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Can I ask for more information on soulmates in agingheart? I mean how does it work, how does one find one? How rare is it...I mean just more information would be nice

“So how does this human soulmate thing work?” Ahsoka questioned, watching Anakin work on his speeder.

The blond sighed a bit, rubbing a bit of grease over his neck. “Okay, look, just ask me the things you’re actually wondering about and I’ll answer as best I can. I’m no expert, like I said the chances of actually finding them are one in a million.” He loosened a bolt to get to the filters.

Ahsoka considered that. “Okay, do you have one?”

“I might.” Anakin paused a bit. “But not everyone does so its hard to tell.” He shrugged.

“How can you tell?” Ahsoka leaned forward, watching Anakin pull out the filter and handing him the new one.

“That’s just it, you can’t. The older one of the duo usually stops aging when you meet though, so that’s the biggest clue. But what if you’re the same age? Then its impossible.” Anakin sighed a bit. “Anyhow, there’s only one sure way.”

Raising her brows at the humans, Ahsoka waited only for Anakin to focus on the filter. “…Well what’s that way?” She finally prompted.

“Huh? Oh!” Anakin sat up, licking his lips nervously. “Well… supposedly when soulmates… kiss… something’s suppose to happen. I only got holonet stories to go on here Ahsoka since they’re so rare but its…” He twitched his hand. “Its like touching a live wire they say, you feel them in you, in your heart, soul and mind. It almost sounds like they form some kind of bond from the moment they kiss.” He sighed and rested his hands on his knees.

Rubbing her chin at that, Ahsoka mused. “Well that would explain why the Jedi order allows them, Force willed bonds are sacred, no one would attempt to break them.” She hummed.

As Ahsoka mused, Anakin hesitated.

“…There is one more way to know if you have a soulmate.” He finally said.

“Oh?” She questioned chirpily before blinking at his face. “Skyguy?”

Grimacing, Anakin sighed. “The… most sure way to know… is if they die. When a soulmate dies, they take a part of you with them. They are half your soul so when they die, they take that part with them and if you never meet them… it can leave you hollow and broken. Some say certain Sith’s of old were created that way. Jedi who never meet their soulmates and therefor… Fell, desperate and trying to bring them back.” He shrugged.

Ahsoka stared at him with wide eyes.

“…Yeah.” He wrinkled his nose and sighed. “Its why Obi-Wan should tell the person who’s his. Even if they are in love already and happy.” He settled back to work on the speeder.

“…Has to hurt him though. I mean I know master Obi-Wan is a good Jedi but he’s not without emotions. Having your soulmate already in love can’t be easy.” She mused to herself. “Hey how old is he now?” The teen blinked.

Anakin shrugged. “Not sure, from what I can tell he seems to be in his late twenties or early thirties, why?”

Kicking her legs back and forth, Ahsoka shrugged. “Just wondering if we know his soulmate.”

Anakin blinked at that, lifting his head a bit and catching both his own and Ahsoka’s reflection in the speeders canopy.

He hadn’t considered that…

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idk if u still take writing prompts...but could write some stucky fluff or Steve!Thor fluff???

here is a little teeny fluffy stucky just 4 u!

Bucky doesn’t like to do much talking. 

Sometimes, he feels like it’s just too hard to get the words out of his voicebox. They’ll pile up inside his mind but when he tries to let them out, they get stuck somewhere in his throat- like his own voice was another casualty of his time with Hydra. Sometimes, his voice feels it could work just fine if he could only get the words to just form in his head. It’s rare to have a day where everything feels like it’s working well at once. Today isn’t one of them.

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I feel really bad because I made it to plat and all my friends kind of turned on me once I did and called me a mercy one trick and that I didn't work for my rank so I feel like complete trash even though I should be happy. It's so confusing because they all ask me to play mercy when I comp with them but now that I made it to plat I'm suddenly not good at the game according to them? And that I don't work hard ? Idk what to do I just wanted to vent one support to another :/

““Wow this person got to play by playing mercy only! Must be a shitty player”


I support you B.B.

I climbed 1300 SR Playing Mercy only :^) 

Tom Paris sympathizes with having so many personal projects you lose focus, motivation, and energy, and it’s hard to find time to do them all. The world is huge and exciting and inspiring, and there’s just so much you can do and add to it! But it’s easy to overwhelm yourself. He gently suggests picking one to work on for a while, then switching to another if you feel like it, and writing down anything that occurs to you for other projects for later. He’s here for you, to cheer you on or just to offer a sympathetic ear.

