+*(★`∪´☆)*+  Jackaboi 2013x 2016


That remind meh the first time i tried to draw Jack. like 1 year and few months ago , i was searchin’ for references/ other fan arts on google and i couldn’t find anythin’ accurate(like pony stuff or plz,just wahn drawin’ without his hat. i was beggin’ for this…) Then few months later, he dyed his hair green and today, if i google “jacksepticeye fan art” there are SOOOO  many stuff. i caaan’t believe it. 

◝(●˙꒳˙●)◜I saw the boom of Jack’s community through the months and imah so happy for him. he deserves every single piece of golden art.


i have always appreciated the added layer of safety that my glasses have provided me.