like a lot of the time so jot that down

types of writers

The Lore-ist 

  • has detailed if not meticulous notes on the universe they’ve created, down to the food eaten and language quirks, they use mythos and setting to bring it all together
  • most of the character’s backstories are already loving laid out, though may not be all connected yet. 
  • Has yet to write a full chapter. (But they’re getting there!)

The Bae

  • Story is centered around a complex and engaging OC that they’ve spent years developing
  • said OC has been through A Lot, the love is real, so is the pain
  • OC may sort of be a loser? ie the story is a character-driven piece where the plot is moved ahead by said character’s bad decisions and questionable habits

The Researcher

  • akin to the lore-ist but spends more of their time on wikipedia articles jotting down notes and things like how much a watermelon weighs 
  • Everything from knowing Too Much about child-care to how a body decomposes or flapper chest-binding is on the table, their breadth is large and Should Be Feared
  • takes a long time to start but make the most of their words, from spot-on sci-fi to history to murder, readers will learn something on the way

The Lemon Flavored Factory

  • alright take it back now y’all, this writer has written enough smut to make a tom cat blush, they can write other things too, and often well, but there will inevitably be bed-rattling at some point (or car or shower)
  • either unusually creative or just sticks to classics like Aliens Made Them Do It, neither is necessarily bad but there is oddly little in between
  • their author’s notes tend to be hilarious or at least very self-aware

The Word Vomit Canoe

  • action oriented writer who spews out the words before they know what is happening, no plans, no outlines, 10k of the first thing that comes to mind, sometimes things like ‘maybe dragons?’ & they go with it
  • their strengths are productivity, weaknesses are not knowing what the hell is going on
  • style is marked by fast-paced tone and downright impressive word count

The Muse

  • their inspiration doesn’t come as often, but they are always listening for her & redy 2 go
  • update schedule is…sporadic at best, but makes up for it with long chapters and clean editing
  • Will write 30 pages in a day and then take a few months off, enjoys one-shots but can do longer works
  • doesn’t have the best sense of time and when they are in The Zone may forget to eat or shower
Since it’s Pride Month and I’m pissed off...

Something I haven’t seen discussed nearly enough (i.e. Not At All) is the fact that asexuality/romanticism is essentially the Sexual/Romantic Orientation Equivalent™ of non-binary genders. I say this as somebody who is non-binary, experiences different-sex attraction, and is on both the ace/aro spectrums. If you can’t be bothered to read it, go to my TL;DR

With sexual orientation and gender identity, there is a “default” (or at least, something which is considered to be a default). These “defaults” are:

A. Cisgender (i.e. identifying as your assigned gender).
B. Heterosexual/romantic (i.e. experiencing “opposite”-sex attraction).

In the cases of both non-binary genders and asexuality/romanticism, these “defaults” are deviated from. Non-binary people don’t identify as their assigned gender, and ace/aro people don’t experience “opposite”-sex attraction. Many people in the LGBTQ+ community believe that aro/aces are not LGBTQ+ because they don’t experience same-sex attraction. I can kind of see where they’re coming from, but that’s putting attraction into two categories:

1. Experiencing, to some extent, same-sex attraction. (LGBTQ+)
2. Only experiencing “opposite”-sex attraction. (Not LGBTQ+) 

Saying that asexuality/romanticism isn’t LGBTQ+ is saying that in order to be LGBTQ+, you must fall to some extent into the first category, and that if you don’t, you’re not LGBTQ+. Again, I kind of see that argument. But let’s look at this in terms of gender identity.

