like her mother

New Orleans would like to welcome Kenna Warren, a twenty-two year old Louisiana native. She is currently residing in Algiers and is employed as a waitress at The Kitten Crawl. Some say she resembles Scarlett Leithold, though she doesn’t see it. Fortunately for us, she is closed.


  1. She has been raised into a troubled home, constantly terrorized and beaten by her alcoholic father, for either looking too much like her mother, or simply because he felt like it after losing money in gambling.
  2. Despite her troubled life, Kenna managed to graduate with honors from high school but never got to follow her dreams or accept the scholarship for Boston University.
  3. After her grandmother, who raised her had a heart attack, Kenna has been working her ass for to support the medication the older woman needs, too often losing money to her dad. Sometimes, she’s giving lap dances for an extra income when the times are tougher than usual.
  • [+] honest, outgoing, protective [-] manipulative, rebellious, stubborn


The moment Kenna graduated, was one of those moments that she understood the power she held within her. She was not a useless person like her father had claimed but quite the contrary. She was smart, capable and very strong willed to the point she was accepted into Boston’s University with a pretty good scholarship. Living the trouble life she did, her whole mentality changed and she started believing in herself, seeing as how strong of a person she was. Not only she was the one taking care of two people that were supposed to take care of her from a young age, but here she was, working double shifts from age sixteen doing something great in her life, possibly the greatest achievement she had until then. Graduating in honors made Kenna stronger, more optimistic. She now believes she’s capable of reaching whatever goal she sets in life, no matter how hard that one is.

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I was convinced she went to see Tom last week but after this weekend I'm starting to think it wasn't even her on those 2 flights Nash-LA-Nash... :(

Well it wasn’t Austin. It most likely wasn’t her mother. Her dad spends his time between Tampa and Nashville. Andrea spends most of her time in RI and Nashville now. Unless Taylor is leasing her jet out to random people it has to be her.

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You look at Agnes as if she's your own. That little girl was bringing the light back to your eyes.

She doesn’t need to be mine to be taken by her. 

She is a part of Elizabeth and, like her mother, someone I most desperately wish to protect. She is the purest, most innocent part of all of this. No matter what happened in the past, no matter what happens in the future, her innocence is something that needs to be protected at all costs.

It’s all so easy to lose. 

I’m sure, though recently we don’t agree on much, Elizabeth can agree with me on that.

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Due to the intense reaction of Annalise, I think it has to be somebody very close to her. Somebody like her mother, Eve, or Bonnie. not one of K5. I am thinking that it is most likely Bonnie

Same. I think it’s Bonnie.

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if they had a kid meme (Wade + Dabney)

send me a pair name and I’ll tell you what I think it would be like if they had a child.

  • Name: Delila Wilson
  • Gender: Female
  • General Appearance: She looks a lot like her mother but younger and tends to dress casually. 
  • Personality: She’s fun, jokey and always wants to be doing something.
  • Special Talents: She can heal like her dad.
  • Who they like better: Dabney
  • Who they take after more: Dabney
  • Personal Head canon: She’s gonna grow up into such a big flirt.
  • Face Claim: Bridget Satterlee

Eva is the Daughter of my Vampire Queen OC Velina. 

She isn’t like her mother at all, she is shy, sweet and hate’s hurting people, mostly Human’s due to her nature, she’s always apologetic and has a thing for the Color’s Red and Black. She enjoy’s playing Sports but mostly plays alone. she can be snarky if someone make’s a rude comment towards her or her family. 

She sometime’s spends most of her time with her Aunt Delilah. (She is a work in progress.)

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all we fucking want is ONE sweet Riley/Topanga moment where she actually acts like her fucking mother and Maya isn't included. WE GET SHES APART OF THE FAMILY omg we just want a mother daughter moment WITHOUT Maya bc RILEY is her daughter and she's always acting like miss Maya is her only daughter and that Riley is her friend.

thank you

Headcanon: Origins

Don’t reblog/copy

A long time ago, before Virgo was a celestial spirit, she was a human by the name of Vesta on Earthland. Just like her mother, Vesta was a maid for a small kingdom’s royal family. The kingdom did not have much political power at all and struggled to stay on the map. So prevent themselves from being annexed by one of the larger neighboring kingdoms, the king began to marry off his daughters’ to said kingdoms in exchange for political relations.

