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This is it. This is the best headline yet. 


favourite hero moment


YALit 2017 Heroines of Color

Lara Jean ❤ Always & Forever, Lara Jean

Starr Carter ❤ The Hate U Give

Iris ❤ Wicked Like a Wildfire

Julia ❤ I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Bethan ❤ The Hollow Girl

Dimple Shah ❤ When Dimple Met Rishi

Dee Moreno ❤ The Hearts We Sold

Tea ❤ The Bone Witch

Dating Jacob Portman would include: 

a/n: wow i’m so bad at these but people give me requests so here it goes

- you would definitely be 10000x shorter than him cause that boi is tall as frick

- wearing his clothes OBVs

- you giving him cute kisses on his nose and cheek 

- he doesn’t like it because it’s his things to do

- you like doing them too much but he gets mad

- when he’s jealous oH LORDIE

- he only watches you from afar with narrowed eyes as another guy flirts with you

- why? because he knows you’ll shoo the guy off, which you did

- after, he pulls you extremely close to him, gripping your sides with a small smirk on his face 

- i mean kissing would be wonderful bc his lips would be so soft, dude

- you two being together would save emma a heartbreak, okay

- everybody would be teasing you two

- his parents would love you, they would treat you like their own daughter

- your parents would be strict, but your dad wouldn’t be the tough one, it would be your mom, i think so :D

- he would of course be very awkward around them

- his hair, his hair, his HAIR would be like a forest for your fingers when making out

- there would be so many pictures of each of you on the other’s phones

- your friends would send you pictures of you together, LOTS of them

- if on social media, you would post something once in a while with jacob and there would be a cute caption

- lots of comments like “gOALS”

- he would be such a virgin, DUDE

- and you too, ofc

- your first time together, and ever, would be awkward and giggly

“oh shit, boobs”

- hickeys, can you hear me, HICKEYS MAN

- and he would smirk when he would see them after

- he would cherish you so much, oh my god

- i want a jacob portman


the goods might also be in love with me


I bet Robin buys Morgan the same book every year for her birthday.

“A New Mission”

Request: Can you write one where Buckys gf has a 5 yr old daughter who’s very attached to him? She tells her class that her daddy’s an avenger and some of them tease her saying she’s lying. She’s in tears at the end of the day and tells her mom what happened. She tells Bucky so he picks her up the next day and she runs to his arms calling him daddy and he’s so happy to be a dad to this little girl The other kids are awestruck seeing him

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Dad!Bucky

Word Count: 1347

A/N: dad bucky fucks me up. let me know what you think. requests are open and let me know if you want to be on my taglist.

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“Ava! C’mon, we can’t be late. School starts in half an hour! Say bye to Bucky and meet me at the car.” You shouted at your five-year-old. She loved Bucky Barnes, your boyfriend. She even started to call him “dad.”

Today was her first day of kindergarten. She was super excited. She wanted to make friends and she wanted to meet her nice teachers. You watched from the car as Bucky walked her to the front porch. He bent down to her pint-sized height, and gave her a big hug. He couldn’t take her to school because Steve needed him for training in the morning.

Ava made her way carefully down the stairs to your little car. She was big enough to get herself into the car seat. You missed the days where you had to help her. She was just getting so big and you knew today was going to be emotional for you. You wished Bucky could’ve been there with you. There wasn’t going to be anyone to pry you away from the school when Ava gets dropped off. Today was going to be hard for you.

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Update on Sense8

Ok so I just called up Netflix and I talked to this really nice guy and he was saying that Netflix is listening to our concerns but the production company that makes sense8 has decided to discontinue it for unknown reasons but Netflix is trying to send them all of the requests that we’re sending so they understand not to cancel it. Right now all that Netflix can really do is send the production company all of our complaints so that means we have to make sure we keep calling and we keep sending in requests and that kind of thing because that will really make a difference and it will show the production company that we really love this show. So don’t stop calling and sending requests because it IS making a difference

World’s Best Dad

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Summary: One of the reader’s students has a problem and she confronts her father about what’s going on…

World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 3,500ish

Warnings: language

A/N: My second ever daddy Dean fic. Quote for this one was “It was an accident I swear!”…

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anonymous asked:

So basically it's not only canon that Dick talks about Damian all the time but it's also canon that Damian talks about Dick (also to remind any ex that they're not special to Dick) just as much. Dick's like the ultimate doting/proud big bro while Damian's that jealous little brother who always tries to shoot the ego of all the important woman in his bro's life down a peg (I remember Dami acting salty around Bab's too). I'm starting to wonder if any woman will get Damian's full approval for Dick?

Damian is basically Dick’s tiny is-clingy-but-wil-not-allow-you-to-call-him-clingy Tsundere little brother. If someone want his complete and full approval then they have to show their worth by wining against him in a sword fight, just like his father Bruce had to prove his worth by wining against his grandfather Ra’s to win his daughter love (and to save world too, but that doesn’t matter). So you want Dick’s hand in marriage? then you better pull out you sword.