like you don't say things like that tom

bad news

mr blake’s teammate has had a last minute Issue for a race tomorrow and I’m now joining my lil cyclist on the road, so Modern Romance will not be done in time for its usual Sunday evening release. I feel awful but this one especially needs to be done right, so I’m going to take my time and post when it’s done to my satisfaction rather than rush it. I’M SO SORRY I really feel bad, after all those asks last week saying people enjoy getting it on sunday night I just knEW something was going to come up to Ruin Everything so please forgive me I love you pardon my indiscretions amen

When my brother saw Tom Holland as my phone’s wallpaper he started saying things like “ What the man on your desktop? He looks like 15.”

Then I showed him his shirtless pics and said “If you beef up like he, You will be on my desktop. But you won’t do this”


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You don't like talking about your sex life with your friends so you ask Tom to keep the things you do for himself. But one day you hear him talking to Haz about how good you are, all the things you do and how you moan for him. You felt so betrayed that for a whole day you didn't talk to him. the next morning, Tom woke up and find himself tied up and you would explain him the rules like "If you say something, I'll stop and leave you here by yourself" and then you go down on him (or ride him) -

And Tom would bite his lover lip so hard that he almost broke a capillary and you’d be like “you have to learn to keep things for yourself” and then he whispered a deep ‘fuck’ and you stopped and finished you in front of him ???? I’ve just bought a one way ticket to hell 🔥🔥

continuation from succ&fucc saturday

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Do some of the people on this site either accuse of being white or say you're a traitor to x race because you have a slightly positive opinion of white people? Because I'm black and I think it's really annoying for people to assume that I don't like being black or that I'm not black at all just because we don't agree with each other.

Many of the black people who have disagreed with us target me and call me a “coon” or uncle tom. We get accused of being white all the time for not treating white people terribly. The sad thing is that many of those people like weavemama are popular on this site, so it is likely that this treatment is popular as well.


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Kurt having an innocent crush on you because he's an angel and The Squad™ making it their mission to make Kurt think dirty. So they always whisper things in his ear like "don't you think her dress would look good on your bedroom floor?" "wouldn't she look pretty, naked underneath you?" "i'm sure you'd love the view while you take her from behind" and Kurt hugging his Bible like "STOP SO MUCH SIN" but feeling something pool in his lower belly as he looks at you in a short dress

omfg my first thought was of parks and rec when tom is saying something about leslie and ben goes “are you hitting on leslie… for me?” 



I remember the day you told us you were leaving 
I remember the makeup running down my face 

The fans you left behind, they really need you 
You’re the reason why a lot of them still breathe 

I wish that I could wake up with amnesia 
and forget about the stupid little things 
like the way your smiles can brighten the darkest days
and the memories I never can escape 

‘Cause I’m not fine at all… 

TomCav on Harry's plans to blow up the accelerator again
  • Host: Your character's plan to [blow up the particle accelerator] again seems ill-advised.
  • Tom Cavanagh: What you don't see on the show is the moment after they yell Cut. We feel like if anybody spoofs The Flash really well, it's The Flash itself. I'll say *Harry voice* "We'll create a new Flash by blowing up the particle accelerator." CUT! "Because what could go wrong? I don't see anything going wrong here."
  • Tom: That's the thing about these people, the science really swings for the fences. Any scientists worth their salt would be like "HOLD ON! HOOOOOOLD ON! Let me introduce you guys to the empirical method."
  • Host: "Let's start with some rats first. Let's test it on them."
  • Tom: And it's always like, "There's no time! There's a Dementor knocking on our door! A time wraith that wants to kill all of us, so we have to go NOW."

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You don't like Tom Hiddleston?!?! That's okay, you're entitled to that opinion :) I'm just surprised since most people who like Benedict like Tom. Why don't you like him? I'm getting this from the tags on that picture of the two of them, by the way.

I don’t ~not like him, i think he sometimes says some nice things and is good to his fans, i just find him very smarmy and fawning. If he was a shape, he’d be a smooth, round circular shape that you like holding because it has nothing ‘wrong’ with it. Benedict’d be a bit of a square, with a few more edges… and i like people with a bit of an edge. Tom’s basically not my kinda bloke. Cumberbum said to me once “Hiddles looks like that creepy dude who is always too nice to everyone and has a foot fetish.” I Lol’d.