Young Vesta hated watching her mother assisting the princess that was of age to be married for the ceremony. When her mother scurried off to attend to another chore, the princess disclosed to Vesta as a confidant that she did not want to marry and that she had not even met her betrothed. At that moment, Vesta felt powerless. It was her duty to serve the royal family, but the wishes of the princess and the king conflicted. What was Vesta supposed to do? One night, when a princess was married off and left to live with her betrothed was also the last night Vesta saw her mother. Her mother was assigned to move with that married princess and continue to serve her there.

Even if Vesta did not approve of the king’s policies and held a grudge against him for separating her from her mother, she still loyally served the royal family. For the next three years she assisted the second eldest princess with her morning routine, escorted her to her daily lessons, ran every errand, stood quietly behind every meal, helped her get ready for bed every night, and did the preparations for the next day. Day in and day out, Vesta did this without complaint and stuck with this schedule.

                        Warning: Death mention under the cut

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Devlin and codi for the kid thing Except your version of their kids. Not hers.

Name: Aiden Grant

Gender: Female

General appearance: long brown hair and fierce red eyes. Short like her mother.

Personality: sassy as fuck. Really sweet and caring, but don’t piss her off or you will live to regret it.

Special Talents: well her dads a demon and her mom’s a witch I’m pretty sure she’s got some kind of magical mumbo jumbo powers

Who they like better: it’s an even split

Who they take after more: Codi

Personal headcanon: she loves animals and volunteers at animal shelters often

Face Claim: Natalie Dormer


The K2 ep 2 recap

UGH. IS THERE A WAY TO MAKE THE WEEK GO BY FASTER?? i cant freaking wait for next week when ji chang wook meets Yoona. man this series is more action and less lines which i have no problem with that. i wonder what happened to her mother when she was young, it seems like her current “mother” had something to do with it. but when ji chang wook pulled that gun on the “mother” yoona was screaming to shoot her. DAMN MA. that scene gave me chills. and the camera work when they were fighting in the garage was top notch. it reminded me of “w- two worlds” when kang chul was drifting in his red car. they probablly used a series of cameras to get that shot. (still shot) BUT ITS BEEN A LONG TIME FOR ME SINCE I HAD TO WAIT FOR A DRAMA TO COME OUT.

make this house feel like home // Fabrose

Marley and her mother had been living with Quinn and Judy for a few days now, but it still felt strange. Which was strange in itself, because Marley had been to this house countless times. She had always felt a little out of place though, because it was so much bigger than what her mother and her could have afforded and now they were living here. Granted, they were sharing the house and Millie was working for Quinn´s mother, but still. She hadn´t been sleeping too well the last few days, rolling over from side to side and worrying. Surely, this was better than living in a car and Quinn and her mother meant well, but Marley knew this felt like failure to her mother.

Of course Millie hadn´t done anything wrong and it wasn´t her fault she had lost her job and yet Marley knew that her mother blamed herself. It made Marley feel sick and she was angry that the school had simply thrown her mother out and she was angry at herself that she couldn´t do anything about it. During the last nights she had stayed in her room until it had become light outside and she had fallen asleep for an hour or two due to exhaustion. Tomorrow was Saturday though so she could maybe try and sleep in.

Right now she was tossing and turning though and she decided that it was time to get up and maybe get some water. It was only a quarter past two when she snuck out of her room then and promptly got lost. Marley sighed to herself as she finally moved down the stairs and into the kitchen. It felt so strange and foreign and she felt bad, because Quinn and Judy were being so great to them. Once the glass of water was finished she placed it on the kitchen counter and moved towards the window, arms crossed in front of her face. The stars were out and it was a beautiful night and suddenly Marley felt all stupid, because her eyes were filling with tears.

Why was she crying? She didn´t hear the steps behind her or otherwise she might have made an effort to hide that she was crying, but this was she was standing there, staring out the window and silently cursing herself.

A Child’s Hope || Flashback Self Para (Ft. Carolyn)

Meredith paced back and forth before Derek’s room, arms folded over her chest, her head spinning. The kids were about to get there, to see their dad for the first time since the accident. She had closed the shades so that they would not see him when they first got to the hospital. It had been two days. They could not hide it anymore. She could not keep them from the truth for another day, it was not the image of Derek she wanted her kids to get. He was not like her mother, putting work first. He was not staying away from them on purpose. And she rather tell them the truth than lie to them. They deserved the truth, however painful it was.

