like you really just went there

I wish I knew how exactly Mon-El’s date with Eve went.

Like how did he even get onto the topic of Kara?

When they were getting on the elevator did he say something like “Did Kara seem upset to you? She said it was nothing but I think I saw The Crinkle.” and then after explaining what the crinkle is just never really stopped talking about her? Did they go to a restaurant that served potstickers and he told Eve they were Kara’s favorite? Did Eve make a passing comment about how nice or sweet Kara is and Mon-El was like “OMG! You have no idea.” and then just ran with the topic?

What did he say about her? What kind of things did he think were so fascinating and wonderful about Kara, what details has he learned about her that he needed to share? Obviously he’s been paying more attention than some people like to give him credit for because he’s learned enough about her to occupy the conversation for an entire date with Kara Facts - and keep in mind they couldn’t Supergirl Facts - they had to be strictly Kara Facts.

Did he even realize he was doing it? Did he notice that it was happening but couldn’t help it? I know he’s a talker and can ramble but he had to be really involved in his Kara talk in order to go through an entire date talking exclusively about her.

I would love to hear some headcanons! Oooooh has anyone written a fic about this?

mikaistrash  asked:

Hey! Could I request that you write something about MC going on a beach trip with RFA+Saeran and while they're there, MC gets her leg caught in some seaweed while swimming in the deep and RFA+Saeran have to save her?

hello there! tysm for this request, it was really fun to write lol. I hope you like it! (but if you wanted smth different please let me know) ♥

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • this is his chance to prove to you that he’s a manly man.
  • I mean, he took swimming lessons when he was like eight.
  • he went to a swimming club for maybe two or three weeks.
  • except he doesn’t because he’s so smol and tiny.
  • struggles to untangle the seaweed.
  • did something just hit his head? is that even possible??
  • when you’re finally safe and out of the water
  • you notice something red and sticky in his forehead
  • “is that blood? are you okay, yoosung?”
  • “oh my god hOW.”


  • what was that? his baby is in danger?
  • pleasE.
  • has no problem whatsoever saving his princess.
  • and looks stunning while doing it, takes off his shirt for dramatic effect and everything.
  • “I saw a man so beautiful I started crying???”
  • mutters a very confused boy witnessing the scene.
  • frees your leg quite easily and carries you bridal style out of the water.
  • “time for some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, babe.”
  • being in danger when this man is around has to be an actual blessing.


  • do not ever question this lady’s abilities.
  • no wonder the rest of RFA relies on her so much.
  • “oh no, MC, are you stuck?! let me help you, wait a sec.”
  • acts super fast, in the blink of an eye you’re free and safe.
  • wow.
  • she mentioned having a black belt in judo before
  • but she never said anything about hAVING MERMAID GENES??
  • “MC please be more careful next time, you could’ve drowned.”
  • we don’t deserve jaehee kang.


  • “MC, what the—? what’s wrong?”
  • oh.
  • it looks like a scene from a soap opera he watched the other day?
  • and this is the part where he has to save you.
  • if only he weren’t so awkward and composed.
  • that doesn’t mean he’s a bad swimmer, though.
  • does his thing effortlessly and brings you back safe and sound.
  • and yes, he’s carrying you.
  • but he refuses to put you down until you let him say some cheesy lines and give you a passionate kiss.
  • how is it possible for this man to make everything both weird and adorable at the same time? he can’t be real.


  • my boy
  • my bean
  • he would literally die for you.
  • so this should be easy for him, right?
  • ok he’s not that fit but he did undergo physical training at some point.
  • fucking FIGHTS the seaweed.
  • and after making sure that you’re safe 
  • he comes out of the water screaming and covered in seaweed.
  • “they almost got us, MC! but I’m much stronger!! don’t worry I’ll rescue you from these bastards!”
  • boy, what are you doing.
  • “for real though MC don’t do that again, you need to be more careful I was super worried about you.”


  • uhm
  • okay, he hasn’t lost his sight 100% but this is still hard.
  • is taking pictures when it happens.
  • wait just a minute ago you were laughing and splashing water, is everything okay? why are you so quiet now?
  • starts calling your name: no answer.
  • it’s time to Panic
  • honestly asking for help is the wisest thing to do, acting like a hero would only put you in more danger.
  • thank you stranger that had no trouble rescuing you.
  • when you’re back, he holds you tight and apologizes for not being of much help
  • sweet baby boy please there’s no need to apologize.
  • now please let MC breathe.