1. Identifying, to some extent, with the “opposite” gender. (LGBTQ+)
2. Only identifying with your assigned gender. (Not LGBTQ+)

Following the same logic as before, which we just used with attraction, these are the two “identity categories”, if you will. Now, I’m non-binary, and you know what? I don’t identify even slightly with either male or female. I identify and feel comfortable with aspects of both masculinity and femininity, but not with either of those genders. I don’t fall into that first category. I was assigned male at birth. I now identify as non-binary. I do not identify to any extent whatsoever with “female”. Would anyone even fucking dream of telling me that I’m Not Fucking LGBTQ+ simply because I don’t identify enough with my “Opposite Gender” to satisfy their Queer Quota? No! So why would they tell ace/aro people that they’re Not Fucking LGBTQ+ simply because they don’t experience enough same-sex attraction to satisfy them? Double fucking standard. Again, I say this as someone who identifies with elements of both non-binary and asexuality/romanticism. 

TL;DR By all means, keep on thinking ace/aro people aren’t LGBTQ+ and making posts about them not being qualified to celebrate Pride. I’m not going to unfollow/block you. But understand that when I see that, I feel that you also don’t consider my non-binary identity to be “LGBTQ+ enough. And if you read this and think “well, of course non-binary people are LGBTQ+, that’s obvious!” (which, hopefully, you will) then just bear in mind that the same logic you apply to non-binary genders should also be applied to asexual/romantic sexual orientations. 

I’m a rising sophomore in college now, so high school may seem far away in the past. But, the useful information I learned in high school has never left my mind, and this post is to share all that! High school is a pretty big leap from middle school, and if I had all this information when I had started, it would’ve made transitioning a whole lot easier. Luckily, I managed to have a smooth and successful time in high school, and you will too!

  1. Plan. I cannot stress this enough. Get a planner straight away. If your school provides one for you, great! If not, just head over to whatever general store or office supply store closest to you. For me, Target has never led me astray. With all the extracurriculars available to you in high school, jot down club meeting times, your sport practices, music lessons, and so on. Not to mention, a lot of students end up getting part time jobs, so jot down your job schedule as well. And most importantly, there will be lots of due dates for assignments, projects, and tests in your classes. Keeping all the dates in one handy place ensures you’ll be organized.
  2. Figure out school supplies. In high school, some teachers will require you to buy certain school supplies, such as a specific binder or notebook, while others don’t care. Buy the required, and then figure out which other supplies you need. If you like notebooks, get them. If you’re more accustomed to binders, get those. Be sure to label all of your supplies, especially your calculators. Graphing calculators don’t come cheap, and replacing one is a pain in the butt. Chances are you won’t need all the coloring supplies you used to bring (which is a shame because I for one love colored pencils), so condense your supplies into a smaller pencil pouch. The bare necessities are: black pens, #2 pencils, a red pen, a blue pen, highlighters, post its, and a good eraser (because math mistakes happen.) 
  3. Map out your classes before the first day of school. That way, navigating the crowded halls during passing periods is a lot less stressful and it’ll let you get to the classroom quicker and pick a good seat.

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asexual starmora headcanons

from an asexual writer whoops I’m still obsessed

- their relationship evolves through levels of PDA, starting with the brief handholding and arm-over-the-shoulders we saw in vol. 2
- they never become the couple to dramatically kiss/make out during “holy shit I think we actually might die right now” moments…handholding and forehead-to-forehead contact expresses their feelings enough for that
- THEY GO ON WALKS LIKE A LOT???? old married couple smh
- lots of teasing and bickering as well
- but also!!! deep talks!!! about their pasts and emotions and aspirations!!!! also just fun small talk like “remember when groot did that thing” or “wow I like the weather here more than knowhere”
- their relationship seems to move hella slowly, or even just stagnate completely, from an outside perspective, but once peter and gamora are certain of their feelings toward each other and trust each other completely, they don’t feel the need to rush anything
- dancing happens a lot!!!! esp after more stressful missions or between changing shifts of piloting the milano at night
- speaking of nighttime, bed-sharing is the closest they come to “rushing” anything in their relationship, as that was one of the first things they started doing routinely bc it helped them during nightmares after the events of vol. 2
- gamora p much always has dibs on being big spoon lmao; it just kinda happened that way bc it was usually peter’s nightmares that drove them to sharing the bed, but gamora is 100% fine with that set-up as is peter
- peter sometimes gets to be big spoon when gamora’s troubled by something, but most times they just sleep closely together while facing each other
- the first time they do kiss, peter asks permission bc he doesn’t want gamora to feel like one of his hook-ups/one-night stands; whenever gamora wants to initiate anything physical, she states what she wants to do before trying it….basically they’re super big on consent to show they deeply care about this relationship after having past hook-ups that just flew by
- and if they ever do have sexy times…..they just laugh a lot lol peter makes jokes and stuff and gamora’s like “??? why am I dating u???? I cannot believe???”
- but yeah anyway, they love holding hands so jot that down,

