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Extroverted Introverts: Ten things to know

Also known as an ambivert, an extroverted introvert is someone who exhibits qualities of both introversion and extroversion.

1. Their spot on the spectrum changes with their environment.

Your ambivert friend may be loud and gregarious around their family, but quiet and thoughtful at the office. Seeing them in both situations may feel like meeting two entirely different people.

2. Talking to strangers is fine – but don’t expect them to keep it to small talk.

Although an ambivert can hold up their end of a conversation, talking about the weather will not be enough to engage them. Their social energy is limited enough that they won’t want to waste it on meaningless chatter. They will likely push the conversation into deeper territory or bow out entirely.

3. They like to be alone – they don’t like to be lonely.

There is a big difference between the two. Choosing to sit at home with a tub of ice cream and a book feels fantastic. Sitting at home because nobody called them back feels sad and lame.

4. Getting them out of the house can be a challenge.

If you catch your friend on a highly introverted day, you may just be better off leaving them at home. They might manage to be social, but they’ll just be thinking about their books and their couch the whole time.

5. If they’re new, you can find them in the back of the room.

An introverted extrovert will approach new situations with cautious excitement. If they know someone in the group, they will likely cling to them a bit as they become comfortable. If they do not, they might waver on the edge of the crowd, slowly getting used to the water rather than jumping in all at once.

6. They’re selectively social.

They don’t mean to be snobs. They just have limited social energy and prefer interacting one-on-one or in small groups. For this reason, they can only afford to invest their social time and energy in those who they feel truly connected to.

7. Making friends is easy. Keeping them is hard.

They like talking to people, but they value their alone-time, as well. This can make maintaining a friendship tricky. If your ambivert friend makes an effort to consistently invest time and energy in your friendship, be glad. You are truly special to them.

8. Their social desires change with the breeze.

They might be desperate to hang out with you on Friday, but then not answer your call on Saturday. They’re not mad at you. They’re just super comfortable in bed watching films.

9. They can talk to you for hours.

If you manage to catch them in a one-on-one situation, an extroverted introvert will just not shut up. Once their interest is engaged, there’s no stopping them.

10. Listening is great too, though.

Sometimes they want to be a part of the action, but their social energy levels are too low for them to contribute in a meaningful way. Listening allows them to get to know you without burning up their social fuel. They also know its value from their chattier moments when they are desperate for an ear.

Sometimes, it’s hard for Sam to remember that Dean and Cas are… a thing. Like, a romantic thing. Because nothing really changes between them after it happens: sure, there are kisses every now and then—but they’re nothing obnoxious or ostentatious. More like.. more like the kind of thing two people do once they’re supremely comfortable with one another; like the contact is for comfort rather than some romantic need.

They hold hands, too. Cuddle. But with the way Dean and Cas have always kind of been attached at the hip, it’s hard to tell the difference between cuddling and watching Doctor Sexy, and just sitting really close and watching Doctor Sexy.

Sometimes, though, Sam stumbles into moments like these, and the reality of Dean and Cas as a romantic couple is blatant. 

An hour after dinner, they’re still doing dishes. Or, there were: now, Dean’s arms wrap around Castiel’s waist, theirs bodies flush and foreheads pressed together as they sway to the sounds of the tinny radio on the counter. Sometimes Cas steps on Dean’s feet, and sometimes Dean nuzzles their noses like some over-sized cat, but they clearly only have eyes for each other. Not that that is necessarily a change from their usual but… the context here is different.

They kiss sporadically, and Sam thinks he should probably feel weird about witnessing this—this private moment, between his brother and his best friend—but he’s honestly just. Overjoyed. Content. So happy for them.

Of course, Dean then deliberately moves his palm down to give Cas’s ass a firm squeeze, and Castiel grins playfully and nips at the bolt of Dean’s jaw and Sam has seen quite enough thanks so he decides to forgo the glass of juice he was after and just stick to water from the bathroom sink instead. It’s probably better for him at this hour anyway. 

On the way to his room, Sam hears whispering and murmuring and then Cas laughs—a nice, deep, fully-belly laugh.

Yeah, most of the time, it’s hard to remember that Dean and Cas are in a romantic relationship. But others… well, it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

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More on Wolfstar raising Harry pleaseeeee