  • “…has anybody thought of calling the damn lifeguard? no?”
  • “you’re all fucking useless and I hate you.”
  • but saeran, honey, the lifeguard is nowhere to be seen
  • wait what? fuck.
  • he won’t admit it, but things like this actually scare him a little?
  • still, he throws himself into the sea, tries to free your leg because he cares, and gets you out of the deep.
  • “here, put your arm around my shoulders.”
  • he’s quite proud of himself for being useful.
  • blushes and gets all flustered when you thank him aw sweetie.

I think a lot about the process of understanding that got me to where I am today.

When I was 14 years old, I didn’t really question why I liked to shop in the “men’s” section. I didn’t question why I felt more at ease with my guy friends, why I could relate to them better, or why they told me I was “just like one of the guys.” I didn’t question why I literally went through a depression because I was so desperate for people to see me a certain way (that was most decidedly the opposite of feminine.)

I didn’t question my anti-feminist phase where my uneducated ass not only rejected the concepts, but couldn’t really identify with them. I didn’t question why I had grown up hating the color pink, or why I felt uncomfortable in dresses, or why compliments on my looks made me feel uncomfortable, or why the concept of relationships where a guy looked at me like a girl and we followed a heterosexual expectation made me feel sick.

Because I had never even heard of being transgender. By the time I had and had learned what it actually meant, it never even crossed my mind as a possibility. Because those feelings, all those tells, were never consistent. I couldn’t be trans because I like makeup and stylish clothing sometimes. Even later after I had discovered the term “genderqueer,” I still tossed the idea of being male/masculine because the feeling never stayed.

I had heard the term “genderfluid” before and had a general idea of what it meant. But for some reason it never connected with what I felt. Instead it was so much easier to constantly doubt myself as some sort of faker, because if my feelings were so weak as to always be changing, they must be my imagination.

I think the main thing that finally clued me in was my dysphoria getting bad to the point of undeniability. I experienced it so bad I just went “fuck it, I feel like shit for not having a penis, I like it when people refer to me with masculine pronouns and terms, and I only wear compressing sports bras. I’m a fucking dude.” And it finally dawned on me that yea, I could feel both masculine, neutral, AND a combination if I was…fluid between them.

It’s really difficult to accept who you are if it’s always changing. It’s even harder when you’re just learning shit and none of it makes sense, much less your own feelings. It’s so much easier to doubt and hate yourself in that situation. You feel like you never know what you want, but no matter what you’re faking it, and no one else will ever be able to take you seriously. 

But I’m 21 now and I’m pretty confident in myself. Sometimes I still struggle with that doubt, and it keeps me from making steps that would probably make me happier, makes me hesitate to do things that I eventually do and realize make me feel much easier with myself, much more comfortable. I’m working on it, and I’ll get there eventually.

All you other kids will too. Whatever stage you’re in, you’ll make progress and you’ll get there. I hope maybe this post might be an encouragement to some people who struggle with doubting themselves, or their experience, or maybe even help clue in a questioning genderfluid/trans kids. Cause it’s hard, and confusing, but you get there in the end. You discover yourself, and you learn to accept and be happy with yourself. Even if you don’t know the words yet, or your feelings don’t make sense, you will understand one day, and it’ll be good.


【Anisama 2017】 Animelo Summer Live 2017 -THE CARD-

Shoutan’s announced to perform on day 2 08/26(Sat)!!!!!!

OMEDETOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! 3rd year in a row!!!


‪For watching! All  51 episodes of Future Card Buddyfight DDD!‬
‪Thank you very much!!!!!!!! 1 year really just went by like that.‬
‪Thanks to everyone’s support we were able to complete it.
‪Really really thank you very much!!!‬
‪Three D members have gathered together!!!‬

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm sorry to bother you with this. But I just really feel like venting. I just went to the dallas concert and it WAS amazing. But I feel really depressed ... not just the fact that it's over, but the fact that I felt like I missed an opportunity. Taemin is my favorite person ever and I had a perfect seat and view of him -- he was literally performing right In front of me. I felt him looking in my direction and I felt like he looked at me several times but I was too shy and couldn't make

Eye contact with him and I instead looked at the other members which I feel bad about. And I felt like I had a perfect chance to wave to him and I felt like he would have waved back, but again I was shy and I missed another opportunity. I wanted to get out my taemin fan that I got and wave it to him but before I knew it, shinee already left the stage kind of abruptly. I don’t know – I just feel like I I missed an opportunity and I’m like beating myself up over this.

