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How can you be an educated lawyer and believe and all thse ttheories that make no sense about larry i dont understand how can you even believe larry is real?? and that louis is faking having a baby ( this is honestly the part that idk how can anyone believe) cause i can believe larry was once real or its real somehow if i put some effort but louis faking having a baby its so ridiculous

Didn’t you hear? I’m not a lawyer, I’m a receptionist.

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I feel so invalidated rn because a lot of fans (and in particular j*hnl*ck shippers) are complaining TFP was bad because “it killed all the ships”
Meanwhile I’m here like “oi what about all of the PLOT HOLES and the WRONG DETAILS and so on” but I’m scared to share my opinion because I don’t wanna be associated with those kind of fans smh

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hey hi hey, quickie little question we so like in your opinion who would be dominate (sexually/and/or nonsexually) in jack and fe's (felix's) relationship. (sorry for asking, and wasting your time I was just curious on your opinion)

aa please dont be sorry about asking questions like this!!!! it’s why im here ! i literally just sit here and eat goldfish while i wait for people to send stuff like this lol


-i honestly thin jack and felix have the kind of relationship where they switch off, but felix would probably me the more dominant of the two most of the time. there are some nights though where jack decides he wants to take over <3

i hate when people like?? try to assume that they know what happens in my head?? like “you definitely dont have that thing you cant self diagnose” or “you dont have gender dysphoria” like?? if i wanted your opinion i would ask but you have no idea what goes on in my head



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I get that V and RIka have an abusive relationship and all, but I think it's a bit unfair that you're attacking the people who admire V's love for her. It's unconditional love, he loves her despite her mental illness. i love all your writing but you made other posts just shitting on rika and you need to stop demonising her and it makes me want to unfollow. She's mentally ill and can't control herself it was v's job to make sure she gets the treatment she needs and he didn't do that.

This ask is so fucking wrong that I don’t even know what to start addressing first.

I’ve said this in the tags but I guess not everyone reads them - loving someone shouldn’t harm you in ANY way. Loving someone shouldn’t jeopardise your safety or health. It shouldn’t make you feel anxious. It shouldn’t leave you traumatised. It shouldn’t make you do harmful things that you otherwise wouldn’t have done if you weren’t involved with that person. This obviously goes for ALL types of relationships - familial, platonic, and in this case, romantic. Fuck outta my face with that “unconditional love” bullshit. V was manipulated. Rika kept saying some emotionally manipulative shit to him like “you don’t love me, prove to me that you do”/“don’t leave me like everyone else has” and even fucking BLINDED him just to prove a point to herself. V’s relationship with Rika negatively impacted him - throughout the game, everyone talks about how much he changed; how he’s gotten more isolated, more quiet, etc. and everyone assumed that it’s because of her “suicide” but she was alive. It was his relationship with her that changed him, not her faked death.

What you’re basically saying is that you acknowledge that their relationship is abusive, but it should be excused because Rika is mentally ill. Again, I’ve said this before, but I’ll repeat - there is literally no excuse for abusing someone and/or treating them like shit, especially when it’s someone who genuinely cares about you. In Rika’s case, she was still capable of making the decision to not harm her partner. Yes, I agree that V shouldn’t have let her live out her delusions, but at the same time, it’s not his responsibility to make sure she goes to a therapist, gets medication etc. because she was still at the state where she was capable of making decisions.

I don’t think you realise that defending Rika’s actions with the “but she’s mentally ill” excuse is the thing that’s actually demonising her - it paints mentally ill people as abusive assholes when that isn’t the case. If you justify abusers’ actions with literally anything ever and/or victim blame, then please do unfollow me.

Friendly reminder that -

  • Percy’s neutral expression is a natural brooding look that he gets from Poseidon
  • That when he does smile it’s crooked and makes him look like a trouble maker
  • When he talks it’s usually very sarcastic and/or impertinent 
  • His inner monologue is actually very negative and while we, as the readers, take it as a joke he’s usually pretty pessimistic for a good portion of the time
  • That when he’s fighting his expression is fierce and is hard to tell whether he is the good guy or not
  • That Leo Valdez equated Percy’s angry expression to the feeling he gets when Jason is about to shoot lightning. Let me repeat - just the look on Percy’s face when he’s angry was considered on par to Jason controlling flipping lightning
  • That he’s very very vindictive and loyal only to those he considers his friends and once you lose his trust it is nearly impossible to earn back 
  • That while he had the curse of achilles, he laughed crazily while he was single handedly destroying hordes of monsters
  • He made an entire volcano erupt, awakened a giant, and almost wiped out the northwest of the united states
  • He tortured a godess just so she would feel his misery
  • That he’s actually very manipulative and it made Annabeth step back for a moment and reevaluate her perception of him
  • That while his dark side came to it’s peak in house of hades and wasn’t mentioned in blood of olympus, there was no confirmation that it suddenly and completely disappeared after they left Tartarus.
  • Has been the child of the prophecy twice.
  • He manipulated Bob to kill his own brother by simply convincing him that they were friends and that is what friends did for each other
  • He was physically abused by his step father
  • That with absolutely no training at all he killed the minotaur with it’s own horn at the mere age of twelve
  • He wins a good majority of his fights by simply outsmarting his opponent 
  • He has scared not only Annabeth but his friends and peers on more than one occasion with his attitude and powers
  • That he’s considered extremely powerful for a demigod and for a child of the big three and makes the gods slightly nervous
  • That when he’s upset his powers act to mimic his emotions without him even trying
  • Has been offered immortality
  • That he is actually really sorta intimidating without trying 
  • That we need to stop reducing Percy’s character to a happy-go-lucky comic relief goofball that doesn’t know his left foot from right because he is so much more than that

Get to know me: [1/10] Pairings

“William Darcy, I don’t want to be just friends and I don’t want to be with you cause I’m grateful. I want to be with you cause of you. Got it?”

