like you don't understand i'm crushed

ive had like one crush my entire life and even then i was like??? do i just really want to be your friend???? and i kind of hate that

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I have this silly little thing where I draw kinda ... shippy art between myself and the people I'm crushing on in my diary. I think Magnus might have found it because he keeps trying to give me advice on talking to Noelle? Like I'm super flattered but I don't think you understand how terrified I am of talking to people and also you shouldn't read someone's diary.


  • Shale: It has become rather close to the other Grey Warden
  • Alistair: ...Yes I suppose I have, haven't I?
  • Shale: I find this difficult to comprehend. It is whiney and weak and always laughing
  • Alistair: Then I guess a romance between you and I is completely out of the question, huh?
  • Shale: And the attempts at humor, I cannot understand why it is endured!
  • Alistair: Maybe you should ask HER why she likes me so much instead of bothering me with it
  • Shale: It has a loud mouth. Why its head has not been crushed already is hard to imagine
  • Alistair: Or maybe you just happen to figure she likes me a lot more than you
  • Shale: Don't be foolish
  • Alistair: Yes I thought so!! Just watch your step or I'm totally telling
  • Shale: I'm going to stand over here now

ladies and gentleman, jaehee ‘i’m not gay’ kang

The Signs / Creatures & Unsettling Feelings
  • Aries: Ghost; the feeling you get when you can't fall asleep at night, in a bad way, and once you finally do, you only have nightmares.
  • Taurus: Physic; showing how much you love something/someone just for it to tell you it doesn't love you back.
  • Gemini: Fortune Teller; knowing exactly what's going to happen and not having the will power to stop it, the destruction of your creation.
  • Cancer: Queen/King; the way people look at you like you're a monster when you've made a decision they don't understand/can't comprehend.
  • Leo: The Boogeyman; that odd feeling you get like you're sleepwalking but you know you're awake, being stuck between two odd worlds.
  • Virgo: Night Witches; suddenly feeling completely exposed, like everything is one giant joke you just don't get.
  • Libra: Forest Shadows, the soul crushing moment when your childhood pet dies, realizing the difference between 'I love you' and 'I'm in love with you,' and they don't mean either.
  • Scorpio: Dragons, when you hate being alone but push everyone who gets too close away, guarding every emotion that comes to surface then being upset when no one asks how you are
  • Sagittarius: Prophet, not understanding why people think so highly of you / have high expectations, looking into the mirror and thinking you're no where near good enough.
  • Capricorn: Guardian Angels, the chocking feeling you get before you cry, no one seeing the war on your skin, only seeing your success and hating you for it.
  • Aquarius: Werewolves, being completely oblivious to a problem that later blows up in your face and hating yourself for it cause this time it was your fault.
  • Pisces: Ocean Pixies, when something you use to love becomes too much, feeling like you're drowning and everyone's just watching, letting you die.

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Following a car accident, R is badly injured, but in the time after, Kara tries to encourage R to get better, when R finally snaps and yells at her. "You don't understand Kara! I mean, you were in the car with me! You're invincible! You can't be hurt! We got in a wreck and while I was having my body crushed by another car, you got to walk away like it was nothing! I'm tired Kara! I try, for you, but I just want to rest." Kara's hurt, and Alex has to explain what being hurt is like for people.

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“Come on, Y/N, don’t give up!”

Kara’s encouragements sent a wave of irritation loose somewhere inside of you and you snapped.  Despite the lasting pain in your healing body, you shoved away from her and lowered yourself to the floor.  You didn’t want to be touched, or helped, or cheered on for taking a couple of steps.  You wanted to be upset.

“I know that this is hard, but-”

“You don’t understand, Kara!” 

The volume in your voice startled the blonde and she paused in kneeling down beside you.  

“You were in the car with me, and I’m the only one that’s hurt!  You’re invincible!  You can’t even get hurt.  That truck hit us and while I was having my body crushed, you got to walk away like it was nothing.  I’m tired, Kara!  I try, for you, but I just want to rest…”

Your voice trails off, broken with emotion, and you refuse to lift your gaze from the hardwood floor beneath you.  Alex, who had heard the commotion from the kitchen, takes the opportunity to step in.

“Kara, can I borrow you for a sec?”

The older Danvers sibling doesn’t wait for a response, but instead drags her sister out of the living room to give you some privacy.

“What did I do?  What did I do to her?” Kara blurted out in a hushed whisper once they were in the hallway.

“Hey, hey, nothing.  You didn’t do anything wrong, Kara.  It’s just…Y/N feels helpless right now and she hates it.  The fact that you both went through the same thing and you didn’t even get a bruise just makes it worse.  It’s not your fault, but it isn’t hers either.  You have to let her work out her anger, because it’s coming from vulnerability.”

I feel like in that Hotch and Reid fist bump scene, when Kate and Derek were ganging up on Reid, Hotch was about to say something in his defense, but then he realized “Nah, Reid’s got this” and he smiles when he sees Reid crush them. And I think Hotch fist bumped him not only because Morgan left him hanging but also because he was proud of Reid.

