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Ten Music Major Commandments

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There are some basic things that I find myself repeating over and over when it comes to posts. While I am obviously going to continue explaining stuff and answering questions, I thought it might be good to explain some basics of my attitude towards musicianship as a whole. As there turned out to be ten things, we can consider these the Ten Music Major Commandments.

1. Thou shalt remember that no single audition will make or break a music major career.

Your career isn’t hanging in the balance just because you are auditioning for an important to school or orchestra or whatever. Unless you insult the director, sit on his cat, and start yelling slurs to the room as a whole, a single audition will not torpedo a career. You can always attend a different school, work with a different ensemble, or try again at a later date when you’re better prepared.

2. Thou shalt remember a music major is not a competition, it is a process of personal growth and improvement.

There are few quicker ways to kill your love of music than by comparing yourself to the inevitable “people who are better than you.” There will ALWAYS be people better than you. Use that as motivation to get better yourself, or just admire them for their skill.

3. Thou shalt remember that you can’t know what other people have gone through to get where they are.

If a freshman can play a piece you can’t perform as a senior, take a deep breath and chill. For that to be the case, they likely started earlier than you, had better training at an early age, were forced to practice more, or simply had different priorities when they were younger. You can’t know those circumstances, and you can’t know what you’d have done if you been in their shoes. Don’t judge people who are older but haven’t yet reached your skill level - you can’t know what they have dealt with. So just admire their abilities and perseverance, and mind your own business if you can’t think of anything nice to say.

4. Thou shalt remember that if you decide music may be better as a hobby, that’s okay. It is not a personal failing.

Simply put, not everyone feels comfortable betting their future on the roulette wheel that is the potential career outlook of a music​ major. Music is stressful, it requires a lot of emotional labor and self-sufficiency, and sometimes that’s just not what a person wants. If that person is you, that’s okay. You don’t have to try and make a living making music for it to be your passion. That’s what community ensembles and after-work gigs are for. And if it turns out music isn’t your true passion? That’s okay too. Things can be important to one part of your life but move to the background later. That doesn’t mean you weren’t dedicated to it when you loved it - it just means you have moved on.

5. Thou shalt take care of yourself - taking a break is better than burning out.

Recently, someone I knew dropped out of school completely, essentially because of musical burnout. They had simply given too much of themselves to their music major, and didn’t have any emotional reserves for the other hard parts of life. Do your best to take care of yourself, because you are the most important part of the music you make. You are the true force behind the performance - that doesn’t change just because you need tools (your instrument) to make music. If you feel overwhelmed, as a music major often is, take a break. It’s okay to rest, I promise.

6. Thou shalt write your schedule in stone, but follow it like the Pirate Code.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to have a schedule. Musicians have to handle too many classes and performances and rehearsals and other responsibilities to try to get by without a strict schedule. When you write one up for the semester, imagine each day, and try to be realistic. You should assume that you’ll live each day exACTly like it is written. If it seems impossible, then reschedule stuff.

However, when you're​ actually living your final schedule, remember you can be flexible. If you know you can manage your assignments later, then absolutely use your assigned study time to go on that adventure with your friends. You still need to live your life, after all. Balance is the key, here.

7. Thou shalt never be afraid to ask someone a polite question.

While it is a personal pet peeve of mine when people talk out of turn (especially when they don’t know what they are talking about!), I firmly believe there is always time to answer a question. If you want to know more about something, or if you are confused, find someone who knows the answer and politely, at a convenient time, ask them. This means asking a question to clarify important class material during class, and asking that nitpicky question about that tangent your professor went on during their office hours. The main point is to ask!

8. Thou shalt try to practice at least once a weekend.

Weekend practicing is honestly one of the hardest things for me to do. However, I always feel awesome after I do it! Taking a two day break from practice can be good for the mental health, but if you aren’t practicing just because you can’t be bothered, then maybe you should try bothering. Practice is good for you, and​ it builds character. Go practice.

