like you really just went there

i tried bringing up t w my mom again and it went. not well lmao i still cant start until im 18 and its. super frustrating bc she said she wanted a professional opinion on it but they agreed that starting t wld be the right choice n now shes like “well they dont REALLY know you!” and its super clear that shes just looking for an excuse

the questions bts is getting really Frustrates me like……. did you even research????? or did you just google bts, go to the first few links, gathered a few facts and just went to interview them??? LIKE,,,,,,,, WHERE’S THE QUALITY????????????? UGH I;m so frustrated bc they’re wonderful people with a wonderful company who are doing so much to help people around them, and that can be said even without including unicef into the narrative, but nobody is bothering to unpack these facts. like, honestly, idc about hollywood and idc which hollywood person bts have a crush on. and i have a feeling they don’t care too. 

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Potential song prompt for a sad and angsty bakudeku fic based off of the songs "It took me by surprise" by Maria Mena and "When I was your man" by Bruno Mars???

I went into this like, ‘I’m gonna write some serious angst, no happy endings, only tears!’ Pfft. ಠ_ಠ

Also, anon… I know you came back to me off anon, and I replied to you. But my outbox ate it? I’m very sorry, I’m a disaster. I hope you find and like this!

Like Acid

Izuku watches it all fall apart. He’s not sure why he’s so surprised, but he watches it happen in silence, watches that hatred bloom in Katsuki’s eyes.

It took me by surprise.

Izuku watches it all in silence.

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Six Love Stories | SITS {Nagito}

A/N - DESPITE the fact that my blog is basically SLBP-exclusive, my favorite Voltage game is actually Scandal in the Spotlight, hands down. (SLBP is a close second) The second season was kind of hit or miss for me, but I’ve really been digging Season 3 (even if Kota—my FAVORITE—had a plot device that is not my fav, I still enjoyed it) I’m REALLY surprised they went there with Nagi’s, but it was so perfect for him? And just, I really like SITS okay. Even if I just pretend Ryo doesn’t exist most of the time, sorry Mr Jellyfish it’s not personal, you’re totally fine just inconvenient.ANYWAY. Here is a fanfiction, written by someone who is writing about MC writing about the SITS boys. Part of my just-keep-writing-plan for NaNoWriMo.

She had missed this.

Having her own place, finding her own inspiration, she was firmly proud of these things, but she also couldn’t deny how easy it was, how right it felt, to sit on their couch with her legs curled under her and Little Yamato’s slightly slobbering face in half of her lap and a notebook in the other. The Greeks may have had nine muses, but hers came in a sextet.

(An accurate term on more than one level, she might have considered, as the six of them traipsed into the living room from the practice studio, in varying degrees of sweat-soaked and disheveled, but she was focused, and failed to notice.)

Little Yamato whuffed, and with the loyalty and dedication of duplicitous amnesiac, abandoned her immediately in favor of Kyohei.

It was technically October, but her mind was far way in June. A month of water. A month of weddings, of romance. It was quiet in the shared studio, save for the rain pattering against the windows of the courtyard, but she was off in a field of flowers, puffs of purple and blue hydrangeas, willowy irises, watching a laughing, rueful couple try and stay dry in the meager shelter of a an ancient, gnarled tree. It was a pretty scene, and appropriate for the story she was trying to tell but…she willed the couple to come into greater focus. “Who are they?”

“Who are who?”

She answered absently, eyes still closed, “The romantic leads, of course. I don’t know who they are, yet.”

“Ooooh, why not use me? And Kota?” Her eyes snapped open, realizing that she had not, in fact, been holding an inner dialogue, but responding to Nagito. He was only a few inches from her face, grinning mischievously before he darted over to Kota, reaching for his bandmate, who avoided his grasp with the slinky, graceful body distortion of a cat refusing a proffered petting.

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i'm sorry i need to vent it out but god this makes me feel so sorry for the boys cause it's so true T.T "how do you feel to be here in america - what is your fav american food? - how about your american celebrity crushes? - plans on english releases? - do americans seem nice to you?" holy shit can they get their american heads outta their american asses, they are really doing them dirty im so mad.. they are really doin them dirty smh i don't want them to feel preassured into anything

yeah ik -_- and like james corden and jimmy kimmel went so well but these interviews have been shit they have no originality 🙄 i just hope they know like we dont expect english songs and stuff and want them to just stay who they are. and i still hope theyre having a good time here tho and are excited for the amas bc it will be great for them

Hey guys so I was feeling really bad and sorry for myself and truly dark last night and all I wanna say is today was so much better. I had a really good time with my kids today. We laughed and played and went outside and enjoyed the gorgeous day and played soccer, baseball, basketball. Then I had a nice little night with my friends. And I just feel so much better. Feeling genuine happiness is really hard sometimes, but it’s little days like this, you know? Really good. Really rewarding.

