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You've heard of Jeremy wearing Michael's clothes headcanons now get ready for...Michael wearing Jeremy's clothes headcanons!!

Ahskdlfls this is sweet

-Michael started taking Jeremy’s clothes solely for revenge. The little think keeps takin all his damn hoodies

-but when he goes to take one? It’s too small. Sure it’s long on him but Jeremy’s so skinny that he feels like he’s suffocating in them

-he keeps it anyway, revenge must be taken

-Jeremy walked into his room to see Michael wearing one of his favorite shirts and it just was not working so he burst out laughing

- “what’s wrong jer? Am I not…hot enough for you *sexy pose*” “oh my god you need to stop and think about your life”

-Michael then tried to take Jeremy’s cardigan, and accidentally ripped it

-Jeremy went from 0^0 to :) really fast

-“dude did you just break my-” “I CAN FIX THIS”

-Michael would not stop apologizing as he stitched it back up, Jeremy just kinda got into a “it’s ok” train

-Michael bought Jeremy a new cardigan the next day, and opted for stealing Jeremy’s socks, but only the left ones

-Jeremy went to school with one sock on and was complaining the whole day while Michael was snickering into his arm

-“my left foot is just so cold and exposed” “I heard on tv that animals are going around stealing socks man I don’t know…” “my foot is gonna get hypothermia”

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What was it like to find out there's a mcfucking fandom for something you made?

Well, there was no “finding out”, I watched it all unfold from the very beginning!  There was some initial buzz that was pretty cool, but I expected it to die down in a couple weeks like most things do.  But it didn’t!  It just kinda kept spreading.  People would ask me questions when they realized I was pretty interactive, and it just kinda went from there.  And it would go through waves, you know? There would be little periods of inactivity, but then someone would come along and discover it, get really into it, draw a cool fanart, or make a gif set, or reblog it on some other site, and it’d sort of revitalize it.  A new wave of fans would come in from that.  And that just kinda keeps happening, honestly! 

What’s weird to me is not that there’s a fandom.  That I can make sense of.  I made the thing, after all.  I’m a fan of things, I get it.  What’s INCREDIBLE to me is how long you guys have sustained yourselves with just the 10 minutes of content I offered!  Hahaha.  So, I mean, you know… that’s pretty inspiring to me, honestly! 

I think there’s been a couple other asks where I’ve elaborated on this.  Here is one, if you’re interested.

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Scout, do you think that Rowena is dead? Honestly I don't think she is... She is such a cool character and she was killed off screen so who knows what happened (right?)

NOT REALLY but i’m also that asshole that thinks cain is still alive because of his off-screen death

they’ve done beheadings on the show before WHY NOT THAT ONE

they could easily have done this last rowena “death” to be an easy-out for the next season. not showing it, they’re literally making it Schrödinger’s Death, because if they run into a wall, they can come up with a quick explanation as to why she’s back, and bring her back

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And so your “the adventures of sheriff Jody and Donna” became reality

HELL YES i know i KNOW

my prophecies are becoming less useless and i am LIVING for it

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Do you think that the Scooby Doo episode will have anything to do with the Trickster (or that it will be because of the other dimensions?)

well that’s the hope right BUT i really can’t say

i WANT to say yes. part of me hopes that with rich on set directing all the time, they’d do the obvious thing and bring him back, seeing as they don’t have to hide him to get him on set like they did with rob

doing this with the animated special would be easy and satisfying, but seeing what happened last season, i think it’s more likely that it’ll be a tear in reality that’ll send them there

in the cal-zone [draco malfoy]

request: “45, 55, 119, 179 and 318 for Draco? Of course, you don’t have to use all of them, but I think it would be awesome if you did any combination of them, because I feel like they work well together. I also wanted to let you know I loved your Draco fic- you’re an amazing writer and you’ve got yourself a new follower! <3″ - @quills-and-quaffles

word count: ~1700

a/n: guess who’s back, back again - it me back w more draco malfoy, the slytherin asshole who i love and hate at the same time! thank u requester for ur lovely compliments!!! thank u for following a lame teen like yours truly (,: also sorry i only did 2 of them yeet i just felt like they went together really well! an additional sorry for changing “i love u, u arsehole” to “i luv u, u arsehole” even tho i’m not rlly sorry. (: i hate myself for this title even tho i laughed like a hyena when i came up with it now enjoy this - i’m hungry for calzones *ben wyatt look into camera*

55: “have i entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

119: “i love you, you asshole.” 

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Boyf riends shotgunning hc's

Shxkskxks I’m sorry if this is inaccurate I do not do the tainted leaf but I still find this concept adorable

-this is actually how Jeremy’s first smoke went, because he was really nervous and for some reason it really helped him calm down

-the first time was also through a fist instead of a kiss because well no homo of course that’s gay- wait you’re gay?

