like this country is everything about life that I love

The Shape of Water spoilers ahead

 Because i wanna talk abt our favourite Soviet boy!

This boy!

[Gif credit to @shapeofh2o}

This brilliant scientist who risks his life as a Soviet spy, forgoing his real name, which obviously hurt him so much (having to be called something else) only to have his own people murder him! This dude who has 0% problem killing a guy and saving Giles if it meant getting The Creature safely away from where it would otherwise be killed! 

He fucking brings The Creature his food, knowing full well what happened to Strickland. He KNOWS about Elisa and The Creature and he knows about it from almost the very beginning but rather than tell anyone, he observes and learns and it helps him understand and he appreciates that and puts that new knowledge to good use, trying to explain to his superiors. 

He fuckin’ respects The Creature, as much as he can in the situation he’s put in. And when it comes to the escape, he doesn’t even hesitate for a second to give Elisa the keys and even kill a man to help them escape so this beautiful creature will be able to live. 

And on top of all that, he’s a fuckin’ badass! He was ready to defend himself and stab his superior and his bodyguard with a fucking cake knife! In his boxers! He laughed in Strickland’s fucking face as he died bc he knew that Elisa and Zelda had fooled this self important asshole and he relished it!

From the very beginning, he didn’t want to see The Creature harmed! He wanted to learn from him sure, but not at the expense of The Creature’s life. He was devastated when he was told to kill him, realizing that the people he worked for and the country he loved didn’t care about learning or preserving life. He gave up everything to help Elisa and The Creature, and never acted like he regretted it for a second. He even continued to help as much as he could, knowing that eyes were on him. 

Dmitri was a good man and everyone in that movie owes their life to him!

The Assassin AU, Addendum 2.  [Part 1Part 2] [Addendum 1]
(set before the first part)

“Aren’t I supposed to be the one pacing?” Damen asks, as he watches his best friend as he wears down the expensive, plush carpet under his feet.

“Maybe if you were the type of person to ever think about consequences,” Nik says, but he sounds more distracted than annoyed so Damen decides not to take offence. Besides, he likes that Nik always confides his honest opinion - even when it’s a terrible opinion that isn’t worth hearing.

“Everything is going to be fine,” Damen reassures him. “It’s going to be better than fine. It’s going to be amazing. Transcendent. Another positive descriptive word.” He squints at himself in the mirror. Is his tie straight?

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Well I think we know if I talk…..
it’s all about Taylor Swift so I’m seeing her this week in Atlanta! I cant wait to have the time of my life!! I will be shaking it off with my mom the first night& 2nd night solo! So much has happened in the last couple of months like I moved cross country my senior year of high school and so much has changed. Everything did begin again… see you soon !!@taylornation@taylorswift


My Reputation Story Guess

This could get messy, y’all, but I’m going to attempt to see if I can piece together a narrative if the right to left “15 Taylor’s” theory is true. I’m looking forward to looking back at this in November and seeing if I was totally off or not. 

I stand by the idea that each of these songs are likely character perspectives, but I do think they will tell some sort of overarching story. 

1. Ready For It 

If this theory is correct, RFI would be the first Taylor on the right. It makes sense, as some have already noted because the lyrics play on many themes of jail. He can be my “jailer”, “knew he was a killer”, “knew I was a robber”. 

The interesting thing about the song is that if we take the narrative in the video literally, she’s being trapped by the man in the song. Him being the “jailer” and her being locked up means she’s ready to, well, break out of there

2. Snake Taylor breaks out 

Once her character is defamed and she’s called a snake, she comes out to attack those who have wronged her. She’s ready to get revenge, hiss, bite and take back the narrative. 

Snake Taylor makes sense here, as the second song on many albums are generally pretty up-tempo.

3. Shake it off Taylor tries and misses 

I think it’s pretty telling that “Shake It Off” Taylor is right next to Snake Taylor because a lot of people expected her to “shake off” the Kimye situation or any of the other manufactured drama the press has created. 