“Mommy!” She hears, and she barely has the time to stop walking and look up that arms are wrapped around her legs. “Hey, sweetie,” she tells Olivia, who had run to her mother and hugged her right away. She then looks up and sees Zola, and she could read the worry on her face. She picked up something was going on, they were rarely all three kids brought to the hospital. Especially Liam, who had just turned seven months old. “Hey, Zo,” she tells her, and though she seems to be waiting to know why she had been brought to the hospital, she still comes over and hugs Meredith, who bends to hug her back, unable to squad to their height given Olivia’s arms wrapped around her legs. Her eyes then set on Liam in Carolyn’s arms, and she has to pause for a moment because thinking of Derek and seeing him, so young, just broke her heart.

“Mommy…? Why are we here?” Zola asks, looking up to her mother, and Meredith looks down at her and gulps, nodding her head. She grabs Olivia’s arm and kindly pulls her back, and then she squads to their heights so to look them in the eyes. She gulps, looking from Olivia’s to Zola’s eyes, back and forth for a moment. And eventually, she sets eyes on Zola. “Listen… First, I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you the truth and I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to lie on purpose, I was just trying to protect you guys.” She gulps, staring through Zola’s eyes before looking to Olivia who was now fully attentive. Meredith gulps again. “Daddy had a car accident,” she says, her voice almost breaking, but she was fighting hard for it not to because she did not want to scare her daughters more than the truth would scare them. Olivia grows very quiet, staring, not showing that much emotion. Meredith holds her hand tight and looks over to Zola who frowns. “Is he ok? Is daddy hurt?” Meredith gulps. It was so damn hard to hold it all back. She fights hard and though she does not pull on a smile, she still manages to keep a rather straight and calm face on. “Your daddy’s brain is ok, and he has a few bruises here and there but nothing serious.” Meredith assures her, them, with a slight shake of head. “Daddy’s ok,” Zola says, nodding her head. Meredith gulps again. “Not entirely,” she says, and she looks to Olivia to check up on her reaction, but the little girl remains in the exact same state, just listening closely. Meredith cannot help herself but to look down for a moment, not feeling up to telling them what was really going on. But they were about to go in and they would not understand why their daddy would be sleeping through the whole time? No. She could not do that. She had to tell them.

“Look… Daddy is in what we call a coma.” She gulps. She could have just given an explanation about him sleeping, but she wanted to be honest and tell them the truth. She had never treated her kids like babies, but almost like adults. “Coma?” Zola asks, Olivia always still so quiet. “Yeah… It is a condition where the person is in some kind of deep sleep.” She treated them like adults, but she still did not have to scare them with the dark facts. “So daddy is sleeping?” Zola asks, and Meredith nods. “Yeah,” she says, “but it’s not a regular sleep. It’s a deeper sleep where we can’t shake him to wake him up. He has to wake up on his own.” Zola frowns at first, but then she turns to Olivia and shrugs. “Oh well, daddy is going to wake up, then. He sleeps a lot, sometimes reaaaaally late, but he always gets up.” Meredith struggles not to bite her lip and indicate any sign of worry that her daughter could pick up on, but her heart felt broken into billion of pieces. 

