like you guys were yelling at magnus at the same time



THE GUYS: Dab, dab, dab, dab, dab, dab!!


MUTASIM: Yes, we love…* Today, it’s the 18th of May, so we’re going to have a, boom, 17th of May special.

ELIAS: What are you doing?


ELIAS: You know this is my Youtube channel, right? And then you come with this 17th of May stuff..

MUTASIM: Look, look, look how tired this guy is and I’m like fresh.

MIKAEL: He has a bowtie.

MUTASIM: Bowtie! I got this, understand?

MIKAEL: [Singing]

ELIAS: But what’s the thing with the 17th of May? Why do we celebrate the 17th of May?

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That’s what the SKAM fandom has become. A fucking mess between :  

- The creepy fans. They are hardcore fans. They are obsessed with Evak. They watched like 50 times, season 3. They know every lines by heart. They managed to do 2-3 trip to Olso, not for the beauty of Norway of course, only to see the two principal actors. On tumblr, their only occupation is reblogging stuff concerning Evak, Tarjei Sandvik Moe (“MY PRECIOUS SON”) and Henrik Holm (“RAY of SuNshIne”) (“BEST ACTOR IN THE WORLD”) (“I’M SO EMOTIONAL” or “I’M CRYING Tarjei or Henrik is buying some orange juice”) and answering Anon who is telling them ”Gurl, it’s gross, stop shipping Tarjei and Henrik together.“ ” You have to distinguish the character from the actor“. They don’t care, they’re too far gone, they will keep shipping them anyway because “I don’t hurt anybody doing that”

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 - The Norwegian weaboo. They throw some “Halla”, “Alt er love”, “Nei” and “Fy Faen” in ALL their fucking post even if they are just talking about idk lasagna. They remind you everyday that they are now master in Norwegian thanks to Duolingo. Suddenly, since Skam, half of Tumblr is Norwegian and live in Oslo and have (if it’s not them) ”friends who knew / go to the same school / did a party / hang out (cross out the wrong indications) with Henrik, Marlon and Tarjei". Yes, little we knew, Oslo is a village of 100 peoples.

- The Yousana shippers. Some muslims, many who aren’t. Innocent, they don’t understand what’s the big deal with the fact that Yousef doesn’t believe in God. Some even except a kiss between Yousef and Sana. LOL. My sweet summer child, you can wait. 

- The Jonas (”Eyebrows god”) stan. My favorite. They’re just worried about their fave since he disappeared completely this season. 

- The Eva stan. They’re just most of the time praising her and her “fabulous mermaid hair”. 

 - The seeker of the truth 1. The one who only care about this ETERNAL question in the universe : Is Vilde a lesbian ? They’re no doubt for them, and the answer is “YES”. They dislike Magnus with passion and (like 99% of the fandom) can’t stand Magnus and Vilde making out session. They reclaim the truth from Julie Andem ALL THE TIME. 

 - The seeker of the truth 2. The one who only care about contradict them. “Vilde is NOT a lesbian”. They’re personally offended by this supposition. Why ? Nobodies know.

- The artist. They just draw or do “aesthetic edit” about Skam. Half of their caption is “Alt er love”-“Du er ikke alene”-“Be kind. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about”. If you have an “aesthetic gif set” about one of the girl squad then you can be sure that you will find the picture of “a MAC lipstick slightly open with behind a white grayish background” in it.  

 - The Penetrator Chris Stan. Mostly young, they live in their bubble. They don’t take part of any fandom’s drama because they’re not invested enough. Isak ? Nope. Even ? Nope. Sana ? Nope. Noora ? Nope. LGBTQ representation ? Nope. POC representation ? Nope. ON-LY THIS FUCK-BOY MA-TTER FOR THEM. You easily recognize them because of their self-insert-imagine Readers where they are “William’s little sister and Chris secret lover” or when “You (Y/N) and jealous Chris are fucking in the kitchen”. 

- The Noorhell shippers. Maybe they were the original, the first one, SKAM  fans on Tumblr. Who knows ? They live in the past. They are still too invested in their shitty ship. They are an endangered specie now or maybe just hiding till the Wilhelm hate shit storm calm down. 

- The pepsi-max girl stan. Just kidding, nobody care about them. 

- The “Guys I have this incredible NEW theory : water is wet”. They are like weeks late in the season and just rehearse a theory who was already confirmed or already enunciated already by hundred of persons before. 

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-  DISCOURSE GROUP 1. The “Sana’s season is too boring”. Mostly white girl, mostly straight, “they can’t relate to Sana because “she (an arab muslim straight girl) is too different” but they had zero difficulties to relate to Isak during season 3 (a white gay boy). Why ? You already know the answer. You can pair them with the Evak creepy fangirl, most of them came from this group. Until know, they were just a pain in the ass with their “ok it’s not that I don’t care about Sana (in fact, surprise, they don’t) but WHERE IS EVEN ?”. They cried when the S4 trailers was released. After their little crisis, they wrote 10K long ass meta about why in fact every little details in this trailer was related to Even and not Sana. Still delusional, they don’t want to move on. They don’t talk or reblog stuff from S4, only from S3 (OR S4 but only if it concerns Evak of course). They wrote many theories about the balloon squad and how problematic they were. This friday, they were apparently “proven right” to their greatest joy with Mikael and Even’s story. YAY.  Since you can hear them yelling “all religions are evil and homophobic and needs to disappear (BUT if Islam could be the ONLY ONE to burn it would be nice”). Suddenly they adore Sonja (who was ”a bitch” during season 3) If you ask them not to jump to conclusion with Mikael (“the rat”), you are homophobic yourself and obviously awfully racist against white people (???). 

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- DISCOURSE GROUP 2. The Sana’s stan/ muslims one. They waited so long for Sana’s season and muslim representation. They have no time for your “lowkey islamophobic white ass” (”Sana is too white in this gifset” “ Pepsi-max girls sucks” “We don’t care about Willhell/ Evak/ Noora ” ( cross out the wrong indications) ). This season is very personal for them but to their surprise, it’s anything but what they expected. They have mixed feelings every new clip. They tried to educate the others Skam fans about some concept of Islam but people are not very receptive so they started to give up. Despite friday clip, they are still defending Mikael and the balloon squad against the various attack from the DISCOURSE GROUP 1. Easily offended, they can be a little too protective of Sana, her mom, and the balloon squad.  It appears that they lost all their patience and decided for the best or the worst to let the fandom burn. 

- THE OTHERS. The one who just enjoy the show, their favorite characters and favorite ships. They’re just watching the drama from afar. Sometimes, they low-key have a side but are too lazy to make a post about it. They’re just incredibly tired of this mess. 

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Hey it’s me, your friendly neighborhood nobody here to put her Two Cents into what I’m calling the Taako Discourse. First thing I’m gonna say is I understand and appreciate the TAZ fandom’s need for representation and diversity in the cast. 

Second thing I’m gonna say: you gotta calm down. Yall’re treating concept art like a goddamn witch hunt and it’s ridiculous. Not everything is problematic.

The Taako Discourse has been around forever but after recent events yall’re after the McElroys, who are trying their very hardest, instead of fellow fans. Just Because. People see white Taako and want Mexican Taako because Representation and cultural appropriation is bad (I absolutely agree). People see Mexican Taako and see a lot of really ugly stereotypes (which, while not purposeful, look horrific to someone who isn’t In The Know). People see Green Taako and are upset by the old antisemitic connotations of green-skinned characters. People see Blue Taako and either are upset by the loose connection to the loose connection to antisemitism, or the fact that he is not Mexican Taako.

((People are allowed to be offended by these things. Personally, because there was no ill intent or connotation behind any Green Taakos, I don’t understand the issue, but I am not Jewish, so I know fuck-all about it))

In the past, my advice has been “ignore it if you don’t like it. Don’t yell at people if you don’t agree with their headcanons.” But this is different because this (while not completely canon) is coming from Official Creators and is, in some people’s minds, the Be All and the End All. 

So I’m going to say now that there is No Way that everyone will be happy, and Blue Taako was the least offensive thing that the McElroys could think of after thinking their goddamn asses off. They are TRYING for this fandom, and that’s so much better than most content creators do, so don’t even start fucking with them.

Also, in this tumblr/fandom mentality, the Only Important Thing is the most problematic thing at the moment, which is totally ridiculous. These four straight white men have done so much to create diversity and respect for diversity in their canon. MULTIPLE TIMES the three main MALE characters have utterly failed and been bailed out by WOMEN. A WOMAN runs the BoB. One of the three main characters is gay in a completely non-derogatory way. There are several canon same-sex couples. THERE IS A TRANS CHARACTER WHO DOES MORE THAN JUST BE TRANS. ET CETERA. And none of it is a Thing; it’s seen as normal by the other characters and the world. THERE IS SO MUCH HERE; TAZ IS A VERITABLE GOLDMINE OF REPRESENTATION BUT PEOPLE ARE ONLY TALKING ABOUT WHAT THEY PERCEIVE AS BAD. IT’S A CHOICE TO BE THIS ANGRY ABOUT THE SITUATION. 

And for the longest time (and even now) there were/are no canon designs for characters. People could do what they wanted and it was AMAZING (of course, the Taako Discourse still existed, because the laws of physics state that a fandom cannot be stable). When the McElroys saw that their graphic novel original concept art was three white guys, they thought “hey this is horrible, let’s fix it.” So they gave us dark-skinned Merle. They weren’t gonna touch Taako because he is a Landmine, and they weren’t going to touch Magnus because that could easily be seen as playing into harmful stereotypes. But y’all came through and dug and dug until you found something wrong with it; this fandom asked for representation and then gave the Boys backlash when they provided it, based on a one-dimensional, boiled-down and hyperbolic interpretation of Merle Highchurch as a character. Merle is more than a Deadbeat Dad; he is the gentle, religious one of the three main boys and I couldn’t think of a better choice to be represented as dark-skinned.

The boys even made a post talking about this issue. They are trying so hard. Blue Taako is the least offensive thing they could think of. They don’t deserve this after all they have done to be inclusive. They are Pure.

My Jimmies are Slightly Rustled. I’m not trying to say that anyone’s personal views are Wrong or Bad or that I don’t respect people. I do, however, believe that people in the fandom need to have more respect for other people.

The One With An Unintended Rescue

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Summary: When Simon brings Jace along to check up on you, his sister, Jace ends up kicking your abusive boyfriends ass and getting you away from him.


implied domestic abuse 

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Jace and Simon were not buddies, but they shared a mutual interest; Clary. Or rather, her wellbeing.

And because of it, Jace had somehow got stuck driving Simon around for the night while he tried to find Camille’s whereabouts.

In his head, he was going over all the things he’d rather be doing, but he knew this was a priority; he just hated that it involved Simon.

“Can we make a stop somewhere?” Simon asks.

“Is it on our schedule?” Jace asks pointedly.

Simon shakes his head, “It’ll only take a second. It’s just here…” he points out the window, “On our way, you see.”

Jace reluctantly pulls into the driveway Simon directs him too and climbs out, following him to the front door.

“A mundane house? Really?” Jace scoffs.

“My sister’s house,” Simon explains with a frown, “Well, her shared house.”

“Who does she share it with?”

“Her boyfriend and two other idiots,” he says, his frown deepening.

“What, you don’t like her boyfriend?”

Simon exhales loudly and shakes his head, knocking on the door before Jace can ask why. They could hear shouting on the other side of he door and it momentarily subsides as it swings open.

“Y/N,” Simon sighs in reliefat the sight of you, his smile contorting into a frown as he studies your face. You’d been crying. A lot. Your hair was messy and you had your arms wrapped around yourself.

“Simon,” you wrap your arms around him, “I didn’t know you’d be stopping by.”

You look over your shoulder every few seconds.

“Did he hit you?” Simon asks, moving hair away from your face. You shake your head vigorously, but he notices you wincing each time you move.

“I’m fine,” you reassure him, turning to Jace, “Who’s your friend?”

“This is Jace,” Simon introduces him.

“It’s nice to meet you,” you say, holding a hand out. Jace shakes it slowly, his eyes pinned on your swollen wrist.

“Who the fucks at the door?!” a boy yells, joining you in the doorway.

“It’s just my brother, Luke,” you say.

“Huh, four eyes,” Luke scoffs, his speech a drunken slur, “What happened to your glasses? D’you lose em’?”

“Actually, I don’t need them anymore,” he says.

“Too bad, I’ll have to think of another nickname for you,” Luke says, laughing loudly and clapping a hand to Simon’s shoulder. His eyes shift to Jace.

“Who is he?”

“Just Simon’s friend,” you tell him. Luke steps closer to him.

“Really? Because he looks like that guy who was hitting on you at dinner the other night…”

“What?” you frown, “No – that’s- it’s not him. You’re drunk. Why don’t you go rest?” you suggest, resting your hand on his arm. He yanks it away, poking a finger into Jace’s chest.

“You’re that bastard, aren’t you?”

Jace scoff’s, pushing Luke’s hand away, “No,” he deadpans.

Simon steps between the two of them, “I think y/n’s right. Maybe you should go back inside.”

“Don’t tell me what to do,” Luke spits, shoving Simon’s backwards.

You pull Luke back, pleading him to stop and he shoves you against the wall, pinning you there, “Come on babe,” he growls, “I’m just having a little chat with your brother.”

You swallow hard, trying to squirm out of his grasp by which time Jace grabs him and throws him across the driveway as though he was light as a feather.

“Are you okay?” Jace asks you. You nod slowly, your eyes widening as Luke rushes towards him with his fist pulled back.

“WATCH OUT!” you yell, but Jace is already a step ahead of you. He catches Luke’s fist in his hand and twists his wrist back until Luke drops to his knees, whimpering in pain.

Jace kicks him in the gut before slamming his head against the wall.

“He’s not dead,” Simon reassures you when he notices your hands are clapped over your mouth, “He’ll wake up.”

“And you won’t be here when he does,” Jace says pointedly. He pulls Simon aside.

“How could you let her stay here?” he growls.

“I didn’t know he was hurting her,” Simon says, “In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve barely seen my family since I transitioned!”

“Well, you didn’t like him to begin with! You said so before!”

“They started dating in High School and I hated him back than because he was a jerk. I never thought he was capable of… this,” Simon trails off, his eyes pained, “But you’re right. We have to get her out of here.”

“I’ll sort something out,” Jace reassures Simon, “She’ll be safe with me, I promise you. In the meantime, you have to keep looking for Camille. Raphael isn’t kidding about using your mom as leverage to get you to do what he wants.”

Simon nods, walking back over to you.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he sighs.

“I didn’t know what to do,” you choke, finally crying as he hugs you, “C-can I go home with you?” you ask.

“Of course,” he nods, “Jace will take you. I just have something to do but I’ll join you as soon as I can,” he says, resting his hands on either side of your face, “You can trust Jace.”

You nod climbing into the car. You don’t look at Jace as he reverses back onto the street but instead at Simon was waving at you with a sad look in his eyes. Jace had it too and it made you feel so small – that everyone knew how broken you’d become.

“I’ve seen photos of you,” Jace says, breaking the silence, “At Simon’s house. You look different in person.”

You knew what he meant. You mother had big, smiling photos of you all over the house from before you’d left.