Y’all, feedback to your artists is so important. Like we do it because we love to, don’t get me wrong. I get so much joy out of writing sappy shit for the characters I adore. Like it gets me through work so much that I’ve forgotten to check the time and have been late to leave just because I was writing lmao But part of that joy is sharing it with other people who might enjoy it to. That’s what fandom is really. 

I’ve for sure lost drive for writing/cosplay due to low interaction with my work. It’s not even oh no, no one likes me or bah my work is bad cause no one is liking it. It’s just discouraging you know? Like there’s so many people here and no one could spare a like? Reblogs are way too much to ask for haha I still do what I love in the end but it doesn’t make me as motivated as I could be. And I mean like some of these people write stories as long and as good as any New York Times Best Selling authors do and they do it for free, most of the time as well as working or being in school or both. Holy crap you guys need some praise. 

But literally all it takes for me is like one nice tag on a reblog, one nice comment on what I’ve crafted and I’m like OH MAN MAKE WAY I’M WRITING 50 MORE FICS FOR THIS PAIRING RIGHT NOW lmao It can be like “I liked this thing” and I’ll cry because it was so kind for someone to say that. I wasn’t gonna write at all tomorrow, and now I am, because someone was nice enough to say they liked something I did, something that was close to my heart. 

I try to always reblog fics I like with a little note for the author, I leave comments especially for my rarepairs cause Lord knows they don’t get enough love as authors, and I try to reblog cosplay that comes across my dash because I know how special it is for me when people do the same. Its just, we share with the fandom to be apart of the community, to share with people who love the same things we do. Please remember the next time you read or see something you really love, to let the artist know. I can almost guarantee you, you’ll make their day <3 

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whats your favorite and least favorite songs for each of the boys?

this is so hard but here we go


Fave - Get Low. such a bop 

Least Fave - strip that down. don’t hate, just don’t think it does liam’s voice or talent justice. 


Fave - Just Hold on. Idk if it’s his best but the way it makes me feel feelings and  louis made me like an EDM song and that is a feat. 

Least Fave: I love them all but right now its Just Like You mostly just cause it’s been out the shortest time but I still like it. 


Fave: Woman. it makes me feel sexy but in a really subtle way and it was amazing live. 

least fave: Carolina. I still really like it but it’s the only song on his album I don’t really have an emotional connection to. super fun bop, but all the other ones make me feel a whole lot and for some reason carolina just doesn’t. 


Fave: ALL OF THEM. Okay but for real it’s been changing every time I listen to Flicker. Right now it’s a tie between Fire Away and On My Own but tomorrow it will probably be Flicker and Mirrors. 

Least Fave: ugh I love them all but right now it’s probably This Town only because I’ve heard it so many times that I’m eager to get to the new stuff but I still love it so much. 

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Hey mya, i have to ask you something. So like 7 years ago i used to ice skate but stopped because it was too far. Bit i really want to get back into it, so should i make a proposal for my parents? Like my gpa is a 4.0 but if i get it higher by the end of the semester? I don't know how to tell them..

A 4.0 GPA is already so amazing!!! I definitely think you should get back into iceskating if you’re really passionate about it! Plus, its a great healthy activity to decompress. You could try asking your parents about it and telling them how hard you’ve worked to get that 4.0; or, if your parents expect a little more, you could always propose getting it even higher, or offering to pay or work off for half of the price. If the distance becomes an issue I would try finding ice skating lessons that are a little closer to you. I think its a great idea! good luck xxx

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You know, I wonder what FE12's Shauni (Kris) and FE7's Shauni (Mark or Marc) would be like?

(I’ve only thought about them a bit since I haven’t played these games, but here’s what I came up with, if you wanna know ^^)

New Mystery of the Emblem!Shauni:

  • Mage
  • straightforward
  • bad with men™. Like really bad.
  • likes to think of herself as unfeeling but can have like 10 moodswings per day. Good at hiding them though.
  • still lies about how she’s feeling just so the others won’t notice
  • distrustful and sarcastic
  • will feed you her horrible cooking if you upset her
  • too many magic facts
  • has a resting bitch face and works hard to keep a neutral facade
  • “What’s with you and “S-supports”? Back in my days, we…”
  • complains about the other Shaunis having S-supports and has to endure the inevitable “you’re grumpy because you couldn’t S-support Marth” she gets in return
  • she didn’t even want to S-support Marth like why the hell would she

Rekka no Ken!Shauni:

  • Affinity of birth month: Light
  • lowkey doesn’t want Eliwood to end up with Ninian just to contradict the ship-tease because she’s argumentative like that
  • serene and loves to gossip
  • cunning but good-natured
  • pretends she knows exactly what she’s doing but really she knows only like 70% of what’s she’s doing
  • once had Hector stand in the middle of the map with his weapon unequipped so the enemies would attack him and be killed by his friends
  • faints at the most random times, in the most random places
  • facepalms every time Sain tries to flirt
  • burst into tears when Hector and Eliwood asked her to be Roy and Lilina’s godparent
  • calls Roy and Lilina “the tactician’s little angels”