-“wow” “that was uh..” “wow” “yeah that was nice” “wanna do it again?” “Fuck yeah”

-it eventually became habit for them to do it like that when the smoked together

-that is until Michael forgot about the No Homo Tunnel and straight up kissed Jeremy

-those boys never sobered up so fast they were both just kinda screaming at each other things like “OHMYGOD WE KISSED” and “I AM SO SORRY”


-after Jeremy realizes he’s bi he looks back on this moment and wonders how he didn’t see that yes it was homo

-like seriously Jeremy the signs were all there

-when Michael and Jeremy finally start dating they celebrate with a smoke and Michael asks if he wants to shotgun it

- “no homo though, right Jer?” “Hmmm…nah this is like top tier homo…”


What’s this? Numero 6? But trust me this needs to be talked about. I’m a newer fan to K-Pop but NU’EST just snatched me up and went, “You’re our fan now”. And that really is the magic of k-pop and music in general; in one spontaneous swoop I’m instantly a fan–and NU’EST did exactly just that. Kind of like VIXX, I was sure at first that I wasn’t going to be a fan, but never say never. All it takes is that one song to hook you in, and boy did I become hooked. 

NU’EST is really special as an under-appreciated/underrated group that really fell out of radar. Short story: they debuted with a bang and somehow never picked up momentum like other groups that were debuting around the same time (like BTOB, VIXX, EXO, etc). Long story: check out this video. Understanding their story and struggle, makes me believe in them harder. They deserve better and their maximum potential needs to be reached so the world can fall back in love with these 5 talented dorks. I whole-heartedly wish for them to return to their original glory because they deserve it. They’ve shown versatility, perseverance, hard work, and most importantly talent. Bless them.

Bias: Baekho

First of all…just gonna leave this here…

Okay, now that I’ve revealed my thirsty ass, Baekho is a huge part of why I fell in love with Nu’est. The recipe for me to stan a group is as follows: (1) give me that one song that hooks me in and makes me start to listen to other songs, (2) find a song that immediately strikes me as the best thing ever, (3) find my bias. My first exposure to NU’EST was Face (rightfully so) but I wasn’t hooked. It wasn’t until I heard Overcome much later and I was just entranced. Let’s just say Baekho is hot af and is my kind of man. His smile and his laugh are to die for. Oh yeah, and his hair…gurl…one of the big factors of me liking a dude is their hair and his hair is not only the most distinguishing features of his look but also fucking awesome. But then his voice…dear lord…his voice is absolutely glorious…slays me every damn time. A tough guy exterior who’s ultimately seems like a teddy bear underneath, I’m sold. I hope he gets to sing as long as he can ‘cause I love his voice. Baekho is a lot of the man I wish I had in my life lol…

Bias Wrecker: Aron

Here comes to boyfriend type…

Out of the five, he seems like the one who gets the least attention, but hey, that means more Aron to myself ;) . He’s originally from LA and you gotta respect his choice to move to Korea to become the artist he now is and I love hearing him speak english especially when he helps introduces the group. He can rap, although JR is usually the one rapping, and he’s great. He can sing, I love his voice and I squeal and get a little excited whenever I get to hear him sing. He can dance, even though JR steals the spotlight when it comes to his crazy dancing and Ren slays when he does his girl group dancing. Finally, his visual is no joke even against the others how are also handsome af. What his visual appeal to me? Well he’s equal parts cute and sexy (I mean did you see his abs in the Good Bye Bye era…I died). He’s an all-around talented guy and his charm just comes for me and I can’t resist it… It’s a really fine line between my love for both of them because they’re both very much aligned with my kind of guy lol.

TOP 5 Songs:

1. Overcome

2016 was a fucking good year man. I have: Promise (I’ll Be) from 2PM, 1 of 1 and Tell Me What to Do from SHINee, The Eye from INFINITE, Dynamite and Fantasy from VIXX, Ribbon from B2ST/HIGHLIGHT, and now add to that list for me Overcome (and later on Love Paint and Look) from NU’EST. This is everything dammit. This is the song that made me fall in love with NU’EST and made me believe in them hard.

Each member’s voice is highlighted well and the variety among the voices works extremely well together: Baekho covering a strong and powerful lower sound, JR’s rapping covering a gruff lower sound as well, Aron and Ren offer two distinct voices that serve as bridge to Minhyun’s smooth and higher vocals. And let me tell you, I love both Baekho and Aron’s vocals in particular. The music it self switches between three tones: the intense sexy synth of the chorus, the light jazzy beats for the verse, and the softer mellow piano for the ending. This song flew under my radar, but I’m glad I found it because it is some guuud shit right here.

Now for the video/choreography/visuals: sexy af. Knights? Bitch yes. I have Princes for 2PM and now Knights for Nu’est, I’m freaking set. And boy does a knight fit Baekho well (I mean he can wield a sword too lol); I picture Aron more as a prince charming type (considering his outfit in the video), but hell a knight works too. But this hair on Baekho is everything and the subtle blue pushes it beyond perfection. Oh, and that coat on Baekho just….ugh he looks so fucking good. Ren looks fabulous as af with that hair; I personally don’t like androgynous looks, but after getting to know Ren, he pulls it off so well and whether or not he wants that hair (or whether or not you like it) he werks it and deserves major props because his visual is no joke. Minhyun is seducing you with that open shirt and blonde hair and then to top it all of his voice is angelic. JR looks handsome af especially with that greyish-silver hair. The body rolls in the choreography though, talk about icing on the cake. 

NU’EST gave us: sexy choreography, powerful vocals, smooth sound, perfect visuals. The only thing I can criticize is that the video could of been amped up a whole lot further. BUT, Overcome checks off everything I could want from a group. This is a strong comeback that didn’t get the recognition it deserved.