- sirius buys harry his own leather jacket that’s way too big and lets him put whatever he wants on it (sirius envisaged silver studs and patches with band logos, but instead harry picks thomas the tank engine badges. thomas the tank engine becomes punk rock from that day forth)
- harry has a thing for holding remus’ hand. he’s happy to sit on sirius’ shoulders or walk by his side, but with remus, harry always wants to be holding onto him. making tea or reading a book is now impossibly difficult with a small child clinging onto remus’ wrist, but he doesn’t mind in the slightest
- harry has a wall in his room covered in photos of james and lily; ones from when the marauders were at school as well as wedding pictures, and he draws pictures of his parents pretty much every day (and sirius puts every single one on the fridge. it’s almost impossible to get to the handle now)
- harry always asks remus if he can have a piece of his chocolate, and remus always tells him he’s not allowed chocolate before dinner; but remus is a huge softie deep deep down and always ends up giving in and sneaking harry little squares of it when sirius isn’t looking
- every time harry sees a woman with red hair he’ll say “that looks like mummy”
- when it becomes obvious that harry is going to need his eyes tested, sirius can’t help but smile because he knows already that harry is never going to clean his glasses, just like james never did
- harry loves reading, mostly thanks to remus. the two of them will sit in the evenings, remus answering all the questions harry asks, and letting him pick which book he’d like to have read to him before bed (sirius often sits in and dramatically reenacts the scenes remus is reading or does stupid voices for the different characters)
- harry very rarely wakes up in his own bed, because he loves coming through to remus and sirius’ room and squeezing himself between them. sometimes remus and sirius fall asleep holding hands, and harry always places his own hand on top and kisses them both on the forehead before going to sleep himself
- sirius, as has always been the case, can’t go a day without putting on a queen or bowie record and having an intense sing-along whilst remus yells at him to shut up: this is probably harry’s favourite part of the day, because he gets to sit in sirius’ arms while he jumps about and sings. it doesn’t take long for harry to learn every rock anthem by heart
- harry often wears one of remus’ oversized jumpers as a sort of dress and begs remus to chase him round the house til he can get the jumper back. sirius very much enjoys the sight of tiny harry with sweater paws darting about frantically as remus reluctantly pretends not to be able to catch him
- a lot of the time harry will say something like “moony has a nice singing voice” or “moony’s really smart” and sirius will be like “omg tell me about it” and just gush to harry about his boyfriend as harry nods in agreement
- i have way way more thoughts on this but this post is getting too long so i may write a fic on this or somethin!

Friends Don’t Do That (Hyungwon x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“hey can i request a hyungwon smut pls? in which he’s like needy and whiny – anon”
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Hyungwon X Reader
Genre/warning(s):  fluffy smut?
Words: 2.6k
Authors note: He is one of my bias from Monsta X so like I’m in love with him? Hope you enjoy this fic

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I think the most important question of all time is if Derek prefers belly rubs, or is he the kind of 'clingy when cuddling' boyfriend so he just lays on top of Stiles and lets him rub his back (and sometimes his butt) ? My personal headcanon is that werewolves can get sort of stoned from their mate's scent and Derek once a month likes to climb into Stiles' lap and melt into his arms surrounded by his boyfriend's scent. Bonus pie points if Derek steals Stiles' shirts to wear when he's napping

You have no idea how much I just screamed over this ask. This is being filed under “favourites”, for sure. 

I think Derek is the type of guy who really, really likes cuddles and anything that involves getting to touch Stiles, but pretends he’s completely indifferent to it/does it only to “shut Stiles up”. Which, you know, is complete lies. The first time Stiles sleeps next to Derek in a bed, it’s painfully obvious Derek wants to cuddle but he just doesn’t know how to go about asking. Poor, awkward lamb. Stiles nearly makes a joke at Derek’s expense about how obvious it is because, well, but he refrains at the last minute upon seeing Derek’s face - Derek doesn’t just look nervous, he looks scared, like he might be rejected - and shaking his head (because this adorable asshole) Stiles shifts closer and hastily mumbles something about not having his pillow, “so you’ll have to do, big guy”.

Before they get together, it takes a while for Derek to get used to being tactile with Stiles. Derek is fine touching other people - he has the control that way - but he’s still not good with people touching him. Unfortunately, that’s not a great combination when you are a touch starved werewolf with trust issues, because it pretty much means the only kind of physical contact Derek ever receives is either in life or death situations or during (not so fun and friendly) pack training sessions. Not ideal. Of course, after a while, Stiles clocks this. 

Stiles has known about Derek’s touch issues since he first met him, but it’s better now (he thinks). So he tries small things: sitting next to Derek during pack movie nights and pressing his leg against his; letting himself fall asleep on Derek’s shoulder (desperately trying not to read too much into it when Derek doesn’t move away); and, a few times, hugging Derek goodbye and lingering longer than he should each time he does it. 

After a while, Derek starts touching Stiles back. One day, he just crawls through Stiles’ window and sits by Stiles’ bed until Stiles - very tired and not thinking things through too much - puts a hand on Derek’s shoulder and tells him in no uncertain terms “ to get up here for some Stilinski spooning time”. Derek grumbles at that but he’s in Stiles’ bed exactly twenty seconds later, which gives Stiles major pause for thought. 


And listen, this is how it goes on. They aren’t even together but Derek touching Stiles and being touched by him soon becomes A Thing. For both of them. A very important thing. The life of Derek Hale suddenly becomes about three things: the pack, Cora, and Stiles. 