yeongdeungpo time square atrium fansign ♡ 170506
translation: fantaemsie via ace20hero28

at the fansign jonghyun had “site” jotted down on one of his hands and he said he wanted to ask a lot of fans about making a shinee fansite. something like a fan page so, as to not forget, he jotted it down. jonghyun said, even though there is already a fan page, it died down a lot compared to how it was before. that he doesn’t use sns that well so: “it’d be comfortable to me, a one place where everyone is gathered.” a place where he can see fans’ written letters and pictures they posted. everyone said they didn’t like it. (lol) 

then he said: “i won’t come in to it then! i’ll just write everything in one single bulletin board and then, just between yourselves, you can write things to each other in a form of letters. wouldn’t it be nice if you’d collect pictures there too? if you don’t like it then just like this, kee~~ep meeting each other this way~.” he was really cute. then he added: “it wouldn’t be like something i’d check every single day. ㅎㅅㅎ”

translator’s note: in case it’s hard to get he was asking fans to make their own fansite where he could comfortably see letters and pictures of them and, when they said they didn’t like it, he kind of sulked and told them he won’t come see it but just as a place for them to gather around.

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Do you think that despite being different paladins shiro represents alfor more then Keith dose.

i mean…


this is something i’ve mentioned before, obviously, but i do see a strong parallel between Zarkon and Alfor’s friendship and Shiro and Keith’s:

  • They were close friends before Voltron, despite having somewhat different opinions and outlooks on life
  • Trust each other, help each other, save each other from danger
  • One is the Black Paladin, one is the Red Paladin
  • One is Galra
  • One leads Voltron, the other forms Voltron’s sword
  • In one of their first battles together in Voltron, they fight a monster on a rocky planet to protect the local population, and one of them discovers how to unlock Voltron’s sword using his bayard, thus saving the day
  • One of them can do the Paladin Eye Glow with his Lion
  • One of them steps aside to let the other lead

in terms of roles, Shiro’s obvious narrative foil is Zarkon - and because they’re foils, in many ways they’re opposites. the purpose of a foil is to act as a contrast, so the fact that both Shiro and Zarkon are the Black Paladins means that their differences in temperament and philosophy get thrown into relief by the narrative. Zarkon is all about power, he’s all about command - Shiro is about trust, he’s about supporting and empowering others, he leads from the heart of the team, standing right alongside the people who follow him and throwing himself into the same danger they face.

but i also think it’s interesting that we got the OG Paladins’ backstory at the point in the narrative when “Shiro” stepped aside to allow Keith to take on the role of Black Paladin. Because that is essentially what happened between Alfor and Zarkon. Alfor clearly knows more about the Lions and is very closely bonded with his Lion (just like Shiro) and clearly has some deep spiritual connection to the Lions (like Shiro). and Alfor is the one who tells the team how to form Voltron (like Shiro does in the pilot) and is telling them to fly together in formation (which Shiro also suggests)… but Alfor feels like Zarkon is a better ‘military leader’ and when Zarkon suggests that Alfor should lead Voltron (just like Keith suggests that “Shiro” should lead) Alfor instead steps aside and tells Zarkon to take the lead (much like “Shiro” does with Keith in S3-4).

