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Hey you! I have a ton of products up on RedBubble now! So much so that I can’t post even half of them here. So here’s just one of the 7 collections I  have there.
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Do you have any tips for finding clothes that fit for really small guys? Like... 5ft tall? I go in the kids section but it's hard finding stuff that doesn't look childish, and practically impossible to find dress clothes :/

Hello there!

There are stores out there like the gap, Old Navy, and American Eagle that make smaller clothes. I am 5’5 and struggle with finding clothes that fit right, but I am also small so everything is really baggy. There are other places where you can find clothes. Google is great help.

Also, maybe some followers have other suggestions??

- K

I have been informed I should never tell anyone when I buy clothing from a thrift store. I should say “its vintage” instead.

Also I should never gleefully inform someone I bought an article of clothing for $2. I should instead say “it was a gift.”

I don’t think people realize half my happiness over finding something amazing in a thrift store is the fact I only paid $2 for it. Its like I’m a treasure hunter! Why would you try to lie to people to make it sound like you paid a million dollars for it? That’s a trick question. I know why. I just think pretending to pay absurd amounts of money for goods is a ridiculous game that wealthy people play. I’m much more interested in the “I found this for $2 and it looks AMAZING” game.

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i remember you saying you were about 4'11. Im about the same size and i was wondering what are some good place to shop for clothes?? Its so hard to find clothes that I can fit into and still look like someone in their 20s.

Yes I am 4′11. I weigh 107-110lbs. I’m just letting you know because sometimes that helps. I have slightly muscular legs (I often find that brands with petite sizing assumes that short people are all super thin so petite sizing can run narrow a lot *cough cough j.crew petite*)

Sizing: tops - XS, bottoms 0 (rarely 00), bras 34B @ gap body**

My Style: I like to wear longer tops with looser fits with skinny pants. I HATE wearing fitted tops. I just don’t like the way they look on me. All of my clothes are neutral colors (white, black, grey, blue, army green). This is only because I have a very hard time finding clothing that fits me so my options are limited. Petite lines also are usually very limited compared to the regular sized stuff so they don’t really have extensive options when it comes to color. I’m very picky when it comes to color too because I find it much harder for me to style color without it clashing. 

I’m also going to put a bracket pricing for every category so you can get an idea of how much I shop the sales/budget incase thats helpful. I personally find that sticking to certain price ranges keeps me in check with my money/budget. 

*For anyone that reads this, I’m aware of what fast fashion is and how some of the brands I mention are really shitty. I’m currently working on moving away from fast fashion but right now thats near impossible for me. I also don’t shop at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21.

Bottoms: [$20-30] I hate wearing jeans so I try and find stuff thats comfortable and stretchy. 

1. Ann Taylor LOFT Lou & Grey Ponte Leggings Petite $50 (I buy them when they are 60% off). I have 3 pairs and the black does NOT fade. I’ve had one of the pairs for over two years and they are still going strong.

2. New Look Petite Highwaist Skinny Jeggings. I like how the ankle part runs skinny. The sizing runs small. I’m a US 0 and I got a UK 8 in them. The black does wash out but I don’t mind for these.

3. Banana Republic Petite Hampton Pant. These are the BEST dress pants I’ve ever found. I got them on sale for about $30 but I haven’t been able to find them for the price again. The fabric is not too stretchy and gives you that perfect “structured” look without the material being too stiff. Most of their other dress pants are either really stiff or too stretchy where it looks too tight on your butt. I can’t find them in black anymore but they sell at the factory store. They also hit your ankles at the perfect spot for being a “cropped” style.

4. Gap Petite Jeggings. Their fits vary a lot so thats something you’ll just have to go in store and try on. 

5. Banana Republic Skinny Fit jeans. I got a pair at the factory store and the material isn’t too stiff! They don’t have an exact name and I’m not sure if they still sell the exact ones I bought since I got them on super clearance.

6. Ann Taylor Loft Petite jeans: I have a couple pairs of their petite jeans from them but I find the material to be pretty stiff. I have them as “emergency” jeans incase there’s that one time I’m forced into a situation that I need to wear actual blue jeans lol.