Don’t forget Gorillaz fans, Jamie Hewlett exist! He made all you’re favorite band members come to life in the music videos, shorts, ect! He continues drawing them countless times and works day and night to give you new content with the band members! So please appreciate him!!! ❤❤❤


K-POP Legends (1/???) DONG BANG SHIN KI (동방신기, Rising Gods Of The East)

Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2003, TVXQ began as a five-member boy band that  rose to international prominence in the late 2000s, after the group achieved critical acclaim in the Korean music industry for their best-selling albums “O”-Jung.Ban.Hap. (2006) and Mirotic (2008).  Selling over 10 million records in the first 10 years of their career, TVXQ have become one of Asia’s most successful music acts of their generation. They are often referred to as “Asia’s Stars” and the “Kings of K-pop" for their immense success and contributions to the Hallyu. According to the Oricon, TVXQ have the most number-one singles for a foreign artist, and is Japan’s best-selling foreign music act in CD singles of all time. Their Time Tour, one of the highest-grossing concert tours of 2013, is the highest-attended concert tour held by a foreign music act in Japan. With the tour, the duo became the first non-Japanese Asian artists to headline a nationwide five-Dome tour, and were the first foreign artists to perform in the Nissan Stadium. Billboard has described the group as "K-pop royalty”.


(requested by truegodofthearena)

Not to be that bitch but I am going to be that bitch but like why do so many kpop fans hate on girl groups? I don’t get it? The majority of the kpop fandom are girls/women. There are a lot of fangirls that hate on girl groups like wtf is your deal? You’re a WOMAN the least you can do is support these WOMEN that are succeeding and making a name for themselves. There are so many dislikes on girlgroup mvs and its so heartbreaking. These women work as equally as hard as the men and they still get shit for it. Just because its not your style or you hate cute concepts doesn’t give you the right to bash on them as creators. I’m not saying to stan them I’m just saying to stop hating on them.



As much as I would like to do a giveaway, financial reasons prevent me from doing that at the moment. So instead, I decided to make a bunch of icons as a thank you for 900 followers! This pack is the beginning of my icons page, and it includes 145 overwatch icons! There are icons made from sprays, screenshots and comic art! I would have loved to make more- especially of screenshots, but my mouse is broken and until I can get a new one my icon production will decrease. So until then, take all these icons that I was able to complete before hand! Likes and reblogs are appreciated, but not necessary. I hope you like the icons as much as I do!


Let’s talk about this episode

Looks like I’m gonna have to make a short video talking about this episode. 

Up to this point most of Glitchtale (if not all)  has been entirely about plot twists and how unpredictable the series can get.

I know myself this episode was predictable af, and I know I handled the execution of a couple scenes poorly compared to my past works not giving them the time they deserved, however I did take the risk to make the ending predictable so  I could get some plot stuff started.

That combined with the fact that sans as a character is EXTREMELY HARD to deal with with this fandom, you all pay too much unnecessary attention to him

If you leave glitchtale as it is but replace sans with any other character. Like undyne for example, what if undyne’s soul was taken back in dust and got “revived” in Love part 2, nobody would be making such a huge fuzz about it because “she’s a normal character”.

People that hate on the fact that “he’s back” pay as much attention to him as the “fangirls” they hate so much, because they’re basing their entire opinion on a full series, just on what happens to 1 character. That’s not how series work. I’d understand if sans was a really important character in season 2, but literally all the other characters have got more development than him so I don’t see why is he so important to some of you.

That being said, I got a lot to work on thanks to this episode, maybe sometime in the future when I learn how to make good stories I can avoid the predictable outcomes at all times, from beginning to end, as of now, guess that could be considered a writing mistake. Sans’ “death” was not meant to be significative, it was meant to be more of a shock factor to the series.

This all is aimed more towards the ones that felt like this episode was disappointing considering how predictable it was. However, predictable or not, this episode’s got it’s moments. Gaster and Papyrus’ conversation was amazing and heartwarming in my opinion, just as asgore and asriel’s and.. well.. pretty much all the dialogue.

To the ones who felt this way, hopefully you’ll forgive me just this time! I promise I’ll keep things interesting! to the ones who enjoyed from beginning to end, thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me with this.