“When?” Meredith turns to Olivia, who had finally opened her mouth. “When what, sweetie…?” Meredith asks, and Olivia says, “When is daddy going to wake up?” And if she felt her heart broken more than possible, it broke even more. She stares at her daughter for a moment, unable to come up with an answer right away. Eventually, she shrugs. “I don’t know,” she answers, shaking her head. “But he’s going to wake up, right?” Zola asks, and Meredith almost wished she could undo this moment and start over, and find another way to tell them what was going on so to avoid having to answer that question. Because once answered, there was no going back. She could be changing her children forever. For good. She gulps, looking up at Carolyn who stands with an almost asleep Liam in her arms, looking back at her, speechless. “Mommy?” she hears, coming from both Zola and Olivia. She gulps, unable to hold back the tears from welling up in her eyes. She shrugged again, and though she fought really hard, her voice had left her and she was only able to answer through a lump in her throat, with a whispering, very emotional voice tone, “I don’t know.” Instantly, the look in her daughters eyes became one that she would never be able to forget. Olivia throws herself in her mother’s arms, wrapping her small arms around Meredith’s neck and holding on tight, and Zola stands still, tears welling up in her eyes as well. Meredith grabs her hand and squeezes it tight. “Hey, you both, we have to have hope, okay? Your daddy wouldn’t want us to lose hope here, he would want us to have hope. And your daddy,” she pauses, trying not to get too emotional as she watches a tear falling from Zola’s face. And she instantly sees herself, five years old, sitting in the stairs at her mom’s house, staring at the door in the hope that her father would walk through and come read her the bed time story he had promised to read her. But never had. Taking control over the memories, she pulls herself back to the present and looks into her oldest daughter’s eyes, squeezing her small hand as she pursues, “Your daddy is the strongest man I know. He is a hero. He’s your hero,” she says to Zola, and Olivia leans back and so she looks at her and says, “and your hero, too, and he’s your brother’s, too.” Olivia looks up and nods. “And Abby’s,” she says, and Meredith gulps, unable to hold the tear back as it falls down her cheek, and she nods. “And Abby’s.” And Zola says, “And yours, too?” And she looks to Zola and nods. “And mine, too,” she says with a broken voice, then reaches to hold both of her daughters hands with both of her hands, holding on tight. She gulps. “Listen, we’re going to go in there, and we’re going to fill this room full of hope, and love, and energy, and this will help your daddy a lot, ok? He needs all the hope, and love, and energy he can get, and the best of it all is inside of us. Because we’re his family, and we love him very much.” She pulls it together and even pulls on a small smile, and both her daughters nod their head very strongly. “Yes, and he will be able to wake up then because he will be very strong,” Zola says, and Meredith nods. “Exactly.”

But saying they were going to go in and actually going inside was very different. After nodding back to her daughters and standing up, briefly meeting with Carolyn’s eyes who were too filled with tears, Meredith turns back around to face the door that would lead them into the room, and she feels both her daughters reaching out for her hand, and holding on very tight as they found it. Squeezing them back, she looks down at them. “We’re all together, ok? Let’s go inside together.” And they both nod their head, and Meredith looks up, nodding hers as well. “Zola, do you want to open the door?” Meredith asks, given her hands were both occupied. Zola freezes for a moment, and Meredith allows her to have a moment to process. Zola was a lot like her. She was strong and she could handle a lot of things, but when someone she cared a lot about was affected, she froze. But just like she had done, taking a moment before going in, Zola reaches out for the handle and turns it, then pushes on the door and it opens. And she even leads the way in, Meredith following behind with Liv by her side. 

It feels like she was walking in for the first time, again. With her kids by her side, Carolyn with Liam in her arms following behind, she felt so vulnerable. More than she had ever felt. They were babies, all of them. Zola was five, Olivia three, Liam was seven months. Seven months. And something about Zola’s age hit really close to home because she had lost her father when she was five. And though she could not believe Derek would be gone forever, she could not help but think about it and it hurt so bad. Even more when looking at her kids in that room now, fear in their eyes. She allows a silence for a moment, respecting her kids needing some space for a moment. Though seeing as they both freeze by her side, their hands holding on so tight to hers, she gulps and tries to break the cold feeling in the room. “You can go see him, you know? You can go see Daddy, hold his hand, talk to him, he can hear you.” Truthfully, she did not know for sure that he could hear them, but she hoped he could. She wanted her kids to think he did, she knew that would make it easier on them. “He can hear us?” Zola asks looking up, and Olivia looks up, repeating, “He can hear us?” Meredith nods. “Yeah, he can hear you,” she says. “Come on, go ahead, go see him, talk to him… He’ll be happy to hear you guys, I know that. I know he’s missed you these past few days.” They both slowly let go of her hand and walk up to Derek, and Zola reaches out for her sister’s hand, and Olivia holds Zola’s hand right away. And at that precise moment, standing behind, Meredith folds her arms over her chest, tight, and gulps, holding back the tears. They were so little. So, so little. 