Skirts: [$15-25]

1. Zara: Their skirts for “regular” sizing run pretty short so it ends up working out perfectly for petite lengths. I tend to like that a good chunk of their skirts are made with a stiffer material so it doesn’t cling as much.

2. Ann Taylor Loft Petite skirts: I have a couple of skirts from them but just a warning, they run just a tad big compared to “regular” sizing. So I’m usually a 0 but I get their skirts in a 00.

Sweaters: [$20-30] I very occasionally buy a sweater for $35.

1. COS Stores: So this brand is like the luxury brand of H&M (literally owned by H&M) with a very Scandinavian style. Their stuff is HELLA expensive but they have really great end of season sales. I like my sweaters to go past my butt and have a looser fit to them. I like that their sweaters fit my shoulders but still run long in length. **They have free returns when you order online. It’s a very hit or miss thing with some of their sweaters since lots of their stuff runs really boxy because its that Scandinavian style. You can generally gage the fit from the pictures online. Its the store where I get my “fancy” sweaters usually marked down to about $25-30. 

2. Ann Taylor Loft Petite Sweaters: just great overall. I tend to get the sweaters from their Lou & Grey line because they always look more clean and minimal. Again only when they are 50%-60% off. Definitely try your normal size and a size up to see if you like the fit to be a bit more baggy. They do run at the “appropriate” length for petite sizing right at the top of your pants so if you want it to be longer, then just order the regular sizing and not petite. Thats what I do, depending on the style of the sweater. 

3. Gap: I haven’t liked any of their sweaters recently but they always have a few hidden gems. :) I buy their stuff in the regular size and they usually fit well on my shoulders. Again, I’ll purposefully get the sweaters that run long so I can wear them with leggings.

Tops: [$10-25] Basic tops are $10-15. Nicer tops are $15-25. This is where I struggle the most. I tend to just get stuff from all over but usually Ann Taylor Loft Petite, Banana Republic Petite, and the Asos Petite brands. J.Crew Petite has a couple cute tops but their style always looks a bit matronly for my liking (also extremely overpriced for the quality). I do a lot of online shopping just to try things on. I return almost everything whenever I’m searching for new tops. ugh. 
*Zara and H&M for some reason have the worst fitting tops for me.

1. Dress Shirts: Banana Republic Petite, Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor LOFT Petite. They have great dress shirts! :) They also have styles that are more straight cut which I prefer. So its not as fitted at your waist.

Dresses: [$20-100] Basic dresses are $20-40. Fancy dresses are $40-100. I try and cap at $80 if I can.

1. Needle & Thread (found on Asos): expensive but they occasionally have a dress that goes on sale for $80ish. Their stuff is very fancy and usually heavily beaded. It’s the brand I keep an eye out on incase I need something for a wedding/winter holiday dress. They don’t have petite sizing but their dresses tend to run closer to petite sizing I have found. Sometimes the waist can run a little long but not enough where it looks disproportional on a petite frame (that always varies body to body). The quality of these dresses are also phenomenal. 

2. Millie Mackintosh: just the same as Needle & Thread, that her stuff runs closer to petite sizing. Even though lots of their dresses have the “fit & flare” cut, the waist part doesn’t hit weird like most of those types of dresses do in regular sizing. It’s the brand that I also keep an eye out on incase I need something for a summer wedding. Her style is a little more floral. If you are going to buy something from her line definitely order from Asos first so you can figure out your size and do the free return thing just incase. Then double check on her actual site to see if the prices is on sale more than the listing price on Asos. For some reason her stuff goes on super sale on her site but Asos doesn’t reflect those prices. If you’re in the US you’ll have to pay international shipping if you order from her site but for me it still ended up being cheaper than getting the same dress on Asos.

3. Banana Republic Petite: great options for more business formal dresses. Some of their dresses are great for also having the ability to be “dressed up and down” depending on the occasion. Again, I always buy their stuff on 50-60% off.

4. Asos Petite swing dresses: these are my favorite casual feel-good summer dresses. I usually buy them when Asos has a 20% off your purchase sale.