Shake It Off Taylor also has a nasty attitude in the music video, making me think she tried to move forward but didn’t. Which ultimately…

4. Killed her. She couldn’t handle it

 I don’t think it’s coincidental that OOTW is the 4th track of 1989 and the 4th Taylor from the right. I’m going to take this one step further than “she never made it out of the woods” though, I genuinely think she kinda killed her own reputation. 

In her attempt to correct her mistakes and move forward, everything only blew up in her face and now she’s totally lost herself ( a contrast from her “finding herself” in OOTW). She got lost and dragged herself down in the process. 

5. You Belong With…Friendship?

This is one of the most hopeful Taylor’s. In this song, She’s trying so hard to get a man but he won’t notice her. To me, it seems like friendship is an important theme, as the “Junior Jewels” shirt has all the names of her more modern friends. 

Maybe she is relying on friends to help her find herself again. So she can become the Taylor we all know and love. 

But, when that doesn’t work and some of her friends betray her…

6. Someone makes her…something?

The interesting about LWYMMD is that Taylor doesn’t tell us who she’s talking about, which is both strange for Taylor and weird in general. Why keep a statement like this so open-ended?

Well, I think it’s a response to those she felt were on her side and really weren’t. Lashing out at the media, those who hurt her and the evil person people made her out to be. She’s had enough and she’s coming for blood. Reborn and ready to get revenge. 

But like I’ve said in the past, this is almost certainly a character.

7. Glamorous Ditz 

This really threw me for a loop, but I think the way she portrayed Met Gala Taylor in the music video is really telling.

She plays her as an overdramatic airhead. Which I think means she’s now acting innocent but knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s playing dumb but is ready to carry out her mission of getting back at people. 

Although then we have…

8. Reflective VMA Taylor

A lot of the drama around Taylor Swift began with Kanye’s interruption of her. It seems pretty interesting to me that this comes right in the middle of the album and after LWYMMD Taylor. Could this be a song about how Taylor never wanted any of this, but she’s had to deal with it anyway? 

In this narrative-arc (that I’ve completely guessed about), this seems like a good point of self-reflection upon the past. Maybe she is re-thinking how she handled things at VMA’s.

Or maybe, just maybe, she’s mad that she didn’t stand up for herself more. Because, as we know, her “I’d like to be excluded from this narrative” note on Twitter was one of the first times she’s had to publicly defend herself. 

And this Taylor says that same line in the music video. Suspicious.

9. Gossip Girl Taylor

I say “gossip” because this Taylor is central to all of her feuds. It almost seems like this is the version of her people believe purposefully gets into these feuds for attention and album sales. 

Story-wise, I’m not sure exactly what’s going on here, but I think it’s going to be a fascinating song. 

10. Fearless again?

Ah-ha! Remember how innocent and fearless she was? This Taylor is emotional, happy and bubbly about everything. I’d expect to hear another country song here and maybe a reflection on a time where there was no drama in her life and she could be her happy, country-loving self. 

What a time

11. We Are Never Ever…Going back to our old selves? 

I think it’s fascinating that “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” Taylor would be the last Taylor from any past Taylor look. Which says to me that tracks 12-15 are new Taylor personas. Parts of her persona that we haven’t quite had a good look at yet, but we’ll get to investigate further. 

But first, she’s gotta say goodbye to her old selves. 

12. Reputation Taylor, the one who comes out on top

It’s interesting, isn’t it, that Rep Taylor is the Queen of The Mountain? Did you ever play that game as a kid? Here it almost seems like she’s saying that she’s coming out on top of her past lives. 

She is in control of her reputation because she let the others go. Rep Taylor seems a little nasty to me, but maybe she’s just headstrong and misunderstood.

13. “Blind For Love” Taylor can see perfectly well

I’ve written before about genuinely believing this will be a Kesha collab. Why? The tiger on her shirt looks exactly like Kesha’s tattoo on her old Instagram post. 