I really wanted to show my love for him and have him see how much I admire him but I didn’t .. I was too shy. The members especially taemin didn’t feel real and I wanted to get a chance to at least wave to him – I don’t know when or if I’ll be able to see them again or if I can even get that seat again. I don’t want to be too depressed over this

At first, you don’t need to worry about what you’re feeling. You’ve lived one of the most exciting experiences ever and of course you need your time to process everything that has happened, you’re not the only one who is living this feeling right now and I’m pretty sure lots of shawols like you are feeling really deep these concerts.

You know, as a fan sometimes I see how cute is some shawols enjoy preparing special stuff for each member and I think “oh, I’d like to do that too”, but then I think “no, tbh I wouldn’t”. I think being into a fandom gives us all these moments of realizing how small or big we can be. I wouldn’t be able to try to catch attention from Taemin because I’m REALLY shy and introvert, and I’d feel like dying if he looked at me, but at the same time I feel such a warm feeling because I have such lovely feelings for Taemin I think I’m going to explode of happiness every time I think of how much I appreciate him, and I feel so happy, I feel so big for being a fan of Taemin. Same happens for all SHINee members. All this love I feel for all of them makes me so important, I’m proud of being a shawol, even if I’m just a small and random person. But, just because you’re not able to express with words or gestures your feelings in just a little moment it doesn’t mean they didn’t feel your love. They’re smiling a lot in these concerts, they truly mean what they say, and it’s so cute.

They have to look to shawols faces of different places around the world and of course it’s impossible for them to learn the story of each of us, but that doesn’t mean they don’t look at you or that they don’t feel your excitement, because you can easily notice in their eyes, in their smiles, in how they get deeply focused on performing well, that your energy does arrive to them. It’s true, you are feeling right now so small because you wanted to make your heart scream, but it hasn’t been useless at all. You were already there, you know how MUCH means that for them? They might not know your name, they might have seen you between lots of people, but they felt your love, they felt you were THERE for THEM. That’s the biggest treasure we can give them as shawols. We can’t have all the experiences that K-shawols or J-shawols have, but you’ve made it to be there, to show them your heart beats really hard for them even after all these years. You’ve been a special person because you’ve been in that special concert for them. You’re special and important for SHINee just for being a shawol.

Right now it’s better that you go to rest. Take a shower if you need it, eat some delicious food, cry if you need it and then go to sleep and rest well. Once all the excitement goes away, you’ll see how beautiful has been that experience for you, for all shawols and for SHINee, and you won’t feel small anymore, because trust me, you’re SO big and important for being a shawol. And opportunities happen for a reason. If you got this one, never stop dreaming of a new one. Congrats for being there and thank you for giving your everything for SHINee and Taemin ( ∩ˇωˇ∩)♡

it’s so weird how in most languages using “it” about a person is really disrespectful and should never be used because it dehumanizes them, but in finland no one uses “she/he” (aka “hän”) when referring to a person unless it’s a formal text. we just say “se” (it). like for example if you wanted to say

“she went to the grocery store.” you’d say
“se meni ruokakauppaan” (it went to the grocery store)

and sometimes using “hän” is seen as salty/sarcastic like if i was salty at someone i could go “mutta hänellehän se ei kelpaa” (idk how to translate but it’s along the lines of “but of course it doesn’t suit her/him”)

is there any other languages that use “it” to refer to people when casually speaking??

anonymous asked:

hey i was away for a while and now i'm back and i went on the skam website and??? the biggest disappointment of my life; clips are no longer available outside of norway.. do i kill myself now or what .... h.a.l.p

Honestly I’m sure the episodes will be available for y'all through some illegal shit just like last time, I mean where there really that many who watched skam on the website when 99% of you don’t know Norwegian? But do not panic my friend I’m sure the skam fandom will provide!!!

Guys, guys, guys, guys! I’m really excited for the Captain Underpants movie okay. This was on display at the mall (which is also our movie theater).

