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2400 hours and 2 minutes. subject declining rapidly. all procedural interventions have failed. outcome will be death. dr. silas stone suspending all clinical protocol. us gov, object 6-19-82 is successfully activated. 

random thought but: if you want to improve as an artist, you have to be the one to actively put in the effort to do it.

you aren’t going to magically be better at drawing things if you never bother to try and practice them in the first place. if you only ever draw the same simple anime face from the same angle with a white background over and over again, you can’t expect to be able to draw a full piece with backgrounds and perspective and different faced-characters and everything. it’s not going to look right because you don’t have enough experience to know how to draw all that. you have to be able to push yourself to move out of your comfort zone.

also on that note: don’t be afraid if your drawings look “ugly”. they’re supposed to if your practicing/learning something new. draw a face at that one difficult angle. don’t avoid it because “it never looks right when i draw it”, keep drawing it until it does. draw backgrounds even if the perspective looks off. draw different body types and push yourself as far away from the skinny anime character as you can (not that drawing skinny characters is bad, but straying as far away from them as you can while practicing will help you have an easier time drawing all the body types in between). draw bodies and object from odd, exaggerated camera angles even if the proportions look off. not every single drawing you do has to be pretty enough to share online or with other people. those drawings, the ones that don’t look right that you never want others to see, those are for you to learn from.

Hi yes I know I’ve said this before but this is my personal blog, so please don’t use it to self-promote fics you’re writing/beta-reading. Recing a fic you think I’ll enjoy is fine, but this is not a fanfic archive, and it’s also not a self-rec blog. Please promote your fics on your own blogs - that’s what Tumblr is good at. 


Well this is a thing I have a lot of feelings about. Mostly just annoyed.