I thought it was far too coincidental to see “roses” right above the Tiger on that shirt since Kesha’s last name is “rose”. That’s a huge coincidence if true. 

And further, look at the font! That looks just like the reputation font. 

As far as story, I’d guess after “Rep” Taylor made it out on top, she’s now having fun with her newfound power. She could also be single during this time, meaning she can say “Blind For Love” because it doesn’t hurt her anymore. 

14. Stay with me here…Taylor goes full feminist bad*ass

I honestly stan Biker Taylor and I haven’t even heard the song. I love the look and the way she portrays aggressive sexuality with the slit in her dress. I’d also like to highlight what she says in the music video:

“There she goes, playing the victim again” 

This is quite telling, as many people these days like to argue that she’s always playing the victim. This makes me think she’s not only on the offensive, she’s taken that victim identity and completely shoved it to the side. And once she’s dealt with that…

15. She shows us exactly who she is now.

Stronger, more powerful and confident in herself, this Taylor reminds me so much of a phoenix rising from the ashes from the short glimpse we’ve seen so far. She’s dressed in red (an important color in Swiftie-land) and the dress seems to have flowers or feathers all over her costume. 

Taylor is well known for closing out albums with a sense of hope and positivity. Long Live, Change, Begin Again and Clean were all very forward thinking

I expect this to fall along the lines of “Clean”, except this time she’s not cleansed of her exes. Now it’s all about moving on from the past. 

And honestly, that’s probably why she’s not saying a word until the album comes out. She wants the story of Reputation to speak for itself. A story of losing yourself in the personas people portray of you only to realize you are so much more than that. You are a complex, beautiful human being. 

 Look no further than the 1989 “Clean speech”:

But, you know, this is all just a fun, educated guess! 

People will be like, “I listen to every single musical genre except for country,” and that’s just so heartbreaking for me because most every genre started in country music. Like, rock music is a derivative of blues and blues is a derivative of bluegrass, which started as Appalachian song. It’s something that’s in everything, but people just deny it because of country they’re currently hearing. The storytelling in country music is unbelievable. It’s honest and it’s true and it’s real situations. It’s that joke when people are just like, “Oh, country music is about a broken down truck and your dead dog.” But that’s really what happens in day-to-day life! Your car breaks down, you lose love, your heart breaks — that’s what happens. I want to create country music and make it palatable to people my age and people who may not have opened themselves up to it before, to make it a little easier for them to be able to receive it and maybe open up a world that they weren’t aware of before. That’s always the goal: to allow people to seek out art that maybe they didn’t think they could be a part of. Everybody is a part of art in general. You don’t have to be this type of person to listen to this type of music. You don’t have to be this type of person to create this type of art. That’s what I want to show everybody.
—  @babeobaggins on moving into new genres following up the release of last summer’s POSI+IVE from Q&A: BABEO BAGGINS

Okay, first of all, I have nothing against religions or religious people.
I work at a convenience-like store in the Netherlands. We don’t really have many extremely religious people in my city, so it was surprising to see a group of people walk through the city with a big sign that said that your soul only could be saved by jesus.
Well this Thursday (20/4) I worked stocking in my store. A woman came up to me to ask if I could help her and her (very old) mother find everything they needed. I am a very helpful person, and because I didn’t really feel like putting stuff up on shelves, I decided to help. It isn’t a big store so we finished right on time for me to jump in and help at registers to cover the rush. The woman and her mother came up to my register to pay, still very thankful for someone to take time off of their work to help them. Afterwards she said to me: “I want to thank you for your deeds today, know that Jesus loves you.”
I was a bit surprised by that, neither my family nor my friends are religious and my country overall is also not that religious. I never expected something like that to be said to me.
Even though I’m not religious, it did make my day better. I am dealing with pretty heavy things in my personal life so it was nice to hear someone be so happy with me.
I don’t care what other people think about this, but it made me happy that someone tells me one of their most adored people also loves me, even after everything I have done or believe.