Sometimes, Stiles sleeps over at the loft. Not for any reason other than the fact Stiles does a lot of late night research there, but after a while it kind of becomes apparent Stiles is there for “research times” and what he has come to call “Derek’s personal pillow times”. Derek’s person pillow times often involve Derek shyly (but somehow still grumpily) crawling into Stiles’ lap and (not so subtly) scenting him. Stiles asked about the scenting thing once and Derek stopped for three weeks, entirely embarrassed - Derek had looked so upset and torn about the whole thing (aka, he looked like a hurt five year old) that eventually Stiles had just marched into the loft, stuck Batman on, and told Derek to get his “fluffy butt in here. I mean it Derek, my neck is lonely now. Don’t leave a bro in need like this, it’s accustomed to your snout!” Stiles expected Derek to either throw him out or snark at him for that but instead, Derek shuffled - actually shuffled - into the room (still appearing out of nowhere, the creepy show off), holding himself rather tight, before crawling into Stiles’ lap and staying there for exactly 2.5 Batman movies, face buried in Stiles’ neck. (Stiles does not grin manically when he feels Derek’s whole body sag against him, like he hasn’t been able to settle without him.) 

During Stiles’ second year of college, they have their first kiss. Well, if a first kiss can be called a first kiss when the dude you are hard core crushing on puts a finger to your lips half way through your perfectly valid rant about why Princess Leia is The Best, stares into your eyes for a solid three minutes (and somehow makes it both awkward and the best fucking thing you have ever experienced when looking at someone), before placing a very soft and intimate kiss to your neck. Stiles has no idea what it even means until he eventually plucks up the courage to ask Cora who instantly threatens him with bodily harm if Stiles hurts her brother. (”So, uh, the neck thing was…..?” “My brother’s traditional, dorky way of telling you he loves you. Duh. Jesus Stiles, and you call yourself our Emissary?”)

From then on out, Derek’s attachment to touching Stiles just becomes more intense. In front of people and the pack he’ll settle for holding hands or being next to Stiles, but in private he becomes like a lazy cat. He gets very pouty when he wakes up and finds Stiles not in bed for morning cuddles; he loves being able to wash Stiles’ hair; back rubs and head rubs are his favourite, especially when he’s reading or they are watching movies (Derek’s introducing all the classics to Stiles, like Rebecca and The Breakfast Club; “no, Spider-man doesn’t count as a classic, Stiles” “says who?” “says me if you still want a blow job later” ). Mostly though, he just loves being in his old position of sitting in Stiles’ lap and burying his face in Stiles’ neck. 

Sometimes Stiles will talk about his day while Derek does this and it works for both of them because Derek is surrounded by Stiles’ scent, his voice, his whole being; and that calms him, settles him in a way he hasn’t been since before the fire. And in turn, having someone to listen to him - really, truly listen - while he’s talking, brings Stiles a kind of happiness he’s never experienced before. Sure, people hear him. They talk to him and hold conversations. But sooner or later Stiles always sees their eyes wander, sees the start of a yawn or is outright told to shut up. 

Stiles knows his attention isn’t anything to write home about but there is a difference between being unable to hold someone’s attention and someone just not wanting to hold your attention, specifically. Of course, Derek still tells Stiles to shut up, that’s never a thing that stopped between them, but now it usually ends in heated make out sessions or sex, so, Stiles really has no complaints. But in moments like these, with Derek in his lap, Derek just listens. He can sit for hours and never tires of Stiles. If Stiles is happy, he smiles into his neck, makes these little happy sounds; if he’s sad, he’ll kiss his neck, and murmur quiet things; angry, he’ll hold him tighter and let him vent, for as long as he likes. 

Some couples have hobbies, have things, but this is their ritual. Just this. Every other day, just having this quiet moment of peace and happiness. A bubble no one can penetrate. It’s a visible anchor, the place they always come back to. It’s a place they both need; the place Stiles needs when he’s feeling insecure and the place Derek needs when he’s feeling lonely. Nothing can touch them in it, no high is better. Especially to Derek who really can feel a little drunk off of Stiles’ scent, sometimes. It’s a kind of closeness both of them have always craved but never really gotten. It’s Derek’s way of saying I love you when he finds it difficult to say it. It’s Stiles’ way of knowing I’m needed when he doubts it. 

It’s just them, and even though it sometimes freaks Stiles out - the stillness, the fact he can be this still, for hours - it serves as a precious reminder that after all the chaos, after all the loss and heart break, that they found this: they found a small and quiet, beautiful thing. And they found it in each other, which is both the most baffling and the least surprising thing of all. 

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How do you think the rfa +saeran and v would react to a curvy mc??

Lolololol, okay. I like this prompt.

Also, this might have(?) gotten a little teeny bit NSFW.


  • Cuddling her is the best
  • She’s always warm and soft
  • She loves to cook with him and loves to eat whatever he makes
  • One of his friends from school insulted her size once, when Yoosung was showing off pictures of his girlfriend, and Yoosung was pissed
  • Straight up told the guy to fuck off because MC is perfect the way she is


  • TBH, Jaehee would probably make sure of two things first
  • One, if MC was healthy at her current weight
  • And two, if MC was happy with her current weight
  • When MC says yes to both, Jaehee drops the subject and never brings it up again
  • Sometimes MC complains about not being able to find the right bra size or not being able to afford it
  • Seriously, it’s ridiculous, the only bras that fit me her are $60+ maxing around $125, and even then, half the time nobody carries the ONE BRAND that fits