2. Hello?

A ballad? What? Yeah, I don’t really prefer ballad-y types of songs, but this is something special. A complete 180 from what they debuted with, but the composition and performance is just so memorable. What sold me is that move with the tie (what can I say, I like a well dressed man).

The song is very mellow but there’s something about it that just mesmerizing to me. While the style of NU’EST changed for this release, the formula was still there. The song itself is just composed beautifully, everything is smooth and there is enough variety to help keep us entranced and intrigued. Where Minhyun’s sweet voice is the foundation for the typical ballad sound, Baekho provides a contrast that helps add a layer to the vocals of the song. While I find Aron’s raps for the song cheesy, his singing parts make me smile. Ren’s voice especially in that bridge at the end is refreshing to listen too. JR’s rap provides an enormous contrast to the song but at the same time blends so well and I find it extremely pleasant to listen too. This song shows the versatility of NU’EST more than anything and while I prefer their more poppy and upbeat songs, this is a surprise favorite of mine.

3. Love Paint/Look (A Starlight Night)

2016 slayed. Year of Masterpieces. And what do you, NU’EST releases art with Love Paint. The song itself didn’t appeal to me instantly, however it won me over very quickly. Lemme just say that Baekho’s voice in Love Paint is heavenly and I couldn’t resist. The video is extremely aesthetic and nice, but I wish it showed off more of the choreography instead. Everything about this comeback seemed more relaxed especially with the visuals (Baekho’s hair is simply down but that purple though ;) ). Also JR’s rap is really nice with essentially two parts: first mellow and then becomes more fun and active.

Look (A Starlight Night) on the other hand instantly won me over. It feels very jazzy and there a subtle retro vibe going on that’s really nice. While the video is just a simple choreography video, you get to see some nice footwork from the boys. Imagine if they had some kind of starlight backdrop behind them…oh my god it would so beautiful. The only thing I will say, is that I don’t like Baekho’s hairstyle (because I don’t care for that look in particular on any guy). However, yet again, Baekho’s vocals just slay me. 

Canvas and even Q is are both cleverly done albums by NU’EST and deserve a lot of love. NU’EST worked really hard and released some really good music that needs some love.

4. Sleep Talking

Poppy. Colorful. Fun. Sexy. NU’EST returned to their original sound but gave up the angsty look from something more typical pop (and my kind of pop lol). I mean, this is classic k-pop no? Baekho looks mighty fine in fabulous pink hair and looking sexy in his tank top or sleeveless tiger jacket. Minhyun is wearing that green shirt with a stupid cut out in the back giving his fans some skin. Ren is still slaying you with his blond hair. Aron and JR look like the stylists vomited all the patterns over them lol. The dancing is catchy, fun, and has a hint of sexy (see gif). The mood of the song is upbeat and fun and is infectiously happy. And I’m always for music that naturally puts a smile on your face.

5. Face/Action

The song that started it all. Now don’t hurt me, but I actually don’t like this song. BUT I don’t have to love this song to appreciate how good it actually is. There is a reason this debut was so successful and legendary. Let’s check off the list: solid choreography, obligatory dub-step dance break, powerful vocals from Baekho (his vocals strong from debut like gurl…) and Minhyun, catchy beat and sound, strong visuals, and add to that a relatable and appealing concept. If this is what we had to begin with, imagine how much more they still have to offer. STAN TALENT. STAN NU’EST.

These boys comeback not too long afterwards to give you another does of legendary. It’s the same formula as before, but it’s more of my taste (minus the dubstep dance break which feels random but you know, it was a thing). While, NU’EST didn’t keep their initial gritty concept, they showed off many sides to them that I think deserves some merit. Finally,  One thing I’d like to point out is this

bless you Baekho…bless you…

Honorable Mention:

Good Bye Bye

This is the culmination of everything they’ve done before. Let’s mash together the softer side of Hello with the formula of Action/Face (with a dub-step breakdown that I don’t care much for–the vocals during that part though are everything) and add a touch of sexy like Sleep Talking. NU’EST’s visual game stepped up really hard with this song: Aron really came for me this time (have you seen his abs I mean…c’mon…it’s just deadly), Minhyun looks handsome af, Ren is serving you masculine and abs (Ren fans must of been slayed so hard lol), JR in blonde…dear god, and Baekho’s relaxed orange hair is refreshing. The vocals from each member are much stronger (and in just about two years). Minhyun’s vocals really got to shine here. In general they showed off an extremely strong comeback. So please…let’s love NU’EST! ;)

Auston Matthews- New Leaf- Chapter Five

“Who’s jersey are you wearing tonight? 15 or 23?” Erin asked while she was in my closet getting a jersey for me to wear to the game tonight.

“The one with nothing on the back.” I tell her finishing up my make up.

“Really? You don’t want to wear Jack’s or Sam’s tonight? Or maybe wear the other teams jersey.” I roll my eyes.

“Don’t even start with me Erin.”

“Come on you haven’t told me what happen after we left yesterday. Like what did you guys do? Where did you go?” I haven’t told her about us going skating. I don’t know why I haven’t told her yet.

“We all talked and went ice skating.”

“Wait did I just hear you right? They got you to go ice skating? We have been trying to get you out on the ice since we meet you.”

