like zayn is completely still while liam and niall and harry answer

I was talking to stagtattoo and we’re both wondering why the fuck isn’t the boyfriend question in the video. There shouldn’t be an issue, Louis’ answer SOUNDS like him in the article, and if Dan did phrase the question like that then I don’t understand why it’s not in the video.

I feel like the video and the article are two different entities, like, sure, the article still has the Don’t knock it till you try it bit. But it mentions Zerrie, Sophiam and Elounor. It mentions ALLLLL of Harry’s exs and paints Niall as the virgin once again.

While we have the video in which no ladies are mentioned around Harry, no girlfriends are mentioned at all except for Perrie and they completely mock Zayn’s engagement. Like. Full on. “Some people are engaged for years” - Louis. “You should break the record, longest engagement ever” - Liam. “I keep saying they did it for the presents.” - Harry (in the article they put Louis’ quote as a serious comment and Liam and Harry teasing, which… it sounds like mocking to me, there’s a difference).

The video and the article have a different tone in that, and I'd get that, usually, but why is the “don’t knock it till you try it” still there and why did they cut the “serious relationships” bit from the video??