Okay, I was a huge fan as a kid, and I’ve been hoping they’d make a movie (or TV cartoon) of the books ever since like elementary school. We saw the trailer when me and Nick went to see Power Rangers today (which is really good btw, you all should totally see it), and it was just amazing seeing my childhood come to life onscreen.

I might need to steal my books back from my siblings and reread them.

idk man shows like steven universe, despite where the show’s writing went and where it’s going, is still a really important series to children y’know 


I went to go turn in my test today and while stapling my test, I accidentally hit the clipboard on his desk and it moved like one inch. Him, being a melodramatic queen, smiled at me and said, “Why are you throwing things off of my desk?”

*cough cough* I’m knocking things off of his desk to make room for him to fuck me. Like hellooooo.

But lmao it was just an accident that I hit his clipboard, and I said, “I don’t know, I’m just really angry” and I smiled back at him.

Okay like does the rest of the class notice that we want to fuck each other. Because his flirtatious smile makes me literally feel like he wants to fuck me then and there.

anonymous asked:

My crush isnt really my crush anymore and heres why- he really liked me back, we went on 2 dates, talked over text and snapchat all the time even after that, then all of a sudden he just kind of got bored of me i guess?? In person hes different which is weird. And id still snapchat him and he would still respond and stuff but finally i just decided not to and he hasnt reached out so i just. I hate relationships and boys 🙄

I totally get what you mean about people being different in person compared to over the phone. I’m really against people trying to ‘get to know me’ over Facebook because I’m like it will just be awkward in person if we get super open and friendly online. Personally, I think you’ve really got to connect in person first. I hate people who when you snapchat them, they reply with something entirely different, especially when what you send was hilarious… I think if he’s stopped communicating with you then it’s a sign to move on to better things! x

tamaraandtori  asked:

Everyone else I sent that comic to said that Tom looks like a slut. XD -Mod Tam

{Mod Ryuu: Really? I don’t really see it as him being a slut if it’s just them. Now if he went out in the middle of a city wearing that I could see him potentially getting mistaken for a dancer/stripper <XD}

((He’s just wearing a belly shirt? That doesn’t make you a slut imo. ~Mod Silver))

storysongandstars  asked:

Okay so I just read all of your liveblogs after learning about you from Lore and I love them so far! It's always nice to find livebloggers completely free of spoilers and, wow, you didn't even know that the characters were gemstone themed! I also really like seeing your perspectives and reactions, they are very unique! Like it's cool how when you started the first episode your mind immediately went to aliens and sci-fi, most people tend to think of it as magic and fantasy.

Thank you, i hope to continue entertaining you in the future. I’m glad i was this blind since that makes my experience of watching the show even better. And well, i am always trying to find logic in everything, even if it’s illogical, and i’m really stubborn so i won’t just go with the “it’s magic!!!!11!!1” explaination of the things happening in the show.

anonymous asked:

Hal, I know you've answered this question before but every day I watch you enjying your self in MGS land and I just deperatly want to join you there, where should I start?

OOO i went in order of the timeline rather than in order of release date, you can do either it’s up to you but if you do like i did the order goes 

  1. mgs 3 (1964)
  2. mgs peace walker (1974)
  3. mgs 5 ground zeroes (1975)
  4. mgs 5 the phantom pain (1984)
  5. mgs (2005)
  6. mgs 2 (2007-2009)
  7. mgs 4 (2014)

if you’re really starved for canon you can hop into mg1 (1995) and mg2 (1999), and portable ops (1970) if you wanna see ocelot wear a suit and say some gay shit about cigars, also if you end up wanting more raiden there’s rising (2018)

anonymous asked:

Hey I really love your writing😘 but do you know why Simon D is not si active these days? Thanks in advance😝

heyy thanks really appreciate it and oh idk as well but it all seemed like he wanted to get away on purpose like after he disabled his comments on ig he sort of went MIA so maybe he just needs time idk mid life crisis maybe idk dating maybe or married or taking care of his children lol idk but he looks healthy and happy in gray’s posts so yeah hope he stays healthy so he can drop that album soon my whole bet is he’s working really hard but rarely see him in any posts in gray ground but wtv those posts are just a tiny snippets of it so he could actually be there all the time working so yes i hope he’s working on his album though🔥🔥🔥

I think that’s really sweet. c:

I wonder how it went too. Were they in a call and Ohm just said out of nowhere, “You wanna see what I look like?”

Cartoonz licks the cheeto dust off his fingers and says “Sure, why not?”