  • More to love!
  • Seriously, she’s so nice to touch because she’s soft
  • He also likes to watch her run around or work out because… some things bounce
  • Plus, she’s massively sexy
  • Like, you have never seen a goddess in lingerie until you have seen MC wearing something sexy
  • Gah, seriously, he loves being able to put his hands all over her, like touch her butt or her breasts, and just have his hands be full


  • Like
  • He wouldn’t care?
  • Seriously, he’s surrounded by people who are super superficial all the time, mainly women who are super thin and wear whatever they think will get them a rich attractive man
  • MC doesn’t see him for his looks or status, so why should he see her any differently?
  • The only thing he does think about her weight is that he likes holding her in bed, as her body is as soft and comforting as she is


  • Not gonna lie, he would totally use her as a pillow
  • Like, sitting on the couch together? Her thighs are a perfect pillow
  • Unless he’s lying between her legs, in which case her tummy is super soft and warm and he just… dozes off
  • He might occasionally do things that make her uncomfortable without thinking, however, like poking her because he loves how squishy she is
  • Of course, she pokes him back because, well, if he really wants to go, they’ll go


  • While he’s still blind, he likes that there’s so much there for him to touch and feel and enjoy
  • He doesn’t need his sight to know about the dimples she has around her body, or the softness of her thighs
  • Once he gets his sight back, he loves to watch her move
  • He likes how she’s so natural and comfortable with herself
  • Secretly, though, he loves it when they’re lying in bed in the pitch black so that he can trace her dimples or grab a handful of her butt and just enjoy her


  • Occasionally he just grabs her ass randomly and just say, “Good.”
  • It confuses the hell out of her
  • Seriously, who does that?
  • But, Saeran is an ass man and he likes that there’s enough there to grab
  • When he thinks she’s losing weight is when he grabs her because he wants to make sure there’s enough there
  • He’s low key as weird as his brother, just in a different way
Kink A-Z: Jason Todd

A/N: Heyyoo it’s time to get nasty ya’ll. Admittedly, this is more explicit than Dick’s but Jason is more explicit than Dick in general. And by god, I’m sorry this took so long. Long day. But I finally have RHATO Vol.2 and Injustice 2! Yay me! Also sorry if this is all over the place, I wrote this in short bursts, so yeah.

Warnings: Explicit. EXTREMELY NSFW.

A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

  • Quiet. After the deed, Jason is fairly peaceful. He’s not opposed to pillow talk, but Jason is more of the guy to lay there, fingers in your hair and lingering on your body. If you talk, he’ll listen, maybe nod and hum. But usually, he’s there just replaying the night over and over in his head, in awe of his partner. Yeah, he gets mushy after.

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)

  • Jason loves his arms. Because of the pit, he’s stronger than usual - for him or any other human being - and it shows. Where Dick uses his legs, Jason uses his arms, so they’re nicely toned. Not too buff and not too slim. On his s/o, I feel like he’s way into boobs, big or small, and backs. He likes peppering kisses on his s/o’s breasts and sucking on them, and loves seeing their back arch, to the point he chooses positions where he knows he’ll hit the right spots to see them arch under him.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person)

  • I have a lot of opinions about this. His favorite place to cum is on his s/o’s face. Just something about seeing his cum on their face, them looking up at him, he finds it crazy attractive. He also loves handjobs and finishing on his partner’s hands.

D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)

  • Guns. Now, Jason would never hurt his s/o nor would he having a gun around them with the safety off, but just having them there in the bedroom is a huge turn on for him. He would probably never bring it up, but his guns are his babies, and he’d never say no to adding them to the fun.

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How Tom Deals With The Reader Having a Panic Disorder:

A/N: Here’s a quick head canon that I felt like I should write up. As someone that has panic attacks on the daily this warmed my heart to write. 

This is in no way trying to romanticise mental illness.

  • Firstly, there’s nothing fun or romantic about constant panic attacks.
  • Tom found you mid panic attack one day. You were gripping your chest, tears falling freely and your breathing was an absolute mess.
  • Homeboy didn’t exactly understand at first, but he asked.“Tell me what it feels like, darling. I want to understand”
    “It’s like… my chest is closing in and there’s something gripping my lungs, squeezing the air out of them, I feel weak and shaky, sometimes it feels like I’m going crazy or that It’s the end of the world”
  • It absolutely breaks Tom’s heart to see you in that state, struggling to breathe, eyes watery and wide, body shaking uncontrollably
  • Sometimes you have to grip his arm If you feel yourself becoming dizzy or faint, but he’s there by your side.
  • This didn’t make him adore you any less, not at all.
  • After that he’d check up on you whenever he could (not so much that It becomes overwhelming)
  • He learned the signs of an oncoming panic attack and would do whatever you needed to help. These were the small signs like your sudden silence or twitchiness. 
  • “What can I do, darling? Let me know”
  • If you wanted to be alone, he’d leave you for a bit. If you wanted him with you, he’d sit quietly and hold your hand.
  • Or if you didn’t like being touched during the attacks, he’d sit there with you and whisper sweet nothings that’d stay between the two of you.
  • “I’m right here”
  • The moments after a panic attack, he’d either hold you, running a hand through your hair or if you’d prefer, he’d leave you to calm yourself down
  • Of course everyday was different, you could go days without an attack then end up having 4 in one day.
  • Those days were always the hardest and always the most quiet on your behalf, but Tom was always respecting
  • You didn’t want to be treated any different, so Tom didn’t, or at least tried not but in the end the end he’s a complete sweet pea and just want’s to take care of you!
  • One time you got a panic attack at the airport whilst the two of you were surrounded by paps and fans but Tom handled it so well.
  • Honestly, it was probably the most terrifying experience of your life. 
  • Imagine being in a large crowd of people trying to physical poke and prod the two of you, while you’re stuck feeling like you’re being suffocated and your knees about to collapse.
  • “Excuse me” “We have to get through” 
  • He held your Hand the whole time and kept you close until you managed to escape the crowd.
  • “I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry” 
  • Baby felt so bad about putting you in that situation but it wasn’t his fault and you knew that!!
  • “I’m okay, I’ll be alright”
  • Tom knew from the start that he couldn’t ‘save’ you, but he could be there when you needed him.
N with a s/o headcanons