“Can we just finish getting ready and leave so we don’t miss the game.” I grabbed the no name jersey and walked down stairs.

Once we got to the arena we went to our normal seats and found Amanda. We were going to sit down but the girls wanted to go to the glass to see the guys. I looked a the Sabres players and noticed there was a new number out on the ice. Number 70 skated around he was talking to Sam and Jack when he looked up it was Alex Nylander wearing number 70 in a Buffalo Sabres jersey playing against his brother.

“Did you know Alex was playing today?” I looked at them and the shook their heads no.

To Alex:
Were you going to tell me you were playing tonight??

My eyes went over to the other side of the ice where the Leafs were warming up. I saw Will and Matt standing there talking to each other. Looking around to see if I could see anyone else my eyes landed on Auston. He looked so forced.

“If you keep looking over at Auston he’s going to catch you.” Amanda nudged my arm bring my eyes back over to the Sabres side.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Come on you cant tell us that you didn’t have a dirty dream about him last night. Maybe even about how he helped you skate yesterday.” I gave Erin a evil look.

“How did you know he was the one helping me skate?” I didn’t tell her that when I told her that we went skating.

“I didn’t but I know now.”

“Im going back to our seats.” I turned around and sat down. Erin and Amanda followed close behind.

“Em come on don’t get mad because we are trying to help you find feelings again.” Amanda said sitting to the right of me while Erin took the seat to my left.

“Carly told us that you didn’t see anyone when you were over there.” Erin spoke. Remind me to kill Carly next time I see her.

“I know its going to take some time but-“ I stop Amanda before she could finish what she was saying.

“I put trust in Max.” Neither one said something which was shocking so I went on. “Once everything started to happen I found it hard to trust anyone. Manly trying to trust guys.” I looked out to the ice and watched the teams warm up some more.

“Without knowing I but trust in Auston yesterday. I didn’t realize it till Alex said something about it and wanted to test something out.” I took a breath. “Auston promised me that he wouldn’t let me fell onto the ice he said he would be there.”

“He didn’t let you fall did he?” Erin asked

“Alex took me out into the middle of the ice and let go of my hand and I began to lose balance. I was bracing myself for the fall ready to hit the ice but I never did. I felt a pair of arms wrap around me and the arms belonged to Auston. He kept his promise and he was the first guy I have trusted since Max.” I looked between Erin and Amanda  waiting for them to say something but before they could the lights went out and they began to sing the national anthem.

Once the anthem was over and the game started. The girls didn’t bring up what we were talking about before. I was glad they didn’t speech about it anymore at least not right now. I wanted to focus on the game. I wanted to watch Buffalo crush Toronto. There was just one thing that was keeping me fully forced on the game. Well it isn’t a thing its a person and that person’s name is Auston Matthews. Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I put trust in the guy yesterday after one knowing him for a few hours.

Going into the third period its 2-1 Buffalo. Sam got the first goal in the first period and then with twenty seconds left of the first Will got the Leafs first goal. There were many times in the second that I thought the Leafs would score again and lead the game but they didn’t get the second point Buffalo did. Ryan O’Reilly scored the second one with an assist from Jack.

I had to get out of this seat. I haven’t got out of it since the game started. I went to get up but Erin stopped me.

“You aren’t leaving again are you?”

“No I just need to stretch my legs and the game is stressing me out.” She nodded her head and let go of my arm.

I went to use the restroom first. The line wasn’t that long. I went to wash my hands when a group of girls come in giggling. I looked through the mirror and saw them wearing Maple Leafs jersey one was wearing 34 Matthews, another 16 Marner, and then the third and last one was wearing 29 Nylander.

“I can’t wait till we meet the guys after the game.” The girl wearing number 16 said looking at herself in the mirror.

“You know what we should do. We should write our numbers on a napkin and give it to the guys so they could call us.” Number 29 said digging through her bag.

“Or we could just ask them to go out and celebrate their win.” Number 34 said while doing her make up.

Are they being serious? Who are they even talking about. Auston, Mitch and Will? Did they even know what was going on in the game? They were putting make up on, they already have too much on has it is. They keep talking but I just ignore them and walk out.

I looked around at all the food but didn’t see anything I really wanted. I walked back to watch the rest of the game. Once I see the ice in full view I watch the game from where I am at. I looked up at the score and see that its still 2-1. I look down and see Auston got a break away raced down the ice. It was just Auston and the goalie. He tricked him and scored. I noticed a smile on my face and walked down to the girls.

“What’s got you so smiley?” Erin asked

“Its because Auston just scored.” Amanda said.

“It is not.” It totally is but I won’t tell them that.

“It so is don’t deny it.” I laughed at Amanda and looked back to the ice and saw there was one minute left of the game.

“Are you going to see him after the game?” I looked away and looked at Amanda.


“Auston of course.” Just as she said that the gaol buzzer went off again. I looked at Buffalo it wasn’t them I looked over at the Leafs and saw them celebrating. I looked up see a reply of what happened and saw Auston scored again.

The girls and I waited for everyone to clear out some and started making our way down to the tunnels. I lean against the wall and began looking through Instagram  and Twitter.

I heard some guys coming out from one of the hallways. Before I got a chance to look to see who was coming. I heard some girls calling out some names. I look up and see the same girls from the bathroom walk down the hall I looked the other way to see where the were going and see Will, Mitch, Matt, Tyler, and lastly Auston. The only names the girls called out though were Will, Mitch, and Auston.