“Those photos are from when I still lived at home,” you say.

“Why’d you leave?” he asks quietly.

You think for a minute, “When I started dating Luke in high school, my mum wouldn’t let me see him and I really resented her for it. We fought all the time and the minute I graduated, I moved in with him. Of course, she was completely right about him,” you mumble.

“Why didn’t you leave him?” he asks.

“Because I had nowhere to go,” you say, “And… he wasn’t always like this. He never used to…” you trail off, “He took care of me. He still does. It’s just sometimes, he get’s so angry. And I didn’t want to abandon him.”

Jace shakes his head, “Sometimes you have to let people go. Trust me, this is for the best.”

You did trust him. Something about him made you feel like you could.

“So, Simon’s never told me about you,” you say.

“Well, we’re only acquaintances,” Jace says.

“Simon wouldn’t leave me with an acquaintance, he’s very overprotective despite me being a year older than him,” you say pointedly.

“So, you’re the same age as me then,” he nods, “I guess Simon and I are friends, in some weird way.”

“How’d you meet?”

“Through Clary,” he admits honestly.

“Ah, Clary,” you say with a small smile, “Has Simon-“

“Yup, they’re dating now,” he says.

“You don’t look too happy about it,” you raise a brow.

“She’s… my sister,” he says, slightly bitterly, “I feel about Simon the way Simon feels about Luke.”

“Simon’s nothing like Luke. You have nothing to worry about,” you reassure him.

“I know, your brother’s a good guy,” he grumbles, rolling his eyes, “I just don’t like to admit it.”

You laugh softly, cuddling your knees to your chest and resting your chin on them, “So, where are we going?”

“Someplace safe,” he says, “Where I’m currently staying. At least until Simon gets back. Is that okay?”

You nod quietly.

He pull up outside a large building and you both take the elevator up to the top floor.

“Magnus?” Jace calls out. A man steps out from behind a bookshelf.

“I thought I told you no girls over after midnight!” Magnus sighs in frustration, “Alec and I-“

“She isn’t a date,” Jace says, clearing his throat, “This is Simon’s sister.”

It’s only them that Magnus takes a proper look at you. At your smudged mascara and bruised skin.

“Is it okay if we wait here until Simon comes by?” Jace asks.

Magnus nods, “Make yourself at home,” he tells you, “My boyfriend and I are going out for dinner so you can relax. Take a bath,” he says, his eyes soft.

You thank him and wait for him to leave to exhale loudly. As of tonight, no one would ever have to look at you with sad eyes again because you promise yourself, you’ll never go back to Luke.

Maybe someone knocking him out and dragging you away was exactly what you needed to start afresh.

Jace disappears into a room and then comes back out, “I left some clothes for you on my bed. Why don’t you take a shower while I get some dinner ready?” he suggests. His voice was so soft and reassuring.

You nod, slinking into his room.

When you walk back out in his clothes, he laughs a little, “They seem to fit you,” he says sarcastically. They were all too big, but it made you feel protected. Maybe it was how big they were or just the smell of Jace lingering on his clothes.

He hands you a bowl of spaghetti, “I can’t make much else,” he admits.

“Thankyou,” you say appreciatively. You finish within seconds – you weren’t sure when you’d last had a proper meal.

Jace’s eyes are pinned on you almost the entire night. He was worried he’d do something wrong or say something to upset you – he didn’t have much of a filter after all. But you just laughed and made jokes and asked him about his life like you weren’t suffering the tiniest bit – like you’d never suffered a day in your life.

“So that’s how you know how to fight,” you nod after Jace tells you an elaborate story about how he’s a trainer at a boxing studio downtown.

He nods, “I can teach you sometime, if you want?”

“I’d like that,” you smile.

There’s a knock at the door and then Simon walks in, pulling you into a tight hug before ruffling your hair, “I talked to mum. She started crying when I told her you were coming home,” Simon says with a soft smile, “She’s missed you.”

Simon looks at Jace, “Thanks for looking after her tonight.”

“Anytime,” he says, “Really. Anytime.”

Simon frowns slightly, looking between the two of you, “I’ll get a cab,” he says, “Meet me downstairs?”

You nod, waiting for him to leave.

“Thanks for everything. For dinner and for… for getting me out of there,” you mumble, “If not for you and Simon, I probably never would’ve left at all.”

“Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction,” he shrugs, “I’m here. If you need anything. Ever,” he says sincerely, “And I meant what I said. If you ever want to learn how to fight, just ask me. You seem like a fighter to me,” he grins.

“I think I’ll take you up on that,” you say, waving to him before heading downstairs.

Simon waits, leaning against the cab and looking up at the terrace as Jace watches the two of you from it.

Simon looks from Jace to you as he pulls the cab door open, “I think Jace likes you,” Simon says.

You’d barely considered the possibility, but it made you feel a little bit more hopeful… a little excited, even.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to date him. I know you two aren’t best friends.”

Simon smiles at you, “No, we’re not. But he’d be good for you.”

More than words - A Yousana AU. Chapter 10

Idea explained here

All the chapters here


JUNE 2020 (20 and 22 years old)

 “You didn’t come. I was there. I waited two hours for you. And you didn’t come. So much for ‘I’ll be there tomorrow’. You could’ve told me you know? If you didn’t want to come you could’ve just told me. I won’t check if you have answered until the 1st of July so don’t bother, if you even answer of course”


Sana read the letter with a guilty feeling in her stomach. She wanted to go, she really wanted but she couldn’t. She sat on her bed, with the back against wall and the letter in her hands. She looked at her wardrobe and she could almost see herself there a month ago. She closed her eyes and let the memories come to her.


She went to the wardrobe ready to pick up the outfit she was going to wear to her meeting with her letter boy. She opened one of the drawers to find the perfect scarf for the occasion. She was doubting between a red one or a pink one when a particular one caught her attention. She felt her stomach sink as she realized which one it was. She grabbed it with trembling hands, tears coming to her eyes. It was purple. It was a beautiful purple hijab. One she had wanted for so long. One she hadn’t bought. One someone had bought for her. One Yousef had bought for her. And one she had worn to her first date with Yousef.

You know in the movies, when the main character has flashbacks of crucial moments in their life so they can make a choice? That was what happened to Sana in that moment. Images of Yousef came to her mind, Yousef smiling, Yousef laughing, Yousef crying, Yousef’s eyes, Yousef’s hair, Yousef’s voice…Yousef. And then she remembered something Marit had told her just a few minutes ago, ‘why bother with any other guy when you know who’s the one for you?’. And finally she saw a sentence, a handwritten sentence from the last letter she had received, ‘Everything is over between my ex and me and now more than ever I want to see you’.

What was she doing? It was clear why he wanted to meet her. He wanted her as a rebound. Something had happened between him and his ex that had made him lost any hope he had and now he wanted to meet her. It was clear he wasn’t thinking straight, it was clear he didn’t want to meet her as friends. And she, what did she want to do? Did she want to reconnect with her pen pal? Did she want to take a risk and try to be with him? Did she want to forget about all the troubles her relationship with Yousef meant? Did she want to give up on Yousef?

No. She didn’t. Now more than ever she had one thing clear, she didn’t want to give up on Yousef. She loved him. She never stopped loving him. She had worked so hard to get past her insecurities only to throw it all away by giving up. She wanted to try again with him. She had to try again.

She couldn’t go to that meeting. It wouldn’t be fair to her, it wouldn’t be fair to Yousef and it wouldn’t be fair to the letter boy.


So she didn’t go. And as guilty as she felt reading that June letter, she knew she had made the right decision.

Now all she had to do was take the plunge and fight for what she wanted.


JULY 2020 (20 and 22 years old)

 “I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I couldn’t do it.

Look, I don’t know what happened between you and your ex but you’re clearly not over her and you wanted to use me as a rebound. I’m not mad at you. I get it. But I couldn’t do it. I’m in love with him. I love him. And I have to fight for him. I can’t give up just yet.

This will be my last letter. I won’t go to that book store anymore. I’m really sorry.

You’ve been one of the most important people in my life for so long. But I need to focus on what it’s real. And you’re not real”


So now not only Sana but his letter girl had given up of him. Great, just great. It was clear that he was the problem, no one else. There was something in him that made people get tired of him. There was no other explanation.

And he got it. He knew why she hadn’t met him. He had to admit it, he wrote that letter, the one asking her to meet him, in a moment of bitterness and anger. He wanted to forget about Sana and he had tried to use the letter girl for that.

Somehow he was kind of relieved that they hadn’t met. Something inside of him was telling him that it had been the right choice and that he would’ve regretted it.

But now he was right at the start. A year had passed and he was exactly like he was after Sana broke up with him. Alone. In love. Alone.


On his way home from the book shop he received a message from his mom, she needed him to buy some stuff from the store. Fate had wanted that he’d receive the text right as he was walking by the store making him turn around still reading the text and enter the shop. Fate had also wanted that he’d bump into someone as he walked through the door.

“I’m sorry” he said before looking up from his phone “Oh…”

“It’s fine…hi Yousef”

Why? Just, why? There were billions of people in the world. There were 5,267,146 people in Norway. There were 658,390 people in Oslo. And he had to bump into Sana Bakkoush.

“Hi…I’m sorry, I was looking at my phone and…”

“I told you, it’s fine” she interrupted him with a smile, why did her smile have to be so beautiful?

Yousef nodded awkwardly.

“This reminds me of one of the first times we met” She said chuckling and covering her mouth with her left hand

“Yeah…we were always bumping into each other” he said distracted by her hand.

There was something missing there. She placed her hand back by her side and he followed it with his gaze, looking from one hand to another trying to get his thoughts in order.

“Uh…Yousef? Are you okay? Why are you looking at my hands?” Sana asked confused

His head snapped up and looked at her like a kid who had been caught eating a chocolate cookie after his parents had told him not to.

“There’s no ring” he whispered


“No…I just…I mean…You…you don’t have any ring” he stuttered.

“Well, yeah I don’t really wear rings”


“Oh! Talking about rings” Sana interrupted him “You remember my friend Marit, right?”

Yousef nodded still confused by this whole conversation

“Well, she’s getting married!!” Sana said excited

“What? Marit? Married?”

“Yes, her boyfriend, Frans, proposed to her and she said yes. He had been planning it for months and I helped him. He even came all the way to my university to show me the ring. Isn’t he nice?”

Of course. Of course he had done that. Of course his only reason to give up on Sana had been a misunderstanding. Of course he had assumed the worse instead of just thinking it through. Just, of course.

“Yeah, he sounds super nice” Yousef said faking a smile while cursing himself

Sana nodded and smiled uncomfortable, an awkward silence had been installed between them now.

“Well I should go get the things my mom needs” Yousef said

“Yeah, yeah, of course. And I should get going, my mom needs this for lunch” Sana said showing him the bag she was holding

“Okay so…I’ll see you around”


Yousef walked by her and finally entered the store. When he only had taken a few steps he heard her voice again.


“Yeah?” asked turning around to face her

“I just wanted to say that you should come over to the house more often…you are never there anymore and…well, we miss you” she said biting her lip and blushing

Yousef’s lips curved into a big smile. She wanted him there, she missed him. He nodded and so did she. He stood there watching her leaving, feeling a lot better than he had felt a few minutes ago. He had arrived to that store feeling abandoned and alone and he was going to leave it feeling hopeful.

AUGUST 2020 (20 and 22 years old)

To say that she was making progress with Yousef would be maybe going too far, but at least they were able to be in the same room now without one of them running away.

After their last encounter in the food store, Yousef started to come by the house more and more often. At first, Sana would stay in her room, too embarrassed to go out and meet him. But when one day they accidentally bumped into each other –again- in the kitchen and the world didn’t end after they talked for a few minutes, Sana decided that it was time for her to stop hiding and like she had said so many times, fight for what she wanted.

What she didn’t expect was that one way of doing that was going on a double date with a guy she wasn’t even dating. That maybe, only maybe, was going too far.


“Elias, what do you want?” she asked entering the living room after receiving a text from her brother telling her to come, because yes, her brother sent her texts even if they were both at home.

“Sit down” Elias said pointing the couch where Yousef was also sitting.

“Do you know what’s going on?” she asked Yousef

“Nope, I’m as clueless as you”

Elias kept pacing around the room, clearly finding the right way to say what he had in mind.

“Elias can you stop?!” she almost yelled, she was anxious enough having Yousef so close to her, she didn’t want added stress.

“Okay, okay…the thing is…I need your help” Elias started “I want to ask Noora out, on a real date”

“So do it”

“It’s not that easy Sana. I can’t just go there and say: ‘hey Noora I think you’re really cool, want to go out on a date with me?’”

“Isn’t that how asking people out works?” Yousef asked frowning

“I’m pretty sure that’s how it works, yeah” Sana agreed

“But I don’t want her to know that it’s a date…well I do but I don’t. So I thought about going on a double date”

“Okay…?” Sana said still not understanding where this was going on

“So, what’s the problem? Ask Mutta and Chris or Adam and Mikael or Isak and Even or Vilde and Magnus or Eva and Jonas…I mean you have plenty of couples to ask” Yousef said

“Yeah, but if I ask her to go out with one of those couples she’ll know it’s a date” Elias said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world

“Elias, I’m lost here, do you or do you not want her to think it’s a date?”

“God, sis, are you even listening? I want but I don’t. So I thought that maybe you could help me. Maybe the four of us could go out? It’d be like a double date but not really, exactly what I want”

“You want us to go on a double date…” Yousef started

“…as a couple?” Sana finished

“Yes! No! I don’t know…I want the four of us to go out for dinner, it’d look like a double date but since you’re not dating it won’t really be a double date and she won’t get scared…if that makes any sense”

“No, it definitely doesn’t” Sana shaking her head

“Guys please! It’d only be dinner, after that I’ll ask her to go somewhere else and you could leave”

“I don’t know…” Yousef said, of course he wanted to do it but he didn’t want to make Sana uncomfortable

“Yeah, Elias…I don’t know either” Sana said, of course she wanted to do it but she didn’t want to make Yousef uncomfortable.

“Please, please, do it for me. I know you’ve been through a rough time but you’re friends again, right? I’ve seen you two talking…just please?”

Sana and Yousef looked at each other trying to see what the other thought.


And that’s how she ended sitting on a fancy restaurant on a Saturday night with her brother, her best friend and her ex-boyfriend.

Dinner was…interesting. Basically it consisted on Elias’ lame attempts to get Noora’s attention, Noora’s lame attempts to act as if she wasn’t head over heels in love with Elias and Sana’s and Yousef’s lame attempts to make it seem like they weren’t dying to be with each other. So yes, you could say that dinner was interesting. But what was even more interesting was when, after eating, Elias asked Noora if she wanted to go to another place with him, she accepted and the both of them left without even acknowledging Sana and Yousef, who were left awkwardly standing outside the restaurant.

“So…” Yousef said

“So…” Sana repeated looking at the floor “I think I should go home and sleep”

“But…what about your Saturday ice-cream?” he asked frowning

Sana looked up at him with wide eyes, her lips curving into a smile.

“You remember?”


“So, where do you want to go now?” Yousef asked Sana as they got out of the restaurant they had had dinner at.