“Hold on,” Meredith says, seeing that they were too small for how high the bed was, and so she walks up to them, but as she goes to pick Olivia up, the little girl stands aside, shaking her head. “You don’t want to go up on the bed?” She asks her, and Olivia shakes her head. “I do,” Zola answer, and so Meredith lifts her up. “Careful, ok? Don’t move too much,” she advises her eldest, and then she feels a hand pulling on her shirt and turning, she sees Olivia reaching out for her to pick her up. She gulps. She was scared, Meredith could see it. “Come on,” she whispers, picking Olivia up and holding her tight as she sits her on her hip. Staring over to Derek, she gulps. She knew the girls would not start a conversation on their own, so she begins. “Hey, Derek. Look who came to see you…” And Zola smiles instantly. “Hi, daddy…!” Meredith slightly turns her head to look at Olivia, but she remains quiet, hiding her head in the crook of her mother’s neck. Meredith gulps the lump in her throat back and lets Zola speak. “Yesterday at school, we talked about our parents jobs! I told everyone that my parents save lives and eeeeeeveryone was shocked! I told them my daddy fixes brains and my mommy fixes bowels and appendix and all kinds of stuff, and they were sooooo excited!” Meredith smiles, looking down, her arms wrapped around Olivia tightening their grip as she kisses her daughter’s forehead. “But daddy,” Zola begins, “you have to wake up now. Because Mommy is sad, and I don’t want her to be sad. And Liv is quiet because she’s worried, so you have to wake up. And Liam misses you too even if he can’t say it yet. And grandma, too. And me, too. And uncle Alex, and aunt Lexie, and aunt Allie, and uncle Evan, and grandpa Thatch, and aunt Brighton, and…” 

Meredith freezes, her eyes locked on Zola as she goes on and on, naming everyone that she knew, the tears filling up her eyes. She does not turn around to look at Carolyn because she knows her mother-in-law is probably, surely, crying herself, and if she sees her, Meredith would not pull through this strongly. She gulps, multiple times, and she reaches out a a hand to rub Zola’s back, but the tears are so near falling that she stops in action and brings her arm back around Olivia. Her five year old’s hope was exactly what she needed to hold on. She had hope for them all. 

Derek would wake up. He had to. 

Chapter 1 Right by Birth

Liliana Nila had a somewhat complicated life, raised by her mother in a small house surrounded by the rich lavish houses of the capitol. Her family was poor by choice. Sky, her mother, was a member of the queen’s royal guard. She could’ve had anything she wanted but determined to show her daughter that the simplest things can be the most rewarding in life she chose to live in a small house not having much more than the essentials to live. Due to her mother’s choice in raising her other teens and children of the capitol had the tendency to bully her for being different. Like her mother she had a simple face with bright blue eyes and flowing black hair. Everyday Liliana and Sky would wake up early and train. Liliana was destined to take her mother’s place in the queen’s guard one day and needed training in magic and sword fighting. After their daily training routines, they would clean up and begin their days. Sky left for the castle and Liliana stayed home and waited for her only friend, Erza Valentine. Erza parents were also in the Queens guard and knew Sky well. They had often baby sat Liliana and tended to spoil her when she came to visit. For Liliana they were like second parents. Erza brisk fully walked through the streets. Two sacks in her hand filled with food from the vendors along the streets in the capitol. The streets where always filled with live music and street performers during the day. A variety of food was also sold in the capitol due to the amount of trade done. The capitol was in the center of the kingdom and was a large trading hub, Erza exchange some coins with a vendor and in return got a small package. Walking now to the house Liliana and Sky resided in she smiled. She had known Liliana since she was born. Almost every day both families would gather and spend time together. After the death of Sky’s husband, they began this tradition. the Valentine family felt bad and didn’t want them to be alone. Erza approached the small house and knocked on the door. Almost immediately Liliana opened the door and smile.
“Erza!” Liliana exclaimed giving her a suffocating hug

“Always so happy to see me, that greeting never gets old.”

“What did you bring for lunch today Erza?” she said taking the sacks of food from her carrying them to the table where she had plates and silverware already laid out.

“Today they had some rare fish in the market. I bought two fillets for us and some freshly roasted vegetables.”