there’s something that bothers me about the general understanding of victor sitting around mooning over yuuri and being a lovesick fool about yuuri for months after the banquet until the viral youtube video and i’m having trouble articulating it but i think it both mischaracterizes victor a little bit and it overlooks how severely depressed he probably was at that time in his life and how that would have affected his frame of mind.

like i genuinely don’t think he was actually considering coaching as a serious way out until that video finally just hit him with “i remember that man, i remember the night i had, maybe i can do this. and maybe i really do want to do this.”

maybe it’s just bc i read victor as seriously depressed - and there’s like… a pretty heavy grey cloud in your head. you don’t see ideas and opportunities and change. yuuri’s offer is a nice thought, but he can’t actually do it, of course. it’s safe to continue doing what you’re used to doing, what you know. so victor just… keeps doing it. it’s what he should be doing, right? it’s what victor does, right? that’s what he does. of course he has to keep doing it. what else does victor nikiforov do if not figure skate

and i’m sure he looked back at the pictures and videos from the banquet but not in the “omggg japanese yuuri i looooove him i have to know everything about him” sort of way - and honestly not even often at all. but looking to remember what it was like to FEEL (which may have even been hard to take, remembering that but knowing you don’t have it any more! so he may not have even wanted to remember it over and over again, because it hurts).  and what the video of yuuri skating his routine does is that it reminds him that it was yuuri specifically who really made him feel, yuuri specifically who wanted him, yuuri specifically who’s this talented and who’s skating this routine in a way victor has never seen and who could NEED him, need him just as victor. victor’s opinions and victor’s advice and victor’s experience, not victor the skater and public figure who has to keep performing for an audience and surpassing expectations.

so it is impulsive, it is. he hasn’t been planning this or thinking of it as something he could really, actually do. because it takes months for him to hit that wall and finally get that push to say, i could get out. i could actually go be happy. i could do something for him, yes, but also for me. it’s more than just a big gay crush (not that i don’t think at all that victor wasn’t also genuinely flirting in the beginning, but that’s not the reason he went). and when you think about it it’s probably terrifying to drop everything like that especially when you’re that depressed for something you don’t know will work out and to fly to a foreign country that speaks a foreign language and to move your whole life there. if you’re depressed it’s not easy, it’s terrifying. but yuuri represents hope for him. it’s hope for his own life and, yes, hope for his own love, and it pays off. victor take his life back into his own hands and falls in love – and the latter more accidental than i think we generally have been believing.

Hey Tay!

Maybe this is wishful thinking, and probably mindless dreaming, but..

If we met in New Orleans I would be the happiest person on the planet <3

I saw you on my 29th birthday in Philly, and now I’m taking my best friend to see you in NOLA for her 29th birthday. So we should probably all meet in Rep Room, pop a bottle of champs and celebrate the end of a decade!

Truth is, it’s been well over a decade since you came into my life. Also from a small PA town (not far from you!) having your music to get me through high school, then college, then real life adulting and all of the heartache in between. You’ve been there with me through some of my darkest days, but also have helped put the exclamation point on some of the best times in my life. So  it would mean everything to me to just simply say THANK YOU in person.

I don’t have fan accounts. I don’t post about you 24/7. I couldn’t afford to take off work and travel the country to see you as many times as possible. But what I do know is you’ve been a constant in my life since I was 17. Growing up with you and having had all these experiences where your music saved me and seeing you tour after tour - I feel like I KNOW you. I would love for you to know me too <3 

Either way, it will be an amazing night with my best friend and I cannot wait. See you soon!! We’ll be on the Floor in Section D, Row 20 Seats 1 & 2!