He had been back in Norway for a month and even thought they had hanged out a lot since they started dating, this was the first Saturday night date they had had.

“I want ice-cream” she said with a big smile

“Ice-cream? Sana is freezing” he chuckled

“You can’t end a Saturday night out without ice-cream, it’s the rule” Sana said matter-of-factly

“What? Where did that come from?” he asked laughing

Okay, do you want to hear a story?”

“From you? Always”

She shook her head but smiled as she led the way to a bench near by and sat. He sat next to her and looked at her attentively.

“When I was little and my grandma came to spend some time with us she would always insisted on going out for dinner on Saturday. ‘You’ve all been working all week, you deserve a nice night out’ she would say. And after dinner she would always, always, insist on going to have an ice-cream. It didn’t matter if it was August, March or December. If we were out on a Saturday, we had to have an ice-cream before going home. ‘You can’t end a Saturday night without an ice-cream, Sana, it’s the rule’” she said imitating her grandma’s voice and then laughing “Mamma hated it, she always said that we were going to get ill, but grandma didn’t care. So every since then, every time I go out on a Saturday I finish my night with an ice-cream”

“Sounds like a perfect tradition to me” he said looking at her tenderly.

He stood up and offered his hand to her

“Let’s get you an ice-cream”

She smiled and took his hand, happy to know that she wasn’t alone in this anymore.


“I remember everything”

SEPTEMBER 2020 (20 and 23 years old)

 “Come on Sana you can do this, you can do this” Sana whispered to herself before knocking on the Acar’s door.

She took a deep breath waiting for the door to be opened.

“Sana?” Yousef asked as soon as he saw her standing outside his front door.

“Hi” Sana said looking at everywhere but him

“What are you doing here? Elias didn’t told me you were coming, I mean you’re always welcomed here but…”

“I didn’t tell Elias I was coming” Sana said, she knew her brother and his friends were spending the day at Yousef’s to celebrate his birthday “I needed to see you”

It took so much time to convince herself to go there, she couldn’t back up now.

“Oh…uh…come in” Yousef said stepping aside to let her in


They stood on the hallway neither of them daring to look at the other one. Sana closed her eyes for a moment and finally took a step closer to him.

“Happy birthday” she said handing him the gift bag she was holding

“Is…is that for me?” he asked, when she nodded he added “You didn’t have to…”

“You neither and yet last year you came to my house and gave me that beautiful gift” she said smiling at the memory “Besides, I couldn’t not buy you this when I saw it. Open it”

He took the gift bag and introduced his hand to grab what was inside of it. It was a snapback, but not any snapback, this one had a meaning for them.

“How…?” he tried to ask but he was so shocked to get the words out

“I did some research on the internet, made some calls and I found it, it’s the same one, right?”


Four months after they had started dating Yousef had insisted on taking Sana to the theme park. Sana wasn’t really into the attractions, the truth was that most of them scared her, but she wasn’t going to admit that to Yousef so she finally accepted. As they waited in the queue for the rollercoaster Yousef told Sana the story about the snapback he was wearing that day. It was a limited edition his favorite dancer had designed. There were only like 20 in the market and he had been lucky enough to buy one before they were all sold out.

“You should take it off then, you may lose her during the ride” Sana told him as they sat in their places, waiting for the ride to start

“Nah, that won’t happen”

“Yousef, this is a pretty big rollercoaster and there’s a lot of wind, your snapback is going to fall”

“Awww, is my girl afraid of the rollercoaster?” he teased her

“No” she said rolling her eyes “I don’t want you to come whining at me once you lose your snapback, that’s all”

“I’m telling you Sana, it won’t happen”

But it did, it happened. 2 minutes into the ride Yousef’s snapback fell down and he was unlucky enough for it to fall exactly in the railways where the wagons were about to pass, ending in the snapback being completely destroyed after every single wagon stepped on it.

Since that day both Yousef and Sana spent months trying to find another snapback like that but eventually they had given up.

Until only a month ago when while searching for something to give Yousef for his birthday, she had come across an add that was selling the same exact snapback. It had cost her almost half of her savings, but seeing the look on Yousef’s face now, it was totally worth it.


“It’s exactly the same, Sana!! I…I don’t even know what to say. Thank you” he said taking a few steps forward and hugging her.

Sana didn’t expect that reaction from him and stiffen at his touch.

“Oh god, sorry, sorry. I just…I got caught in the moment and…” Yousef said instantly backing off

“No, no, it’s fine. I didn’t expect it…that’s all…but…you can hug me…if you want” She said blushing trying to look at him but not being able to

“Yeah?” he asked

Sana nodded and took a step closer to him, wrapping his arms around his neck. Yousef placed his arms on her waist and hugged her tightly. It had been almost a year since their last hugh ,precisely also in one birthday, her birthday. That day Yousef had told her that he still loved her, and as selfish as it sounded, she needed to hear it again.

“Do you still love me?” she whispered in his ear

“What?” he asked pulling away from the hug frowning

“I’m sorry…I…it’s just…last year on my birthday you told me you loved me and now I’m thinking that maybe you still do and…I’m sorry this is selfish…I…I’m going to go…I’m sorry” she blurted out before turning around and walking to the door to leave.

She was almost out when she heard him.

“I do. I will always love you, Sana”

She looked at him and opened her mouth to say something but no words came out of it. They only stood there, staring at each other’s eyes intensely. It felt like hours but only a few seconds later Elias and the rest of the boys stepped in the hallway looking for Yousef. Sana took the moment of distraction to get out of the house. She knew she was being a coward and that she had asked for it, but knowing that Yousef still loved her was more than she could process.

OCTOBER 2020 (20 and 23 years old)

 Well of course.

Of course.

Just…of course.

Of course his parents gave him a trip to Turkey as a birthday ‘present’. Of course it was just an excuse to go see the family. Of course it was three days after Sana had asked him if he still loved her. Of course it was a two months trip. Of course he couldn’t get out of it by saying that he had to work because his boss was his own aunt. Of course he was now 2450 kilometers away from Sana.

Just, of course.

Don’t get him wrong. He loved going to Turkey to see his family, especially since his little cousin Omar had been born and he hadn’t had the chance to meet him. But the fact that he had to leave without being able to talk to Sana about what she had asked him on his birthday was killing him. And it wasn’t like he could talk to her about it by text message, right? No, he couldn’t. That was something that had to be dealt with face to face. The thing was, would there be anything to talk about once he came back?


Sana Bakkoush: Elias told me you went to Turkey

Sana Bakkoush: I hope you have a great time there

Yousef Acar: Thank you

Yousef Acar: To be honest I didn’t want to go

Yousef Acar: But it’ll be nice to spend some time with the family

Yousef Acar: And you know I love this country

Sana Bakkoush: I do

Yousef Acar: By the way, how is the Nazar amulet I gave to you?

Sana Bakkoush: Well…

Yousef Acar: It’s broken, isn’t it?

Yousef Acar: It’s okay, it always happens

Sana Bakkoush: Really?

Yousef Acar: Yeah, they’re very fragile

Yousef Acar: I’ll have to bring you another one, there’s no way I’m leaving you without protection

Sana Bakkoush: You really don’t have to.

Sana Bakkoush: I don’t think I need protection from jealousy anyway

Yousef Acar: I told you, you’re perfect

Yousef Acar: Of course people would be jealous at you

Yousef Acar: I’ll bring you a new one xx

Sana Bakkoush: Thank you xx

NOVEMBER 2020 (20 and 23 years old)

Sana Bakkoush: I heard that you’re back. I hope you’ve had an awesome time in Turkey.

Yousef Acar: Yeah, I got home yesterday. I had a great time, thanks!

Yousef Acar: I’m actually at your house right now.

Yousef Acar: Are you here? I thought we could talk?

Sana Bakkoush: I’m with Jamilla right now.

Sana Bakkoush: But maybe we can talk tomorrow?

Yousef Acar: Tomorrow sounds perfect.


“Are you even listening to me?” Elias asked annoyed


“I’m talking about Sana’s birthday, are you in?”

“Sana’s birthday?”

“So you’ve clearly haven’t listened to any of what I’ve said”

“I’m sorry I was…”

“Texting my sister?” he interrupted Yousef “Like you’ve been the whole two months you’ve been away?”

“What? I haven’t been texting Sana” Yousef lied

“Oh, please. She’s been all the time on her phone and smiling like a dork, that smile is her Yousef smile”

“Okay, fine, we’ve been texting”

“What is going on with you, then?”

“Nothing…I think…I don’t know. Last time I saw her was on my birthday and she asked me if I still loved her”

“And what did you tell her?” Elias asked

“I told her the truth, that I will always love her. But then I had to leave and yeah, we’ve been talking to each other but not about us, just about random stuff…”

“So, what are you waiting for? Go talk to her”

“She’s with Jamilla, but we’ve agreed on meeting tomorrow”

“Ever since those two became friends again she’s spending a lot of time with Jamilla. I’m so happy to see them reconnect” Elias said with a smile

“Reconnect? What do you mean reconnect? I thought Sana and Jamilla were never friends” Yousef asked confused

“Oh no, they were, they were really close back when Sana was in middle school. But then they got into a fight about something”

“But when I asked you about Sana and Jamilla you said that they had always hated each other”

“Well, it was a way of talking. What do you even care about it?”

“No…I don’t…it’s just…just forget it…” Yousef said shaking his head, he had already been down that road and he didn’t want to go there only to be disappointed once again.

“Okay…anyway. Sana’s birthday party at the cabin, are you in or not? I’m sure she’d want you to go”

“Cabin? What cabin?”

“Seriously Yousef? Where have you been for the past 20 minutes? The cabin in the woods my family used to rent for the holidays, the one we’re renting for Sana’s birthday party.”

“…cabin…in the woods…what…where?” Yousef stuttered, he could feel his heart beating fast in his chest, this couldn’t be happening, not again.

“In the woods, I just told you” Elias said chuckling

“Elias, I’m not joking here. Where is that cabin?”

Elias frowned at his friend and searched the location on his phone.

“Here” he said showing his phone to Yousef

“Oh my god…this…this can’t be…” Yousef said shaking his head and standing up.

He began to pace around the room anxiously, his mind was going too fast.

“Yousef you’re scaring me, what’s going on?”

“Elias…I need to ask you some questions and please you have to be completely sincere here”

“Of course, Yousef what happened?”

“Sana…was she…was she bullied in middle school?”

“Oh…uh…yes…how do you know that?”

“That doesn’t matter. Jamilla, did she go with Sana to school every morning? Did she pick her up from there? Was then when they became friends?”

“Yes, Jamilla was the first person Sana told about the bullying thing”

“No, she wasn’t” Yousef whispered more to himself than to him

He couldn’t believe he had been so blind during all these years. Yes, he had thought about this once but when Elias had told him that Sana and Jamilla weren’t friends he had immediately given up on that thought.

Now, it all seemed clear to him. But still, he needed to ask more questions just to be sure.

“This cabin…did you used to go on the second month of summer, the first week of Christmas, the winter break and the last 4 days of Easter? Did Sana hurt her foot with the wardrobe door of her room in the cabin when she was 11?”

“What the fuck Yousef? How do you know all of that? Did Sana tell you?”

“Yes, no…kind of…I need to go”

“What? Where?”

“I need to think” Yousef said walking to the door

“Wait, are you in for Sana’s birthday or not?”

“Uh…yes whatever” he said, he couldn’t think about that now

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow? When you come to see Sana?”

“I can’t see Sana…not tomorrow…I…please don’t tell her anything about this conversation, please”

“Okay, fine, fine I won’t tell her, but what’s going on?”

“I need to think” he said again, this time finally leaving


On his way home he texted Sana to tell her that he couldn’t meet her the following day.

He needed to think, he needed to process all this new information. Starting from the fact that Sana was his letter girl and ending in the fact that she had lied to him when she broke up with him, she had never stopped loving him.

DECEMBER 2020 (21 and 23 years old)

Her birthday, her 21st birthday, her birthday that she was celebrating with a surprise party in a cool cabin in the woods. That should be enough to make Sana feel happy right?

Well she wasn’t.

And the reason of that was not something but someone. The reason was a 23 years old boy who had been avoiding her for the past weeks. Since he had came home from Turkey in the end of November she hadn’t had a proper conversation with him. She had texted him, she had ran into him at her house but all she had received had been ambiguous answers and evasive looks. And now he wasn’t even in her party.

She knew she had no right to be mad at him. She had lost her chance. She had broken up with him more than a year ago. She had avoided him for almost a year. She had broken his heart. She had asked him if he still loved her and then she had run away. She had done everything wrong. As far as Yousef knew, she didn’t love him and she had moved on from him, so why would he even care about going to her stupid party? She should’ve talked to him sooner. She knew that. But it hadn’t been easy. First she had had to overcome her insecurities, and that had been really difficult. Then, she had had to finally get some closure on her letter boy. And finally, when she was ready to talk to him he had started to avoid her, it was just too late.

Still, she had a tiny shred of hope that he would come, but the party started almost 2 hours ago and he still hadn’t come. She had given up hope when her phone beeped with a text message.

Yousef Acar: A little rude to invite me to your birthday party and don’t come to greet me, don’t you think?

She looked up from her phone and saw him standing by the door, his eyes focused on her.


Sana Bakkoush: Well, I’m the birthday girl, I think you should come to me.

He smiled at her across the room and walked over to her. She returned the smile and met him in the middle.

“Hi” Sana said maybe smiling way too big

“Hey, happy birthday” he said as he put his hand on his pocket to take out her gift “as promised”

In his hand he was holding the new Nazar amulet he had brought her from Turkey.

“You remembered!” she said taking a step closer to him to hug him

“I told you, I remember everything” he whispered in her ear as he hugged her back.

“So, did you know about this?” she asked once she pulled away from the hug

“Yeah, I kind of did. This is such a nice cabin. Elias told me you used to come here?”

“Yes, we did. We spent almost every holiday here…do you maybe want to see what used to be my room?”

“I’d love to”

Without thinking twice she took his hand and led him to the attic. She was really excited to having him there. This was her chance and she wasn’t going to waste it. As soon as they were alone she would tell him all the truth, that she loved him and wanted to be with him.

“I haven’t seen it yet since I got here, I don’t know if it has changed or anything” Sana explained opening the door and turning the lights on. “Wow…it’s exactly as I remember it”

Yousef silently agree with her, the room hadn’t, in fact, changed a little bit. He stood by the door while Sana paced around the room inspecting every inch of it.

“I used to love coming here. It’s the best room of the house. I had to fight Abdu and Elias to have it, but you know I always find a way to make them do what I want” she said as she approached the wardrobe and put her hand on the door to open it

“Be careful, you don’t want to hurt your foot again with the door” he said leaning against the wall by the room door.