• If N likes someone, he won’t really handle it that well. He’d be kind of creepy but it’s entirely accidental
• He’d see you out in public and try to talk to you but he doesn’t know what to say. N will then wind up following you around to try and think of a good way to start a conversation
• You’ll definitely have to be the one to initiate things and start an actual relationship with N yourself
• N enjoys going on dates in the forest. He really likes seeing you interact with all the different kinds of Pokemon
• Asks your Pokemon for gift advice
• Loves it when you sit between his legs so that he can rest his head on yours
• Not really one for watching movies or tv shows, he prefers reading together
• His hair is an absolute mess but it’s fun to comb and afterwards it’s really soft
• N can’t really buy you nice things but he’ll definitely make you gifts like flower crowns and seashell bracelets
• Likes getting take out food and then sitting around and relaxing with his s/o
• You and N sometimes go out for long walks in nature while holding hands

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i wanted to request a fic if you are up for it? ironstrange where one of them is asexual?

I don’t really have enough material here to write a full fic, but I’m happy to draw up some wholesome headcanons for you!

  • Stephen’s always felt pretty meh about sex and sexual attraction in general
  • He’s not really sex-repulsed, per se, but would just… prefer not to
  • So when he starts getting close with Tony, the infamous playboy, he’s a little nervous at first. The last thing he wants is a throwaway, casual-sex-only kind of relationship
  • And on their second or third date Stephen kind of breaks down and opens up to tell Tony all about it
  • And Tony’s not surprised about Stephen’s sexuality but he is surprised that he thought he might have just wanted sex from their relationship. He’s sure to clear that up that right away and they end up having a late night talk over take-out about what they want and need in their relationship
  • It goes really well, and Tony decides that frankly it’s kind of… nice not to have that pressure or need from a partner
  • And Stephen’s just happy to have an understanding boyfriend who listens and communicates with his desires
  • They find other forms of intimacy that work for them and make them both feel happy and comfortable. Sex isn’t the only way two people can be close!
  • They like snuggling shirtless in bed, for instance, and being close to each other/holding each other. Stephen likes being Tony’s big spoon WAY too much.
  • Forehead/cheek/neck/hand kisses!!
  • Stephen also really likes loosening or taking off Tony’s ties/jackets/etc and he always gets all spluttery about it
  • In general they get a kick out of undressing each other before bed even though it doesn’t lead to anything
  • Massages are also an intimate thing to do together
  • (And I mean Stephen can conjure up like six extra hands and Tony LIVES for it)
  • Small displays of attention and affection (like shaving one another, adjusting the other’s collar, brushing something off the other’s cheek, fixing the boyfriend’s hair, etc)
  • You know they share a bed and argue about who steals the covers during the night
  • No one has to worry about walking in on them in the middle of something, but it’s almost as embarrassing walking in on them just holding each other or kissing because they share just a kind of gentle, private intimacy together that no one wants to interrupt
  • While other couples might stay up late for different reasons, Tony and Stephen like to stay up late sitting back-to-back hard at work and sharing exciting tidbits or ideas and suggestions back and forth with one another
  • Whenever things get heated between them Tony always makes sure he’s not crossing any boundaries with Stephen and always makes sure to communicate with him
  • They have some seriously raunchy banter and flirty jokes they exchange regularly anyways
  • It confuses people
  • (“I thought… you guys… but Stephen is…” “Full offense intended, but just because I don’t fuck Tony doesn’t mean I can’t make innuendos about fucking Tony”)
  • Stephen doesn’t have any qualms about being naked and neither does Tony, so they often just hang out in their underwear or half-naked otherwise without any pressure
  • They’re super comfortable with one another and in a loving healthy relationship no matter what thank for coming to my ted talk

An excerpt from the Zimmerflow ™ fic because I told @omgpieplease/ @cannedtalent I would do it.

Jack makes a bet on the best day of his life and promptly forgets about it. He’s too busy being a Stanley Cup Champion to remember a ridiculous wager he’d made when he was tipsy. Besides, he was the most sober player at that party. There’s no way anyone will remember it. Right?