Happy New Year, Lads

i dont wanna sound too chessy but i am chessy so just roll with it

i wanted to share with you that 2017 was my best year so far, so im gonna tell you some things i did that made this year the best one

i started to get along with my dad (i almost never talked to him) and now he’s basically my best friend

i learned a lot about my family, about our past

i got tickets to see Evanescence with my dad, because i won a “best student” award

i dyed my hair for the first time

i became friends with my mom! i’m so happy i did though, i didn’t like her a lot

i started to hang out more with my friends

i socialized with my family

i helped one of my best friends to stop being suicidal (she’s happy and good now btw)

my cat had little kitties! 

i made this blog

one day i was coming home from school and my mom told me she got tickets to see Green Day (i almost had a heart attack)

i begun to be more open with music (i just listened to classic rock and i started to get into punk, pop punk,,,)

i started a friendship with @psychodemon111 (the first person that talked to me in this hell of a site) and now i cant live without her

i opened up about my mental health and thank geesus my parents kind of understanded 

i found out that there was nothing wrong with how i was feeling, and i learned that those feelings had a name and that there was people like me

i learned about the lgbt+ community and i started to get involved with it (i did a speach about attraction for my school)

i went to Personal Fest with my mom and i made some friends (i saw paramore live guys can you believe it)

i discovered these two british guys called Dan and Phil and they made my life 100% better 

i made a lot of friends in here and i couldn’t be happier. thank you for putting up with me @len7icha @thatyeemomeme @losturmarvels @babyisdeanscherrypie @another-supernatural-angel @i-am-the-best-fangirl @high-functioning-hobbit @robokitty77 @aguswheeler (maybe you dont consider me your friend but i do and well)

i learned how to speak english yay

i started to love my family for who they are, even if they’re not the best

i got more invested in fandoms (and you may not believe me but it made me feel better)

i read more books than before

my parents told me we are going to europe next year! (and honestly i cant believe it)

i am not depressed anymore 

i begun to embrace my culture and my country (i still dont like argentina but one step at time)

i learned that its better if you talk about how you’re feeling, so people can understand how to help you

i learned how to cook and i love it

i changed my view of the world

i figured out what i want to do with my life when i grow older

i started to value life more

and now i know that it does get better, you just have to do things one step at time and try to understand why people is like this or like that, before judging and throw everything overboard

i hope and i know 2018 is going to be good, not just for me but for everyone

maybe you dont feel like its going to be better, and maybe its not, who am i kidding, life’s not that easy, but you just gotta try. life’s not all about destiny, life’s about you doing what you have to do to be happy. destiny is not gonna solve your problems, you will, and if you cant right now, its okay, you will someday, you gotta hold onto that.

okay thats it. thanks if you read it all and thanks if you didnt, i dont care.

this is a little thing i wanted to share with you and well

these are a few people that i wanted to thank for following me and for staying even with the shitty content (they are all great people btw and i would like to be friends with, someday) @19thekidsarealright65 @yuuki-izumi @alltimeflop @pinetreetrash @totallynotrevengegerardway @tardisqueen @thoseanarchopunks @future-mrs-scarlett-the-pancake @killjoycrybaby @infinityonlilly @nathanisokay @kindaawkwardtrash @the-black-melody @petewentzfringe @smolphaniel @but-jesuschrist-im-never-good @theshottoremember @quit-too-late @vitaminmemes @kearajewelzzz @ukesnotn-ukes @vivicarstairs @comphanion @fullofsadness13 @wraven52 @i-eat-pickles @sumeonemaybe @wow-im-so-cool @highlydisfunctional1 @citrouillephan @ifishipititsprobablygay @imdyingriprip @merelrose @freckles-andconstellations @mothermariella @geesandfranksunderwear @sarahisnotamazing0 @anxiety-atthe-ballroom @mariishere @theirforeverhome @oddpyromaniac @jen-syx @asexual-loser @gerardwaysglabella @reviive @philsdesktopcomputer @highphan @helloawkwardcutie @emogay-trash @i-craft-ladders @lightworm-scones07 @frnkfuckniero @evenhallow  @getscared-shadow @who-the-fuck-is-bucky @alexa13sws @14mangos