“If they go and hang out with those girls they will lose all respect I have for them.” Erin said looking at the girls. I looked back up over at them and my eyes went to the girl that was with Auston. He looked passed the girl and locked eyes with me. He stood up straighter and smiled. I looked away and saw Jack, Sam, and Alex walking our way.

“Sam that was an amazing goal you had.” I told him while he hugged Amanda.

“Thanks Em! You should be telling that to Matthews.”

“I would but he is caught up right now.” I pointed over at Auston who is still talking to that girl.

“You should go over there and just start talking to him.” Jack said

“I am not that kind of person.” I looked at my phone and saw miss call from Pat. I will call him later. I turned to Alex. “Why didn’t you tell me you were playing tonight? Against your brother.”

“I wanted it to be a surprise I found out yesterday. I knew you were going to be here.” He came up to me and hugged me. I could never be mad at Alex.

“Well you played really good.”

“Em I think Matthews is the kind of person to leave a girl while she’s talking.” Erin said I look at her confused. “He’s walking over here.” I look over there and see him walking over here. I glanced over his shoulder and see the girl he was talking to looked pissed off.

“We will leave you two to talk.” Amanda said leaving with the others.

“I was really hoping you were going to be wearing a Leafs jersey.” I laughed and looked up at him.

“Well that won’t happen and plus I don’t even have your jersey.”

“Come on not even when you come to one of our home games? I could lend you one of my jerseys.” He wanted me to come to one of his home games?

“To a home game?” I asked him

“Well I would hope you would come to one maybe or if you don’t want to then-“ I stoped him and laughed.

“I would love to come to one of your home games.”

“Wearing number 34.” He smirked

“I was thinking 29 or maybe 16.” I joked with him.

“I will just have to buy you one before you buy yourself one.”

“Oh no you aren’t buying me anything else.”

“Anything else I haven’t bought you anything.”

“Oh don’t play dumb Matthews it doesn’t look good on you. I know you bought my milkshake.”

“Who told you?”


“Of course he did. He can’t keep a secret.” I looked behind him. I followed his eyes and looked over at the guys who were still with the annoying girls.

I was just about to say something when Auston took my hand and started pulling out of the arena. I tried asking him where we were going but he didn’t answer me.

“You drove here right?” Auston said as we got into the elevator.

“Yeah but I am not going anywhere till you tell me where we are going.”

He didn’t say anything all he did was look at me. He stepped closer. Brought his hand up to my face a put a piece of my hair behind my ear. I wanted to take my hands and run them through his hair so badly. I noticed him leaning in but before his lips touch mine the elevator dinged and the doors opened. I stepped back and look at the doors which were opening now. As we walked out someone called out Auston’s name.

“Matts you better be going back to the hotel.” I looked over to see who it was but I didn’t know.

“Coach I was going to go out for a bit.”

“Not tonight I got the plane to leave tonight instead of tomorrow so you better get back to the hotel and get ready.” The guy walk off into the elevator. “I am going to tell everyone else right now. I will catch up on you back at the hotel.” He said warning Auston.

“Well I was going to take you out for some food but I guess not anymore.” The look in his eyes were sad.

“Well we will make plans for me to come to Toronto and see you play on home ice.”

“And you will be wearing 34.”

“Don’t push it.” He laughed and walked me to my car.

Auston opened up the door for me. I was about to get in but a pair of arms wrapped around me turned me around and kissed me. Once I realized that it was Auston I put my arms around his neck and found my fingers tangled in his hair. His hands were on both sides of my hips pulling me closer. The sparks that were coming off us were unbelievable. I have never had a kiss like this not even with Max. Max crap. I pulled away and backed up against the car.

“I’m sorry I can’t” I put my hand up to my lips.

“Can’t? I didn’t know you were seeing anyone.” Auston said

“I’m not but- I mean its complicated.” I looked down at my feet.

“I see.” Auston didn’t say anything else all he did was walk away.

Well great I just fucked that up. All thanks to Max why in the world did I stop kiss him all because of Max. Even when he isn’t beating to death he is still ruining things for me. Auston is a great guy. I have been wanting someone like him. I think that someone would be Max but it wasn’t Its Auston. I ruined things.

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I just found your blog and I love it! I would really appreciate it if you could do one with 93. Please and thank you! :)

 Sorry it took so long on this! I needed a little help!

93: “Are you high?”


“What the hell were you thinking, Y/N?” Dean yelled at you. He slammed the door as soon as he walked in, pushing you forward.

“I was just thinking of havin’ a little fun, Dean.” You crossed your arms and mumbled under your breath. “It’s not like it’s the first time anyways…”

Both of your brothers’ eyes went wide. You could hear Dean let out a quiet, but audible, growl. He stomped down the steps to where you and Sam were standing by the table in the war room. Sam looked down at you, his form towering over yours. He didn’t speak, but his eyes said it all. You had upset him, greatly. Tearing your gaze away from him, you looked back to your oldest brother.

You threw your head back and gave a chuckle trying to control yourself from full on laughter. “Have I ever told you that you look like a great big four-year-old stompin’ around like that?”