Turns out, Tater had filmed not only most of the party (“For memories, Zimmboni! Precious moments with team, no?” And really, how can Jack argue with that?) but he’d taken special care to capture every single idiotic syllable of the bet.

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19."I think i'm in love with you and that scares the crap out of me"

this is kinda long…

19.“I think i’m in love with you and that scares the crap out of me”

nothing ever goes according to plan in your life. you hadn’t planned on following your best friend around the world for two years and you certainly hadn’t planned on falling in love with him. maybe it was the little things that he’d do like bringing you chicken soup when you’re sick or sending you something for valentine’s day, even if he was on the other side of the world because he didn’t want you to feel unloved on a stupid holiday meant only for people in a relationship. you think the valentine gifts really put you over the edge. you started to wish that they were sent out of genuine love instead of pity. of course harry loves you, he tells you everyday but certainly not in the way you wish he would.

he brought over chinese takeout and a slice of chocolate cake from the deli a few blocks down for the two of you to share. both of your belly’s seem too stuffed for chocolate cake because harry bought way too much food, but both of you can’t seem to control yourselves when it comes to chow mien and orange chicken. “harry my tummy hurts.” you rub your hand over your stomach, groaning at how full it is.

“well maybe you shouldn’t have eaten all that orange chicken.” harry puts down his phone and pushes your legs off of his thighs while getting off of your couch. “i’ll make you some green tea, how’s tha’ sound?”

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The Naked Truth

Written by: @peetaspikelets

Dialogue Prompt: this has got to be the strangest day of my life…(submitted by @xerxia31)

Rating: M (for nudity and language)

A/N: I need to thank Mr Pikelet for helping me bring this story to life. He brought ‘an event’ to my attention and after my initial shock and a bit of a giggle I thought I have to everlark this some how. 

A BIG thank you to my beta @sponsormusings for her amazing guidance, support and advice. I would be lost without you!


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Idk If you Are taking stuff for the 800 Milestone, but If you Are can you do #7 of the 76 OTP Thing??

Sorry this took so long to get out. I hope you love it!

7: “Person A is very tall. Person B is very short. Imagine person B sitting on person A’s shoulders so that they both look like a giant.“

If there was one major difference between you and Jason, it’s height. He’s a little over 6′ while you’re around a solid 5′1″. People thought it was rather cute. The way you’d have to get up on your tip toes to kiss him. Also when he’d hold things above your head just to frustrate you.

Often you would sit on the couch and look up at him as he did things. Organizing his books, hanging something on the wall. You couldn’t help but wonder what it was like being able to see things from so high up all the time. To always be able to see in crowds.

So, you asked. “Hey Jay” Calling to catch his attention. He turned away from the bookshelf he was organizing. ‘He’s such a nerd’ Giggling to yourself. “What?” He smiled at you, chuckling.

“Just wondering, what’s it like being so tall?” Tilting your head to the side. He shrugged, “Convenient at one moment, a pain in the ass the next.”

Standing from the couch you wrapped your arms around his waist. Sighing, “I wish I was taller.” Jason laughed, thinking your words as silly. “I love your height. Makes it easy to scoop you up, or tease you.” Earning himself a light hit to the chest. “Can I see?”

“See what?”

Pulling away you grinned while looking up into his eyes. “What it’s like being tall.” His brows furrowed in confusion, “How?” Pulling him down to your level, you placed a kiss on his lips. “Let me on your shoulders.”

“You’re weird” Jason shook his head while standing back up. Though a pout made it onto your face, jutting out your bottom lip, “Please Jaybird.”

He looked down into your eyes before his expression softened and rolling his eyes. Kneeling down to where you could climb on his shoulders. Holding your legs he stood up as your hands rested in his hair. Laughing you touched the ceiling, “This is so cool!” Cheering giddily. Earning a deep chuckle from him.

He walked around the apartment with you on his shoulders. Occasionally looking up at you, asking for a peck on the lips. As his ‘repayment’ for carrying you around. A bill you were happy to pay.

It was rather entertaining. Though when there was a knock on the door, it got more interesting. He walked over to it, answering with you still on his shoulders. Seeing Dick, Tim, and Damian on the other side of the door. 

“Hey Jay.” Dick greeted cheerfully. “Hi guys!” You leaned down to see them. They all looked at the both of you like you’re crazy. “Uhh, whatcha doin?” Dick eyed the both of you.

“Seeing things from my giant of a boyfriend’s point of view.” Laughing as Jason helped you down. Wrapping your arms around him while facing the guys. “What was it like?” Tim chuckled.

“Eye opening. You can see so much.” Whispering the final part, making Jason laugh. “What are you doing here?” Jason finally asked, now that the confusion was cleared up.

“Oh right. Alfred wanted us to drop off some recipes you asked for.” Dick rummaged through his coat pockets before pulling out a set of folded papers. “Sweet” Jason took them looking them over.