Also this brings up the question of when they’re all going to have lunch together somewhere..?

Spotlight #20 - concentratedsmartass (Laya)

Tell us a bit about yourself!
My name is Lee, but when I used to go to the livestreams, I was known as Laya. I’m going to school and majoring in Secondary Education; my goal is to be a high school history teacher. I have 13 animals and I love Harry Potter, which basically sums up my personality in one sentence. I am decidedly Not Good at answering ‘tell us about yourself’ portions of things.

When did you get into the fandom and how did you stumble upon it?
I don’t know, really. I think probably a couple years ago? I found it because I was going through my likes, and I found the First Comic, and I went to Orange’s blog wondering if anything ever came from it or if it was just a one off, and found SaM.

Who are your favorite characters/pairings?
Natan, for sure. Lailix. Gabriel/Anthea (you would think I’d know the name for that). I also just love Zad in general. And Yup.

Favorite moment in the comic?
Basically anytime Natalie gets hurt and Satan shows up just pissed and it’s like ‘ooh you done fucked up man’. I love it.

What is your biggest inspiration as far as your writing goes?
Music, really. I’ll be listening to a song and out of nowhere it’s painting this story that I just have to write. I have a bad habit of starting these stories and then not finishing them, so I have way more WIPs than actual posted fics, but they almost all have a note at the beginning to remind me what song I was listening to when I started.

What would you say is your favorite piece that you’ve done so far?
I would say probably Auld Lang Syne. I wrote that one on New Year’s Eve a year (or two?) ago, because I heard the song playing in another room, and I was just like ‘New Years kiss. You gotta.’ I just really love the idea of Luce becoming more soft and open and not even realizing that he’s doing it.

What would you say is one of your favorite things to write?
Natan. Any form of Natan, really. I like doing it from Luce’s side more, because he has that whole ‘I’m angry and literally Satan and I refuse to care about this human’ thing going on, and it gives him like an entirely different feeling I guess? I don’t know, maybe I just relate more to the angry sarcastic character, but I just really love writing from his side.

What do you think influences your writing style?
I think probably whatever I happen to be reading/watching most recently. It’s really easy for me to see something and decide I like it and just go with it, so my style ends up being made up of the styles of hundreds of different people.

What are some of your hobbies you enjoy?
Basically any time I have free time, I’m most likely going to be watching Netflix on my laptop and playing some kind of puzzle game on my phone. I’m a student, so I don’t have that free time a lot, so I don’t really vary what I do.

Before joining SaM, what was a fandom you were part of and are there any fandoms you’re into outside of SaM?
I used to be into fandom a lot a few years ago, and would write various fics for different fandoms, but it’s been kind of a dry spell for awhile. For the most part, I just sit back and enjoy content, and I don’t really add anything. SaM is the only recent thing that I’ve written for.

Is there anything else you’d like the fandom to know about you or anything you’d like to say to the fandom as a whole?
I really don’t write that often. I get writer’s block really easily, and I never know how to finish anything. I do my best to finish things and put them out there, but my most recent fic was Auld Lang Syne, and that was awhile ago.

Please check out their main and side blogs below for more!

anonymous asked:

I'm the one who sent you the ask about hiromi! Let me say I love love love your hiromi head cannons especially your Kai and hiromi ones! For crack pairings I love your tala one! And the future/general ones are just amazing! I can't wait to hear more about your cannons and see more of your drawings! So my crack pairings are hiromi with max or rei! What are your thoughts?? :D

Ahh!!!……first let me hug you! 

I am so very happy that you liked the answer! it made my heart wept with happiness and awe :’D
And i am so touched that you want to see more drawings and hear more! can i ask for anything better?! :D… are awesome anon ^w^ The support is really appreciated! :’D

About the ask…..
My my anon……..about Hiromi and Max, I just went awww :’D

And about Hiromi and Ray….my mind went along the lines from romance to this  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)…….