5. Maje: I don’t own anything from them because they are expensive but I hear their dresses are great for petite frames.

Coats: [$50-100] I’m desperately in search of a faux leather jacket that fits my frame. The sleeves always run extremely long?? Still haven’t found one.

1. Zara dress coats: So many of their coats run short! They have pretty good end of season sales. I like their coats that have a straight cut to them. **Generally anything that has that “fit & flare” cut with coats looks pretty shit on me.

Bras & Underwear: [Bras $10-15] [Underwear $2-3] 

1. GAP BODY is literally the only place that has bras that fit me. For some reason whenever I try on bras from other brands, I’ll find a cup size that works but the rib size is always so tight. Even though I’m petite, I’m not super narrow in my frame. Gap Body just has sizes that fit great. I don’t know how to explain it. Their hipster fit underwear are also great. I got like 30 pairs during black friday/holiday sales lol. Again, I only buy the stuff when its like 50% off.

Accessories: COS Stores & Etsy. :)

**EDIT: My petite friends that are more curvy say that jeans from Express are amazing! :)

So my store recently added a points system to their app and I Know I’m “cheating” but holy shit I’m Love it


Hey guys! So I haven’t updated anyone about my life or whereabouts in awhile, and I thought that I would catch up my older and new followers that I gained while being inactive for like almost a year!

So, to start things off I got married in March to my bf of 6 years! We just went to the court house and signed the paper haha, I never wanted a big wedding or a wedding at all so my dream wedding came true lmao, it was simple, stress free (sort of) We got a ticket on the way there, I got my period and was SOO bloated and felt gross, and I couldn’t walk in the shoes i was wearing because the heel was so damn high, but other then that it was a very fun experience, when we signed all the paperwork and did the whole ring exchange thing we couldn’t stop smiling, we went out to dinner and just had an amazing time. 

After that we started house searching again but couldn’t decide where we wanted to live, and what we really wanted and on top of that my grandparents were in a really bad place financially and medically so we figured that it would be fine to just be with them and help them out with the bills, well…we ended up paying ALL their bills every month and I basically became their free housekeeper/caretaker, as much as I love them and hate to say this but they just got a little bit too comfortable mooching off us and started taking advantage of their benefits, on top of getting really rude when things didn’t go their way… I hate talking negatively about my family but we just had enough. So we started looking for houses, we have been saving for years to put a down payment on a house so we shopped around for a bit, we found some amazing places but everything we liked took about 7-12 months to build also depending on the weather or changes we would want done it can take shorter or longer, we thought about it for awhile and could not imagine staying another 7-12 months paying for another persons house and caring for them 24/7, we also didn’t know if we wanted to stay in PA permanently but didn’t really know what other states to live in, so we started looking at leasing townhouses and rental houses for a short term situation. I could not find a decent place that had no breed restrictions until I remembered about one that we visited about two years ago but was a bit too pricey for us at the time. We called them to ask if they had any townhouse still available and they had one left which was a corner lot, with woods in the back, it was freshly just built so we would be the first people living in it, has a huge kitchen with granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and a kitchen island! They have a dog park and is pretty close to everything. The next day we went to check it out, signed the lease and in 24 hours we got the keys to it! it was super exciting and in a way it felt like we really just started our adult lives.  The townhouse is a dream, i mean there are a few things I wish were different but I guess I will have my chance to design and change things up when we finally settle down and build a house of our own haha! The townhouse is about 1,900 sq feet and has a full basesent with laundry and outside exit to the woods, a full granite kitchen with a dining area and a back porch that exits elevated to a view of the woods, 3 bedrooms and 2 1/12 bathrooms, a master walk in closet and other things I can’t really think of right now, but we were so happy to be able to get the three bedrooms because the master bedroom is our bedroom and the other two bedrooms became my makeup room/office and my husbands office. One of the bedrooms that we are making office spaces is bigger with bigger windows then the other so he claimed dibs on the bigger one until I came in with my pouty face and pulled the “baaaabeee but i have soooo much stuff, how do you expect me to fit it all in here and this tiny closet space   :(” and he was all like “its plenty of space what are you talking about” and then i was all like “yeah i guess its fine, I can just store some of my stuff in your closet and office” then he was like ok its yours, so long story short I have the perfect space with the perfect lighting with 3 large windows and a larger closet:) 