Sana froze at his words. She tried to find a moment in her memory when she had mentioned something about that wardrobe to Yousef but as hard as he tried she couldn’t find one. Slowly, she turned around to look at him

“What did you just say?” she whispered

“Last time I was here the door was still broken and I mean, we both know how much it hurts when it falls in your foot”


“One would think that after all this time they would’ve fixed it but I think we both know that they probably didn’t”

“Stop!” she heard herself yelling, she needed to process what she was hearing “You’re…it’s…it’s you…you’re…him”

Yousef nodded slowly and took a step towards her

“Since when do you know?” she asked him

“Since Elias showed me the location of this cabin. I had thought about it before to be honest. For a long time I was convinced that it was you…but then you weren’t friends with Jamilla and my letter girl had a great relationship with her sister-in-law. Then I found out that you used to have that kind of relationship with her and that you were bullied in middle school”

“But I…I thought you were him too…but you…you aren’t muslim” Sana said blinking fast, she had a lot of thoughts in her mind and she couldn’t put them in order

“No, I’m not muslim” he agreed

“But you were…when you were 16 you still were muslim” only now she was realizing her mistake

Once again, Yousef’s answer was simple nod, he knew this was a lot to process, it had took him weeks and she only had minutes.

“I can’t believe this…I…all the signs were there…your friend’s sister you thought hated you…that was me and I saw you coming out of the book store that time and…everything is starting to make sense now…” right now all she could do was look at some point in the wall behind Yousef and shake her head as she tried to think straight. A question came to her mind and this time she looked right at him “Why didn’t you tell me? Why have you avoided me all these weeks?”

“Probably for the same reason you lied to me when you broke up with me” he said bitterly “I needed time”

“Yousef…about that…”

“Why, Sana? Why would you do that? Why would to break my heart that way? Why wouldn’t you just tell me the truth? I would’ve understood, I would’ve supported you and given you the time you needed” he said taking a few steps towards her

“I was a mess Yousef! I didn’t want to bring you into my mess, it wasn’t fair to you”

“No, what wasn’t fair to me was that you made that decision for me” she could hear the hurt in his voice

She looked down trying to hide the tears that were coming to her eyes

“Sana…I…it felt like you were giving up on us…”

“You gave up on us too” she whispered before looking up at him “You gave up on us. You said everything was over between you and your ex and two months later you were saying that you were still in love with me, why?”

“That…that was a mistake…” he said closing his eyes and shaking his head “I saw you…outside your university, with that Frans guy, he had a ring and…”

“Oh my god, that’s why you kept looking at my hands that day, you thought he had proposed to me?!” she asked half angry half amused

“I’m sorry okay? You had told me you didn’t love me, you had been avoiding me for months and when I finally get the courage to tell you I still love you I see you with another guy…”

“And your instant reaction was to want to meet another girl?” she asked crossing her arms on her chest

“In my defense, that girl was you”

This time she really laughed, and not only a chuckle, she was completely laughing out loud, almost histerically, while the tears that she had been holding rolled down her face. It seemed contradictory but wasn’t that what that situation was? She felt happy to know that the two loves of her life were the same person but also frustrated about all the time they had lost on stupidities. At first Yousef just frowned at her but eventually he was infected with her laugh and ended up laughing too.

“What are you laughing at?” she said between laughs

“Me? You’re the one who started”

“It’s just…this could only happen to us” she said more calm now as the truth hit her “We’ve been knowing each other for 10 years and we’re still in the same point we were in the start”

“No, that’s not true”

“What do you mean?”

“Now, Sana, we know something we didn’t know before. You know I love you. And I…I think you love me too…don’t you?”

She sighed heavily and flashed a huge smile at him

“Of course I love you. I’ve wanted to tell you for months, I never stopped loving you.” She walked, ran, over to him and hugged him.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and brought her closer to him, lifting her off the floor a little.

“I’m sorry, for everything” she said against his neck

“I’m sorry too” he whispered back

He placed her in the floor and pulled away a little to look at her. She placed her hands on his chest and tilted her head to gaze at him with loving eyes.

“So it’s true then…it’s you, it’s always been you” she said

“Yeah, it’s me…I’m your anonymous friend about whom you knew nothing” he said in a nerdy voice

“Hey!” she reprimanded him patting softly on his chest with her hand

“You were such a know-it-all”

“Excuse me? I was smart, smarter than you Mr. lame jokes”

“You loved my jokes!” he said “You loved them as much as you loved 40 years old creepy men”

She opened her mouth offended and pulled away from his embrace

“You know what? I’ve changed my mind, I don’t love you” she said trying to leave but he took her hand and made her stay, hugging her again.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You were smarter than me”

“I’m smarter than you” she placed her hands on his chest again and smiled

“You are smarter than me”

“And I don’t love 40 years old creepy guys”

“And you don’t love 40 years old creepy guys” he repeated

“And I don’t think your jokes are that lame” she admitted “I kind of like them”

“Yes! I knew it” he said doing a victory sign with his fist

She laughed and then bit her lip as she looked at him. Everything they had been through had led them to that particular moment. The truth was out now. The boy she had had a crush on for 10 years and the boy she had been in love with for almost 5 years were the same person and it couldn’t feel more right.

“I love you” she said resting her forehead against his

“And I love you, girl” he said back

Since that day, Sana and Yousef became a couple again and this time there was nothing that could tear them apart.

Every time they met new people and they would asked them for how long they had known each other, Sana would say an amount of years while Yousef would say another. When asked about that difference of replies they would look at each other and smile knowingly before answering.

‘It’s a long story’ they would say, and indeed it was.


I can’t believe I’m sayin this but…this is the last chapter of More than words.

When I started this I never thought people would actually like it and would take the time to read it so it means the world to me all the love and support you’ve showed to me

I really hope you like this chapter and that it hasn’t disappointed you


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jimon + jace doting over his bf and panicking when simons sick with the smallest cold ever

asdfghjkl jace is so extra

Jace knows something’s up as soon as he walks into the Institute. Alec is leaning against a table, waiting for him, trying incredibly hard to look casual, which he could probably achieve if he didn’t look like he’d just swallowed a lemon. 

“What’s wrong.” Jace demands as soon as he draws close. 

“Hey, Jace.” Alec responds neutrally. “How was your mission?” 

“Fine.” Jace says shortly. “Now tell me what’s wrong.” 

“Nothing’s wrong, why would anything be wrong, things are going fine?” Alec says rapidly, his tone getting higher towards the end. Jace blinks. 

“It’s like you think if you speak fast enough, I just won’t hear any of it.” 

“That’s not true.” Alec protests. “Look, it’s no big deal, you wanna spar? Go a few rounds with staffs, and then switch to blades?” Jace squints at him; the request seems natural enough, and he’s not averse to hanging out with Alec a little. Maybe Alec was talking to Magnus before Jace walked in; the man usually leaves Alec out of it. It’s adorable.

“Sure.” Jace says, finally relaxing. “Let me go drop my stuff off in my room and change into something more comfortable. Simon’s still asleep in my room, I think; I’ll wake him up and then join you, so - “


Jace pauses from where he’s halfway turned towards a corridor, pivoting back slowly to stare at Alec, who’s looking panicked now. 

“I mean, come on Jace, I haven’t seen you in so long - “

“You mean in two hours - “

“ - why don’t we hang out right now, in another room - “

“Mm-hm.” Jace says, frowning, turning his back on Alec and making his way to his room. “You’re hiding something from me.” He yells over his shoulder, and he hears Alec’s exasperated sigh fade away. So there’s something in his room they don’t want him to see, and he’s pretty sure the only thing in his room is Simon. Did Simon break something? It wouldn’t be the first time, Jace thinks, amused. Supernatural speed translates into supernatural clumsiness as well, which is cute and all but sort of deadly for all of Jace’s breakable possessions. 

“Jace!” Izzy says, appearing in front of him. Jace startles back, blinking, before he straightens up and looks at her. “Hey, why don’t you come to my room for a bit? I need some advice.” 

“Advice” He repeats flatly. “With what?” 

“…fashion.” Izzy says confidently. “You are the resident expert in leather jackets, aren’t you?”

“Sure.” Jace responds pleasantly. “I’ll just go to my room and change first - “

“No, why don’t we go straight to my room - “

“Yeah, not happening.” Jace shakes his head, smiling despite himself. “Alec already pulled this song and dance. Come on, whatever it is, I’m sure it isn’t that bad. Let me go to my room.” 

Izzy sighs, stepping aside and shaking her head. “Just try not to overreact, okay? It’s really not a big deal. It’s under control.” 

“I don’t overreact that much.” Jace says, indignant, as he reaches his room. “I’m sure you’re all misreading the situation. And me.” 

He pushes the door open and walks through, freezing at the sight that greets him. Simon is curled into a ball in his sheets, his face blotchy and red. His boyfriend looks feverishly sick, sweat mingling with the bloody tears leaking out of his eyes. Clary is sitting in a chair besides him, pressing a damp washcloth to his forehead, and Simon is making these pitiful little groans that stop as soon as he sees Jace. 

“I told you to keep him away!” Simon moans, at the same time that Jace bellows “MY BOYFRIEND IS DYING?”

Oh yeah,” Izzy mutters quietly, “we sure did misread this situation. You’re not overreacting at all.” 

Jace ignores her and stalks over to the bed, falling to his knees and pressing his hands against Simon’s cheeks. Simon sighs. 

“I’ll be fine in like twenty minutes.” He mutters. 

“He really will be.” Clary chimes in. “It was just a batch of tainted blood, his body’s already healing itself.” 

“You look miserable. You can’t keep something like this from me, you - fuck, you’re burning up. What can I get you? Magnus, we should call Magnus. He’ll know what to do. Maybe Catarina? She can help, right? And Raphael and the rest of the clan. They probably have a few ideas too. And - “

“Stop.” Simon wails. “I don’t need a goddamn army for a tiny cold that will be gone in eighteen minutes now.”

“Twenty minutes.” Clary says, exasperated. “That’s all they needed to delay you for.” Jace ignores her, his gaze roaming over the rest of Simon’s body. He’s under a huge pile of blankets, his hair in disarray and the faint imprint of pillow marks across half of his forehead. The feverish sweat is reducing, but Jace thumbs over a bloody tear leaking out of Simon’s eye and bites his lip. What if he doesn’t get better, what if it gets worse, what if something unimaginable and horrifying happens to Simon and he never gets to see that pretty smile again, what if he doesn’t get to grow old with this man - 

“Breathe, Jace.” Simon says calmly, his hand reaching up to cover Jace’s, and Jace startles out of his thought, taking a deep breath. Simon looks carefully at him, and then struggles into an upright position. 

“Can you guys give Jace and me a moment?” Simon asks, and Jace is distantly aware of Clary and Izzy filing out. 

“I’m not good at this.” Jace mutters once the girls have left, finally letting his hands drop to Simon’s waist. Simon laughs. 

“Yeah, no shit.” He grins. “I think you forget that I’m basically immortal.” 

“That doesn’t make you immune to getting hurt.” Jace argues mulishly. Simon shakes his head, another snicker escaping him, and tugs at Jace’s shoulders. 

“C’mere.” He murmurs, something softer in his voice, and Jace goes willingly, rising up and letting Simon rearrange them until Jace is sitting in between Simon’s legs, Simon’s back against the headrest. They’re pressed close together, and it soothes something in Jace to have his knees pressed against either side of Simon and broad hands wrapped around his back, anchoring him. 

“I’m okay. I’m not going anywhere.” Simon says, and Jace closes his eyes and clutches Simon closer, his fingers digging hard into Simon’s hips. 

“You sure?” he asks, his voice low and worried. “I can bring you extra blood, or take you to someone if you don’t heal fast enough - “

Jace.” Simon says firmly. “I’ve stopped sweating and my head is clearing up. I’m a vampire, and you have to let me be one.” 

“Alright.” Jace exhales slowly, nodding, and Simon beams at him. “I might - a little - I mean, I know that maybe I…can come on a little too strongly about this.” His boyfriend snorts at that. 

“A little.” Simon snickers. “The first time I got sick you were about to go out with a hunting party to track down the poor blood bank that I got my blood from. A hunting party. For a blood bank.”

“I stand by it.” Jace says proudly, ignoring Simon’s laughter. 

“Of course you do.” Simon shakes his head, fond. He presses a slow, gentle kiss to Jace’s lips. The soft push-pull of their mouths eases some of the tension in Jace’s shoulders, and he feels it begin to be replaced with the radiating warmth that being around Simon always brings, and with it a slow, lazy tendril of lust. “You’re a little neurotic about my health. It’s cute, in a I can’t believe my boyfriend is weirder than me way.”

“I’m not.” Jace grumbles. “I’m sensible.” 

“Sure babe.” Simon placates. “Sure.”

Title: Flirtatious

Fandom: The Mortal Instruments

Word Count: 1,895

Rating: Teen +

Gender: Reader wears dress

Warnings: Swearing, unwanted sexual advance, implied smut at the end


Request: Can you do a Jace/reader where the reader likes Jace but doesn’t think he likes her back (he does) and they flirt all the time and are inseparable. Jace asks reader to train but they are going on a date with a mundane they met and Jace gets jealous. They confess they like each other and fluffy stuff happens. Cheers

A/N: Takes place after Max… I am still reading the last book, but this does not follow the books.

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probablydalston  asked:

it took me way too long to find 'ask question' you'd think i was 80 anyway - blupjeans, any blupjeans, maybe in a world where fake marriage trope happens? i’m bad at prompts (and tumblr) i’m sorry

They’ve encountered a lot of weird shit over the past couple of decades - seriously, so much weird shit. No, really, an unbelievably large amount of just fucking unusual occurrences. But Lup’s gotta say, the world of ‘seriously we are not going to pay any attention to you at all unless one of you is married’ still manages to take her by surprise, even after all these cycles.

“So, we’re stealing it, right?” Merle slouches in one of the chairs in the galley, feet barely skimming the floor. “Not that I’d support such a sin, but we’re definitely stealing it?”

“Unless you’ve got a wife hidden away in your closet.” Magnus is leaning against the door, thick arms folded over his chest. “Or a husband. Some poor, downtrodden soul.”

“You know what, I don’t see anyone falling over themselves to put a ring on your finger, kid.”

“That’s because you can’t see, old man.”

Davenport intervenes, and the discussion devolves into a mess of yelling and half-baked plans as Lup sits on the table next to her brother and notes the way that Barry Bluejeans is very carefully not looking at her.

She grins. Great minds think alike after all, and she doesn’t have any doubts that he’s hit upon the same solution to this little hiccup as she has.

Taako elbows her. She ignores him. Taako elbows her again, and when that still doesn’t produce the response he’s looking for (she knows, okay, she doesn’t need her brother’s helping hand here), he clears his throat to make sure everyone’s looking at him.

“I mean, you’re all throwing out some real doozies here a la grand theft lumino, but I’m pretty sure we could just have Lup and Barry pretend to be hitched.”

Barry chokes. On air, Lup’s pretty sure, which might have been offensive ten cycles ago. But she likes to think she’s got a handle on ol’ Bluejeans these days, and the only thing that really annoys her about this situation is that Taako got the jump on her. Making Barry blush might not be the nicest hobby in the world, but it’s hers, damnit.

“That,” Davenport says slowly, “is not actually a terrible idea.”

“Well yeah homie, don’t look so surprised. Taako know’s what’s up.”

“Why - uh, why would it have to be m-me and Lup?” Barry’s face is approximately the colour of a tomato. “Magnus seems like the, um, more obvious choice? Or - they didn’t say that they were institutionally homophobic or anything, did they? Lucretia and Lup could, or Taako and Magnus, or - I’m just saying. There are a lot of other options.”