9. Thou shalt treat yourself like you would your best friend.

If you wouldn’t make a comment about them, don’t make it about yourself. You are your first, foremost, and most permanent friend. Take care of yourself, and build yourself up. No one ever became an amazing musician by beating themselves up at every failure. The best musicians take mistakes and use them as fuel to get even better. Stop beating yourself up and start being friendly to the only person who is guaranteed to be around forever - yourself.

10. Thou shalt take a deep breath.

Sometimes we can get so lost inside our own heads that we forget how to leave. The next time you suspect you’re on an anxiety spiral, find somewhere quiet and do you best to just breathe. You’re okay. You are not going to die/get expelled/get thrown in Bad Music Major Jail. That’s not even a thing. Do your best to keep things in perspective: “it’s just one class/jury/audition/performance. There will be more classes/juries/auditions/performances. No matter how this one goes, life will go on.”

Because it will. Life goes on.

You’ve got this.

house of horrors

spooky percabeth halloween fic.

The house loomed over them, ramshackle shingles hanging from the roof and grime coating the walls. The grass of the front lawn came up to their knees, so overgrown that it was devouring the porch that wrapped around the entire lower floor. The entire thing was so decrepit that it was at risk of collapsing in on itself with the next slight breeze.

“No,” Annabeth said immediately. 

Piper elbowed her side. The streetlight across the road cast a halo around her, making her glow. “Too chicken?”

Annabeth scrunched up her face. “I’m not scared. I just think it’s a dumb idea.”

“Oh yeah, you’re terrified.” Piper smirked.

“I am not scared of a stupid house!” Annabeth exclaimed.

“Prove it. Come inside.”


“Because it’s Halloween -”

“It’s October 22, it’s not Halloween.”

“It’s Halloween season you loser, get in the spirit.”

“Was that a ghost pun?”

“Yes it was. Now will you come in with me, or am I just going to leave you out here alone?”

Annabeth sighed. “Fine. Lead the way.”

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Happy Birthday the first JM fanfic I ever read! One year later and this is still the closest they’ve come to macking, pfft.

Thanks yolownly for dragging us into Jeanmarco hell with Like a Drum. It’s nice and toasty here. <33

What I Want To Happen
  • Riko: "... Chika, we're all alone. Please be honest. Everyone can tell you're still upset."
  • Chika: "I'm fine. I'm over it. I always knew I would only fail everyone anyway..."
  • Riko: "You didn't fail anyone. We saved the school."
  • Chika: "But we still lost, right? I was never strong enough to be like μ's, after all."
  • Riko: "Why...? Why do you push yourself so hard to be like them?"
  • Chika: "Because I love them! They're everyone's idols. They're the reason we started this group - the reason I dragged everyone with me. Everyone's here because we wanted to be like them, and if I can't lead like them, then... I'm just wasting everyone's time. This was my last chance to prove I could be a sparkling idol, but I'm still just... normal, stupid Chika."
  • Riko: "No! You're wrong! They are not why everyone's here! I didn't join because I wanted to be like μ's. I didn't even know who they were until I came here. I don't care about μ's. μ's didn't teach me to have fun and love music again. μ's didn't hold my hand when I was lonely and scared. μ's didn't make me feel special... by showing me parts of them no one else knew about. They may be your idols, but they're not mine! My shining idol will always, always, always be normal, stupid Takami Chika!"
BIGS' Leader, Cha Hakyeon.
  • Bong Taegyu: Hakyeon-ah.
  • N: Yes?
  • Bong Taegyu: Hakyeon-ah?
  • N: Yes, hyung?
  • Bong Taegyo: You can be the hyung.
  • N: Ah, why...?
  • Yoo Byungjae: He must have been working out.
  • N: Is it okay?
  • Bong Taegyu: Idols... With that kind of thing (?)...
  • Bong Taegyu: Ah! His group's name is 빅스 (big-seu)!
  • Yoo Byungjae: Are all of your members like that?!
  • Bong Taegyu: Is that true?! You're all big?!
  • N: *laughing his ass off* That's not it!
  • Bong Taegyu: Yah! Isn't your group name is too explicit?!
  • N: *still laughing his ass off* Where did that thought came from?!
  • Bong Taegyu: No wonder that dance move (Eternity wave dance) was so explicit like that. Only their lower body is moving!
  • Yoo Byungjae: Ah, really?
  • Bong Taegyu: So there's actually a reason why you sent off here (the lingerie company)!
  • Yoo Byungjae: Imagine, how much must they want to say it all of these time! Why they are BIGS...
  • N: Noooo~!
  • Yoo Byungjae: Where do they BIGS...
  • Bong Taegyu: *after done with the fitting* Shouldn't Hakyeon's (underwear) be changed into a bigger size though?

