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Is there a way in which the duration of life could be prolonged? And by which this death will not change things and cause separation. And even though I surely believe in death as a truth, regardless of that I remain to have long hope. I see the problems of life on me a great deal and the owner of these problems even until death is full of problems. And I surely miss the one I truly love, for is there a path I could take to reach my dear one? For every meeting between two loved ones there is separation, and everything apart from separation is trivial. And certainly all my yearning for Fatima after Ahmad is proof that no loved one will last forever. If at a moment life ends, indeed the cries of the mourners is little. That is why even when I sleep on my side in solidarity, I do not feel loneliness, because the fire within my heart due to the separation of my beloved boils.
—  A poem by Imam Ali (as) after the death of Sayeda Fatima (sa)
of pretty boys and a practice room

taekai, non au, pg13 (for swearing), 5961 words.
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“Perhaps that is all Jongin wanted to hear – the reassurance that he’ll always have the comfort of leaning his head on a familiar shoulder.”

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