Anyway, that’s my piece.

Just a little something for a certain someone. @kingjamesonfawkes

Moria X reader


You felt like shit, only way you could describe it, you stared at the screen watching as pictures came and went, never really focusing on what was being said, nothing sinking in as you just blinked. Everything seemed like one jab after another and you felt like you were being worn down by it, like sand paper just grating over and over on the surface of a rock.

With another sigh you pressed a button, the screen soon changing once more, again nothing was grabbing your attention, just a mess of colours and sounds blaring at you. The door made a crisp sound as it opened by itself, the sound of heels clattering on the tiles caused you to pay attention, but not enough to move.

“Are we quit alright there?”

“Oh, sorry, it’s not been a .. good day” You glanced up looking at Moria as they removed their labcoat and draped it over the chair by the desk.

The hotel was fancy, nicer then most places you had staid but you still felt saddened and you weren’t sure what was getting you this low. Moria untied the laces on their shoes and tucked them under the desk before coming around to the sofa.

They lifted your upper half off of the sofa and sat down, letting your head fall into their lap. The long nails careful not to hurt you started to stroke your hair from your face, stroking down your back in calming, soothing motions.

“There, there” their voice cooed, such a silky texture to it as they regarded you kindly.

You sighed and nuzzled into their touches more. Moria’s other arm resting over your side, stroking along your hip and torso, eyes roaming your form and gently running the tips of their long nails up and down, ticklish but soothing.

“If you rather we don’t go out tonight I can order us some excessively expensive food on the company card, I run you a bath and tell you just how beautiful you are pet?” They smiled down at you when you turned your head to look at them.

A small smile on your lips as you nodded. Moria chuckled and adjusted their tie, loosening it before reaching over to the phone.

(della voice) something went wrong. something went so very wrong

disney doesn’t really care what disney comics do i don’t think. they certainly don’t publish them. but it’s only implied and it’s not like it’s meant to be… edgy. it’s just in line with donald’s characterisation as a dramatic depressed bastard

i cannot but i’m posting your plea because that does sound wholesome.

what are you doing reading my private public reply conversations

but really like i said girl ducks suffer from Girls Need To Be Pretty And Are Always Described By Their Eye Colours syndrome, it doesn’t make any actual sense. kildare really has Permanently Contracted Pupil Syndrome.

sitting on… but yes that certainly is a bit of a running theme. just think back to rota making scrooge and grandma siblings who raise donald together.

that scene is pretty generally acknowledged as… weird. anthropomorphisation strikes at strange times. i guess laying an egg could be like going into labour?

anon have i got news for you


Hey you guys!  I’ve been a bit dormant and for that I apologize!! Just been really busy with a lot of stuff!  So here’s a bit of a small update of sorts, here’s A character from Show By Rock for my good buddy @capricornuscaretaker for a little art trade we did!  I made two versions, couldn’t decide on which one I liked more, so I went with both!  So anyways, here you go!

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Your taking emergency asks? I just found out my parents aren't really my parents and that my real father lost custody of me when I was a baby (I was adopted since my grandparents didn't want me and my biological mother died giving birth to me) and he seems like he really wants to meet me but I'm scared..I actually tried to runaway could you do a separate headcanon for older lotor and Sendak going threw the same situation were they want to meet there long lost daughter but she's scared or them?

I’m so sorry this took awhile! I just finished my mid-terms and life was a little hectic. I hope you’re doing fine now, and based on your words, it sounds like your biological dad really did want to make an effort, so, fingers crossed it all went well for the both of you 💗


  • He understands that wars can sometimes have disastrous impacts on families, and completely regrets losing his daughter 
    • the day he found her was the happiest day of his life
    • until she ran away and didn’t want to meet him
    • a little brokenhearted that his daughter ran away, but stays grimly positive
    • disappointment is what colors his thoughts for the rest of the day
  • Lotor is anything but a quitter, and he won’t stop trying for his kid
    • basically does everything in the book to win her over
    • destroy a planet? Heck yeah. Buys her anything she wants in the quadrants? You betcha!
  • Just a really determined guy who wants his family back together 
  • will give his kid some space to digest the fact that she has a Dad, but not too much in case he loses her again


  • He’s an angry mess
    • not necessarily at his kid, it’s mostly directed towards himself
    • he’s a perfectionist, and that same notion extends to his family
  • In his mind, he’s not successful if he doesn’t have a nuclear family of his own
    • he could be the commanding officer of ten thousand quadrants, but none of them will matter if he doesn’t fulfill his biological duty as a Galra male to spawn more children for the Empire to use.
  • Sendak is super determined and patient. He has no qualms waiting for his daughter to come around
    • never mind that her running away made him depressed af
    • would patiently wait for her to change her mind and would do so without much complaints
  • I like to hc that Sendak used to be a low-ranking cadet before the war and he was always raring to prove himself
    • so by being patient and waiting for his daughter, he’s trying to prove to her that he’s a worthy father, and that she can always trust him
  • Makes himself seem less threatening than he really is in front of her
    • if that means removing his bionic arm, so be it
    • she’s his kit, and he’ll be damned if he scared her away
    • Sendak has already lost too much in this war, and he can’t risk losing his child as well

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What is your favorite work that you've written? What is your favorite that someone else has written? What, if any, Tumblr writer do you fangirl over? What small or up and coming blog are you really hoping grows big?