The types as people I know


-Really outgoing when it comes to daily life interactions, but it’s harder for her to open up about personal things

-Always there if you need her, good listeners

-Generally lazy but very responsible if something interests her

-Very independent, she doesn’t need others to do things

-She tries to hide it but she gets very emotional when something happens to her

-Extremely creative


-So bossy

-Best time manager I’ve ever seen

-She rarely breaks the rules

-So hard working and organized, she studies every day

-She only does things the way she’s specifically been told to do them

-Loves compliments

-Dominant in relationships

-Addicted to shopping but somehow she never runs out of money


-Mysterious and shy when seen from the outside

-Very down-to-earth and with a clear mind and ideas

-She will listen to you for hours even if she has other problems

-Sometimes she needs to “disconnect” from the world

-She gives good advice but never follows any of it, specially concerning relationships

-She has a “mother complex” she likes fixing and taking care of people


-Good leader

-Very outspoken and outgoing

-He has deep and philosophical side

-He constantly tries to improve himself but he’s not competitive

-He puts a lot of effort in what he does and never gives up

-Funny and flirty

-Very optimistic


-He always has something to object, his favorite answer is “yes, but…”

-He looks so nice and adorable but when you know him he’s an asshole

-Loves analyzing people

-Needs change and freedom

-So critical with himself and other people

-Love talking about himself but not in an arrogant way

-Narcissistic af but with some insecurities


-Weird and mysterious, you never know what he’s thinking

-Doesn’t like letting others influence his decisions

-He hates being like everybody else

-He has a lot of deep thoughts and existential questions

-Loves partying and being with friends

ESFJ: (my mom)

-She literally sacrifices her life for the people she loves

-She has a lot of perseverance and willpower

-Gets mad so easily and takes everything personally but then she forgets

-She thinks everything that differs from what she believes or she doesn’t understand is wrong

-She’ll never admit her faults

-So natural and funny, she says the first thing that comes to her mind


-Her dark humor is great and scary at the same time

-She can be shy but she’s very outgoing when you know her

-She’s very independent and sometimes just cares about what she wants

-Looks more confident than she is

-Loves going out with her friends


-Very kind, cares about others


-Loves books, TV shows…etc

-Talks too fast

-Likes being with people but also spending a lot of time at home

-Gets mad easily but hold no grudges

-She acts selfish but also cares about others a lot

-Loves cooking

INTJ: (math professor)

-Might be a genius

-Doesn’t know how to interact with people, usually very very rude

-Values initiative and finding different ways to solve a problem

-So stubborn

-He lives in his own world

-He values rules and organization

ISTJ:  (my aunt)

-Super bossy, she could actually work in the army

-Surprisingly chill most of the time, loves to relax and try things

-Very organized, she always gets things done

-Has sudden bursts of anger that last like 30 seconds and then comes back to her chill state again

-Very independent


-Very talkative

-You can easily tell she is confident by the way she speaks

-Very independent, does what she wants

-Loves being the center of attention in small groups

-Smart and organized


-Very independent

-Loves to roast people

-Doesn’t study but for some reason he’s always lucky enough to pass

-Loyal friend

-Has a soft side he shows his friends and family

-Very funny

Sns last day !! Have some self indulgent dance au~


art by Alfheimr (go look!)

McGenji Week is here again! It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since the fun and fantastic event that filled our dashboards with the best pairing of all! We’re so excited to bring it back once again for 2017!

This year, things will be a little different. Every day will have two separate prompts for you to choose between or to incorporate together. And there’s no limits to how you interpret them, or what media you portray them with*! We would also like to encourage all artists and writers to include links to their commission info in the descriptions of their daily works. 

*If you want to use artwork from someone else for edits/album covers/etc, please make sure to obtain the artist’s permission for it first!

  • Day 1: nov26- Starting Out / Settling Down
  • Day 2: nov27- Safety / Survival
  • Day 3: nov28- Sun / Snow
  • Day 4: nov29- Steel / Soul
  • Day 5: nov30- Sensuality / Separation
  • Day 6: dec01- Smoke / Steam
  • Day 7: dec02- Fanart of Fanart

Day 7 is a bit different from the rest of the themes, as you can see! It’s meant to be a day where we all celebrate our favorite McGenji artists, and create fanart or fanfiction (or other) for our favorite McGenji pieces! Think of it as a day of giving and showing appreciation!  Spread the looove!

Tag your posts under the #mcgenjiweek17 tag so we can reblog it here and share with everyone else! We’ll also be checking the regular #mcgenjiweek tag, but it’ll be much easier to share your whole new art with the whole new tag.

You can start on the prompts as early as you like, but please hold onto posting them until the event starts. If you’re busy during the week, don’t stress! Late submissions are always, always welcome!

And, of course, if you have ANY more questions, feel free to send us an ask!

I call out my patient for treating me like garbage and then they accuse me of being rude to them...

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