of course the inevitable flip side of this is comparing Keith to Zarkon, with the obvious similarity being that they’re both Galra. but to a certain extent i feel like Zarkon and Keith have similar personalities - especially if you consider pre-rift-zombie Zarkon. Keith is kinda extra and ride-or-day and Zarkon literally tore a hole in the universe to save his wife so… yeah. they have that in common. i know everyone loves to compare the scene with Aflor charging into the cave and going “oh dear” to the way Keith charges in all the time - but Shiro can go from zero to “MEET ME IN THE PARKING LOT KYLER I’LL STAB YOUR FACE WITH A RUSTY FORK” in under a second and his response to seeing an enemy is usually to charge in screaming so like. him and Alfor would’ve got along great.

oh and also Shiro’s Altean so jot that down too.

I wanted to share what my weekly spreads have been looking like lately in my bullet journal. This one covers the upcoming week of Imbolc and the full moon. I make the spreads several weeks in advance depending on when I have time. 

As you can see, the days of the week in this spread are indicated by the planetary symbols corresponding to the planet of that day - Mars for Tuesday, the Moon for Monday, and so on. 

At the bottom of each day, you can see where I jotted down my shorthand for the Tarot draws I did when making the spread. I put a lot of energy and anticipation into each spread, and I sort of try to feel what the week ahead might be like, intuitively. The Tarot helps with that. 

The sections at the bottom are for notes, themes, and goals, just as it says. I’ve been asked before what the “themes” section is for. It’s where I record any synchronous happenings or any lessons I think I might be learning during the week, or what I think might be around me on a subtle level.

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But Fanon made up Marinette’s insecurity

No??? It literally didn’t?????

In origins, we see Marinette as an incredibly insecure girl. She can’t stand up to Chloe, she constantly worries about not being good enough to be Ladybug, and she even almost gives up her miraculous.

When Marinette’s uncle came, she was so worried she’d do something wrong.

In the most recent episode, we saw her concerned about losing one of her earrings, even after she got it back she was still worried about the potential effects of it.

I know there are plenty more examples, and I’m too lazy to jot them all down, but the point is this:

Marinette Has Insecurities Just Like Everybody Else, And Just Because She Is Confident A Lot Of The Time, It Doesn’t Mean She Is Never Insecure

sometimes that quality is over-exaggerated in fanon, sure, but it has its roots in canon, and to say that we made that up is a disservice to her character

Steven Universe Theory: Lars’ Ability (SPOILERS?)

So, I recently watched the latest episode of Steven Universe and while I don’t like to make assumptions on anything in show (because I’ll probably be wrong).

There is one thing I want to go ahead and jot down here in the event that it does happen.

So, we all know that Steven Universe pays homage to a lot of retro animes like: Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z,  Princess Utena, etc.

Well, here’s my theory on how Lars is (probably not) going to escape from Homeworld.

Remember in Dragonball Z when Majin Buu was trapped in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Gotenks and Piccolo after Piccolo destroyed the door?

Well, Buu asks Piccolo if he will ever be able to eat candy again now that he’s trapped in there. Piccolo responds by saying, “No” and that upsets Buu to the highest degree.

He throws a major temper tantrum and screams so loud that it opens a portal to escape the Time Chamber.

And in Steven Universe, Lion has the ability to create portals by roaring (shouting) that can take Steven (and whoever else Steven brings) to that specific area.

So, if we’re going off the idea that Lars now has the same abilities as Lion (i.e. being able to let Steven planeswalk through their hair) then I’m willing to bet that something tragic is going to set Lars off to where he just screams and it opens a portal back to Earth for him (and maybe the other gems) to escape.

Again, this is just a theory and there’s no true concrete evidence that Lars might have the ability to do that, but it was fun to write this.