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Los Angeles based artist Mel Kadel’s intricately detailed, carefully plotted, and insightfully drawn and watercolored works often feature her iconic female protagonist exploring, struggling, suffocating, and entangling as well as confronting, battling, and overcoming abstract obstacles and unlikely circumstances. From walls to furniture to customizing some sweet Vans Customs, Mel’s works has been featured in galleries all around the world.  Like her art, Mel is not only one thing–from running her own online shop, silk screening and hand coloring her own prints, to actively utilizing her art as a platform for her activism. In this latest Sketchy Behaviors, we find out more about Mel– from her first art show to what inspires her as well as what project she’s been the most proud of this year!  

We love Mel, so will you–Make the leap. 

Photographs courtesy of the artist | Additional photographs by Aaron Farley

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Argentina, the last country in my 6 months long trip to South America, we have finally come to an end. Argentina is one of the biggest country in South America and it would take more than a month to see them all. This is what a month of traveling looks like in Argentina. Buenos Aires was a great vibrant city! Bariloche is definitely the Switzerland of Argentina! Patagonia? Love everything about it, especially El Chalten and seeing Fitz Roy has always been my life goals. Ushuaia is cold but beautiful. To think that I was so near to Antarctica, and yet only 5000 USD away from going there. Maybe next time!

Last but not least Iguazu Falls. There’s waterfalls and then there’s Iguazu Falls. Damn, this place blows my mind. I thought I have seen enough waterfalls in my life time but Iguazu was so different, so epic that I would say that it is one of the best one in the world.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I was making them!

P.S. This is my last travel video that I’ll be shooting with my trusted Sony RX100 M3. It is almost at the end of its life cycle but fear not, I have a new replacement! The Sony a6500! Stay tuned for my next video, this time I’ll take you to the Philippines!

Location: Bariloche, El Calafate, El Chalten, Ushuaia, Buenos Aires, Iguazu Falls

ID #44189

Name: Sarah
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Country: Ireland
Type of Pen Pal: Email, Social Media

Uhh wow I’ve never done anything like this before, I’m kinda nervous! So I’m Sarah and I’m 16. I really want to have someone to have long conversations with about anything and everything! I love music and films (especially Marvel) and I’m into Greek mythology and stuff. I’m gay so you’d obviously have to be okay with that as it’s a big part of my life. Wow I sound so boring but that’s about it. I’d love to get to know some people so hmu!!

Preferences: Ages 15-18. Male, female or anywhere in between, I don’t mind.


ISFJ - Let me be your doormat.
INFJ - I invented Jesus in my image.
ISTJ - Ofcourse I’d love to die for my country!
INTJ - I know everything about life, but I don’t have one.
INTP - I take social awkwardness to a whole new level.
ISTP - Killing people for money is a job I’d seriously consider, as a dream job you know.
ISFP - Yes, I am saying that this pile of bicycle tires and seats is art!
INFP - I was born depressed.
ESFJ - Buying stuff I don’t need and making babies makes me happy.
ENFJ - I am the nicest, most moral and kind person in the world and you should follow me and act like me.
ESTJ - I love getting up early and working my ass off every day so I can brag about my achievements and rub them in everyone’s face.
ESTP - Yo, chill man, have a beer.
ENTJ - God doesn’t exist so I’m a good enough replacement.
ENTP - Last night I solved the Riemann hypothesis while on LSD but I ripped my papers into shreds because I was so fucking high.
ESFP - Hey, look at me everyone, I can drink through my nose!
ENFP - I can persuade a professor to give me a chance to take a test after arriving 90 minutes late for it. 


I’ve been so lucky to be able to travel across the country with some of my best friends to see the reputation tour 10 times now in 5 cities. This tour has made me literally the happiest human and has taken me away from everything wrong in my life. Here’s 10 pictures for 10 times that I was absolutely free and lost it in all. Taylor, I’ll never be able to thank you enough for creating this safe place for not only me, but everyone, where we can forget about everything for a couple of hours and where we feel like we are living on a cloud. I love you more than words are able to describe.