The way her heart squeezes when he suggests Magnus sort of takes her by surprise. She cares about Barry, obviously - she cares about all of them. But there’s a voice in the back of her head that’s getting louder cycle by cycle, insisting that Barry isn’t allowed to feel badly about himself. Definitely not if she can prevent it.

She leans back on her hands, raising both eyebrows at him. “You think I couldn’t land a fish like you, Barry?”

“No - no that’s not what I said–”

“Because I could marry you. I could marry you so hard, you’d be arguing about which way the toilet paper should face before you knew what’d happened.”

The bewildered look on his face is maybe the most endearing thing Lup’s seen in her life. “It goes with the loose end on top, why would anyone argue about that?”

Now, they’re a few cycles away from the time that Lup finds herself thinking about this guy, and how he might be it for her. She has a few hangups of her own to work through, a few fears about an uncertain future to overcome. But it’s right then - that moment, when Barry Bluejeans is so blindingly right about which way the toilet paper should go - when she starts to get an inkling that maybe this isn’t just fondness and teasing coming together at the right moment.

Barry glances up at her, still red behind her glasses, but doesn’t look away this time. And she grins back, delighted in his bravery, delighted more by the small smile that steals across his mouth before he remembers to be embarrassed about everything.

“I think it’s a good idea.”

The moment passes, the weight of the room’s attention abruptly lifted from both Lup and Barry as Lucretia, standing in the corner, says those rarest of words. She falters briefly under the pressure, but straightens after Lup winks at her, hugging her current journal a little closer to her chest and giving a serious nod.

“I don’t think any of us could argue that we occasionally need a leader’s hand to keep us on track, so Davenport’s out. Merle has an unfortunate tendency to stick his foot in his mouth. Taako has an unfortunate tendency to make other people stick their foot in their mouth, and Magnus - Magnus is clearly not the married type. I’m sorry Barry, but you and Lup really are the only option.”

Lup watches his struggle, because they all know Lucretia left herself out, but mentioning that is only going to open him up to more teasing about who he does and does not want to be married to. She decides to save him, at least for the time being.

“And you’re going to be too busy writing this whole debacle down to participate, right Lucretia?” Lup jumps off the table, hipchecks Barry when she comes down. “Come on, Bluejeans. You’re always stuck back in the lab, this is your chance to see how the other half live.”

“I like my lab,” he protests, but it’s with the tone of a man who knows he’s already lost the battle.

“Trust me. Once this year is up, it’ll be no contest between me and that place.”

“It’s,” he says, and cuts himself off so fast he nearly chokes again. But Lup’s used to that, the stuttering and second-guessing, so she steamrolls right over him without reading too much into it.

“A deal!” she announces. “Davenport, do they do rings in this place? Someone get us some rings.”

And just like that, Lup and Barry are married. Technically. Having settled upon something that resembles a plan, the group starts to break apart, although Lup lingers near her husband. She might have railroaded him into this for funsies, but the last thing she wants is to make him uncomfortable. She opens her mouth to let him know, except Taako gets there first because of course he does.

“Hold on, you think that Magnus could get this?”

Proposals and Kids?

Request: Alec imagine where you are a witch a max asks you to teach him about magic while you’re talking he tells you Alec is planning on proposing to you and your like what and max is like I can’t wait for more siblings cuz he doesn’t understand they’d be his nephew and just super fluffy alec


Word Count: 1.5K

Warnings: None really 

Authors Note: Hey! Sorry if this is terrible but I hope you enjoy anyhow :) Also thank you guys so much for all of your amazing support! LYSM <3 Also! Requests are currently closed because I have so many ideas coming in so unfortunately they will have you be closed for the time being, I hope you all understand 😊


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“Max! Food is ready!” You scream from the kitchen, you had just finished up making his lunch. Dinosaur shaped ham sandwiches with a cup of lemonade, Max’s all time favourite.

You were currently baby sitting for the Lightwoods, whilst the whole family went to Idris to sort out some difficulties the Clave were having with the whole Valentine ordeal. You didn’t mind though, Max was like your little brother.

You could remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. A cute little bundle of joy, Mrs Lightwood had described him with a huge grin. Alec had always said that was the way he would be with your kids, when you guys actually did have some. Full of love and care, making sure nothing in the world could hurt them.

You smile at the memory, your boyfriend was all that you could ask for. Even though you weren’t accepted by the Lightwood family straight away, being a Downworlder and all. But Alec and Izzy both fought for you and eventually made their parents see that you would never do anything against Shadowhunter Law. You were taught by the one and only Magnus Bane, you would never disrespect him like that.

You are pulled from your train of thought when you hear little, bare feet pattering against the wooden floor. A small patch of moving hair was visible from over the kitchen counter, then suddenly a cute little head popped up, grinning at you then to his meal.

You move around to lift him up onto one of the stools, then sat beside him.
Taking a sip from your cup of tea you made earlier.

“ So after you finish your lunch, unfortunately we have to do some tutoring” you say as you watch Max devour his sandwiches. He paused to take a drink then looked you at you.

“ Can you teach me about magic please, Y/n?”  He says with the cutest puppy dog eyes, how could you refuse?

“ sure thing, but you need to eat all of your sandwiches and I might have made some strawberry jelly for afters” you ruffle his hair as you get up to tend to dessert.

After lunch, you cleared up the kitchen whilst Max read out a story from his book of fairytales. He was genius when it came to school work but when it came to runes and magic he was a bit on the iffy side.

So you both then headed into the living room, and plonked yourselves onto the large couch.

“ Right, do you want to start with runes?” You say gathering the flash cards up.

“ Sure, can we do ceremonial ones? Izzy was telling me about Parabati runes and how powerful they are”  he mumbles placing his story book onto the coffee table.

“ Yeah we can do that, so what runes do you know of that are used in ceremonies?”

“ Well I know the Parabati one and thats for the bond of love and friendship between two warriors, to make them strong in battle” he says looking up at you will a childish smile. You smile back and nod to signal what he was say was in fact correct.

“ Then there is the marriage rune… Y/n? ” Max asks, furrowing his eyebrows.

“ Yes?” You reply looking up from the flashcards.

“ How are you and Alec going to get married if you cant have runes on your skin?” He says curiously.

“ Well, Me and Alec haven’t talked about marriage before” you say simply.

“ It just I overhear him talking to Jace      about proposing to you on your birthday… And I was wondering how would you get married? You could have a beautiful mundane wedding! With flowers and cake!!” He says excitedly jumping up and down on the couch. You were gobsmacked… Alec was going to propose?! Wait…what?!?!!

“ Hey” you say setting Max back down “ when did Alec say this exactly? About him proposing?”

“ Yesterday” he grins.

“ See me and Alec have only ever talked about having kids because marriage would be too difficult with the Law” you mumble, looking at Max with a weak smile.

“ Wait! Im going to have more brothers and sisters?!  I cant wait! We can play forts or play in the garden looking for worms… Hide and seek would be so much better!” He stumbled out, obviously only hearing the word kids in your sentence.

“ Max ” you laugh out trying to calm the excited child, who was running around skipping. “ They wouldn’t be your brothers or sisters, you would be their Uncle” Max stopped straight in his tracks.

“ So I’m not getting anyone to play hide and seek with?” He says with a wobbly lip as he turns to face you.

“ Of course you will, but you would have the responsibility of looking after them, making sure they don’t do anything silly, you would be like a cool big brother”  you say scooping him up and giving him a hug, he snuggled into you; wrapping his arms around your neck.

“ Y/n?” He says in a small whisper.

“ Max?” You reply in the same tone.

“ Do you think I could have a nap before Mum and Dad come home?”

“ Yeah, sure you can… We will just say you did some work, yeah?” You say setting him down on the floor with a little smile.

A huge grin formed onto his face and he ran off down the corridor towards his bedroom.

You quickly snapped your fingers, making the flashcards, that were spread out on the coffee table, slid perfectly back into their box. You spot Max’s story book and pick it up.

You flip through the pages and discover a bookmarked area, it was a fairytale wedding. It was obvious that Max had scribbled on the characters to make them look like family members. Alec was the groom and you were the bride. Max was so adorable it made your heart swell.

You set the book back down and pull out you phone from your hoodie pocket. Quickly pressing the call app, you scrolled down to Alec’s name and clicked call. He picked up on the second ring.

“ Hey! Y/n whats up? Are you okay?” He says with concern, you guys hardly ever called each other, because you preferred to text .

“ Hey! Everything’s fine, I was just wondering what time you guys get back?” You say, as you begin to wander the hall towards yours and Alec’s room.

“ Actually, we are heading to the portal now… So maybe about an hour depending on if we have everything sorted” he explains.

“ Oh good” you laugh “ Its just we need to talk about something when you get back.”

“ okayyy…” He stressed “ About what?”

“ It can wait till you get back, I cant wait to see you!” You smile down the phone.

“ I cant wait to see you as well, I’ve missed you so much” you sense him smiling too.

“Yeah! He hasn’t bloody stopped talking about you since we got here!” You hear Jace shout in the background, making you laugh.

“ shut up Jace!” Alec yells away from the phone.

“ anyways I will be home soon, I love you!”

“ I love you too!” You say quickly then end the call, grinning at the phone for a good five minuets, before deciding to watch some tv in your room.


You feel the bed dip from behind you, and strong arms snaking around your body.

“ Y/n… We’re home” Alec whispers kissing your neck.

“ Hmmm” you mumble, sleep still controlling your body, you must of drifted into a deep sleep whilst watching tv. You turn over so that your facing Alec and bring your hand to his face, stroking his slight stubble with your finger tips.

“ what did you want to talk about” he mumbles, leaning into your touch.

“ what do you think about marriage?”
You say in a whisper.

“ I like the idea of it, what about you?” He says keeping strong eye contact.

“ I love the idea of it but how would we, say if we were to get married, carry it out? Its not like we can have a Shadowhunter ceremony…” You say softly, moving your hands to his lips. Tracing the outline of them.

“ I don’t want that… Clary was telling me about the crazy things you can do in Mundane weddings, some people even go scuba diving!” He says with a growing smile.

“ I just thought you would want to be traditional, and I cant give you that” you whisper, looking at his lips then to his eyes.

“ I want you… Nothing can change that… I have always wanted you” he says softly leaning in, placing his lips onto yours. After a couple of seconds you pull away.

“ Did you know Max thinks that our kids are going to be his siblings? I didn’t know we had already had a son” you giggled.

“ Well we cant disappoint him can we?” He smirks as he leans in to kiss you again, this time with a lot more passion.

Truth or dare?


Here I am as promised with the truth or dare fics. All the squads get together to play a game of truth or dare and well, things get interesting 

I really hope you like it!!


“Let’s play a game!” Elias said “Let’s all play truth or dare”

“Truth or dare? What are we, 12?” Sana said rolling her eyes

“Well your boyfriend certainly is” Adam said teasing Yousef

“Hey!” he said offended

“I mean…they’re kind of right…”Sana said biting her lip

“But they don’t need to know that, Sana” Yousef said shaking her head

“Yes, please let’s play! This is so boring” Vilde said excited

It was Mutta’s birthday and they were all at his house, the Balloon Squad, the girl squad and the boy squad.  A lot had happened since Eva’s birthday party. Yousef and Sana were now dating and happier than ever. Vilde and Magnus had broken up but were still friends. Eventually William had come back to London and Noora had decided to stay in Oslo. It had been difficult at first but she was completely over him now.

“I pass” Sana said “That game is stupid”

“Come oooooon Sana!” Yousef said “Please?”

“Ah, fine, let’s play”

They all sat down forming a circle. Adam grabbed a bottle from the table and placed it on the middle of the circle.

“Okay this is how it works. I’ll spin the bottle and in whoever it stops they have to choose between truth or dare and then they spin the bottle to find the next one and so on…”

“Yes, Adam, I think we all know how to play” Mikael, who was sitting by him, said

“Okay, whatever” Adam said acting offending

“Oh, don’t be mad” Mikael chuckled putting his arm around Adam’s shoulder “You explained it very well”

Adam shoved his arm off and stuck out his tongue at him playfully.

“I’ll start” he then said spinning the bottle. “Oh, look who’s the first one, this is karma”

The bottle had, in fact, stopped right in front of Sana who was shaking her head.

“Okay Sana, truth or dare?” Adam asked

“Truth” Sana sighed

“Let me think…well we all know that your boyfriend is the biggest dork in the existence”

“Yes, that’s truth. Now I spin the bottle right?”

“That wasn’t my question” Adam said “My question is…tell us a dorky thing you’ve done regarding Yousef”

“I’ve never done anything like that” Sana said crossing her arms on her chest

“That’s a lie, what about the flowers and the leaves?” Elias asked

“Elias, shut up” Sana said glaring at him

“Sana, you have to be sincere. What’s with the flowers and the leaves?” Adam insisted

“I may…have kept some flowers Yousef gave me one day” Sana said looking at the floor

“You did?” Yousef asked shocked

“And the grass leaves that you threw at her!!” Elias said laughing “I saw them on her room”

“Awwww babe, you’re the cutest” Yousef said hugging Sana

“I hate you both” Sana said looking at Adam and Elias while everyone laughed “Okay, it’s enough, it’s my turn”

Sana span the bottle and it landed on Isak

“Okay, best bud, truth or dare?”

Truth” he said

“Chicken” Even said coughing making Isak glare at him

“This is the moment of the truth Isak, I’ve waiting for this moment for so long” Sana said “Who’s better at biology, me or you?”

Isak squinted his eyes at her, his lips forming a line

“I don’t hear you Isabel” she said

“You…you’re better than me at biology”

“Thank you for stating the facts” she said smiling

It was Isak’s turn to spin the bottle

“Magnus, truth or dare?” Isak asked


“Oh come on! You’re all so boring!” Elias said

“Elias let the boy pick whatever he wants” Sana spat at him still mad for what he had done

“Okay Magnus, I’m going to ask you the same question you asked me once. Out of all the boys here, who would you do first?”

“Even” Magnus said without hesitating

“Yaaaas bitches” Even said throwing his fist in the air

“I knew you were in love with my boyfriend” Isak said

“Oh baby, you know I only have eyes for you” Even said kissing Isak’s cheek

“Magnus, spin the bottle before we all die of sweetness” Jonas said shaking his head

Magnus did as he was told and the bottle landed on Mahdi

“Truth or dare?”

“Well, I want to say truth but I’m scared Elias is going to come at me” he said

“You know you’re my favorite Mahdi” Elias said

“Anyway, I pick dare”

“I dare you to…call your mom and tell her you’re in prison”

“What??? No dude, not cool, you know my mom is very stressed” Mahdi said

“Come on, it’s a dare, you have to”

“Ugh…fine” Mahdi said as he grabbed his phone

Two minutes and a lot of yelling later, Mahdi convinced his mother that it had been all a joke. He was definitely not going to get waffles as breakfast the following morning.

“Elias, truth or dare?” Mahdi said after spinning the bottle

“Dare, 100% dare” Elias said

“Well…let me think”

Elias, who had developed a huge crush on Noora for the past few months, and who was now sitting right beside her titled his head trying to point at her so Mahdi would dare him to kiss her.