Since i moved into the new place, I am so much less stressed then I was before, I will be launching my lashes back up and the blog I promised a year ago. At the moment I am currently looking for ideas and projects to blog about, I have a few really great things that I think people my age would really be interested in, but I really just want to make it a general lifestyle blog that includes everything I enjoy doing and making. I just want to apologize for being MIA for so long, I feel like I should describe how I felt and why I didn’t really want to be online or on any social media for that time.. well to start things off I it all begin when I started feeling worn out and having random anxiety attacks out of nowhere, i’m generally an anxious person but this time it was soo much worse, randomly throughout the day and out of no where I had panic attacks where it felt like I was going to die. As dramatic as it sounds, it was no joke the first time it happened I got so freaked out that I was so close to calling an ambulance (and I hate hate hate doctors/hospitals/medical stuff so if i say call an ambulance i really think I’m going to die) it felt like my body was just shutting down on me and it was a feeling I have never felt before, later on my hair started falling out in large clumps I had pretty thick hair before and its not thin or anything now but when i would brush it or be in the shower my hair would fall out in CHUNKS it freaked me out and I cried because I’ve been growing out hair for years and I thought that it would all be gone soon, of course I was being dramatic but my hair does feel less full and had a lot of breakage:/ but oh well, I also stopped sleeping at night and up until recently I have just been slowly going into a normal-ish sleeping pattern. Before I could stay up for about 48 hours to 60 hours with about 30 minute naps without feeling the least bit sleepy and a full nights rest was about 3 hours I would fall asleep at 12 and wake up at 3 overnight and just be up all day, like I felt tired but I could not for the love of me fall into a deep sleep for about a 3 months anytime I was asleep for more then 30 minutes I was just in a lucid state of sleep or I would either have a horrifying nightmares or just jerk out of sleep. The last sign of stress for me was when I lost my period, it was so weird to me because it NEVER happened! I thought I was pregnant for a good few weeks but then realized it was just due to stress and anxiety. That was kind of the last straw for my husband, he basically was just like I can’t keep seeing you like this and you should be placed in a better environment because its really starting to effect your health blah blah so thats why we like found the place and moved in right away, he has been nothing but an amazing and caring parter to me for the past 6 years, he really goes above and beyond everyday to make sure I have a smile on my face. He even bought me a new macbook because i was angry that the iMac we got was going into his office and just so I can actually start working on my blog which I have talked about for the past year and a dyson vacuum because he saw me look at extra long at everytime we went into any store that carried it (idk I just have a thing for high end cleaning supplies) he’s even cool with me decorating the new place as modern girly glam as I want, can a girl want anything more??? lol.

Well sorry for this being so long!! I just wanted to update anyone who was wondering what I have been up to and my life. I hope you guys will love the new blog! I have been hunting for cool furniture pieces to upcycle on craigslist and whipping up interesting diy beauty projects! Love you guys who have supported me and hydrangea beauty from day one!<3 you are all the best

Pokémon Go will save the  economy.

(or at least Puerto Rico’s shitty one)

So, before Pokémon Go, Puerto Rico’s town centers and their plazas (town square? idk the USA equivalent) were literally ghost towns. Maybe a few people here and there drinking their coffee at the Plazas–but that’s it. The shops around the town centers didn’t fare well, due to the low traffic of people that walked around the towns and stuff. Many stores had to go away, leaving behind a fuckton of empty buildings for sale for new stores.

Now though…

After Pokémon Go’s release in Puerto Rico (last week or so), everyone has flooded to the town centers and their plazas! Gone are those empty streets, cos now swarms of people are in it! So many people, you can barely walk! And its great, cos those same people are now entering the shops in the town center! And thus, moving the economy!

Like, just yesterday, I was at Cabo Rojo’s plaza, and the line to some shops were huuuuuuuge. And it was 10 fucking PM! And everyone was walking around, battling the two gyms there (I took over 3 times >:3c ), or crowding around the Pokéstops with lures. The ambience was so great and lively! People were meeting each other due to this fucking app!!!

