like you can store stuff in it it's great

putting the rulers of men to good use for once :,D

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Hey I have a small q, I know you work in a zoo and I was wondering what they feed carnivores? Like what kind of meat do they use cause I'm guessing they can't always give them EXACTLY what they would eat in the wild due to it just not being realistic

Great observation! We give our carnivores ground beef or hors.e depending on the animal’s preference. Its not the stuff you get at the grocery store though- it includes organ meat. They also get other things like r.ats, q.uail, r.abbits, ox tails, and bones.
Some of our other animals are tricky. For example, giant anteaters will only eat ants from south america… obviously thats an issue because it would be wasteful of resources to capture ants and attempt to feed them to our animals. Instead, we worked with mazuri to develop an insectivore chow with complete nutrition for insectivores. They also get avocado, which is their favorite food, worms, honey, and other soft fruits.