1.   Living with Regrets will always have a special place in my heart I think :)

2. Hmmm I think it depends on the day you are asking me but two that comes to mind are Send the Pain Below by @torn-and-frayed and Perfect by @supernatural-jackles both are Jensen x Readers. My Savoir by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes and Stroke of Luck by @percywinchester27 are two others. Both of those are Dean. 

3. I am not really the fangirling type. There are many writers I admire but I don’t really fangirl. Just like I have never met a celeb I went “oh my god oh my god” over lol. I am fairly chill. We are all people, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a great deal of respect for every single writer I follow. 

4. See this assumes I know how many followers who has and I really don’t lol. But I can tell you a few of my newer discoveries - got no clue how many followers they have. @docharleythegeekqueen @roxyspearing and @queen-of-deans-booty are some authors I recently or semi recently have come across. All super talented. 

Thank you for your questions.

Sleepover with Kari

You know what wonders me…

Whenever I find a tweet from any NCTzen non Doyoung Biased who met them or went to a fansign etc, saying something like:

“ I was really surprised at how handsome Doyoung is in real”

I mean, he had always been THAT HANDSOME!

You just need to take a look at all my posts to realize… If you are to lazy I’m going to leave this images for you to admire.

I don’t know, it’s not just about Doyoung, every member is really handsome I can’t imagine how more handsome this boys can get in real, even when I already saw them performing live in front of my damn face it still looks like seeing a photo with no retouch.

Funny story is that when I started as an NCTzen Yuta (I mean I still really loving him) and Hansol were the ones who dragged me but when Limitless hit my face with Doyoung slaying Orange hair (more than 7 sense era) I felt like being hit on the face with a damn brick, he is just so cute and handsome for me, obvsly Hansol is still my first love (but now he is finally getting the attention he deserves and I stan him along with Timoteo)but Doyoung means a lot to me now, not just because he is handsome or cute, he is more than his face, he sings awesome, he has a talk ability and he loves it, my mom NCTzen or K-pop fans friends had said that Doyoung and I are pretty similar in some superficial things (I mean even if he shows us some actions or some attitude it doesn’t mean it’s how he really is in his normal life), he has said some pretty things I totally agree, he is just so important to me, as an artist.

people are horrid

I ended up in a really long argument with two classmates. They kept saying shit like ace people aren’t real, and they kept calling me heterosexual. This went on through two classes I share with these assholes, and they wouldn’t listen to a thing I had to say. So guess what?! I’m suspended for punching one of them

You are real, you are valid! You belong in the lgbt+ community. Your experiences are important and matter. You deserve respect! You are not broken. you don’t need to be “fixed” You have worth just as you are. You are not wrong, or a phase. I care about all of you (platonicly)!

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I missed the vlive💔was everybody respectful to him??

I missed so much of it and caught up like half an hour ago - from what I heard and saw everyone was really nice but comments like ‘where are the others’ ‘let me see this member’ or ‘can you speak in english’ are inevitable because some people are just like that. But seeing the Vlive - he looked really bright and happy and he said he really liked it so I’m guessing it all went pretty darn well!

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Joking apart, why do you think Armie doesn't wanna do press for cmbyn anymore?

idk maybe he’s anxious about being part of a high-profile movie, maybe he’s just really sensitive about bad headlines or sticky press? he clearly doesn’t handle even light-hearted criticism that well so who knows. like clearly the process meant a lot to him so maybe he just doesn’t like the idea of serving the final product up for scrutiny. some people are really bad about accepting criticism on their art and since this was so personal for him and he went through such deep emotional changes it might be hard for him to handle feedback

Notes to the girl whose house I live in

by reddit user JJX2525

It took me a week to find where you keep your wifi password. A whole week! I was really worried you’d thrown it away, but lo and behold, there it was in the cutlery drawer of all places. Everything about the way you organize things confuses me. I guess because you live on your own now you just put things any old place. I know there was someone else before, I heard you talking about him on the phone. Johnny, I think? Jimmy? Anyway, I know because you said it was tough being alone. But you’re not alone, of course. You have me!

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trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

your fave is problematic: Zevran Arainai
  • he doesn’t show up in Inquisition
  • like come on we see every other love interest
  • show me your lovely face
  • all we get is a mention in one letter
  • one letter
  • please i need more Zevran