Maya’s a little bit more blatantly cynical in GM SDLM, but it’s not like she was exactly sunshine and rainbows and “Rileytown” in GM Jexica…especially considering how Maya’s behavior in GM Jexica on the whole was the exact reverse opposite of Riley’s. I mean…

ok what is with the positivity posts on here for men.. and i dont mean positivity posts for trans guys or moc or mlm but like i literally saw a post that was like “we need more positivity for straight boys” like. do we really. also i agree that women derailing positivity posts for mlm or something is bad but its really weird when people basically say women dont have a right to hate men on here now…… u kno. misogyny still exists guys