“Would you guys like to come in? I made cookies earlier and could make some coffee.” Offering as they all smiled and nodded. Damian being rather curious about your time on Todd’s shoulders. Him being the shortest out of the bunch.

“Did you touch the ceiling?” He asked in a whisper. You nodded, “It was life changing.” Chuckling as you walked into the living room. “What are you two talking about?” Jason asked looking over his shoulder.

“Nothing important.” Answering while ruffling Damian’s hair. Earning a hiss from the boy.

“I said it once and I’ll say it again. You. Are weird.” Jason chuckled as he wrapped an arm around you. “Well I guess it’s good you’re my boyfriend then.”

76 OTP prompts list thingy - Drabbles Closed

Jikook: Skinship, Subtlety and Fanservice

Hello, it’s Charlie here! I have decided to start sharing my thoughts on Jikook and the nature of their relationship. Before I begin I’d like to point out that 1. I do not know the boys personally so what I’m doing is speculating and not stating facts, 2. I do not claim that I know everything and what I say is gospel, 3. Everyone is free to drop into my ask if they want to discuss or even debate on what I’m saying, I’d just like to ask people to stay civil. I would also like to tag the lovely @noransaekk, whose blog inspired me to start my own.

Now, onto the topic at hand, skinship. As someone who also comes from a country where m|m skinship is a regular thing, I am aware that in of itself it does not prove anything other than a strong bond. What I’d like to talk about is the difference between platonic and non-platonic skinship and how to easily recognize it.

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favorite small tyrus moments from the episode

First is cyrus’s little smile when tj comes up to him and andi

next is cyrus’s little laugh/smile he makes when tj pretends to be buffy telling him to go away (notice the difference between andi and cyrus btw she looks clearly annoyed and cyrus looks like he’s trying to hold his amusement in on how weird tj is)

cyrus’s reaction to andi when she tells tj she doesn’t know if she could let him sit with them

cyrus’s reaction/little smile to tj once he says the words “buffy” and realizes he’s going to apologize to a metal bin just so he could sit with them

their little offscreen talk (that we can’t see bc we get something that no one asked for cough jandi cough)

tj’s smirk that stays on once cyrus calls him a boundless athletic player and something i forget let’s just talk about how they don’t know the meaning of personal space

lastly honestly did tj really need to bring cyrus in a little closer to him??? like especially the smirk he did at him before doing it. plus him being supportive of cyrus is an added bonus

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Sebastian cuddling headcannons?

I was hoping this would come eventually

Sebby doesn’t do the whole PDA thing. You feel lucky if the two of you are out in public and he holds your hand. But when you’re alone, it a whole different story! Playing video games? Be prepared to be sitting between his legs, arms wrapped around you while he holds a controller in his hands. Movie night? Expect the two of you to be stretched out on the couch together. Whose turn is it to be the pillow? Doesn’t matter. When you finally go to bed, Sebby prefers to be the little spoon. He says he just hates having your hair in his face, but you know that he just like to feel your arms around him. 

Change of Heart (Dean Winchester x Reader)

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Sarah Jones (OC), Sam Winchester

Length: 1922+ words

TW: Character Death

One of the easiest things she realized was when she had fallen in love with Dean Winchester. And it was easier to know when he had fallen in love with her, as well.

She knew him like the back of her hand.

So, it’s no surprise that she would know the exact moment when Dean Winchester had fallen out of love with her.

It was just another vampire case, 40 minutes from Kansas. Nothing too complicated. Except, of course, their relationship. Garth had called them when they were unpacking at the motel. He said something about another hunter being there. Dean had rolled his eyes, telling him to tell the other hunter that this case was theirs. Sam insisted that perhaps they would just meet the other hunter, hoping that they knew more about the case than they did at the moment. And foolishly, you agreed with Sam.

Her name was Sarah Jones. She was an amazing hunter- smart, calculating, and a total badass. It was like you guys had known each other for years. She just fell into stride with the team, and you can tell that Dean was smitten. How could he not?

She shared similar interests with him, from their choice of alcohol to their love for cars. You’ve heard them talking for hours, well into the night. When Dean had invited her back to the bunker, you couldn’t hide your excitement. Having another girl would really help balance the team dynamic. You and Sarah got along so well, she quickly became your closest friend and confidant.

And that’s why you had no concerns when you brought up the fact that you sensed the connection between her and Dean.

She took your hand as she shuffled closer to you on the edge of her bed.

“You know I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you,” she said, squeezing your cold hand.

“I know,” you replied honestly. “But I see the way he looks at you too, Sarah. He’ll be happier with you- I just know it.”

“Y/N, he’s dating you! And he hasn’t broken up with you- It definitely means that he’s still in love with you.”

You shook your head. “I know him. He’s going to stay with me because he feels guilty- after everything we’ve been through, he probably would’ve never thought this would be how we end. But you can’t choose who you love, and he chooses you. I’m going to break up with him tomorrow.”

“That’s not fair, Y/N. You should at least talk to him. See how he feels about the situation.”