“They had fresh fish today? The fisherman rarely come to town with their catch. They usually sell out way before they get to the capitol. Mom said dad would always wake up early and go to the port of Salack to get fresh fish for her. He sounded like he was very sweet to her. ”
She sat down and started laying the food out. She poured two glasses of water for them. “What’s in the package you brought?”

Erza picked the package up and handed it to her. “It’s an early birthday present from my family to you, go ahead and open it up.”

Liliana took the package. Her eyes glistened with excitement, very carefully she unwrapped the box and took out the item inside. “A necklace?! Oh you and your family are too kind to me.” She exclaimed being overjoyed be the gift, Erza took the necklace and put it around Liliana’s neck.

“The stone is an amethyst infused with magic. If you look at it and concentrate you will be able to see what’s close to your heart.” She smiled and held the stone in her hand focusing like Erza said. Images of her mother and the valentine family flashed inside the stone. “It’s perfect, Thank you. I’ll take it everywhere I go.” Erza gave her a nod and the two girls began to eat.

Finishing Liliana stood up and took their plates. “Would you like to go into town? I’d like to go see aunt Rayah.” “Rayah? You mean Captain Rayah? Head of the royal guard…. she’s an angel…. how do you know her?” Erza said in disbelief.

“Momma and Rayah have been friends for years. Momma has a lot of important friends, It does seem odd but I don’t question. She seems happy and all her friends are nice. Especially the queen.” Lily hurried over and grabbed a bag, “C'mon Erza. She’s really nice!” She said in a rush as she grabbed Erza’s hand rushing out the door.

“Woah Lily! Calm down there’s no need to rush, Captain Rayah isn’t going anywhere.”

“I know but I just love going to see her. I love seeing the castle too, There’s always new vendors and performers there. It’s so full of life!” She said still trying to drag Erza through the streets. Liliana’s eyes lit up with the sites of city. Approaching the capitol, the two girls would be greeted with smiles by members of the Queen’s Guard. They slowly made their way into the main building of the castle. Walking through the ornate doors they were created by statues and murals of the heroes and goddesses that thrived in their world. Many knew of the heroes that adorned the interior of castle. Each one having a fairy tale associated with them. To the children they were fun stories but to those who lived ages ago such as the angels and the gods they knew just how important the ever standing symbols were. Once important to the wellbeing of the world they now stand as inspiration and a sign of hope for the youth. A sign that they can be something more than just everyday citizens and that the roles they play are important. These such stories and thoughts filled the head of Liliana. Walking through the twisting hall ways Liliana noticed a statue she hadn’t seen before. Almost dragging Erza behind her she approached it. Walking up to the plaque she stood in awe. Engraved on it was ‘Sky Nila, Mother, Wife, Soldier, Chosen of Shyne.’

“Erza… this says she’s…. a chosen of Shyne…. the goddess…. That means…. she’s not just a member of the guard…. She’s one of the protectors of the world…” She stood in disbelief unable to comprehend how her mother had never mentioned it. Erza stood next to her matching her disbelief. Focusing on the statue the two girls failed to notice the large angel walking up behind them. Placing a hand on Liliana’s shoulder the angel laughed a bit. “Never knew that about her huh little flower.”

Liliana turned around. “Aunt Rayah!” She said suddenly hugging the large angel. “It’s just odd. I knew she was important but I didn’t know how she was.”

The angel returned the hug then ruffled her hair. “She saved the world a long time ago, she’s the reason we live in peace today…. And I’m not your aunt I don’t know how many times I need to tell you that.”
“Yes you are, blood or not my mother considers you to be family and you know you can’t argue with her on that one.”

“I know I know.” Rayah sighed.

“Aunt Rayah how did my mother save the world?” Liliana asked hanging on the angel,

“Well that’s a long story but I guess we have the time, twenty years ago. Your mom had just gotten her position on the queen’s guard. She had first watch over the queen. At this time the kingdom was being attacked by the goddess Khierah. The goddess of destruction and suffering. Your mother walked up to the Queen Kiana’s quarters, upon arriving she saw Khierah grinning as she killed the queen with a fiery burst of magic. Your mother then decided the only choice to save the kingdom was to fight her. The fight lasted hours. Causing mass destruction in the capital as the two shot magic bursts at each other. We tried to help her but we were unable to as someone had to hold back the creations of Khierah. Eventually your mother got the upper hand and capitalized on a mistake Khierah made, she quickly captured her inside a stone and she was sealed off, since her dismissal this world has seen its first peaceful years since the beginning of time. Queen Juvia has since taken many precautionary steps to ensure Khierah stays inside the stone. I just hope for your sake and for the rest of the world this peace persists.”