“Are you okay?” Mutta asked “Does your neck hurt or something?”

“Yes, Mutta, thanks, that’s exactly it” Elias said rolling his eyes

“Okay, I dare you to post a hideous picture of you on instagram” Mahdi finally said

“Seriously dude? That’s your dare?” Elias asked shaking his head

“Come on Elias, it’s an easy dare”

“Exactly…” Elias whispered “Whatever, I’ll do it”

He took out his phone and made a weird expression as he took a selfie. He blushed when he realized that Noora was looking at him while he had been posing. He cleared his throat and span the bottle.

“Even, my man, truth or dare and don’t be a chicken”

“Dare” Even said

“I dare you to…” Elias thought for a moment and chuckled when the question came to his mind “I dare you to say something bad about Baz Luhrman’s movies”

“WHAT? HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME?” Even yelled being the extra boy he was.

Isak laughed at him and high fived Elias.

“I’m sorry Even but you must, it’s the rules of the game”

“Fine…may be he is…sometimes…a little bit…just a little bit…extravagant…BUT THAT’S WHAT MAKES HIM UNIQUE!”

“Hmm, what do you say guys, do we accept that answer?” Elias asked the group

“Oh poor boy he’s about to cry” Vilde laughed

“Fine, Even, you can spin the bottle”


Everyone laughed at Even and watched the bottle as it span.

“Oh Mutta, truth or dare?”


“That’s right…well…I dare you to kiss the prettiest girl in the room. And notice how I charitably said girl and not person because let’s face it, I’d smoke all you bitches” Even said

Mutta blushed instantly, he never thought that the first time he’d kiss the girl he liked would be because of a dare. He took a deep breath and kissed the girl who was sitting right next to him. Chris was shocked at first but immediately kissed him back while everyone cheered them

“Wooooooow! Boy get in there!!” Elias laughed clapping his hands, he had known that Mutta had had a crushed on Chris since he met her.

They pulled apart and Mutta was too embarrassed to look at her so he span the bottle, which ironically landed in Chris.

“Uh..truth or dare?” he said in a low voice

“Dare” Chris said biting her lip

“I dare you to…”

“Oh, you dare me to kiss you? Okay, fine” Chris said as she grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him in for a kiss

“Get a room!!” Eva yelled at them

“Okay, okay, we’ll continue later” Chris said as she pulled apart from Mutta.

She span the bottle and it landed on Jonas

“Jonas, truth or dare?”

“I’m going to pick truth”

“What is the best sex you’ve ever had?”

“I have to say Eva” Jonas said

“Yas bitch!” Eva said high fiving Jonas

He span the bottle and it landed precisely on Eva

“Eva truth or dare?”


“Same question”

“Oh Jonas, you know I’m going to say you. When we broke up? Epic!”

“She’s lying” Isak said coughing as Even had done before

The balloon squad boys looked at them trying to figure out what they were talking about.

“Long story” Eva said as she span the bottle “Oh, Yossi, truth or dare?”

“I’m going to say truth because I’m afraid of you” Yousef said

“Okay this is just to make fun of you so name the worst flirty techniques you’ve used on Sana”

“I threw grass at her” Yousef said blushing

“And he stole my ball, and he taught me how to peel carrots and then said that he wanted to have 12 kids, and he passed by me like really close when the kitchen is like super big and…” Sana started to count

“Well it work, didn’t it?” Yousef said raising his eyebrows at her

“Uh, I guess you could say that”

“You love me” Yousef said

“I kind of do yeah” Sana smiled

“Ugh, disgusting, Yousef spin the bottle” Elias said

“Noora, truth or dare?” he said as the bottle landed on her


“Oh, brave. I dare you to kiss whoever you want in this room”

Before anyone could try to guess who she was kissing, she looked at her side, placed her hands around Elias’ neck and kissed him slowly. Just as Elias reacted and was about to kiss her back she pulled apart and smirked at him leaving the boy completely shook.

“Elias are you okay? Do you need a doctor or something?” Adam laughed

Elias just blushed and showed a thumbs up at his friend.

Noora chuckled and span the bottle which landed on Vilde

“I pick dare, I’m brave too, you can ask me to kiss someone even if it’s a girl” Vilde said before Noora could even ask her

“Uh, okay fine…I dare you to kiss…Eva”

“Easy” Vilde said as she approached Eva and kissed her.

Eva kissed her back but after a moment she pulled apart leaving Vilde almost begging for more.

“Vilde, you have to spin the bottle” Eva said laughing when she didn’t move

“Yes, yes, of course, I know that” Vilde did as she was told and the bottle pointed at Mikael “Truth or dare?”

“Dare” Mikael said

“Well as you and Adam are the only ones left, I dare you to kiss him”

“What? No! Why?”

“It’s okay Mikael, there’s nothing wrong about kissing people from your same sex, doesn’t make you gay, look at me and Eva” Vilde said smiling

“I’m not kissing Adam”

“It’s fine, leave them alone, if he doesn’t want to do it” Adam said trying to hide the fact that he was slightly hurt

“It’s not that I don’t want to…I mean, I don’t have anything against…I mean…” Mikael tried to explain “Ugh, fine I’ll do it”

“Are you sure?” Adam asked

“Yes, whatever let’s do this”

Adam licked his lips nervously as he leaned closer to Mikael who was looking back and forth between his eyes and his lips. Just as only few inches kept them apart Adam closed his eyes, moment that Mikael took to stand up.

“I’m sorry, I can’t” he said running towards the door and getting out of the house

“Mikael wait!” Adam said chasing him

Mikael was pacing in the yard of Mutta’s house when Adam found him.


“I’m sorry Adam, I just can’t, I can’t” Mikael said freaking out

“It’s okay, hey, it’s okay, I get that you don’t want to”

“No you don’t get it”

“Yes I do…”

“No! You don’t get it. I want to kiss you Adam and that’s precisely the problem. I want to kiss you but I couldn’t because I knew that it wouldn’t mean anything to you and I can’t deal with that and…”

Mikael stopped talking as Adam’s lips crashed onto his. Adam cupped Mikael’s face with his hand, his thumb brushing tenderly his skin. It was a short but intense kiss that made Mikael’s body shake.

“This, Mikael, means the world to me, you mean the world to me” Adam whispered as he pulled apart

Mikael blinked trying to process his words but his attention was caught by people clapping their hands. They both look at the door and saw everybody standing there, cheering them.

“It was about time boooooys!!!!” Elias yelled

Mikael and Adam blushed as they followed everyone back in there, this time, hand in hand.


The game was over now. Mutta and Chris had disappeared long time ago, same with Elias and Noora. Isak and Even were cuddling on a couch talking to Adam and Mikael who were still holding hands. Eva and Vilde were dancing to some poppy music and sporadically making out. Mahdi had gone to his house to try to explain everything to his mom. Jonas and Magnus just stood on a corner awkwardly in silence. And Sana and Yousef? Well, they were standing outside the house contemplating the sky.

“It’s been a good day” Yousef said as he put his arms around Sana, her back against his chest

“It definitely has” she said.



could you maybe write balloon squad and the girl squad playing spin the bottle/truth or dare, while sana already dates yousef and everyone teases them about it (especially yousef and his bad flirting skills), elias impatiently tries to always get noora so he can somehow show her he likes her and eva pinning over adam while he’s 100% oblivious and just keeps acting with mikael like an old married couple until she just gives up and teases them about it the whole time?

i have a mikadam prompt : their first kiss with lots of angst and happiness at the same time? like they’re scared because they’ve never felt about anyone like this before but happy that the other one feels the same way? does that make sense? you can do with this idea whatever you want :-)

This is probably not what you wanted but I hope you like it!!

Thanks for reading!!!♥

PS: Even’s dare is from the perks of being a wallflower

A little less conversation, more action needed Pt 1

A/N this is a continuation of a lesson in frustration. Once again requested by some of my great followers. Hope you like it guys. Definately gets nasty from the get go so 18 plus 

Alec and Magnus stood arms wrapped around each other, just simply looking into each other’s eyes. The embarrassing incident that had only happened just moments ago temporarily forgotten.

Alec bent his head to place his lips to Magnus’s and was rewarded with a heated kiss back. He moved his hands from his hips to move inside the robe’s opening, groaning as he felt Magnus’ warm skin under them. Alec felt the warlock press closer to his body, his fingers digging into the material of his jacket and shirt underneath. Magnus started working the clothing loose to get to Alec’ bare body and once he found it, worked his  hands down to slide his fingers under the waistband of his jeans. Alec felt himself starting to lengthen and unconsciously gave a small thrust forward trying to find that delicious friction. He felt Magnus moan against his lips and then give a gasp as Alec moved his hands further around and squeezed the top of his firm butt cheeks. Alec felt himself being forced back against the wall next to the door with a hard thud, Magnus jamming himself into him, his own arousal pushing into the front of his jeans.

From somewhere in the distance, they could hear voices calling their names. Just as Magnus was about to start undoing the button on his jeans, through the haze of his lust filled mind he heard Jace call his name and felt a knock coming from the door next to them. Damn! They’d completely forgotten the other out in the hall way! He grabbed Magnus’ hands as they just started undoing his zipper.

“Hey, Babe, we forgot something. Mum and the others are still out in the hallway. We have to stop. Now” his breathing was deep and panting and Magnus looked to be in the same agony he was. Magnus sighed and gave him a pained look before leaning his head on his chest, feeling Alec’s rapid breathing.

“can’t we just send them home?”

“’no, I don’t think so. Come on, get some clothes on and we will try to calm down enough to open the door before Jace kicks it in. I love you, you know, so much” he put a finger under Magnus’ chin and gently tilted his face to his, kissing him softly. At least it was soft on his part but Magnus wanted more. Alec felt a laugh behind their joined lips and took his face in his hands and eased him back.

“for someone who has had more experience at this than anyone, you sure are out of control” he said softly, looking into Magnus’ pained face.

“Its all you Alexander. I’ve never known love like this before. It’s a new thing for me too. I have to admit it scares me to think how powerless I am around you, you have completely under your control. I love you too, my beautiful boy. Come on, we’d better let the others in. Are you ok enough to do that?” he looked down between them and saw that there was still a sizable bulge in Alec’ jeans. He smiled and then grabbing his shirt pulled it out of the waistband so it hung loosely over his jeans.

“there, much better” He stepped away and with a click of blue flame the robe was replaced with a dress shirt and black pants. He was still flushed though, they both were.

Out in the hall way, Jace, Clary, Izzy and Maryse were pacing up and down. Jace had his ear to the door, his hearing rune activated.

“what are they saying? Are they arguing or anything?” Clary asked. A slow smile curved jace’s lips and his eyebrows shot up to his hair line.

“Yeah we could be out here a while” he said.

“why? Are they getting into it that badly?” Clary said.

“Oh they’re getting into it alright, just not the way you think”

Maryse made a surprised noise and had stopped walking.

“This is probably my fault for walking in and interrupting them yesterday. I had forgotten what it was like to be young and in love” she told them.

“young? Magnus is what, 400 years old? That’s not young.” Jace reminded her.

“Magnus is immortal, it doesn’t count, and he doesn’t look 400 years old either” Izzy said. “have you two forgotten what you were like when you got back together after finding out that you weren’t brother and sister? I thought we would have to get you surgically separated”

Clary blushed, but managed to give Jace a quick smile before she looked to the floor.

Jace as usual just took the statement on the chin and kept going.

“That was different we were making up for lost time.” He grumbled.

“What do you think Magnus is doing? The poor guy has been in a sexual drought for over 100 years, how would you feel if it was you and you finally score yourself a 6 foot 3 hulking young Shadowhunter? I’d climb that man like a tree”

“Isabelle Lightwood! I don’t want to hear something like that again thank you” Maryse said, frowning at her.

Jace leaned with his back against the door but he looked uncomfortable doing it. Every now and then he  winced like someone was poking him with a sharp object.

“what’s wrong? Why are you making those faces?” Clary asked him, then realisation dawned on her face. “Oh, oh my, well, if you can hear them then deactivate your rune”

“Its not the hearing rune it’s the parabatai one. He’s doing it again, lighting it up like a God damn Christmas tree. Agh! I’ve had it, how long are they gonna make us wait? I’m starving” He turned back to the door and started knocking hard.

“Alec! Come on man, keep it in your pants so we can come in will ya? I’m starving” he yelled at the door. He stared at the door and when nothing happened after a minute or two, he tried it again.

“Alec! Magnus! Zip it up guys, come on”

Another minute passed and Jace was just about to try again when they heard the door open. Even though they were both trying to look casual, like nothing had been going on, it was painfully obvious from the way both of them looked thatsomething had been going on. Alec’ face was flushed, colour high on his cheeks, his eyes were bright and shiny as well as his shirt being untucked. He never wore an untucked shirt. Magnus had swapped his robe for a loose fitting shirt and close fitting black pants and boots. He too had colour to his tanned skin and the biggest tell was the appearance of his demon mark eyes, glowing  smouldering amber. Alec noticed and after pointing to his own eyes, Magnus glamoured them away. Jace entered first.

“So, bro, scratch that itch that’s been worrying you all day?” he said to Alec as he passed him, with a suggestive wink. Alec gave him a sour look.

“Why is my sex life so open to discussion all the time? It can’t be that interesting” He grumbled.

“Man, thanks to our parabatai bond I get a front seat. You make it hard to ignore. Haven’t you reached saturation point yet?”

Alec looked down at his feet then back up to Jace, a smile on his face.

“I don’t think that’s ever going to happen, sorry  man” he said, sheepishly.

“Argh! Something to look forward to!” he walked off towards the living room.

Magnus noticed his grin and gave him a questioning look but he just shook his head.

“tell you later” Alec said.

A/N - i have started the process to get an ao3 account so all these will be on there soon. 

