like zork

Headcanon : when aigami sent ryou to the other dimension, he also managed to see yami bakura for a brief minute. It was so emotional and ryou asked him how the afterlife goes and if he managed to save his people. And thiefking has finally found peace and in his afterlife he lives in the desert, in a newbuild kul elna, with all his family there and he is loved and appreciated for once *maybe even finally found his long lost soul mate* . So he smiles and says that finally the pieces have fallen into place and he still thinks about ryou and is happy that he is able to move on with his life. Because don’t forget that yami bakura is the rightful evil, he had his reasons just like atem had his. And he was used by zork just like ryou was. And if zork hadn’t messed with their heads they would’ve have a bond as beautiful as atem and yugi’s and I think about it at night and cry a lot :,)

In Which We Learn a Language Together

I was wondering if anyone in the linguistics* or polyglot communities on tumblr would want to do this. I will also post this in the Google Plus group.

I remember thinking one day, “Wow, it would be great to have a nicely sized list of words under one theme so that I can practice all of them if I acted as if I was in a situation that required them.” Then I created the Themed Terms Spreadsheet, which was incredibly successful. But I never got to practice these words, because I never took the time to do it and blah blah blah. The only things I learned were some Russian greetings that I practiced with a Russian speaking friend. I also went over some Latin stuff. But nothing else!

So here’s what I propose: A sort of Role-Playing Game, like Dungeons and Dragons, but played only in a common target language. We can decide on a theme, for instance, “School,” and learn a list of vocabulary. Then we play the game as if we were trying to do things in and around the school using the vocab (maybe grammar too?).

What do you guys think? We can do a language that some of us have experience with but want to get better or we can pick a completely new language to all of us/something we collectively have a maximum level of A2. We could do it like a zork (text-based) or we could do it on a Google Hangout or something of that nature.

*- The reason I am including linguists is that most of you also have an interest in learning at least one or two other languages, or maybe would like to get better in some in order to do research.