“So my mother was stronger than a goddess….” Lily said with a shy smile on her face. I always knew she was amazing. Just never sure to what extent. Could we see the stone? Please Rayah?“

"No absolutely not. Even though she’s confined to that prison her powers still surround the air around the stone. She has a lot of influence on what goes on directly around her prison.”

“So how do they keep her in the stone then?” Erza replied,

“She can only manipulate those around the stone, the stone is in a warded room. No one but I have access to that room. Not even your mother is brave enough to willingly set foot near that room. Now enough talk about that, would you like to go and meet the queen? She’s heard so much about you from your mother I’m sure she would be ecstatic to meet you in person.
“But I’m not dressed to meet the queen Aunt Rayah. She-“
“Nonsense.” Said Rayah cutting her off. “Now follow me and just remember how to act like a lady. You know all those things your mother tried to instill in you that only seem to show half the time.” She said in a teasing tone pushing the two girls down the hallway to the queen’s chambers. Soon enough the three came to two large metal doors. Elaborate engravings on each of them depicting two goddesses. On the right side stood the goddess Shyne surrounded by books and clouds. She stood for knowledge, representing man kinds ability to pursue anything and literally reach for the sky their only limits being their imagination. On the left door depicted Vyx, goddess of fire and destruction. Surrounding her were flames and weapons. But also anvils. While Vyx stood for war she also stood for innovation, Showing man kinds perseverance over the elements. Together these two goddesses protected the kingdom and oversaw its political matters to ensure a balance of power was maintained. Parting the doors now Rayah walked in pushing the two girls in front of her. They both looked up. Siting on the throne dressed fully in purple, gold and blue garments was Queen ****.
She took a few seconds to compose her thoughts and spoke with a caring yet commanding tone. “Rayah, why have you brought me these two today? Who are they and what business do you have
bringing them here. This isn’t a place for little girls.”
Rayah knelt down. “I bring you Lilianna Nila and Erza Valentine.”

The Queen stood up looking down on the two. She approached them. “You two have gotten so big since I last saw you.” She said with a smile.
Surprised the two teens looked up. “Excuse me your highness. Since you last saw us?” Liliana questioned.

The queen briefly laughed. “When anyone on the Royal guard bears child I ask they bring me to see the little ones. I see it as a reminder of why I am Queen. My goal is to keep the kingdom safe and allow the children of the kingdom to prosper and ready themselves for when they inherit the kingdom.”

“She also did a lot of babysitting for you Lily. You were too young to remember but she thought it was necessary to help repay your mother.” Rayah chimed in a sigh coming from the Queen.