Soooooo, it’s crazy to think this tour is more than halfway over. I have three (3!!!!!) more shows left in Nashville and Arlington. And you know what 10 + 3 equals??? *drumroll* 13 hehe.

Anyway, @taylorswift, I know this upcoming semester is going to mentally and physically drain me, but I am comforted by the fact that I have about a billion memories from this summer (courtesy of youuuu) that can pull me back into a happy place whenever I need them to, so thank you a million times for that and here’s to making a few more memories together this year.

Some headcanons for paladin danse

Escaped from the institute with help from the railroad, was given new memories and lived in the capital wasteland (im sure all of that is already canon though)

Trans. Started transitioning after the memory wipe.

Easily impressionable and takes after authority figures. He can quickly gain a strong opinion on something if someone higher than him have their opinion.

He didn’t have a problem with synths or ghouls before joining the brotherhood.

Is untalented in the fine arts.

The power armor makes him look taller than he actually is. He’s not short per say but most would assume he’s at least half a foot taller.

Has insomnia pretty bad.

Has a soft spot for kids (he would be a good dad given the chance)

He’s never smoked or drank a day in his life.

Always wanted to get the brotherhood symbol tattooed on his body somewhere.

He likes the power armor because he likes the feeling of power. It makes he feel strong and invincible.
Sometimes during a fight he’ll get rushed up and start punching everything instead of using his gun.

He’s a bit of an awkward conversationalist but he’s a great listener, very supportive.

It’s established in game that he likes country and bluegrass which I think is fucking awful.
(He loves the music that plays in new vegas: big iron, Johnny guitar, jingle jangle)

He’s actually more sensitive about the synth thing than he lets on. When people tease him about it he’ll get mad but it’s very easy to reduce him to tears.
(Deacon found this out the nasty way)

After blind betrayal he joins the minutemen and tries to get in good standing with the railroad.

He likes to swim.

He’s one of those guys that don’t flinch at the sight of gore. No queasiness or reaction at all.

He thinks the mr gutsys and assaultrons are scary as hell but he’ll never admit it

ID #57807

Name: Julia
Age: 13
Country: Russia

Heyo, I’m Julia, but I’d like you to call me Jey. I live in a very cold place, my skin is ice and we all are crying here. I’m from Russia.
It’s 4 hours before 2018 for me and I hope to change a lot of things in my life this year. And being something like a.. Friend? For somebody is one of my goals.
Actually I have no idea how to write about myself. I’ll just tell everything I can.
I love art. That’s like the reason of my existence. I study languages and rn I speak English fluently, German, and, of course, Russian. I also wanna study Italien. I watch a lot of Tv shows and stuff. My fav ones are probably Stranger things, Mr Robot, 13 reasons why and etc. I’m in love with punk rock and indie rock.
I don’t wanna tell too much about me bc it won’t be interesting for you to talk to me. So I love dogs, vintage posters, books, plants, lights, pets, nature, good artists, blankets, grey color, talking at 3 am, pizza, studying, Elon Musk and SpaceX, friends, travelling ( though I don’t really travel a lot), tea, fizzy drinks and internet.
I have a cute doggo and 10399928191 fandoms.
I probably speak too much, but I also like listening to people. If you are ready for talking about anything in the world, sharing songs and movies, and just having some fun I would like to talk to ya. I don’t care about your gender, sexuality or where are you from. P.s. I can have depressive episodes so I can complain a lot sometimes.

Preferences: 12-17 y. o. I don’t have other preferences
P.s. i’m planning a trip to Germany so it would be interesting if you are from here. But I don’t care if you are from other country even if we have a very big time difference

Marry me - Jensen Ackles (Imagine)

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Type: Request by @lizwinchester16

Summary: So I have two questions: can you do an imagine with Jensen Ackles using the song marry me by Thomas Rhett and do you have a masterlist.