 Well since you asked about my opinions, let’s discuss them separately ^w^

 Hiromi and Max would act more like friends than a couple. But it doesn’t mean that wouldn’t do any romance. There would be lot of moments of it actually. Like Max dropping Hiromi on her workplace. Having their lunches together. Going to beach. Oh yesh, they will go to beach almost every weekend. Hiromi would apply sunblock on Max’s back, all the while the one receiving it will relish in the massage being given to him. Then later swim in the sea with porpoises coming to them. And they would end their trip by walking barefoot across the smooth sand, hand in hand while watching the sunset, the sky splashed in hues of pinks and oranges.
Even though both of them prefer eating from fast food outlets, once a month, they would go to this fancy restaurant where’s there a system of buffet-style. Max would wear a white tux while Hiromi would don cocktail dresses of sober colors. They would taste almost everything but will be interested more in desserts ;) because Max is our sugar boy. After that, to satiate their thirsts, they would have a bottle of chardonnay too. Of course it would make both of them tipsy, for none of them have high tolerance of alcohol. So while reaching home, they would tumble drunkenly across the alleys, laughing hysterically at everything. And if some band is close by, playing music in a pub, they would dance on the cobblestone streets like Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling from the movie La La Land.
And when Hiromi would get angry, everyone would tend to stay 10 mile radius away from her because My God she is scary xD except for Maxie. Instead he will hug Hiromi from behind, petting her head and rubbing his cheek on her hair, muttering soothing words in her ear ‘Hush hush my waifu……everything’s going to be alright’. No one could resist that! Tachibana would melt in his arms after being cuddled ^^

Hiromi and Ray would be an interesting couple ;), with the latter one acting more mature and seeing the former one as an endearing being. With that being said, it’s safe to conclude that Ray would spoil Hiromi a lot by cooking her delicious meals, bringing breakfast to her bed, preparing a bath for her and massaging her stiff muscles after training. And if they happen to go to hike where Hiromi would let out a exhausted sigh after walking for so long, saying that she can’t walk anymore, the Chinese would carry her on his back, bearing her weight all too easily.  
Hiromi would play a lot with Ray’s hair. She would run her fingers through his soft black luscious locks, which would be spread across the pillows, sniffing in their scent and admiring their texture. Ray would be awake but he would pretend to sleep because he likes his hair being stroked. Besides he finds this habit of hers adorable.
Hiromi would join Ray in his mediation sessions, seeing that something needs to be done about her temper. Also this will serve such a nice quality time with her boyfriend. Of course it would be an epic failure. The brunette wouldn’t sit still. She can’t because it’s not in her nature to stay still. She would constantly fidget her shoulders or wriggle her eyebrows, all the while struggling to relax herself. In the end, Ray would politely end their sessions.
But their sparring sessions would be successful. Ray would teach Hiromi the martial arts in order to defend herself in times of trouble when’s he not around. At first Ray would be able to pin Hiromi down flawlessly. However with the passage of time, Hiromi would knock him down before he can say anything. Our girl is a fast learner :’D (tears of joy)
If Hiromi would get angry, Ray would mostly ignore her. This wouldn’t go unnoticed. Hiromi would be verbally assaulting him until neko-jin would remind her that she needs to stop now;

“How can you do this Ray?! Don’t you dare ignore….”
“Ssh Romi! We are in temple”

Embarrassed, Tachibana would shut her mouth, furiously muttering that she will complain to Gods about his unruly behavior.

Once finished with praying, the coach would seek to resume their argument, but Kon had thought through this. Before Hiromi could say anything, Ray would give her a kiss filled with so much love and passion it would make on-lookers envious of them. When they would break apart, passers-by would say that such a lovely couple they are. Ray would flash his charming smile on them, while Hiromi would stand there dumbly, with her cheeks blushing and wondering what on earth happened.

And if you think that Ray would teach Hiromi some cooking, you got another thing coming.

 Ray can’t teach Hiromi cooking. He simply can’t. To others, yes. To Hiromi, there’s an absolute no.

 You want to know why? Because Ray gets turned on when he’s see his beloved in an apron xD

It’s his weird fetish. Hiromi in her tank shirt and shorts, an apron tied across the torso, walking on wooden floors in her sock-clad feet….it’s a very rare sight for Chinese boy. And can you blame that guy? ;D

Not that they tried. They really did but in the end, they were making out on the counter. What stopped them was the burning smell and they realized that the stove was on. Not wanting to get the kitchen on fire, the couple reached an unspoken agreement and it was; they wouldn’t cook together xD

 Well there you go anon! :’D

Sorry again for making this long and answering this so late T_T…..time is not my best friend right now (cries a waterfall T_T)

I hope you like it ^w^

Thank you so much for sending this ask. I really had fun writing this down! :D