Secretly In Love

Request:A Raphael Santiago imagine where reader is in love with him secretly,and they get in fight.The reader doesn’t know what to don and kiss him,and after Raphael admitting that he’s in love with her too.                                                                                                                                        Warnings:A little swearing,maybe I changed your request a little bit so I hope you’ll like it. Sorry if its long                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Being human sometimes wasn’t easy,especially when you have to deal with the supernatural things and having feelings for a vampire leader isn’t making things easier..I’m currently standing in a room in this Hotel DuMort,Simon sitting down on a couch looking nervously at me,while Magnus was using his magic to protect us.Raphael told them to watch over me while him and the Shadowhunters went to fight some other vampire clan that came into New York city thinking that they can take over the city.I didn’t understand why he didn’t let me come with them,why he was protecting  me now when everytime I was around him he always made a rude comments about me being a'mundane’ or rolling his eyes at me.But no matter how bad he treated me I couldn’t help but fallin even more for him. I could hear them outside from the hotel and I want to go out and help them,help Raphael but beside Magnus and Simon doing that wasn’t easy.Magnus kinda of knows about my feelings for Raphael,but Simon…well…Not so much. ‘Simon do you think they have bottles of water in here..Somwhere?!’ ‘Ummm..Well..I’m not sure,but I can look.’   The best thing about Simon was that he always wanted to help even if it means that he’ll look for a battle of water.’Thank you,I aprreaciate it.’ As soon Simon left the room I run to Magnus ..’Magnus please let me out.’ Magnus looked at me ‘Sorry biscuit,not happening.’He turned around and continouing his action from before.’Magnus please,I need to be sure he’s okay.’ He hesitate for a minute ,then he used his magic to open the door..’Don’t make me regret it.’ I smiled at him ‘You won’t,I promise!’ and with that I runned out hearing the doors closing behind me.I ruuned as fast as I could towards the main entrance,when I finally was able to get out,I saw a tall guy holding Raphael by his neck pressed on the wall.Without   thinking I saw a piece of broken glass laying on the ground,I grabbed it and only thing in my mind was to cut my arm so he would let Raphael go and turn he’s attention to me,but I’m not sure what I’ll do next. ‘Hey bloodsucker,you want this?!” He turned around a devil smirk playing on his lips,he let go of Raphael and started walking toward me,I saw a Raphael looking at me,but look wasn’t hateful it was like he was scared or something.The big guy spoke..’Well,well what do we have here,a little human being.’ I didn’t say anything,I couldn’t.’What are you?His sister,a friend..Oh I know…’He turned to look at both of us..’A beautiful lover.’ By now I couldn’t stand anymore of him ‘Oh shut up,will you?!’In a matter of second he was next to me holding me by my neck..’Nick put her down.’ Raphael said calmly. ‘So it is true,she’s your girl?!’ He looked at me then back to him..She’s nothing to me,just a girl who doesn’t know where her place is.’ It hurts so much hearing that from the person you love ,I know that me and Raphael didn’t get along since first day,but hate me this much..’Well you don’t mind if I do this.’ He throw me at the wall and I hit my back sliding down,blood still running down my arm.I saw him coming into my way and I just closed my eyes ready to take the hit,but instead  I felt two strong arms lifting me up from the ground and I heard Raphael yelling..’Go,take her inside.’ When I finally had the  strength to open my eyes I saw Alec putting me down on the couch,Magnus instantly run toward me..’I told you not to make me regret.’He used his magic and started healing me ‘And by that you meant for me not to die,and I’m not dead.’    ‘You’re close enough.’ The room went silent for a moment ,but then I heard loud steps and a very angry Raphael entered the room .. ‘Where is she?’ Everybody looked a little confused at first not sure what to say.’I’m here.’ He looked and I swear if look can cut he would cut me at half,by now everyone left the room except Magnus who was finishing my healing.He turned to leave but stopping right next to Raphael.’Take it easy on her,I maybe healed her but she’s still beaten up badly.’ Raphael just nodded and Magnus left the room.Suddenly it  become really quiet,I slowly stood up from the couch walking closer to him.’I-’But I was cutted of with him yelling at me.’That was really stupid,what were you thinking?!” I don’t know why but I just felt the urge to kiss him so I did,at first ‘I could tell that he didn’t know what’s happening,but soon he returned the kiss.I let go of him and turned away .’I did it because I love you,and I would do it again without thinking.Because seeing you hurt scare me so much.Maybe for you I’m nothing but to me you are everything,and I know that you never going to love me like I love you.’..I turned around so I can look him in the eyes ‘And never is a very long time,and the time isn’t  really in my favor.So now I’m just gonna go and ask Magnus to portal me back home,and I will make sure that you don’t see me again.’ I grabbed my jacket and walked away ready to exit this room,this hotel..When..  ‘STOP!’ I was frozen by his sudden outburst.. ‘I do love you.’  I turned slightly confused ‘You do?’                                                      ‘Yeah,I do!’ I was still confused so now was his turn to talk…I guess.. ‘I thought if I’m being rude to you I will make things easier,but it wasn’t like that.And seeing how that vampire throw you at that wall,scared the shit out of me.I couldn’t stand the thought of losing you,and I was angry at you because you were ready to risk your life for me.’ He came closer taking my hands in his.’Why didn’t you tell me anything?’ He looked me in the eyes ‘Because..I never  felt this way,I never loved anyone like I love you.But now that I know that you feel the same way about me I’m never letting you go,not now..Not ever..’ He leaned his forhead at mine.’Promise?!’ This is really happening he does love me..’Promise.’ And with that I couldn’t help but smile like a idiot.After all loving someone isn’t that bad when you know that they love you in return

Straight outta hell- Magnus Bane

Decided to make this longer
Imagine being a powerful warlock and friend of Magnus Bane. Imagine your father was Lucifer and you were kidnapped to hell. You have now escaped and are even more powerful than Magnus


Magnus Bane was taught magic from the daughter of Lucifer. She was taken to hell without his knowledge and now shes back, but can she stay? and will it be the same?

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“Treason” (Part 2) - Jace,Alec,Izzy and Magnus

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(not my gif)

REQUEST: (Y/N) is Hodge’s daughter and when he betrays the shadowhunters, (Y/N) doesn’t know how to cope so her best friend Magnus comforts her and so does Jace and the others. (PART 1)

“You’re too upset to take decisions right now.” Magnus said. “Why don’t you sit down and breathe for a minute?” He added with a little smile.
“I need to leave.” (Y/N) murmured.
“What’s the hurry? No one is throwing you out.” Magnus shrugged. (Y/N) didn’t reply.
“Everyone here wants you to stay, you know.” Magnus added after a minute.
“How could they? My father betrayed them.” (Y/N) wasn’t shouting anymore, on the contrary, her voice was barely audible.
“Yes, he did.” Magnus said softly. “But you didn’t. Everybody here knows that you didn’t know what he was up to. Nobody is blaming you for his actions.”
(Y/N) walked slowly to her bed and sat down. She seemed more calm now, but still looked very upset.
“I do.” (Y/N) said. “I blame myself for what happened.”
“(Y/N)…” Magnus started.
“No, Magnus, I know what you’re gonna say. But Hodge is my father, and I didn’t see it coming. I should’ve known. I should’ve suspected something, anything!” (Y/N) declared.
“It doesn’t mean you have to leave your home. Your friends need you here, you can not leave them behind.” Magnus said.
You think you know people, and then they surprise you. Everything my father told me was a lie. He has never been on our side. He was just waiting for the Cup to show up so he could steal it and bring it back to Valentine.” (Y/N) looked at Magnus. “He is not the man I thought he was. My whole life I’ve been looking up to him. I forced myself to be a better shadowhunter for him, to make him proud. But for what? For him to betray his people and run away like none of this ever mattered to him?” A single tear rolled down (Y/N)’s cheek as she spoke. “Like I didn’t matter to him?”
Magus put his hand on his friend’s shoulder to comfort her somehow.
“He didn’t even left me a note. As if stealing the Cup and giving it to Valentine was his plan all along.” (Y/N) wiped a few tears away but more came rolling down her rosy cheeks.
“How could he do this? How could he turn his back on us? How could he become Valentine’s pet all over again?” (Y/N) said with disgust in her voice.
“I know what he did is bad,-” Magnus started.
“Bad? I can’t even look at my friends into the eyes anymore. I feel ashamed and just…wrong.” (Y/N) murmured the last word.
“Your friends love you just as much as they did yesterday and as much as they will tomorrow. I told you, you’re not to blame for what your father did. He made his own decision, which I agree, is a terrible one. But I know you, you’re a good person and your father’s actions didn’t change that.” Magnus declared.

There was a silence for a moment, and then (Y/N) spoke again.
“It feels like he just vanished into the thin air.” (Y/N) said.
“We are still here, and we are not going anywhere.” Magnus said refering to himself and (Y/N)’s other friends. “Especially me, I mean, I’m going to be around for a long time. Oh, immortality.” Magnus sighed dramatically which made (Y/N) laugh a little.
“Thank you, Magnus.” (Y/N) said.
“Anytime.” Magnus winked.
“Can you open the door now, please?”
“It depends. Are you still planning on running away?”
“No.” (Y/N) chuckled. “I want to apologize to Jace and Alec. I was really rude to them earlier when they were trying to help me.”
(Y/N) looked down, feeling guilty for yelling at her friends when all they tried to do was help her and be there for her.

Magnus snapped his fingers again and the door flew wide open. (Y/N) was surprised to see Jace, Alec, Isabelle and Clary all standing there, right outside the door.
“What are you guys doing here?” (Y/N) asked in a friendly way, hoping she didn’t look like a total mess because of all the tears she had shed.
“We made you a cake!” Izzy said cheerfully as she showed (Y/N) the cake.
“It was her idea.” Jace said, pointing at Isabelle.
“It might not be as good as it looks,” Alec started, “So, if you don’t like it, you can just throw it out the window.” Alec said, knowing that, no matter how much Isabelle liked to cook, not everything she baked turned out to taste delicious.
Isabelle rolled her eyes and handed the cake to (Y/N) with a warm smile.
“Thank you guys, I really appreciate it.” (Y/N) said, smiling.
“See, I told you she would like it.” Isabelle said to the boys, as they all started to walk away.
“She might change her mind once she tastes it. No offense Iz, but you’ve never the greatest cook of the year.” (Y/N) heard Jace say to Isabelle with a chuckle.
“Could you hold that for me, please?” (Y/N) asked Magnus before putting the cake in his hands and she ran towards her friends.
“Guys, wait!” (Y/N) said.
Alec, Jace, Izzy and Clary stopped in their tracks and faced (Y/N).
“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” (Y/N) said, looking at the two boys. “I really appreciate everything you’re doing for me. I shouldn’t have talked to you the way I did when you were trying to help. I’m sorry.” (Y/N) confessed.
They all smiled at her.
“We’re always going to be there for you, (Y/N).” Jace stated.
“Yeah. The Institute wouldn’t be the same without you.” Isabelle added.
“We’re in this together. You can’t get rid of us.” Alec said with a smile.
(Y/N) opened her arms wide enough to hug the four of them all at once. They all hugged her back.
Then, they heard Magnus shouting something.
“The cake is moving! Guys! Why is the cake moving?” Magnus said from (Y/N)’s bedroom.
Everyone looked at Isabelle.
“I knew it. I did see Ameros running around the kitchen!” Isabelle declared.
“Who’s Ameros?” Clary asked.
“Max’s frog.” (Y/N) said, holding back a laugh.
”Ameros likes food way too much.” Isabelle shook her head. “Max is supposed to look after the damn thing, now it ruined my cake!” She added, she sounded a bit mad.
“There is a frog in the cake?” Clary asked, bewildered.
Isabelle was about to answer when Magnus shouted again.
“Guys, there is a frog in the cake!” He said as he came running down the corridor and almost throw the cake into (Y/N)’s hands.
“We’ll make another one.” Isabelle grabbing the cake as well as Clary’s arm. “It won’t take long.” And the two girls disappeared further down the corridor.
“Come on,” Jace said, “Let’s order some food before we all starve to death, or worse, eat Max’s frog.”
They all laughed and walked together to the common room.

When the person you think you know the most turns out to be someone else, someone evil and selfish, you suddenly drown into all the lies you were told over the years and don’t know who you are anymore, the truth and the lies get mixed up together and it feels like your world has been turned upside down. But when that happens, you will always have someone to hold you when you cry and to remind you who you are. (Y/N) was lucky enough to have more than one person to help her through her father’s treason. It turns out that, when she thought nobody will want to stand by her side anymore, all her friends showed up, one by one, at her door, trying everything they could think of to make her feel better, to make her feel loved. And just like that, she found out who her true family was all along.

I am not good for you. (Part 3)

Type: mini-serie.

Pairing: Jace Herondale/Wayland/Lightwood X Reader.

A/N: there is Clary too but this is a Jace x Reader, sorry for who ship Clace. I ship Clace also 💕but this imagine is based on a dream i made a few nights ago. And also i’m sorry for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language and i wanted to share this with someone.