Dean opened his mouth to speak, but he fell short of breath when he saw your eyes. Your smirk slowly fell when you noticed the fire rekindle in his eyes, brighter than before. For a small second, fear flashed through you, then it was gone. You held your ground.

You watched as his eyes took on a darker hue. His anger growing by the second. He didn’t break your gaze; he refused to back down. Slowly, he spoke, “Are you high?”

Sam’s eyes snapped towards you. You scoffed, “Uh… No?” It came out more of a question, but when Dean let out a growl, you made a last second decision to take off running. You had to admit, it was a little fun. Which is what made you shout out, possibly your last words: “Sorry not sorry!”

And that’s how you ended up locked in your room for a month and a half, doing research only, cleaning all of the weapons in the bunker.

anyways cis is more like a lack of identity than an identity. it’s not default, not normal, but somebody else told you what you were and you went with it and never really questioned it hard enough to kill it off. when i meet cis people, i just kind of assume they don’t think about themselves enough.

superstition-ghost  asked:

Broly? :×


send me a character and i’ll tell you:

  • sexual orientation headcanon: gay 
  • gender headcanon: genderfluid ! :0
  • mental illness / neurodivergent headcanon: oh man this dude’s got a lot going on…he’s Really depressed n most likely has bpd. i also hc him as having an anxiety disorder. he stims also
  • 3 random headcanons: it wasnt just goku crying as a kid that made him really like. mad this dude got really fucked up as a kid and went thru some serious trauma (imagine being stabbed on the day u were born jfc. not to mention his dad was absolutely awful to him) / cant read social cues at all + just generally bad at communicating / doesnt take care of himself in the slightest

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what do you love the most about vauseman as a couple?

well god where do I even start.

I guess, thinking about it, one of my favorite things about them is that they’re really messy? they’re just… flawed… & I really like that a lot? like both as individual characters & as a couple. I like that they started in one place & ended up somewhere so different. I like that their love has been presented as both selfish & selfless. I like that it’s been presented through this threading of interwoven intense love & intense hatred. I like that… they’re allowed to be shown in a way that can come off as toxic at first glance but is actually fueled by something so much deeper when you strip all the petty shallow layers away?

I think honestly one of the reasons they’ve kept my attention so long is the journey their relationship & character arcs have gone on? I like that they started out as like… these two stupid kids. I love cocky Alex who thought she was untouchable, & I love naive Piper who just couldn’t see the danger in their world because she was so blinded by Alex. & I love that their relationship imploded because of that. I love that they honestly kind of HAD to separate from each other in order to be able to become people who could be together. & I love that they were always at the back of each other’s minds as they were becoming these new people. like, despite the fact that the breakup was messy & they both sort of acknowledged they’d never really see each other again, they also never really… let go of it? I love that they never falter on the fact that they’re the love of each other’s lives. I love that Alex can sit in a bar how many years later & still confess to loving Piper, & I love that Piper can sit in a courtroom how many years later & still acknowledge Alex as the love of her life. & I love the people they became BECAUSE of all this.

I just like that they’ve come so far? I like getting to see so many different sides of them. again both as a couple & as individual characters. & while I was definitely more into their darker shit in the first few seasons than I am into their domestic fluff in these later seasons, I do still love the domestic shit, even if it’s not as interesting to me. I’m like… beyond thrilled about the marriage proposal. I’ve always sort of gone back & forth on if they’d ever go there, but I definitely never thought it’d be something we’d actually get to see on the show. I just. I love how much their relationship has evolved while all (or mostly. because. season three.) feeling so… natural? & like… good. I love that they can present the relationship to us one way one season & then completely flip in on it’s head in the next, or completely swap Piper & Alex’s roles in it around in the next. idk. I just think it’s really well written. it’s not the sort of relationship you get to see a lot on tv, & it’s ESPECIALLY not the kind of relationship (or characterization) you get to see between women on tv. like say what you will about orange, or vauseman, or piper & alex individually, but we are so lucky to have female wlw characters like them. THAT’S what I like about them. they’re imperfect. & they’re a mess. & it’s something that’s so rare to see in this capacity. & I’m just so grateful for & enamored by it??

okay so I always knew that misophonics hear their trigger sounds louder than people without misophonia. like, it’s been proven by science. I knew that.

but let me tell you it was still an otherworldly experience the other day when I thought something was a trigger sound, died, went wait: what if it came from the tv instead and wasn’t a trigger sound? rewinded to check and heard the same sound as before like TEN TIMES QUIETER

I was in shock??? I didn’t recognize it bc how could it be the same as the impossibly loud sound I just heard a few seconds ago?? how??? guys the difference is unreal like when misophonia fucks you up it really fucks you up

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hey I really don't want to be rude or anything so if this comes off like it than you can totally just ignore this but what's the difference between bisexual and pansexual? i've been kinda struggling with figuring out my sexuality and ive been really confused on how I can know what I am if that makes sense??

hey bud!! this isn’t rude at all.

when i was deciding on labels for myself i went through a couple different labels, i started off identifying as heteroromantic and bisexual (JOKES) because i realized that i was sexually attracted to women, and bisexual was the only label i knew that included both women and men. when i learned about the term pansexual (and realized that i actually do experience romantic attraction to women), i felt that the “pan” prefix, meaning “all” instead of “two” better fit what i felt in my heart. 

i know a lot of people who identify as bisexual who are totally open to romantic/sexual feelings for people who are trans/non-binary, which is the biggest back-and-forth issue for a lot of people deciding between bi or pansexual. in the end it’s all about personal preference. whichever label you’re comfortable using is the one you should use - and if that’s no label, either for a while as you’re figuring things out, or forever, that’s cool too!