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How do you use notes to prepare for tests/exams? For subjects such as biology i find that reading over my notes don’t help so I’ll re write them but they I just end up wasting time

lmao sounds like the past me 

(tips from experiences)

-i’ll read through whatever my prof. tells me to read over
-if i have time i’ll go reading about and gather more info (if i have time)
-during class i take notes–if this is for you, i rec. it a lot! if not, listen intently and maybe jot down imp. things your teacher tells you for the test.
-write ALL over your notes. that way, during review, you’ve got more information to refer to.
-instead of re-writing the notes, why don’t you open up your textbook, keep your notes beside it and study? sometimes i’ll study with both my notes and the textbook so that i can add anything imp. or just have two sets of info to review.
-you can also find some videos online and add to your notes.
-some of my prof.’s classes were recorded and so i’d sit down and watch them and ADD to my notes. usually what they say has more info than what’s on the slides. 

this is what i do and it has seriously showed some improvement! i’d also suggest doing some practice problems, mc questions, and short-answer practice from online/book/teacher to get more of a strong understanding of the material. 

i really rec. doing the readings as well btw. hope this helps! ( ٭・ ω・)

Why Ace Attorney has lost its potency

this blog isn’t done or open yet but i was talking to a friend about this a bit ago and i felt like i finally put together some thoughts i’d had floating around for a while so i just wanted to jot them down here :0

and i know that title sounds clickbaitey but i honestly, truely believe the series has. Ace attorney started off as the passion project of top tier writer shu takumi and his team of seven other people. it was a game project used to train new staff, and they weren’t given a lot of time to make a game as amazing as ace attorney is. But they did! And i firmly believe the reason they could was becuase it was grounded in three things things: strong characters, clever mysteries, and most importantly: social commentary.

If you aren’t a huge ace attorney obsessor like I am, or you just don’t know a lot about law in Japan, let me give you a basic rundown of what I picked up while doing research on the series. In Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright is the perfect prosecution’s punching bag. obviously, this is for comedic effect, no prosecutors in Japan bring whips or hurl coffee in court. But in Japan, especially at the time when Ace Attorney one was in development, Prosecutors ruled the court. It was expected that prosecutors not loose cases. It was expected that your client go to prison, as a Defense attorney. Prosecutors were infamous for forging evidence and forcing confessions, even leading testimony was common practice, and it even sometimes had a blind eye turned to it. So that’s what ace attorney was- a big, cartooney exaggeration of a very real problem in japan at the time. Phoenix is the defense attorney who cannot win, edgeworth and franziska are the “anything for a guilty verdict” prosecutors, adn the judge is the blind eye of the japanese justice system- a justice system that did not have a jurry in it until 2009.

So why is this gone? Ace Attorney one has overarching themes of the innocent deserve help, as well as biting critical commentary of Japan’s legal system at the time, the villinization of the prosecutor (something completely reverse from most american courtroom dramas, where the defense attorney is portrayed as evil) the innocent, hard working down on his luck defense attorney, the desperate, sympathy garnering clients in a place that so often paints them as villians (just look at Yanni Yogi, as well as Yomiel from Ghost trick, for example on that, albeit dramatic ones) Ace Attorney two is about the conviction of people who are ultimatly good- once again making sympathy where there often is none (i feel bad for ini, don’t you?) and then turning that on its nose with the scum bag client. AA2 was about how we understand innocence and how we need to look past it to create a good legal system. Finally, AA3 is about prosecution and defense working together to fix things- like takumi believes a courtroom should work. We see this carried over into apollo justice, which also has a more likeable prosectuion who actually cares about getting the correct verdict, it shows a step in the right direction, ESPECIALLY with takumi’s push for the jury system in this game (Apollo Justice was made in 2007, just two years before jury was reinstated in japan. clearly takumi was following this a lot)

 I’m not going to touch on AAI1 and 2 becuase i frankly dont feel like i understand their context well enough to, and I haven’t play AAI2 (plus theres no official translation that worked with the staff, and while i worship the fan translators it runs the risk of missing very subtle themes if they didnt work with the producers directly) and I’m not going to touch on DGS (completely different historical context) or PL vs AA (not as serious a game) becuase theyre in a different situation than main game ace attorney