I’m so sensitive about Kara Danvers, as soon as I see someone saying something bad about her I’m like

i honestly love that early 2000s fashion was a complete free for all where literally everyone was jst wearing whatever the fuck they wanted and it was more or less accepted… we could learn a lot from the early 2000s

The Imperfections of human beings.

I wanted to write some formal stuff about T6T now that I’m on a real keyboard. I spent the entire night just sifting through people’s very angry, upset, hurt posts about John, Sherlock, Mary, and even Molly.  I think people need to step back and realize what this show is actually about: human beings.

I grew up in a hugely broken home.  My mother’s 6 year relationship with the man of her dreams was shattered when he cheated on her after 6 months of being married.  Our lives effectively ended as she spiraled into alcoholism and a massive depression which eventually killed her.  I’ve grown up literally thinking that cheating on your spouse is how Satan prepares you for your eternity in the boiling shit cauldron of Hell.  In short: I. Hate. Cheaters.

Naturally, when I saw what John was engaging in, my anger shot up like a piss volcano.  My instant reaction was fury, to drop the man and his character like a hot dog patty.  But then, I remembered, that this show has one true characteristic above all others: human beings are not just one thing. People, are flawed.  People, are never ever perfect, no matter how much they try to be.

Listen to what Mary said to John.  She said it was so hard to try and live up to the perfection that she thought John was.  That perfection is (and ALWAYS has been, y’all) a facade.  I never did understand why people thought John was an angel when it’s demonstrated in the very first episode that he is NOT.  I was able to see that, but I was able to see his goodness too.  Same with Sherlock.

Ironically, both of these idiots have spent the better half of 3 seasons trying to BE perfect.  It’s a lie. It can never be.  The irony of Sherlock calling out Mary’s “facade” in HLV just…I sat there grinning from ear to ear because honey you are ALL operating behind a facade.  Every single one of you.  John thinks he wants a quiet life but in actuality he is drawn to catastrophic danger. Copy that verbatim for Mary.  Sherlock thinks he’s a perfect thinking machine without emotion, yet he sits and bawls over his childhood pet. Molly thinks she wants a normal dude who goes to pubs but instead she really wants “a high functioning sociopath”. For God’s sake Mrs. Hudson used to help run a drug ring. Mycroft is perfectly fine covering up murders, sending out assassins, whatever it takes to keep his interests intact.  Ha ha ha these people are aaaaall fuuuuuucked.

 Now, I am still furious with John.  John was ultimately responsible for his family’s destruction.  It was inevitable.  His undying love for danger, despite having a newborn baby in his life, put him and his family on a collision course with tragedy.  Sherlock added to this, but he did not cause it directly.  If John had truly been a responsible dad he’d have picked up and moved his family to the damned suburbs or something and quit solving cases with Sherlock…but he didn’t.  Now, he’ll have to deal with that guilt.  The guilt of being a major reason why his baby girl will now grow up motherless. Sherlock was responsible for the final straw, but John was responsible for the haystack.

And that’s the point of Sherlock.  These people are all terribly, helplessly broken.  I think the most pure person in this show is Molly Hooper, and she’s not perfect either.  There’s only ever been one perfect human being and they nailed Him to a cross.

Having said all of this, and while John’s actions in T6T I found to be absolutely unlikable, reprehensible, and gross…I know he is just a man.  His life was changing at an alarming pace.  A new baby, from what I have heard, throws couples into turmoil all the time.  The man still suffers from mental illness.  He is now a single father, hates his best friend (he’ll get over it, y’all, the writing will make sure of that), and his wife went to her grave believing he was a perfect person when he knows in his heart he is anything but. John Watson made his bed, and he’ll lie in it forever now.  It will now be his personal journey to redeem himself for what has happened.  Sherlock has been on his own personal journey for, well, ever. Now it’s John’s turn.  I’m willing to give him the same chance I’ve given to his stupid friend.  

No one is perfect in Sherlock.  No one is perfect in life.  That’s the point.  We can sit and hate the people who’ve wronged us, and believe me, I still hold a lot of hate in my heart for my stepdad for turning my mother into a pile of rubbish and causing me to grow up a mess of a person.  But in the end, it makes zero positive difference in my life.  That hate is an anchor on me, a weight I don’t want and am still filing at it’s chain to free myself from. 

We forgive or we don’t, but we move on regardless of what choice we make.  We’ll have to see if John Watson makes better choices in the future.  For that little baby girl…he’d better.  I’m willing to wait and see.

Confession:  It really irks me when people treat DA2 as if it has the same quality as Origins or Inquisition. Like, it is fine if DA2 is your favorite. But when people act as if the game, despite its numerous flaws, is just as good as two clearly objectively superior games, it just really bothers me. You can have a favorite while acknowledging one simply isn’t as good. Mistakes happen, learn from them instead of pretending they were fine.

1036. Lily and James' first time was in the Room of Requirement. They didn't mean to spend the night there and didn't even know the room existed until then- it just happened. When they came back to the dorm they found banners that said "it’s about bloody time" and all their friends clapping. Sirius even came and shook their hands. Lily didn't know where to bury herself but James enjoyed every second. He felt like he just won but not at Quidditch- he won something much more important, Lily.