No offense but like if some of these guys that everyone obsesses over weren’t in successful series/movies, you wouldn’t consider crushing on them in real life
Like some of these guys are a solid 3/10 and people act like they’re the cutest/hottest thing they’ve seen

nct as stupid shit my friend(s) and i have said
  • taeil: "on the contraire. if you don't make some spankin good puns, you're not getting spanked."
  • hansol: "I'm only attracted to people I have a chance with and I don't have a chance with anyone"
  • yuta: "why were you so funny???"
  • taeyong: "b e civilized, children, be ciVILIZEED"
  • johnny: "if you didn't catch on yet, you're still not my bias."
  • doyoung: "i wonder what it's like to have your crush actually know you."
  • ten: "shhh, it's okay, you don't have to understand. my bible hasn't been written yet."
  • kun: "You haven't seen gay yet unless you've looked in the mirror"
  • jaehyun: "i flushed the toilet four times and i walked into a door"
  • winwin: "I thought Pluto and the moon were the same thing..."
  • mark: "What are they gonna say about an Asian and a white girl having a borderline platonic relationship and texting pictures of raw turkey and cross dressers to each other"
  • renjun: "Your red turns pee"
  • jeno: "I looked at myself in the mirror for ten minutes and I thought 'you know what. I'd be friends with myself'"
  • haechan: "doNT BE A PUSSY"
  • chenle: "Why am do I talk to you?"
  • jisung: "You know if a naked lady comes on game of throtnes you don't have to turn the tv off when I'm here"

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i dont know if u have been asked befor but what made you like vhope? because i think that the rookie king kiss was kind of a bad thing? like people want v and jhope to do that all the time and becoz they dont they think they are a dead ship, i dunno if that makes sense:)

tbh there are about 3049304 reasons, the kiss on rookie king not really being one of the top 100 of them. it’s a lot of things?

that #OH tag he started, where he tweets moments where he says he can see why other people would see him and think “oh….” which is probably the cutest, sweetest, lowkey gayest thing anyone in bangtan has ever said that wasn’t prompted through a question or jimin saying he wants to date jungkook.

All of the times he looks at hoseok and can’t seem to help himself, the faces he makes, the way he touches him, the way he just seems to not just want but need hoseok’s attention.

THIS vine…the look of PURE adoration and love in Taehyungs eyes at this domestic cuteness… 

Taehyung’s JEALOUSY and the way he looks when Hoseok doesn’t look at him. like this video shows and THIS gifset i made points out, he gets really easily jealous and not only that he seems to get so genuinely salty when hoseok isn’t paying attention to him that he can’t even handle himself. 

Taehyung SAYING his favorite smell was Hoseok’s bed?????? OR when asked what he liked to do when he was alone he said, roll around in Hoseok’s bed????

Saying he would choose to date Hoseok out of everyone, saying that Hoseok was seriously the most handsome out of all of them. Being a super fan of Hoseok’s rap style, of 1-verse, of just Hoseok in general. Saying that he would love to be able to dance like Hoseok.

tbh i could go on all day. Vhope is SO alive, people who think it’s a dead ship are probably in denial, no shade but???? are you seeing what i’m still seeing??? Taehyung is wild, he’s not subtle at all, he’s probably got at LEAST a super crush on Hoseok, at most he’s probably in love ngl. 

One of the many convos I shared with my mom when I came out as bisexual.
  • Mom: I don't believe that you're gay and that you like girls.
  • Me: that's okay...I was in-denial when I got my first girl crush in second grade.
  • Mom: but you aren't gay. I still don't believe you.
  • Me: first off,to some people I'm half gay. Secondly, it doesn't really matter because I love who or what I love and I just hope you understand one day.
  • Mom: you aren't listening! You are not gay! You are bisexual which doesn't mean you are half and half. You are not coffee creamer! And you don't like girls, you love them just like you love boys. Maybe you love one more than the other. It's all up to you and whoever you bring home just has to be nice.
  • Me: thanks mom.
  • Mom: ...and just make sure whoever you become serious with knows that I want a black baby granddaughter of you adopt.
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me: I can't make that promise...
  • Mom: ...fine! Just please try...

Imagine librarian!Woozi always looking around the library to see if you’re there because he has a slight crush on you. 

  • My mom asking about my crush: what is he studying?
  • Me: he's another music major
  • Mom: I don't understand why you want to be poor all your life
Those fictional crushes
  • Friends: OMG They are sooo cute omg I can't wait till I'm dating someone!!! What about you??? Anyone you have your eyes on ;)
  • Me: well uhhhh
  • Friends: OMG ?!??!?? Who is it?
  • Me: welllllll *you guys don't want to know*
  • Friends: ?!??? Tell us!!
  • Me: I'm actually uh committed to multiple fictional characters, but like they are super nice and very attractive and like they all have these little quirks and like if you watched these show you would understand why I like them so much and uhhhh...
  • Friends:
  • Friends: ohhh uh ok we uh totally understand....yes
  • Me: *great now they think I'm weird*
  • Shale: It has become very close with the other Grey Warden
  • Alistair: Uh...yes, I suppose I have at that.
  • Shale: I find this difficult to comprehend. It is whiny and weak and constantly laughing.
  • Alistair: Then I guess a romance between you and I is completely out of the question?
  • Shale: And the attempts at humor. I cannot understand how it is endured.
  • Alistair: Well maybe you should ask her why she likes me so much instead of bothering me with it.
  • Shale: It has a loud mouth. Why its head has not been crushed already is hard to imagine.
  • Alistair: Or maybe you just happen to figure she likes me a lot more than she likes you.
  • Shale: Don't be foolish.
  • Alistair: Yes, I thought so. Just watch your step or I'm totally telling.
  • Shale: I'm going to stand over here now.

“Well, Dooley didn’t have time on his docket for Thompson’s little crush on Carter but I definitely have plenty.” - Me.