I N F O - changes

so.. I have no ideas and to be completely honest with you guys, I’m just too lazy to keep this blog running and to come up with prompts n shit (•ω•)’ I’m sorry. BUT in the past I have reblogged a few posts of people and artists who need help affording their rent and I was really happy to see that after that, the notes of those posts went up. I would like to use my range of 4.000 followers to boost posts of that kind and to help some artists out. Tbh I don’t care if anyone will be pissed at me for changing my blog theme (kind of) but this is just important to me personally (✿´‿`)

So, if you need and want a signal boost or saw a post of another artist asking for help and support or know a friend etc, message me and I will gladly share that post! ALSO to not completely loose the main theme of this blog, you can still submit drawing prompts or send them via ask!

so yea that’s it, have a nice day
Trey Songz Is...A Chef (Uncensored)

A/N: Part Two (NSFW)

Bon Appétit (Uncensored)

Kelly POV

I knew it was a strong change I would be rejected but I thought fuck it. He’s seen what just happened and maybe I’d receive a little comfort and sympathy for it.

As you can see my evening just went south pole. I’m upset about it but not surprised. But after what I was just given and considering how fine you really are, I would like for  you…to help me cap off my evening,” I proposed feeling the tingle and burn behind my words. 

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Sam’s Adventure

I went to California and took Sam on an adventure. We made it to the Salt Flats first.

He liked Nevada too. Especially the random Arctic Circle in Elko, and the Nugget tower in Wendover. (My family played the game “How many Jacksepticeye references can you find in one place” and we got hung up on Nugget from the Kindergarten game) But he really liked California.

We had fun in Old Sacramento on the Sacramento River (we don’t know what that pyramid building is for). We had fun in the pool, splashing in the water, and at Donner Lake just enjoying the mountain air and scenery.


trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Oh noes, Shag and Scoob got frozen into blocks of ice!

Y’know, like you do. It just happens sometimes.

Fortunately, the ice was kind enough to leave them arm holes.

Ok, Scooby, just reach up and steer the sled to safety! I know later on, you and Shag move your arms a ton while in the ice, so it’ll be eas–


Or, just let yourselves hurdle off the cliff. That works too.

They go flying down the incline, which turns out to be a ski jump, and–…


yeah, no, the ice completely disappeared. Prolly due to a conversation that went something like:

Carl the Animator: “Ted, uh… do we really need ice on them for ski jump scene?”

Ted the Animator: “Um… yeah? They’re still frozen inside it.”

Carl the Animator: “But then I’d have to re-draw part of it!”

Ted the Animator: “…and? It’s maybe 5 seconds long.”

Carl the Animator:Aaaaaaand I only have time to draw the ice or make another pot of coffee.”

Ted the Animator: “No ice it is, then.”

Carl the Animator: “Meh. No one’s gonna notice.”

Ted the Animator: “Won’t it seem a little odd, though, that the ice magically reappears two seconds later?”

Carl the Animator: “No one’ll notice that either.”

Ted the Animator: “…you think?”

Carl the Animator: “Positive. I mean, what, d’ya think someone’s gonna check it frame-by-frame and put it on the internet?”

Ted the Animator: “…ok, yeah, that does sound a little far-fetched.”

Carl the Animator: “See? Come on, nobody would want to seen that.

You Who... [M] (ft. Jeongguk)

Drabble Game Prompt 96. “Here, let me.” with badboy/jock!jeongguk

→ badboy football jk (warning: overstimulation, cumplay, fluff, and fuckingjeonjungkook)
→ 1.4k words prequel part 01 | 02

A/N: i have no idea where this came from, my hand sort of slipped, jfc what have i done 

UPDATE: added the highly-requested prequel as a thank you for 1k+ notes :) make sure to check out Give and Take! It’s a similar AU to this one! 

“There you go, yes, you can do it babe,” Jeongguk encourages, as you bite down on your lip.  

He grins up at you as you move your hips slowly against his, finding the way you squeeze your eyes shut tightly the cutest thing ever. 

“J-jeongguk I-I can’t–” you stutter, arms clutching at his bare shoulders as your movements stutter and begin to slow down. But you whimper instead at the loss of friction between your legs and begin to cry tears of frustration as you don’t know whether to continue grinding against him and chase after another orgasm or to stop completely. 

He just laughs huskily from beneath you, and wipes a tear from your cheek and presses a quick peck to your chin as you make up your mind and your movements continue. His head dips down to press open-mouthed kisses against your collarbone, painting the skin there in blossoms of red and pink. “Shh,” he grates against your neck, a gentle hand coming up to stroke down your spine and settling on the curve of your hip to firmly help guide you up and down his cock. “you got this.” 

