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So, it’s the 15th of August, exactly one year after the Tomix Saga Finale. And I have written a fic for the anniversary!

(Thanks for reminding me of when the anniversary was at the beginning of summer, froststrix, I’d probably have forgotten to write anything if you hadn’t)

And Here They Are

The journey from the Land of Dragons, from Falconreach, truly, to Tkaanie, to Mortem, is a long one. Both of them are far enough inland to make it long, even without the distance of sea between them. It is time consuming and Mortem is a long way from the many, many things that must be done. It is a journey that can’t be made lightly, not when there are battles to be fought, innocents to protect, a role to fulfil.

This is how the hero has been justifying it to themself. It’s all true, of course. They are real reasons not to return. Real, pressing reasons that keep them in the Land of Dragons, that stop them from visiting Tkaanie.

But as real as those reasons are, the hero knows that they are using them as excuses. They aren’t the true reason, the main reason. Lore survived five years without them – their home could surely handle a few weeks, a month or thereabouts, for a visit.

The truth is, it just hurts. It hurts too much, far too much. As long as those other reasons are there they can pretend that they aren’t just hiding from the pain.

And yet, here they are.

The sun is beginning to set, somewhere in the distance, sending deep, heavy shadows across the ground, alighting the sky as orange as flame. A bird crows overhead, perched in the branches of a tree. Flowers sprout amongst the roots – butterfly weed, as orange as the sky, yet absent of any of the fluttering creatures which give it its name.  The bird takes flight, knocking leaves loose and sending them fluttering down. One settles on the cold, hard rock of a gravestone.

In the dusking hours, silence has fallen over Mortem.

And here they are.

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i have the weirdest split of followers between this blog and the ~official~ blog that i literally always forget about.

I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand. It’s when you know you’re licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do.


Ok you guys. So this is probably like my worst idea ever but I’m leaving for college soon and really wanted you guy’s input on how my voice sounds. I’m going to be studying acting and singing and I’ll be taking voice lessons but I’m super nervous and wondered if you guys thought that that was a good idea or not. I’m definitely no YouTuber so the angle and the lighting of this make me look really bad but hopefully everything will be okay. If you guys would just send me a message or something with how you thought I did I would love you so much for it. Constructive criticism is fine but please don’t be mean. I’m still learning.  deansimpalaqueen and wexreallmxdhere I especially appreciate it if you guy’s checked it out but as always I love you all so much!

The start of an OTP

Its kind of rare that you have exact knowledge of when you started to like something. 

Remember this post?

Well, I look back at that post and just laugh. Because I am so deep in Stucky hell these days I can’t even begin to look for a glimmer of light to get out. 

wow what did i mean by “probably the most popular ship”. it is the most popular ship gdi

Wow I am so pissed off. Why does my brother not understand that I hate spending time and talking with him a lot when he treats me like such stupid, gullible trash all of the time? He yells at me and scolds me for “being lazy” when I’m really just trying my hardest to not break down and start crying after being triggered at something, and then when he pushes me to the point of having a breakdown he calls me a “crazy woman.” He makes fun of my not being able to cook when really he should teach me because anything he makes turns out well, but he never does and if he does he always does it so condescendingly. He actually likes anime but then does the whole elitist gig where he’s like “it’s childish to like anime so I’m done” or “I only like the good anime like Fairy Tail” (not saying it’s bad but it’s basic) then he makes fun of me for liking anime and makes fun of my anime tastes.

And he’s so fucking selfish, he’ll do anything just to make him and only him happy. He literally threw a tantrum and “ran away” from us for like three hours while we were on vacation just because he couldn’t get internet access. Even though I had the fucking closing shift at work and really needed my sleep, he WOKE ME UP just to fix the internet at home for him even though I couldn’t do anything because my mom was changing services. This fucking morning (the reason I’m so mad) he fucking lied directly to me. My mom wanted us to do the dishes, and ever since I was in the fucking 3rd grade, I haven’t loaded the dishes into the dishwasher because I can’t stand touching dirty dishes. It makes me squirm and want to throw up, so I unload the dishwasher. I close at work tonight, so I needed my sleep. Being considerate, I unloaded the dishwasher before I went to sleep so he could do it when he woke up, before he left on his trip. I wake up just as he’s leaving and he fucking lies and says that he unloaded the dishwasher so now I have to load it. I can’t believe he thinks he can just lie to me like that, but he’s gone and I can’t do anything. I’m just so mad that lying manipulative bastard is my brother and he thinks that I’m obligated to love him or hang out with him. 

When days start off good. Being productive and not staying in bed all day. Even thinking about taking a shower in a bit.
And then seeing something that reminds you of a thing that upsets you. Start feeling physically sick and just lay back down and go right back to zoning the rest of the world out.

These days I don’t really ever feel like leaving my bed. It doesn’t really matter to me that I do so little with my life anymore I guess because it is all I can muster.