“You know he’s not much of a talker. Anyone can easily dissect him through his actions, and let’s face the facts. He’s been pulling away from me two weeks after that vampire hunt- it started small, so small that I barely noticed. At first, he just distanced himself from me, and I know sometimes he does that because he feels bad about things, but he’ll come around. I never pushed him to do anything he doesn’t want to do, but then I saw him in the Impala with you, and that’s when I started noticing the changes. He doesn’t ask me to do things with him anymore, he asks you. He barely talks to me anymore, and if he does, it’s about you. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking about how awesome you are, but it’s just different. It’s irreversible now, Sarah. The damage is done. He’s put a wedge in our relationship that he clearly doesn’t want to remove, so I’m doing him a favour.”

“I’m so sorry, Y/N.” She moved her hand to your cheek. “I really didn’t mean for this to happen.”

“I know. Be good to him, will you?”

“Of course.”

“And if he hurts you, just lemme know, and I’ll kick his ass- after you kick his, of course.” She laughed, tears starting to fall from her eyes. You quickly wiped them away with your thumb. “No, don’t cry. You’re gonna make me cry.” And true to your words, you couldn’t stop the tears from falling either.

“Do you still love him?” Sarah whispered. The room was dark, and you had her head resting on your shoulder as you played with her hair.

“I can’t answer that,” you replied. It was a fact that was hard to swallow, but you would have to do it, for the happiness of two people that you cared about.

The two of you went to bed hugging each other.

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if this blog is highlighting the essence of hufflepuffs, it should not be preaching hate towards anyone. i do not support donald trump in any way whatsoever; however, the post saying that your blog hates donald trump supporters is not hufflepuff-like. hufflepuffs show kindness to all regardless of political views, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

the essence of being a hufflepuff is about doing the right thing. the right thing is fighting for truth and honesty. trump supporters want to squash that. this hufflepuff isn’t about to sit back and take it. this hufflepuff doesn’t have to love anyone, and neither does any other hufflepuff.

there’s a difference between being open to those who have differing opinions and those who want to annihilate myself and those i hold dear. 

to put it in harry potter terms, hufflepuffs were amongst the first to stand and fight at the battle of hogwarts. a hufflepuff was chosen as the hogwarts champion. a hufflepuff is one of the best aurors we see in the books. being a hufflepuff doesn’t mean we have to be perfect or listen to hate speech and call it being open and loving. being open and loving is shutting that shit down. doing the right thing is not giving space for the hate, but rather it is about taking space for love.

hufflepuffs would be amongst the first to shut that shit down. so…

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Teatro greco Taormina – le immagini non possono darti un’idea di quello che e il teatro Greco di Taormina. In un giorno qualsiasi devi percorrere la stretta stradina che porta da Corso Umberto al teatro, passare accanto al Timeo, il grande Albergo, salire le antiche scalinate e poi uscire nell’anfiteatro. A quel punto, quando di fronte avrai la scena con le colonne e vedrai il mare azzurro intenso il cielo pieno di nuvole fuggenti ed in fondo il grande vulcano, comprenderai che questo Teatro è una emozione.

Ti siederai nelle scalinate ed avrai la sensazione che ti avvolga, ti abbracci, ti faccia sua parte e resterai stupita dal sentirti il suo centro in ogni luogo ti andrai a sedere. Di notte l’emozione continua: la luna, il mare, le luci di Naxos, la Montagna che vive e domina, rendono l’essere in quel luogo un privilegio irripetibile.

Ogni parola detta qui, tra cielo e mare, ha un peso diverso. Immagina qui 2000 e più anni fa i versi degli immortali poeti greci recitati nel crepuscolo, osserva qui intorno la natura ancora selvaggia, aspra e ribelle come 2000 anni fa e comprendi da allora in questo luogo nulla è cambiato: qui ancora la parola, il senso di supremo e di eterno che accompagna ogni verso, ogni canto e recita é ancora l’unico sole che gli uomini hanno creato nel buio dell’universo. Comprendi cosi che quel teatro non è solo una semplice emozione ma le somme di tutte quelle che noi umani, nella nostra divina imperfezione, potremo mai avere.

greek theater in Taormina - pictures can not give you an idea of what is the Greek theater in Taormina. On any day you have to walk the narrow road leading from Corso Umberto to the theater, go next door to Timaeus, the largest hotel, climb the ancient steps and then go out in the amphitheater. At that point, when you will have in front of the scene with columns and you will see the deep blue sea the sky full of fleeting clouds, and in the bottom the volcano, you will understand that this theater is an emotion.

You sit in the stairs and you will have the feeling that it envelop you, it hold you and you’ll be amazed by the feel to be in its center in every place you go to sit. The excitement continues at night: the moon, the sea, the lights of Naxos, the mountain that dominates land make being in that place a unique privilege.

Every word said here, between sky and sea, has a different weight. Imagine here in 2000 and more years ago the verses of the immortal Greek poets recited in the twilight, looking around here the wild nature, wild and rebellious like 2000 years ago and understand since then nothing has changed in this place: here again the word, the meaning supreme and eternal accompanying each verse, each singing and recitation is still the only sun that men have created in the dark universe. So that you understand that theater is not only a simple emotion but the amounts of all those that we humans, in our divine imperfection, we can have.