like just gimme it pls



i just, i really loved her outfit in garnet’s universe like. pls gimme that sports bra and body suit tied around the waist ✨👌✨

At 8.3k words and tbh I’m writing a convo between Master Fu and Adrien that I think needs to be had in the show :/

okay so… like i just stumbled across this fanfic and now i really want a fake dating plot between a celebrity and his personal assistant?? like she has been working for him for a few years already and they get along super well and they lowkey always had feelings for each other which for obvious reasons they could never admit. and then one day his team wants him to fake date someone that he can’t stand at all just so he’ll get more publicity since he’s about to release an album or a new movie or whatever… and then he like asks his assistant if she would fake date him so he won’t have to date that other person and because she would do anything for him she says yes. little does she know he only does it because he wants to get closer to her and what starts out as them pretending turns into something real and pls gimme… 

Virgil bet Roman he couldn’t get on/ride a moose (don’t know how this came up in conversation b u t-) His response? Take all the sides to his realm, find a moose, and get on the moose,,

So I was too tired to color it? But I wanna post it now so y e a h. I can’t draw trees so just don’t look at that lmao,, b u t yeeah. Roman’s riding a moose lmao

Of course the boy is extra and has a cape and crown too

I’ve also learned that moose are easier to draw than Roman ?

T a g- thin g

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EoS Recovery Battle » @aelin​ vs. @rredhoods

Round Three → Chapter Six

He tried to reel it back in–as if it were a ball of yarn that had tumbled from his hands–but it ignored him, spreading thicker, faster over the stones. Along the arch of the doorway behind him, down the curving face of the tower– 

anonymous asked:

Another ask, just cuz I’m so curious lol Do you think toshi would start feeling other things? Like say being territorial over Izuku, or like doing weird instinctual habits? Gimme some headcanons pls! I’m just so hungry for toshinuoumu content lol And thanks for all you’ve done with the fic, I think everyone can agree that you’re super great! The both of you!

Spoilers ahead for events from Collapse:

Swift: So, even though Toshinori noumu-imprinted on Izuku, he isn’t territorial. He’s still very much a clumsy teacher and definitely Dad Might around Izuku. The noumu imprint has to do mainly with direct commands and an instinct to protect - which he technically already has.

Toshinoumu is just Toshinori boiled down to his base traits.

Aoi: Yup! When I think of territorial, it’s something like not letting others around Izuku for the sake of possessiveness, and that is definitely not Toshinori. The only instances where Toshinori - when lapsed didn’t want someone near Izuku, was when there was a clear threat or danger.

Izuku bleeding after the shoulder bite - Toshinori growling at Recovery Girl when she had scissors in her hand.

Swift: For sure. And after the first major command at the police station, in which case he just was abducted, was drugged, had a panic attack - He was on high alert for danger anyway in that case.

Aoi: So rather than possessiveness, it’s protectiveness x10.

Swift: Yup. As for other instincts, there are a couple. His tail and ears are more expressive - though I supposed that’s more of a lack of filter on Toshinori’s part. And then there is Tail Jail which is like half seeking/giving physical comfort/reassurance and half a show of affection. Running on all fours is sort of instinctual - when he first started, he didn’t realize right away that he switched. But that was mainly due to his body just being structured differently.

Aoi: Also, not a noumu thing, but more of a new quirk thing, he’s more attuned to changes in weather because of the changes in his bones and his ridged mane. The mane will bristle when there’s a storm or cold weather coming. (plus he’s getting older pff)

Swift: Reminds me of my knees. (New scuba divers, don’t go 100+ft below sea level on a multiple long dive day. You will screw up your joints like I did :p)

Oh, also, it was briefly mentioned by the Good Doctor, but Toshinori has scent glands under his tail (and not mentioned but also under his jaw). He hasn’t noticed and it probably(?) won’t get focused on, but he’s accidentally claimed things like his bed or his favorite spot to sit on the couch - not that anyone notices I think. I imagine it’s pretty faint and would just smell like his hair or something. :p

Anything more? (Besides the [spoiler] in the next chapter :3c)

Aoi: Honestly, anything with his tail is fun because it’s so expressive, even when he doesn’t want it to be. So sometimes he’ll grab his tail or press on it to keep it still, but it’s pretty strong haha! Let the tail wag, Toshi!

This is fun, so if you have any more questions, let us know!!

Swift: Yes! Thank you! Don’t hesitate to send an ask if you have questions or are just curious about something :3

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So I got some thought on the "Beepology" that we're expecting this coming season. I don't want it to just be one conversation and everything is fine again, we've seen in the past that Yang has had some issues with regarding feeling abandoned, and I don't think that's something she'll just get over. Like don't get me wrong, gimme the Beepology pls, but I want it as like a slow burn sorta thing, apologies aren't always as simple as just saying "I'm sorry"

I am soooooo here for the slowburn. Like I want the initial to talk to be a good starting place with Yang accepting her back but making it clear it’ll take time for them to build up that trust again and Blake respecting that and doing everything she can to make it up to her.

Also I may or may not want the moment that really solidifies them as being okay to be them kicking Adam’s ass