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Hey! Can you guys describe a slytherin that doesn’t fit into the slytherin stereotype?

Okay, so…

My best friend Cortney, one of our former admins, she’s a fantastic example for this. (which kind of ties into all the complaints she got as an admin as she’s so far from the stereotypical expectations so people questioned her cred)

Cortney changed her major like, idk 5 times?, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I know she wanted to study creative writing and was in advertising for awhile and now is doing accounting stuff. So that whole thing where Slytherins supposedly know what they want from the very beginning…nope. Baloney.

She’s a recent mother. Having a kid was always just as important as a career. She just wants to provide a safe and stable home and raise a kid to have the greatest tools he can to grow up to be a healthy reasonable adult. Being some rich bigwig was never a plan. A happy home was always most important. Hardly anything she does is about the prestige (unless you’re talking LARP)

Bonus, she looks like your basic blonde white girl. She’s never been gothy or obsessed with death or any of the typical slytherin aesthetic stuff (as far as I have ever known). She likes fire pokemon and butterflies and fairy tales.

But she truly is a Slytherin. When she cut her hair short, she cited studies that showed that women who had short haircuts were taken more seriously in the workplace. And women who wear makeup at work tend to be more successful. She thinks about these things. She uses information like this to get what she wants out of this world. Her ambitions may not look like the typical Slytherin’s, but she absolutely thinks like a Slytherin.

There’s so many ways to be ambitious, and aesthetic doesn’t mean shit. 

-Jamie (Gryffindor)

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Just love it when customers ignore me over the speaker (drive thru person here) and then drive to my window to order there. "oh, i didn't know" bitch, I said hello like 5 times trying to get your attention. yesterday had a guy do this and then he was also on the phone while ordering and didn't seem to understand that my window is also where he pays. told him the total and he just stared at me. what a champ.

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Can u believe Taylor is going to be 28 this year?

No I literally cannot believe it this woman looks the damn same as she did like 5 years ago???? Does time not work on her???? How is she closer to 30 than 20?????

this guy sitting in front of me has leaned back and stretched his arms out like 5 times during this lecture and almost knocked my coffee off the table….why do men have 0 sense of personal space

Me: Ben Barnes is a so pretty, that if Hades had a prodigical handsome son, he would definitely be named Ben Barnes, hell his eyes are deeper than Tartaros, his hair are just picture perfect and he has body of a god. I had to stop the show like 5 times every episode, just to take closer look at his gorgeousness.

Also me: Billy Russo is an disguisting slimy excuse for human being, who can choke for all I care. Moment when Frank ruined his fake ass face was the most beautiful moment of a whole season.

jimin said yes to “are you nervous?” so forcibly but without moving his face or making any expression so I had to replay that clip like 5 times to see that he even said it lmaoooo


*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Pastel Boys *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

I’m kinda late, but I can’t lose this occasion to draw pastel!phan


Aaah, sorry for being late! 
Also, happy birthday for that one Anon! ♡

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