I even entered a small café, and when I asked the owner how were sales going, he was like “I have never gotten this many people! And the funniest thing is that they all enter talking about Pokémon Go!”.  (Also, that café made the best fucking Gyro I’ve ever had, jfc).

Also, there was an ice cream store nearby that was a Pokéstop. And guess what? It had a lure. And guess what? It was fucking crowded. The place is really tiny (doesn’t have tables, even), and the line got to the sidewalk! I’ve never seen that place with over three people inside before!! And now it had, like, a bazillion!

So, I’ll end this with my mom’s illustrious words:

“Pokémon Go is a blessing.”

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Steve taking Bucky to an old fashioned candy shoppe to buy all the sweets from their childhood uwu

Steve acts pretty much like a normal human being (leaving aside his gleeful refusals to tell Bucky why they’re on Staten Island right now) until they turn a corner and he slaps a hand over Bucky’s eyes. 

“Steve, what the hell,” Bucky complains. 

“I want it to be a surprise,” he says, excitement clear in his voice. He takes Bucky’s arm and Bucky goes without protest, undeniably curious. It’s only a minute before Steve tugs him to a stop, hand still firmly in place. “Remember when Nat gave us those Milky Way bars? And they were awful?” 

Bucky grimaces in remembrance. The chocolate had been sickeningly sugary, almost gritty; nothing like the smooth sweetness he’d expected. “How could I forget?” 

“Well, I - uh, I found a place,” Steve says, suddenly sounding unsure. He draws his hand away, and Bucky blinks at the light. In front of them is a modest storefront with white-painted brick and wide glass windows. Bright red lettering reads Philip’s Candy, established 1930.

“They still make all their own stuff,” Steve explains, after Bucky’s been silent for a long minute. “Candy apples, fudge, peanut brittle, taffy, you name it. I thought maybe you’d like a little taste of - well - ” 

Before Steve can lose all coherency, Bucky tugs him into a fast, hard hug. “It’s great, Steve,” he says, grinning. Steve looks surprised for a moment, then hopelessly pleased. 

Suffice it to say that the eventual stomachaches were definitely worth it. 

(also imagine: bucky bringing steve back for his birthday when the shop’s all done up like this)


This might be a really obvious tip, but I thought I’d submit it anyway!

I’ve been making super refreshing and delicious popsicles and enjoying the heck out of them in the heat of summer. You can pick up popsicle molds anywhere–Wal-Mart, Target, the dollar store. They’re usually very inexpensive–I think mine were $4. 

You’ll need a juicer/blender/Magic Bullet…I’m lucky enough to have a juicer, but anything that gets the fruit into liquid form works great!

I find this is a really good way to use up fruit that is no longer good to eat–mushy berries, mealy apples. You feel bad throwing it out, but you don’t want to eat it either. But it makes delicious popsicles! You can even throw in some veggies and the sweetness of the fruit will usually mask the taste completely. You can also buy fruit that’s a little past its prime–my local grocery store often has amazing sales on stuff like raspberries and strawberries that have gone kind of soft. But they are sooo good in popsicles!

Here’s a sample recipe that turned out really well for me:

  • cup of strawberries
  • cup of pitted cherries
  • 2 overripe plums
  • one apple
  • one lime

Juice or blend, pour them into the molds, stick ‘em in the freezer. In a few hours you’ll have delicious, refreshing popsicles that are all natural with no sugar added and no preservatives! 

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Hajimama!!! I'm super happy~ yesterday I went with my friends to Anime-expo L.A. n I expended ALL MY MONEY in Levi Erwin all can find stuff some in Hanji Mikasa and Jean, I was saving cuz my pc it's brokend n now I can't buy a new one Oh! And I bought ALL vols of SNK n I had only 5.50dlls for a meal but the old man of the manga store gives me a muffin, I've to save againg but it was totally wort it I had a blast!! PS I'm death tired~ Love you mama

Wow that sounds like a really great day!