But in Ace Attoreny 5 and 6, this is just… gone. i didnt really enjoy ace attoreny 5 just… in general, it had weird writing and stuff but on top of that? it doesn’t have a cohesive theme to tie it together aside from “athena is traumatized” and we’re in the “DARK AGE OF THE LAW” which was about… fake japanifornia law and (as far as i know) was not meant to criticize any other law systems. Ace Attoreny six some how took this one step further by setting everything in fake tibet and then criticizing a law (the culpability act) that has NEVER BEEN INSTATED anywhere?? as far as i can find? certainly not in japan, and certainly not right now. it felt like a hollow imitation of 1-4′s biting social commentary (especially in 1, tbh) and it fell very flat. I had plenty of other issues with this game that I’m sure I’ll talk about too, but this post is long enough

If i’ve missed anything, espeically about real world stuff b/c my knowledge of ace attoreny is 100% better than my knowledge of law in the real world, please feel free to talk to me about it, or disagree, or set up a dialogue! This is a jumping off point and I’d love to hear other’s thoughts :)

thanks for reading!!

To All My Writer Friends Who Are Struggling:

Please, please, please don’t be afraid to take a break if you need it. It’s perfectly normal to hit roadblocks from time to time, and if the words aren’t flowing, step back and do something else. Writing is this thing we do because we love it, but when we force it, it starts to feel like a chore. DO NOT FORCE IT.

I struggled for a very, very long time to get comfortable again with my words. Every time I sat down and tried to write but my mind wasn’t in it, I felt incompetent, like I was letting people down and I’d lost this huge part of my identity because I love to write so much. I beat myself up a lot about it, which was not a good thing to do, I realized in retrospect. So now that I’ve reconnected with writing, I make sure that if I’m not feeling it, I step back for a bit. Sometimes that’s for twenty minutes. Sometimes, a few days. Other times, weeks or longer. I’ll let my brain run wild all the while and jot down any new ideas as they come, but I don’t write until the urge is so great I feel like I’m gonna burst.

And when I’ve given myself time - however much I need - that feeling always comes.

So I guess I just wanted to say that just like all your other relationships, the one you share with your writing should be healthy. I know we all want to be crazy constant writing machines, but that’s hard sometimes, and we’re all different types of writers. You have to do what’s best for YOU and YOUR works. And if that means taking little breaks as needed, don’t hesitate to do so.

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Magnus fought in a war (along side his beautiful badass wife for that matter) and that’s fucking awesome, but I think people forget that before the events of the podcast Merle was a mercenary and probably fought in a lot of battles. In hindsight he’s a total badass and Taako is the only one out of the three that probably doesn’t have close range fighting experience — e.g. experience with a sword & the such (wizard classes start out with a bow and arrows but I don’t recall Justin ever used those)

i know every time i listen to the first ep i get surprised about merle being a former soldier all over again. he was already way old before he joined the party he’s done a whole lot that the crew just didn’t know about. i like to think that merle is that guy who literally has experience in every field and surprises everyone every time he offers to help like ‘oh yeah i was in law school for a few years i can look at those legal documents’

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Hey, I wanted to ask, how did you get the idea to start comics? And how in the world do you remember to make them? lots of love and respect, a fellow trans man.

I’ve been making comics for as long as I can remember. I’ve been inspired just by reading manga, comic books, and webcomics. It’s just something I have an interest in when I was younger and then as I got older I became more and more pationonate about the stories I was creating. At the time they were all on paper and my only fans I had were kids I showed them to on the playground. A few years went by and I decided to post one of my comic to the internet! It was horrible. I was still really young when I made it, but I loved it so much. All the comics I made at the time were plot and character driven so when I discovered comic strips and slice of life stories it really opened up a whole new world to me. I posted some comics strips on the internet with some characters I made (which you can still see on my Deviant Art today.) but then I just started making more comics about myself and my friend. When I started KYS I drew them all on paper in High school. I had a sketch book with me at all times and when an experience happend to me I jot it down to help me cope with the situation. So one day I just decided to post them here, to Tumblr! Like a private online archive filled with all my thoughs and feelings. It soon became a little not so private and started gaining a lot of attention from people who have experience the same things as me. This attention really caught me off guard and I actually considerd deleting the blog because of my anxiety. These comics are really personal to me and knowing that other people were looking at them just made me really anxious. But then people started messaging me about how much they love the comics and how much they relate to them. All these messages lifted a weight off my shoulders and started making me feel loved and wanted than I just got really passionate about posting them more and more.

