One lover was from the city, the other from a ship on the sea ~

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You being sick and can't go to Halloween party with him


Decides not to go to the party and instead brings a whole drugstore of things with him. Tissues, Nyquil, gingerale…you name it, he brought it. He’s almost parental, doing things like wiping your nose for you and blowing on your spoon.

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You call him and tell him you feel sick and you can’t go and he gets all worried a leaves the party to come to your house with a healthy sodium free bowl of chicken soup.

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You’ve been wanting to go but he insists that you rest and not do anything too strenuous. He sits on the edge of your bed feeding you and telling you funny stories to take your mind off of your sickness.

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He’s been waiting for you at the party and wondering where you were so he was worried and texted you like 5 times. When you finally answer that you’ve been sick and accidentally fell asleep he comes to your place still in his costume as soon as he can.

Chen: *whines* “why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

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He brings the halloween party to your place. Pulls the covers up over your head and tucks you in jokingly. 

Baek: “You know if we poke some eyeholes in this blanket, you could be a ghost for halloween”

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Gets to your place as soon as possible with some medicine from the pharmacy

Chan: “Guess what I am for Halloween?”

You: What?

Chan: “I’m a doctor, now hurry and drink your medicine”

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You’ve been sick since the day before and he knows that so he skips out on the party and brings you some hot tea from the closest coffee shop. 

Ksoo: “I didn’t really feel like going to the party anyway”

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He’s really worried about your health and when he sees you sick and feverish in bed he feels really bad, so to get you in the halloween spirit he tells the scariest ghost stories he can think of, but they end up not being very scary at all ^^;

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Kinda disappointed because you had planned your costume together, so he stays behind with you and brings some snacks, though he eats most of it.

You: “I thought you still wanted to go”

Sehun: “I can’t, my costume doesn’t make sense if you’re not there” *pouts*

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- Pilot Xiu 

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I have watched the Joe and Barry convo in the police station like 5 times and it just keeps getting funnier! Excellent acting on both Jesse and Grant, there are so many little moments! Like when Joe goes "I love you" and Barry quietly, almost like a reflex goes "I love you too" hahaha

LOL, I loved their scenes. It was nice seeing them not acting like BFFs. 

Okay so I got around to watch the eng dubbed version of Naruto the Last and I just need to say that this is probably the best performance from the English VA thus far, especially the voices for Naruto and Hinata. Like they were just amazing and brought so much emotion for their scenes, and it felt so genuine. And the best thing about it is they probably had no context about the events before the last and were probably confused about some of the stuff that someone wouldn’t know about if they didn’t read the last chapters of the manga.

Like how naruto lost his arm, gaining a wheelchair, Kakashi being hokage, and other things. But thy were still able to give an excellent performance, like I could watch the naruhina scenes like 5 times now because it’s so good

Professor Lupin


Ughhh I’ve been working on this on and off too long I’m just washing my hands CLEAN of this, I just want to be free lol 

anyway, my fav thing is wondering about how Sans would have to tell Toriel at some point about his deal and what he’s been thru but I imagine it’d be pretty hard b/c he’s literally told no one aside from super vaguely hinting at Frisk 

I think Toriel would want him to be free of whatever burden he’s carrying of course but she’s super understanding and would want him to take his time, even if it takes years. 

gahhhhhh i love this ship *lies down*