He’s in awe as he watches you desperately move against him, your soft breasts and nipples brushing up against his hard chest and melting him on the spot. It’s been years since he’s met you and only a few months since the both of you finally started having sex, but he’s secretly delighted at how sensitive you are and how desperate you are to pleasure the both of you. He wants to spread you out and fuck you with his fingers and tongue and make you cum over and over until you’re screaming hoarsely or tie you down onto the bed and tease you for hours until you’re begging for him, but he smiles as he relishes in actually convincing you to top him for once. 

Cause this time he’s being a little selfish and pushing the boundaries on how far he can take you because he’s currently coaxing your through your third orgasm and is harder than he’s ever been in his life as he watches you in tears because you’re desperate to reach the peak once again. 

You muffle your cries in in his neck and thread your fingers in his hair as you feel the wave approaching again. “Jeongguk, ‘m gonna come,” you murmur breathlessly, making his dick clench at how fucking submissive you sound to him right now. He whispers sooth encouragements into your ear and moves his hips up to meet yours just right and grazes the spot inside of you that has you cringing and sighing into his neck as he grunts when you clamp down on him and bite gently into his shoulder to muffle your cries. 

The orgasm is stronger than the last two he brought you to with his fingers and his mouth, respectively, as the feeling of his skin beneath your fingertips and the sheer rawness of his length brushing your walls makes you clamp down on his girth harder than you’ve ever come before. You cry out and clench your teeth and you’re going through your third intense wave of your orgasm when suddenly he flips the both of you over and pins your hips to his bed and begins to pound into you desperately.

His voice is strained and his hairline slick with sweat as he props himself up above you and glares determinedly into your face thats scrunched up in pleasure, moving his hips against you until he reaches his own peak. You feel his dick twitch once before he’s letting out a loud groan and a strangled cry of your name before his chest pulses for a moment and then he slumps down onto you. 

The both of you are spent and you’re still crying from the overwhelming feeling of being coaxed through three orgasms, with the third being the most intense you’ve ever felt in your life, and your chest heaves from the effort it took. Jeongguk is no better, as he pulls out of you with a groan and kneels between your legs. 

Taking advantage of your slumped and exhausted state, he pushes up a thigh and leans down a bit to see how his cum leaks out of your slit and grasps his cock that hasn’t softened yet with a groan. He gently holds the base of his sensitive member and collects the cum that’s already oozed out onto your thigh with his tip before pushing it back into you. 

You let out a strangled cry, a hand coming up to your mouth so you can muffle your cries, and another desperately clutching onto the wrist holding onto your thigh. He pauses, glancing up at your expression and waiting for you to push him away, but a slight movement of your wrist draws your thigh higher up and his hips a bit closer to you. Grinning, he grasps his softening cock once again and drags his tip from your upper thigh back into your slit, massaging his own cum into your center. 

When he’s completely limp and cringing himself from the overstimulation of pushing himself back into your pussy, he drops your thigh and climbs back up, whispering sweet things into your ear. 

“Baby, you were so good,” he coos, smoothing back your hair and wiping leftover tears. “You deserved that, you were so hot. Here, let me,” he gets a warm towel from the restroom and wipes down your thighs and core before dressing you in his t-shirt (a sight which he’ll never admit he absolutely loves) and pulling on a pair of boxers before climbing into bed with you and pulling you into his chest.

“I loved it.” 

You hiccup, breath short from the sensitivity but also from your tears. “You did?” 

And he thinks its the damned cutest thing ever, how even if you were an innocent girl he’d never thought he’d date, you suddenly turned into a sex starved shyer version of yourself because of him, and then returned back to the sweet blushing one he’d fallen in love with even after hours of rough sex and the dirtiest things. It absolutely fucking thrills him and makes his dick so hard whenever he brings you to too many orgasms, when you reach the point where you dont know whether to stop or continue, or to cry or kiss him. He’s had his fair share of flings and sexcapades, but he knows that the only girl who’s ever made him so whipped, the only girl who’s gotten Jeon Jeongguk wrapped around her tiny little finger, is you. 

You who he began to tease and flirt with as a joke, but ended up falling so damn hard for you after just a partner project where you ended up sympathizing with him and treating him like a real fucking human being, and not the football athlete that everyone worshipped and expected so much out of. You who always looked at him, past his body and face and extracurriculars, and into his soul and really truly understood who he was at the core. You who drunkenly kissed him one night underneath the stars and you who’s cheeks went furiously red when he kissed you again in front of the entire school. You who weren’t afraid of telling him when he was being too cocky or just a dick, and made sure to keep him in check, to the point that his teammates were commenting on what a kind softie he was becoming. 

And finally, you who he found himself hopelessly irrevocably in love with. 

And he looks down at you, with your bare face that’s not really anything special. Eyes, nose, and lips that are average, hair that’s common, and a body that others will say they’ve seen better. But its the way you look at him with your eyes that makes him love you. The way you press your nose against his neck when you cuddle with him and the way you shyly move your soft lips against him when you kiss him goodbye. It’s the way your hair feels like absolute silk underneath his fingers when he runs his hands through them when you’re asleep, and the way your entire body literally lights up and bends at his will and his only

Those are the things, amongst many, that made the high and mighty bad boy Jeon Jeongguk fall in love with you. 

So he cups your face and smiles as he pecks against your lips, peppering your face with them until you giggle and shriek against his attack. Laughing, he draws you close. 

“I did, because I fucking love you.”

Prequel: 01 & 02 [fin], Give and Take[M]