“Your mother is a friend of mine. I owe her a large debt too. Would you like to hear the story of her and our kingdom?” She said walking over to a table motioning for the girls to follow. Taking a seat two guards brought cups and a kettle of tea. The queen poured three cups and took hers sipping on it lost in thought. Taking a minute to compose herself she cleared her throat. “it’s was twenty-four years ago. Sky had just been leaving from one of our visits. The Royal Guard had been worried for the past month. Strange occurrences had been occurring around the kingdom. Shrines turning to dust. Entire cites being wiped out by plague. Shyne and Vyx were frantically running through the kingdom to find the cause. Your mother had just gotten outside the castle when the sky turned black. A red streak of light cascaded from the heavens and slammed right into the castle destroying it and kill the current King and Queen, my parents. I was one of the only survivors. Standing in the rubble, fire surrounding her was Khierah. She is truly a terrifying site. Dark red glowing runes cover her body. Her hands glow from the power she controls. Her eyes glow red and orange. Fire surrounds her almost like clothing. She began destroying everything in sight. Every building she saw exploded in brilliant flames. Shyne and Vyx where very quick to respond coming to the aid of the guard who honestly never stood a chance. Seven of the ten were immediately burned alive. The rest surrounded me prepared to sacrifice themselves. Shyne’s fists exploded in brilliant light. Dashing towards Khierah enduring her flames she assaulted her with fiery blue fists. Most of her attacks where easily brushed off. I had never seen a goddess so powerful.” The queen paused for a minute to compose herself. “Vyx was quick to be and Shyne’s side. Using a sword she had made through her magic. They both assaulted Khierah. Repeatedly being slammed into the ground they both kept jumping back up continuing their onslaught. They fought for three days, soon enough Shyne and Vyx showed fatigue. They had exhausted most of their power. Their sisters for some reason had also not shown up. We didn’t know it at the time but Khierah had taken their power. Shyne and Vyx would have lost if it wasn’t for your mother. She had traveled deep into the catacombs of the castle. Appearing on the third day she wielded a mighty sword, deus obsignator. Seeing her emerge from the rubble Shyne and Vyx went all out as Sky made run for Khierah. With one swing the area around her became flooded in light. When it died down Sky held the sword. It pulsated with anger. Around them stood the other seven goddesses. They all gave her a smile. I watched as your mother was congratulated by them. They took the sword from her. It contained Khierah using an ancient magic used to seal away the gods if humans ever thought it necessary. It was a gift from the goddesses in the beginning. The only one who didn’t agree that humans should have such power was Khierah. Now sealed away the goddesses who had been trapped inside Khierah began reconstructing our kingdom as symbol of their promise to always support us. Deep below the castle in the catacombs they also constructed a prison just for Khierah. It houses the sword your mothered used to seal her away. Whispers and an orange glow still radiate from it to this day trying to tempt those around it to release her. Your mother was considered a hero. And we want you Liliana to walk in her steps. I’m glad you came by today. So would you like to join your mother on the guard one day?”

“I…” Liliana said looking down. “I… Think that would-“
Book pages fluttered around the room. Different languages covered them some unrecognizable to any human today. Coming together in the shape of a woman in the center of the room the paper flashed a bright blue before turning into a floating figure. “Hello old friend.” Shyne said staring at the queen as the two teens stared in awe seeing Shyne before them.

I. eupheme has perfected the art of screaming at the void.

II. she’s hurling curses at urania; every movement is a victory, because she is still alive, they haven’t snuffed out her soul yet. she’s burned up all her cigarettes with a can of deoderant and a zippo. 

III. eupheme throws her hands up and an entire army follows. she has taught them how to scream like her mother has taught her. 

IV. GODS CAN NEVER DIE and she found out the hard way.

—  euphoria, eupheme - a. CLAW - inspired by @asteriaria

spottedsoftpaws  asked:

☥: If events in your muse’s life had gone very differently to how they did, what would they have done with their life? What sort of occupation might they have chosen for themselves and would they, in your opinion, be happier than they are now?

Send a symbol for a headcanon about my muse.

Ah, well, there are some… turning points in Shia’s life, and it could greatly differ depending on what seems like small things. 

- If her mother had been able to hide the pregnancy from their family and marry her asigned fiancee, or if she had managed to convince them to not throw the two of them away: Maybe Shia could have passed as his daughter. She would be the only heir to a big fortune, a young fine well educated and unhappy little lady. Like a songbird trapped on a golden cage, she would look at the sea with dreamy eyes, the pirate blood of her real father too strong to let her settle, to let her be content with a good marriage, like a young miss should. She would have done what her mother hadn’t been able to, and ran away. Her survival chances wouldn’t be high. On one hand, she wouldn’t have bounty hunters after her, in the other, if she chose the same bard-like life she has now, she wouldn’t have her fruit to escape danguerous situations or molester.

- If her mother hadn’t died on the raid: She would have grown in a loving house. Even if their neighbourds looked down at her for not being a child born in a marriage, for her silent and studious disposition, for her disinterest on all the things people her age and her position, specially women, should show. She would have finally take the sail, leaving her mother behind with promisses of leters and gifts and stories when she was back. Much like the case above, her return could be or not possible, but at least in this case she would have somewhere to return. 

- If a marine ship had passed by their island after the onslaught: Well, the outcome would be kind of obvious. She would be merciless against anyone threatening civil popular. I like to think she would still have found her fruit. 

- If Shanks hadn’t found her: In her shocked and unresposive state… She would have starved herself to death without even realizing.