So I guess to answer your other question I don’t really remember to make comics, I just make them. I’m passionate about my work and I love how it makes others feel. There’s no right or wrong way to create anything so as long as you love what you create and it makes you happy than nothing should hold you back for putting yourself out there.

Music Based Alex Headcanons

Originally posted by juddxdunkelheit

  • Learned guitar at a really young age when his mom got him one for his birthday
  • Little baby Alex could barely get reach all the cords but he tried so hard
  • Tried to learn ACDC songs when he first got guitar because he’s very ambitious 
  • Learning his first ACDC song at thirteen and playing it repeatedly (like 24/7)
  • Softly singing along when no one is around
  • Making it a goal to learn every instrument possible
  • Already knows piano and the trumpet?
  • Spends almost all of his spare time in the band room
  • Playing instruments to calm him down or softly humming some old song
  • He’s such a music snob tbh
  • Like he’s so picky but he also likes a lot of different things
  • Is obsessed with old rock music
  • Will never admit it but he lowkey listens to Ed Sheeran
  • Learned an Ed Sheeran song on guitar just for Jessica
  • Sings/plays for whoever he is dating
  • Writes songs in his spare time
  • Carries around a little notebook to jot down lyrics he thinks of throughout the day

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Do clexa ever have to deal with cheating scandals?? 🤔

A lot of the time Clarke will be making out with Lexa and her phone buzzes and it’s an alert and it’s like: Breaking News: TMZ spotted Lexa Woods making out with strange girl at the club 

And Clarke’s like,,, she’s currently fondling my boob, so jot that down, 

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do u have any song recommendations?

Ok fact- I love recommending music. I listen to so much music all the time and like??? Have playlists separated by moods honestly.
First of all, anything by AC/DC and Black Sabbath is incredible so just jot that down (classic rock is my favourite that I always go back to but I listen to a lot of things)
Here’s some individual songs:

DANCE - Justice
Bassically - Tei Shi
Heads Will Roll - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Pantoufle - Blowsom
Feral Hearts - Kerli
Family Tree - Kings of Leon
Don’t Matter - Kings of Leon
Drop Dead - Lunachicks
Itch - Nothing But Thieves
We the People - Thao and the Get Down Stay Down
Wait a Minute - Willow Smith
I Guess You’re Right - The Posies
If Only - Maya Payne
Clint Eastwood - Gorillaz
Amerika - Young the Giant
Something to Believe In - Young the Giant
Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
Bullet With Butterfly Wings - The Smashing Pumpkins
Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man - Blakfish
I Went Too Far - Aurora
Guys My Age - Hey Violet

I picked most of these from the list I listen to when I have a headache but still want to listen to music.

hallo! so i’ve been using my ipad for school for about a year now, and i have accumulated lots and lots of hacks and tricks to make the most out of it instead of having it as an additional distraction!!

on parents’ trust

parent’s trust are super important when it comes to getting a new device, which is why you should have a one-month bootcamp for both you and your parents.

