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I know we’ve gotten a LOT of content in the past couple weeks after a long dry spell and it’s almost overwhelming but Miraculous Ladybug people, we as a fandom have not acknowledged the fact that Lucky Charm straight up gave Marinette a giant fuckoff gun and I feel like we need to like. Talk about it.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @this-song-thats-only-for-you aka SEM !!!

May turning another year older today serve you well! I hope the next year of your life is full of happiness, successful challenges, lots of self-care and growth and many great memories.

Here are some of your biases to send you some birthday love! 🎉

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I would share more but I don’t want to clog up everyones feed with gifs 😂😂

Luff you endlessly Semalemon and hope you have a beautiful day.

Chelle 💖💖


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Seventeen x Sailor Moon


2018 InkTober 08 - Prompt by @kitsune-sam but I changed it a lot woops

Look, Hank is a Trekkie. I don’t make the rules.

(TMP - The Motion Picture, when Spock comes to terms with his emotions)

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