I should be happy, today is the day i will meet my future husbund. For what i have seen and heard he is the perfect Shadowhunters, just as it should be: strong and confident, with a natural talent for fighting and obviously loyal and in love with the Clave…well, let’s just say that i do not wonder why everyone and Maryse adore him. He is not good as much as Jace, he is important just because his family are prestigious like the Lightwood.
After i told Alec and Izzy about my arranged marriage they called Magnus and they explained to him the situation. I can swear that i had never seen him so angry. He was so close to going to strangle Maryse and even without the use of his magic, i would add. Since he and Alec got together, we became very good friends and i am really glad. Fortuanatelly after a cocktail or two and the attempts of Alec to calm him down, he calms. I hope i can have what they have, they seems so happy and in love with each other that they are capable of illuminating the entire room just by staying close. I am happy for Alec, he more than anyone deserves love.
Now we are all in the center room with the other Shadowhunters. Maryse has called a meeting and i want to disappear, literally, i asked Magnus to open a portal but he hugged me and told me to keep walking whit my chin up. I can see Jace and Clary at the other side of the room, Jace is looking around the room in search of something, as soon as he sees us he nods toward Clary and they start coming to us.
“Do you guys know the reason beind this?” he asks crossing his arms.
“Maybe.” i whisper and Jace frown, he was about to reply when Maryse cut him off.
“Thank everyone for coming here, i have an important annuncemement. But before, Y/N can you join me?” she asks me, i head towards her while Jace and Clary look at me perplexed. She keeps talking when i reach her. “Today James Blackwine will be here at the Institute. I am proud to announce the union in marriage of two families, the Blackwine and the Lightwood-Y/L/N. He is coming here because we have the honour to organize his wedding with our Y/N.” as soon as she finishes talking the whole room bursts in applause and congratulations. I can not do anything but blush and then look at the ground. After a few minutes Maryse ends the meeting and everyone walks away to do their work. Izzy, Alec and Magnus are watching with soft and sympathetic eyes. Clary is looking at me with her mouth wide open and eyes out, i do not dare to look at Jace.
“Are you going to marry? I did not know…” she comments shocked.
“Yeah, me too. I am happy that i wasn’t the only one who wasn’t told.” Jace being harshly. I look at him for a second only to find his eyes already in mine. His eyes. Damn, i missed him, he is more beautiful than i remembered if it is possible. He is here in front of me but he looks at me shocked and disgusted, i look away. I feel guilty, frightened and embarassed under his eyes.
“Why do not you tell me?” he caters only to me, i can feel his eyes burning against me. “A marriage? Where all this come from? Are you crazy or what? Look at me.” he adds grabbing my arm and i gasp squeezing my eyes.
Alec pushes away Jace and stands between us. “That’s enough, Jace! Stay calm, look you’re hurting her and let her breathe.”
“No, i do not have enough Alec! I want to know what’s going on and what’s all this about the wedding! Why nobody told me?”
“Jace…” Izzy tries to speak.
“I’m not talking to you Isabelle. I want to talk alone with Y/N, you go away” ordes Jace. I raise my eyes on him again and he is livid, is face is red and his jaw tightened so much that his lips are trembling a little.
The others look worried at me and i nod “It is ok, go.” i say watching them one by one. “I will be fine.” i add and after a second Jace drags me down the hall to his room since no one did the gesture to go away. He opens the door and pushes me inside, he comes in and close the door. He turns to me and takes a deep breath trying to calm down and i can feel by body tense, i cross my arms on my chest trying to hide that i am shaking. I was so sicure about my choice, i am convinced that it is right but then he comes and breaks every certainty that i had.
“Why?” he aks with a hoarse voice, when a few minutes ago he was about to explode at any moment, now he seems hurt and empty. His voice are strong as always but is tremling a little. That’s what hurts me the most, i prefer to see the strong and sure of himself Jace, rather than the vulnerable Jace in front of me now. I am in love with everything about him but this hurts me, i have never seen this side of Jace and the fact that i am the cause make me feel heartbroken, but i can not give up.
“It seems obvious, there is nothing to explain” i declare finding a bit of strenght and control.
“You have to explain a lot of things instead. First of all why did you avoided me for the whole week? Did i do somthing wrong? And by the Angel why you will marry that guy? Since when? You do not even know him and certainly you do not love him! I do not recognize you anymore!” he says and i can fell that he is heating up, word after word, frustated from my answer.
“I do not have to explain anything to you. You do not care about me, there is no reason why i should explain my choices to you. You only care about yourself and Clary, for you everything revolves around her now! I no longer exist, Alec and Izzy do not exist anymore for you. I am going to marry James Blackwine, it is the right choice. I do not love him now, it is true, but i could do one day. And among all the people you can not talk about feeling to me, where the story that feelings are nothing?” i say irritated pressing my lips together avoiding to say more.
“Do not you dare!” pointing his finger at me. “I care about you, a lot, more than i expected and more than anyone else. I thought about you every day, but you were and you are acting like a child! I spend my time with Clary because for her it is all new and i want to help her, that’s all. What you did is unacceptable! You really want to marry a stranger? You are supposed to kiss him, to love and make love with him, to make babies with him! It is not a game! You went out of your mind, i thought you were smarter than this.” he yells taken by anger, now his hands are narrow on his hips, his breath are slow and fast and his eyes are locked on mine. His words make me explode.
“See! I can not do this anymore, i am tired Jace. I am tired of arguing with you. We are only hurting each other since Clary arrived and i am very tired of pretending that everything is fine! We are not the same as before and i miss the old Jace and Y/N. I am tired of losing people i care and if i keep you away from me i can not give you the power to hurt me. I just want to forget everything and move on, if this is the only way i will do it. I can not deal with the fact that if i will not do it i will help destroy a family, the family that welcomed and loved me.” my voice broke and i realize i am crying so i wipe the tears. During my speech Jace remained unmoved but i can see that he has tears in his eyes too. We are both exhausted, emotionally and physically. I close my eyes massaging my temple because i feel my head spinning, i take a deep long breath and i open my eyes.
“I do not want to fight with you. It if means that we must stop talking for me it is fine. You will be happy with Clary and i will find my happiness with James.” i add.
“I’d rather argue with you that to be with other girls or Clary. You’ve never understood it, right?” he shake his head laughing softly. “You are not the only one that lost his own family, maybe i am the one who understands you the most. We are similar more than you think and maybe this is one of the reasons because you are so important to me. You are right…for me emotions are nothing, they can control us and they have the power to hurt us” he sighs he runs is hands through his hair “Love destroys us. You destroys me every day and i will let you if you want. Do not marry him.” he says with queit voice looking at me deeply. He breaks away from the door where he was leaning from the beginning and he comes slowly towards me but i stop him raising my arms between us.
“Don’t.” i bite my lips fighting the urge to cry or laugh in despair, i do not know. I am unable to move, i remain in silence searching for the right words to say. Just the Angel know how long have i waited for him to say these words, i can not believe it. He is here, in front of me and he just said he has feelings for me. I should burst with happiness but i feel terrible. What i have done?
We are interrupt by the knock on the door.
“Y/N you are in there? James Blackwine has arrived, come to meet him. We will wait for you in my office.” i hear Maryse from the order side of the door.
“Ok.” i say and she walked away.
I look at Jace and he shaking his head at me. “No.”
“I waited years to hear this from you, but now i can not turn back Jace. I always had feelings to you, but you never noticed. It is too late and that’s fine, i am not good to you. You are you, hansome and perfect.” waving my hands toward him. “And i am…a mess.” i smile sadly dropping my arms. I start to go to the door when he takes my arm and makes me turn until we are face to face.
“You do not know want you do to me every day, you are the reason i wake up every morning and that gives me the strength to give my best. You are more than good enough. I should have told you sonner, we could have avoided all this…Are you really sure about this?” he try to look in my eyes but i am having truble to look at him.
“Yes.” i lie, i escape from his grasp and quickly get out of his room before he can grab me again. I run to my room where i try to calm down and give me a settled before meeting my future. I wash my face, fix my hair, i put a fake smile on and i get out of my room.

➡The next part will be the last I think.
My Son

“Are you sure about this?” Alec asks, his eyes scrunched up in concern. He’s already said goodbye to everyone else. Now it’s Magnus’s turn. “I can go with you.”

Magnus breaks into a soft, loving smile. “I will be fine, Alexander. I’m not going alone, besides you have to stay here and watch over things.”

Magnus’s hand finds its way gently on Alec’s cheek.

“We’ll keep him safe, big brother, don’t worry.” Isabelle says from behind them both. Clary on her left nods her head, agreeing with her girlfriend.

Tessa unsheathes her sword, holding it up as Cat’s hands flicker orange.

“He’s not going alone, Alec, he’ll have us.” Cat reassures.

“Okay.” Alec says, looking back into Magnus’s eyes, his hand coming up to his shoulder. “Come back safely. Please.”

Magnus nods his head, but before he can say anything else Alec leans in kissing him softly then more passionately. Everyone in the room turns there head, averting their eyes as Magnus kisses back with the same ferocity. They kiss, almost practically making out with each other for a few more moments before someone coughs, making them stop what they’re doing. They pull away breathlessly, their foreheads touching.

Alec pulls away slightly then leans in, hugging his boyfriend tightly. “I love you, Magnus.”

“And I love you, Alexander.”

They hold onto one another closely, then pull away.

“We better get going.” Tessa says, breaking the silence.

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Opinions (Alec x Reader) Imagine

“We can’t keep doing this anymore” you yelled.

“Why not? We love each other, that’s what should matter. Not their stupid opinons!” Alec screamed back.

“Their opinions mean everything Alec. You and I both know that, we knew when we first started dated6, this it wasn’t going to last forever.” You shouted. “A warlock and shadowhunter don’t belong together in the eyes of The Clave. It goes against everything in this world and what people believe in.”

“What I did believed in at one point but not now, not after I fell in love with you” Alec said while looking at you with tears in his eyes. You needed to end this now, you couldn’t just ruin his life by being with him any longer. It needed to be over.

“Just stop loving me” You yelled once again. Thank the angel that most of the institute was gone out on missions because if not the whole place would be woke up from yours guys screaming match.

“I just can’t stop loving you” Alec said barely above a whisper.

“Well try” you said picking up your stuff from the ground and quickly leaving the institute, never bothering to look back. Isabelle came rushing into the room right after you left. As she heard the racket you guys were making.

“Alec” She said as she saw her older brother siting on his bed crying into his hands. She rushed over to him, not knowing at the time she would spend the rest of the night holding him to make sure he was going to be alright with his broken heart.



  The door open and it showed your older brother Magnus Bane.

“Y/N” He said with a shock tone, looking at the sight in front of him. Here in front of him was you, his baby sister looking like a mess. You had tears running down your face and were soaked from the rain that started to fall on your way over here. He quickly pulled you inside and made you sit on the couch while he ran to get some towels and dry clothes so you could change.

“Here go get change” He offer as he handed you the clothes. One snap of your finger and a quick bluff of purple smoke and you were changed. Magnus kinda stood back for a second it wasn’t like you to use magic when it wasn’t needed. It shocked him a bit but he didn’t say anything but he knew something was wrong.

“You know, it’s okay to cry.” Magnus said as he looked at you. He knew you better then anyone and he could tell that you were holding back tears with everything you have. He also knew you like being the strong one that wouldn’t ever shed a tear in front of someone. You collapse into his arms busting into tears. Letting all your emotions come out. He ran his fingers through your purple hair, the colour of your hair was your warlock unique feature. It was one of Alec’s favourite things about you.

“We broke up” You let out through sobs. Magnus face quickly turns red from anger

“Tell me what do I have to do to make that young shadowhunter pay for breaking my little sister heart” He said with envy in his voice.

“Do nothing, I’m the one that broke up with him. I’m the one that shatter his heart.” You said quietly as you lay back onto the couch. Magnus face turn into a compete look of shocked, weren’t you into love with this boy he thought. Then it hit him.

“You did this for his reputation didn’t you?” Magnus asked

“Yes, its better this way. He can live his life happy with another shadowhunter that the Clave approves of. He can grow old with them where he can’t with me.” You said as you stood up.

“Did you ever think he doesn’t care what The Clave thinks? Or did that not cross your mind” Magnus replied as he also stood up.

“Obviously I thought of that. He doesn’t care but I do. I care how he treated and he not going to be treated badly because he loves me” You yelled.

“You don’t want him to be treated badly but isn’t that what you are doing right now since you broke his heart?” Magnus yelled back. You rolled your eyes and headed towards your room that you had at Magnus place. You knew he was right, you broke his heart you’re the one that hurter him. You did something that you swore you were never do. You would live the rest of your life knowing this. You could fall in love like this again you thought maybe in twenty years or so you could forget about Alec Lightwood.


 “Isabelle someone by the name of Bane is here to see you” Max said as he walked into his older brother bedroom where his siblings were to. Isabelle quickly stood up “Stay here” she said as she made her way out of the room going to see the visitor.As she walked into the main room she notice it wasn’t the Bane she was hoping for.

“What are you doing here Magnus?” Isabelle asked with disgust in her voice. She couldn’t stand to see her brother hurt and looking at Magnus reminded her of the person that hurt him.

“I came to see how your brother was holding up” Magnus answered.

“Why would you care? Are you going to go back home and laugh about this with her? About how she broke Alec’s heart because it’s not funny at all.” Izzy said.

“No th-” Magnus went to speak but Izzy cut him off.

“You know you warlocks think that you can go all around the world falling in love with who ever you want because you guys will live forever probably having tons of lovers in your lifetime. Not even thinking about what it would do to the people that you guys fall in love with.” Izzy shouted at Magnus.

“You would just SHUT UP AND LET ME SPEAK” Magnus screamed. Everyone eyes now fell on the two of them standing in the middle of the room. But with one harsh glare from Izzy everyone turned back to what they were doing not even playing attention to the two them fighting anymore.

“I came here to talk to you, not to fight with you. I wanted to try and come up with a plan to make Alec and Y/N get back together.”

“Come up with a plan?” Izzy laughed “It’s your sister fault that we are in this mess. If you want them to get back together that’s all up to you” Izzy finish as she walked away.


 “I can’t believe that you convinced me to come here” you said as you stood by your brother at his club Pandemonium. This scene wasn’t really your type and being here right after your break up didn’t help.

“What can I say I know my way with words”

“Are you sure you didn’t put a spell on me”

“I’m sure but if it came down to it I probably would of” Magnus said with a smile.

You laugh at him then made your way toward the bar. You order your drink then look around the club. There were so many different kinds of downworlders here but something shined that caught your eye. It was backs of shadowhunters with their swords. You quickly walked up to them to see what they were doing here.

“Many people won’t be to happy when they find out shadowhunters are here” You spoke as you stood behind them.  They turned around and it just happened to be Jace, Izzy, Clary and Alec.

“I don’t think they will care if we don’t hurt them” Jace said “Anyway where is that demon that your brother told us to come get”

“I have no idea what your talking about so that question for him” You said as you pointed towards him in back. In that moment it was like a lightbulb went off in Isabelle head.

“Come Jace and Clary let’s go asked him, Stay here Alec” she said grabbing the two and leaving. Not even giving Alec enough time to answer. Alec looked down at you. You could tell that he haven’t slept in days from the bags under his eyes. Also that he have been crying since his eyes were bloodshot. You would of looked the same if it wasn’t for your magic, times like this you were thankful for it.

“Did you set this up?” He asked

“Yes because I wanted to talk to the person who heart I broke a few days” you rolled your eyes. What a dumb question you thought.

“Do you miss me?” Alec asked his voice just above a whisper. Looking at him he seems so weak and broken. It broke your heart since you knew it was your fault.

“Beyond but Alec it doesn’t-” You went to say but he cut you off

“Just stop with the bullshit Y/N, who cares about what other thinks. Were in love that’s what matter. I want to be with you till I died and you need to understand that The Clave can shove it for all I care”

“I’m sorry. I just don’t want to ruined your life”

“The only way you ruined my life is not being with me” He said. Finally he wrapped his arms around you. Man did it ever feel good being back in his arms.

“Now let’s go see my brother and thank him for this” You said as you guys walked. Who cares if you were a warlock in love with a shadowhunter at least you were happy.

I’ve decided to drown myself in Evak and the boy squad writing to make myself feel better and since SKAM is on hiatus so here’s a little plot that has been floating around in my head for the past couple of days :)… (also on AO3)

Title: Welcome Home

Summary:  After living in London for almost a decade, Even and Isak decide to move back to Norway together. While grocery shopping, Isak bumps into the boy squad for the first time in years, and little do they know that Even even exists let alone that he is just around the corner. One-shot.

“I used to know where everything was in this goddamn store…” Isak Valtersen’s frustrated mumbling rung in his own ears as he stood looking from shelf to shelf of the grocery store he was currently scouring. He used to know where everything in this store was so well, but having not been in Norway for so long he’s not that surprised. Places that used to be his, felt new and unfamiliar.

Isak backed up in the aisle, searching for the exact brand he needed, his eyes traveling quickly across each row before landing on the ever so clandestine item.

“Thank god,” he sighed in relief. He was pretty sure Even would laugh at him if he had to call him to come help. ‘It’s your town, baby’ he’d say he was sure. It was a good thing Isak loved him so much.

Isak placed the item into his cart and was about to continue on his shopping expedition when he heard his name being called from the other end of the aisle.

“Isak?” the voice sounded to be in disbelief, tone eager and mixed with excitement.

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russ vans and kittens

The aftermath of today’s clip, with 100% more kittens. Read it on AO3!


Sana slumps down onto the seat in the van and giggles.

“I love you guys so much,” she says with a grin, “and I’m so s-”

Eva dives on top of her, and puts her hand over her mouth. “We know, Sana,” she grins. “And we forgive you. We’re actually sorry it took this long for us to realise what was happening.”

Sana tries to smile, but Eva’s hand is still covering her mouth. Sana giggles again and licks it, and Eva pulls it back immediately. “Ew! Never mind. Chris, turn the van around!”

Sana’s face hurts from smiling too much, and it gets even wider with what Noora says next.

“So we talked to your brother,” she says, grinning. “And he says the best way to cheer you up is kittens.”

With that, She lifts two boxes onto the seat that Sana hadn’t noticed before, and opens the doors, to let 5 kittens out into the back of the van.

Sana is lost for words, an expression of pure delight on her face.

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“Roles Reversed”

Book/ or show: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec and Magnus (Malec)

Fanfiction genre: Alternate Universe, Fluff and Romance

Idea from: @alec-imstraight-lightwood (To see the original idea, click here)

Prompt: We all know and love the story of Alec and Magnus who fight demons together in the Shadow World. But where would they be if the Shadow World didn’t exist? This follows the events of the alternate universe in season 1, episode 10. 


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