like you know he can do it but captain said no

Things Kuroo Tetsurou might have said in the locker room at some point

“My sister insisted on getting a dog and this is exactly why I wish I didn’t have a sister but a cat instead”

“Do not underestimate the strong bond between fuck buddies, Yaku-san”

“Lev is that an animal cracker in your mouth”

“No offense how low of a motherfucker must you be to steal animal crackers from your captain…Yeah it’s been 2 weeks, so what?”

“The other day i saw Yamamoto with a girl and i thought “no way! He’s finally getting himself a girlfriend”. Turns out he was just giving her directions. And I don’t know what can go wrong at this point but she slapped him so hard…”

“No but guys I dreamt that coach Naoi cornered me in a dark alley and told me I was cute I won’t be able to look at him for like 3 months. Don’t laugh”

 *listens to the others while smiling* “Ah…youth" 

“When teachers start making comments about your hair you know it’s gone too far”

why ennoshita and akiteru would make such a great couple
  • ennoshita is going to be the next captain and akiteru will be attending most of his little brother’s games so they could see each other often
  • both are nerds
  • ennoshita said in shimmer tsukky that akiteru was a legendary wizard(the legendary hot niichan)
  • lots of sass
  • you dont know whos the responsible adult here
  • enno and tsukki hang out often bc yes good notes and smarts so the sleepovers are a thing between them so sooner or later theres gonna be akiteru around
  • imagine how proud aki would be if his little brother ends up being the captain in his 3rd year(with so much character development) and he needs to thank enno for taking good care of him
  • enno and aki watching dumb movies till 5am
  • best arms couple edition award
  • both feel some kind of regret towards volleyball(enno for quitting and aki for lying to his brother)
  • great fanart of this fic 
  • every possible au
  • literally hell
Most Likely an Unpopular Theory

I was reading the Civil War Wikipedia page, and of course I was look at Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier. Sebastian said, as many of us know, “You never know which side he’s on because he can go both ways.” What if - JUST WHAT IF - halfway through, Bucky sides with Tony. Because he no longer wants to be this awful HYDRA assassin, he wants to prove that he’s innocent. He’ll do anything to show that he wants to be good. 

What if Bucky is the one who flips sides. 

I know it’s kind of unlikely, but it does make some sort of sense in a sad way. 

anonymous asked:

I have a headcannon that akari secretely donate his money to charities, orphanages, animal societies and he even goes sometimes to check on them. Everybody in those places know him and love (many crush on him) and do not think he has a bad temper as he seems well as happy akari can get by his standards. He does all of this in secret that not even Hirato knows about it. Akari tends to go when he knows the captains and the executive tower are not on top of him.

Yes, I bet he does! And I bet he visits, too, just like you said. My guess is that he’ll go when things at Research Tower aren’t progressing in a way he’d like. Maybe this experiment isn’t going well. Or maybe his new PA is just as incompetent as his last. Or maybe he went by the Life Room and saw their new hire working away in Azana’s old office and it breaks his heart a little bit. 

I don’t think he’d get angry with the workers at these charity organizations simply because he’s not their direct supervisor. And frankly, all the people there are doing a fine job in his opinion, so he doesn’t have much to complain about. Every now and then, he’ll even see to sick orphans or tend to the animals himself because well, he’s there, and he’s a physician so he decides to make himself of some use. You’re right, an Akari that’s all sweetness and generosity is probably universally adored. Many have secret crushes on him, of course, but he only returns the affections of the children and animals. 

I don’t think he’d get away with doing it in secret because I think Executive Tower and Circus are ALWAYS on top of him. I mean, Circus are spies, Tokitatsu is a cunning spymaster, and Akari’s home and workspace are government buildings. Research Tower is under constant surveillance. If they’re working on the sorts of things that Kafka had stolen, my guess is that they’re as heavily guarded as Kuronomei. Akari can’t leave without someone noticing.

That said, I think that there are a few people who know of this tendency – Hirato, probably and Tsukitachi too. I bet they happily escort him to these shelters or orphanages because he smiles so rarely and they know he works too damn hard. I think Hirato probably adores this side of his lover and takes a great deal of pleasure in accompanying him. Of course, people crush on Hirato too and believe it or not, the captain is great with kids. So he’ll play the piano for them or do “magic tricks” with his Circus ID to keep them entertained. 

OMG, I am smiling so hard just thinking about these two adorable jerks being all doting and kind. 

Fav Objects Day 4: The Hook

Here is why I love the hook. First of all, you can’t have Captain Hook without his hook (HERE THAT, DUMB-DUMBS WHO WROTE PAN 2015!!! YOU CANNOT HAVE CAPTAIN HOOK WITH NO HOOK!! THAT MAKES NO SENSE!!)


What I love about the hook is that it is a constant reminder of the kind of man Killian Jones used to be and unfortunately…it’s going to stick with him.

I said before that I applauded 4x04 when Mr. Gold said “that hand is not cursed” (okay, I know that’s not what he said but give me a break here).

Because it was a blatant reminder that Hook’s dark past was still a part of Killian Jones.

The whole time watching 4x04 when Killian was like “what I’m doing isn’t me, it’s the hand!” I was thinking…okay, you all know I love Killian but…no, darling…it’s you.

When he said to Rumple “take this hand away from me” I started analysing the fuck outta it. And my conclusion was this. The whole story of Killian getting his hand back can be summed up as –

You cannot get rid of your past that easily. It’s not something that can just be forgotten about. You have to work at it.

And for a show that almost always has a magical solution to everyone’s problems and the fact that Captain Hook is a legendary fairy tale character…that was pretty genius.

Also…yeah, I have the weirdest fantasies about that hook…

Relative’s RWBY Episode Reactions Round Zwei

Episode Nine

  • “What?Did somebody resew the curtain she messed up?”
  • “That looks like you making the beds.”
  • *sees Port*

“Why’s Captain Kangaroo teaching a class?”

  • “We all know how that is when your grandfather smells of cabbage.”

Episode Ten

  • [Not much to say]

Episode Eleven

  • Says Nora’s having a bit of fun

Episode Twelve

  • “I don’t know who green hair is.”(My fault for reacting)
  • “Sam,leave him alone.What?You said he was a Winchester.”

Episode Thirteen

  • “Quite being a puss,puss.”

Episode Fourteen

  • *Ursa shows up*

“Can I get one of them?They’re cute.Can I get an Ursa?”

  • “Damn,they like cutting off things heads.”
  • “Who’s Jaune?Are they both Jaunes?”(Explained names)
  • “But why would you want to do it up there where there’s no walls and you could fall off?”

Episode Fifteen

  • “They’re going skiing?”
  • *Sun arrives*

“It’s Fluffbutt!”(Cat who has recently stated being called “Money Boy”)

  • *Had to explain Faunus*
  • *Realized Penny’s supposed to be a robot*
  • “Oh,what does she(Blake)have?…Kitty ears,huh?”
  • *Questions the White Fang*

Episode 16

  • *laughs about the tumbleweeds*
  • “Isn’t that her(Weiss)grandfather’s company and the star she makes when she jumps around?”
  • “I’m sorry,with those eyes I keep thinking he’s(Roman)a woman.”
  • *Penny shows her swords*

“You could use a couple friends like that,right?”

“Poor little Penny.”