  • make sure you have no game apps on there, and show them that you don’t
  • every time ur going to use it for homework or for studies, tell them. and if ur going to use it for youtube and all that jazz, inform them too.
  • be on ur best behavior and make sure you don’t slack and cave into ur desires. 
    • ur parents are bound to check on you so this is important!
    • this will also train ur self-discipline

on using it for entertainment

i highly recommend not using it for games and social media. but if you do…

  • turn off notifications!! don’t allow them to show on ur lockscreen too
    • when ur not constantly reminded, ur waaay less likely to check on it.
    • i turned off notifs for tumblr and instagram and i found out i didn’t check on them that much!!
  • ask urself: “do i already have this on my phone? do i rly need another medium to use it?”
  • a lot of my friends do this!! delete ALL ur entertainment apps about a 2 weeks to 1 month before exams!! 

on storage

i personally bought the 128 gb one, but even after using it for a year and downloading all content all my 8+ subject teachers send me, i only used up 19gb.

  • spring clean ur ipad every term!!
    • you most probably don’t need all those pics, especially all the ones you already have on ur phone
    • and do you rly need 7 notetaking apps? 
    • actually, you know what? do you rly need half the apps you downloaded? do you even use them?
  • only download what you need!
    • i have a classmate who syncs all her photos from her phone to her ipad.
    • friendly reminder that ur device is supposed to be for work and for work ONLY
  • sync ur work!
    • third party apps like dropbox should honestly be used to store all ur documents, like powerpoints, pdfs, and notes from the previous semester.
      • they don’t take up as much space on ur device and then you get to delete ur files from ur device but you can still access them!!

on accessories

  • a good expensive cover is recommended
    • sure, it’s expensive and you might see a similar one for like half the price, but quality is important
    • friendly reminder: ur gonna be whipping it out in school and at home and you don’t want one that spoils easily / doesn’t protect ur device!!
  • is a stylus necessary?
    • i don’t recommend buying this until ur familiar w ur ipad and how u use it best
    • but if you do find out that you prefer to handwrite ur notes on an app, a stylus is honestly ur savior.
    • do ur research!! my adonit jot pro was recommended tons of times and it was q expensive but it’s worth it. 
      • my friend bought a knock-off version and wasted $30 and went to buy the real thing in the end sooo :/

on class sharing

some classes in my school do these and like it helps a lot so i highly rec!!

  • having a class homework list document
    • google docs is a great app!
    • but just where y’all note down ongoing homework for each subject and their duedates
  • sharing a class subject notes document
    • google docs is also amazing
    • make sure to turn on the ‘can edit’ or else it’ll have no use lmao
    • but it’s where everyone compiles their notes. so if someone has additional notes from a different class they went to [maybe tuition or a make-up lesson] y’all can use it too
    • or if ur unable to make it one day, or was just super sleepy on one particular lesson, it’s great to reference!
    • make sure to give each subject a document each!!

on apps

i have some app recommendations are y’all ready. this are just some apps that nobody talks about but are crazy cool. if y’all want a full list, please request!!

[ ‘a’ for appstore and ‘p’ for google playstore]

  • newsloop [free] [ a ] [ p ]
    • all news from all news platform in one place. categorized.
  • onenote [free] [ a ] [ p ]
  • notability [paid] [ a ]
    • the price fluctuates like crazy, so i highly recommend waiting for it to cool down rn
      • the lowest i’ve seen it go was S$1+ and it’s now S$6+ sooo
  • scannable [free] [ a ]
    • this is crazy cool, it scans ur irl paper w just ur device like wtf how
    • you can adjust the frame so the results are always v accurate!!

+ my take on the new ipad pro

my friend bought it this year to replace her new ipad and let’s just talk about how it is unconventional on so many levels. sure, it’s gr8 but maybe not for school yaknow

  • it’s heavy. like v heavy.
  • it also takes up waaay too much space on ur already small desk
  • my friend complains about this a lot: everything you do can be seen by everybody. even if ur in the front of the class and the person is at the back.
  • tbh the extra size doesn’t change anything.

i’m not against it, like it’s totally cool. but i’m talking about lugging this to school every day. i’m still v pro-apple tho so no hate lmao. just maybe not for school. definitely not for school.

+ my other tips

these are just some tips i thought of, maybe i’ll do a part 2 one day?? i hope this helped you!!