rosescullys  asked:

hi! i'm not sure if you're still taking requests for the sentence ask meme, but if you feel like it maybe #27 msr please? :)

This ask is hella old, and I’ve kind of taken a break from prompts to work on a bigger project, but I needed to get the juices flowing this morning. So here ya go. 

#27 - I’m pregnant. 

How cruel it is, that you have to say it to everybody but him. 

Walter is happy for you, does his best to be congratulatory when he’s not exactly sure why you’re crying. You think he’s finally going to ask after all this time, what really went on between you two? but like always, his tact and restraint make him a good friend and a good leader. 

Because you have to, you tell the orderly who takes you up to radiology, and he gives you a reassuring pat on the back. Normally you loathe uninvited physical contact from strangers, but you thank him with a warm smile when he drops you off. The name embroidered on his scrub top says Tyler.

The last time something grew inside you, threatening to bring your world crashing down, you didn’t tell your mother. This time you call her when you get home, after your suitcase is stowed back in your closet and you wash the hospital smell off your body, scrubbing and scrubbing with a loofa until your skin is redder than your hair and splotchy with the heat. You use your best normal voice and say, “Come over, Mom. I’m making dinner.”

She grips you in a fierce hug, whispers how happy she is for you, how she’s here if you need anything, anything at all. Then you both cry a little bit and have some ice cream. You pretend to fall asleep twenty minutes into the movie you’re watching so she’ll excuse herself and say, “You must be exhausted.” She kisses the top of your head like you’re seven again and shows herself out. 

You lie on the couch for what feels like hours. You take the circular throw pillow and shove it up underneath your shirt, seeing what it will look like to be pregnant. You imagine his face, the boyish awe in his eyes; he’d carefully lift the hem of your shirt and kiss your stomach, just below your bellybutton and say, “How?” in a hoarse, wondrous voice. 

You clear your throat and finish the dishes. The trash smells so you slip on a pair of shoes and take it out to the dumpster. It is a Friday night. Throngs of twenty-somethings stumble down the sidewalks, giggling and cheering. Graduation tomorrow, maybe. You look up at the sky, only Sirius and a few planets visible.

Planetary conjunction, Mulder had said a week or two earlier, snapping a seed between his teeth. When one or more objects have the same right ascension and appear to be in a line. 

You drawled, I know what conjunction is, Mulder

It’s a pretty rare event. Hasn’t happened since 87. Not that we can tell. 

You’d felt him approaching behind you at your kitchen counter. Your stomach had coiled with anticipation. 

Should be fairly visible in a few weeks if you want to check it out. Mug of hot cocoa, plaid blanket, the works. 

Are you asking me on a date? you’d asked, mouth twisting into a smirk. 

His hands started at your hips, snaked around your belly–

Someone slams the dumpster lid shut and you jump. You squint up at what must be Jupiter, and either Saturn or Neptune, and tell him, “I’m pregnant.”

anonymous asked:

If you're still taking prompts, Jemma is a screamer, Skye loves it but Jem's embarrassed.

Okay so there is really not enough porn in this fandom. I think I’ve only hit up about like one or two fics, so here is my contribution. You can’t give me a prompt like this and not expect me to make it porn-y LOL

Either way, I hope y’all enjoy it! Merry Christmas -xoxo

YES it is Rated M

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