Warnings: crying.



Jensen’s view

What a day. The sun is shining brightly, the birds are singing, everyone has a smile on their face. Such a perfect day to do everything you ever wanted.

I was just finishing my coffee, thinking about what will happen today. I’m scared, like I was never before. Afraid. How much I’d love to stay in my bed for the rest of my life, forgetting that this day ever existed. But I have to face my fears. Unfortunately.


Yeah, she wants magnolias out in the country

Not too many people, save her daddy some money

Well, I’m here now and I now I can’t turn back. I started to walk to the most beautiful garden I have ever saw. It was so simple, but at the same time, so breathtaking. Just like her.

I started to walk towards the chairs to get a seat. As I guessed, there are not going to be a lot of people. Of course, she never wanted to do something extravagant.

I’ll wear my black suit, black tie, hide out in the back

I’ll do a strong shot of whiskey straight out the flask

I’ll try to make it through without crying so nobody sees

Some guy just walked over me, offering a drink. I took one, drinking it fast. Maybe the alcohol will make me feel a little bit better.

The ceremony was just about to start, so everyone was trying to find a good spot. I knew I had to make that too.

I have founded a free chair at the back of the crowd. It was a good seat for me, hopping no one will recognise me.

I took a last glance at my suit, arranging the tie a bit. Then I heard the music starting. I’m now asking myself: “Why do I do this to me?”

I turned my head and I felt instantly the tears forming in my eyes. She was so beautiful. What am I saying? Beautiful is an understatement.

Her beautiful white gown fitted her perfectly. Her hair, her makeup, everything was perfect. And her eyes… oh, how much I miss those eyes.

I remember the night when I almost kissed her

Yeah, I kinda freaked out, we’d been friends for forever

And I always wondered if she felt the same way


We are just walking in the park, like we do everyday after school. I told her this morning that we need to talk about something important. Now that the time came, I wish to go in time to change everything.

“So Jensen. What is so important that you wanted to be just the two of us?”

“Well… I don’t really know where to start…”

She looked at me with her beautiful Y/E/C eyes. How can she be so beautiful? I will never understand.

“If you don’t know how to say it, then try to show me! It will be more easier.”

I was scared. So, so scared. She is my best friend for years now. We’ve been through good and bad moments. I don’t want to lose her now.

So, as she told me, I tried to show her. I cupped her cheeks and started to lean slow.

When I was just about to kiss her, she moved her head.

“I’m sorry… I hope I didn’t upset you or something…”

“No, Jensen, it’s okay. We need to go home now, it’s pretty late.”

*End of Flashback*

From that day, I always wondered if she ever thought about me as more than a friend. Always prayed that someday I can call her my girl. She always had the power to make me the most happiest man in the world.

When I got the invite, I knew it was too late

Seeing her now, walking down the aisle, it brakes my heart. Most of my dreams were like this. The two of us, getting married, having kids and live happily ever after.

The smile she gave to her now future husband killed me. She used to smile like that to me.


The ceremony was about to end. But not until my heart will get another knife in it.

“Y/H/N, do you take Y/N to be your wedded wife, to live together in marriage?”

“I do.”

“Y/N, do you take Y/H/N to be your wedded husband to live together in marriage?”

“I do.”

“Now, I declare you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.”

I couldn’t look at this scene. Tears were now falling down my cheeks and I couldn’t stop them.

I just lost the love of my life to another man.

I could try to find her, get it off my chest now

But I ain’t gonna mess it up, so I’ll wish her the best now

I thought I could talk to her, so she will know that I came. But when I saw her, thinking I was ready, I gave up. I know I will upset her and I really don’t want to ruin her perfect day. I wish she will be happy with the man she loves, having kids and live happily ever after. Something I couldn’t do.

Yeah, she wanna get married

But she ain’t gonna marry me.