like you can see it happening


Summary: While waiting for Joan, the sides and Thomas theorize about things.


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Thomas walked Joan to the door. When they got there, Joan turned and looked up at Thomas, who was still feeling more than a little shaken up. 

“Hey. You okay?” they asked. 

Thomas made a face, glancing over his shoulder, but the sides had retreated back to the couch and he couldn’t see them anymore. “I guess so?” he said, raking his hand through his hair again. “I mean…I’m feeling a little better now that I know you see them too, but I’m not sure what it means for the both of us. You know?” 

“I really do.” Joan smirked, then shrugged. “But I mean, what else can we do but roll with it?” 

“You sound like Logan,” Thomas said. “It’s happening, so let’s move forward from here.” 

“Logan is a smart guy,” Joan agreed, patting Thomas on the shoulder. “You should listen to him.” 

Thomas chuckled, then grabbed Joan’s hand on impulse and clutched it for a moment. “You’ll come right back?” he said. “Promise?” 

“Yes, I promise, Thomas,” Joan assured him. “Hey. It’s gonna be cool. Okay?” 

“Yeah. I guess. Okay.” 

He watched as his friend climbed into their car and pulled out of the apartment’s parking lot, then turned and headed reluctantly back inside. 

Now that he knew the sides were really there, he was feeling…oddly self-conscious about the whole thing. These were his characters–parts that he’d played for over a year now. And they were here, in his apartment. He doubted he could’ve been more gobsmacked if all his favorite Disney characters suddenly came to life and started asking for coffee. 

He rounded the corner and there they were, still solid as ever, sitting on his sectional couch. At least I have a big couch? Thomas thought, then bit back an insane urge to giggle. He wasn’t sure it wouldn’t turn hysterical if he did. 

The sides all looked up at him, and he flushed under their combined scrutiny. “Uh…do you…do you guys need anything? Drinks, or…or anything…?” 

“Drinks might be good!” Patton said, climbing to his feet. “Let me help you with them, huh?” 

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Like holy shit guys can you believe captain swan happened? Like can you believe we got to see every moment from ust to banter to trusting to friendship to fighting to making out to I love you’s and separations and the best kind of reunions and fighting for one another and learning to open up and just these two amazing lonely people who had spent most of their lives searching for love and family, actually finding it and finding true love and such ridiculous happiness like



What a time to be alive

Young Mage

Part 2:

“So this kids really Lance?” Pidge asked looking over her desk at Shiro and the boy standing awkwardly next to him.

Soon as Shiro had woken up he and Lance had gone to see the resident Alchemists Pidge and Hunk to see if they had any answers.

Keith had been talking with Hunk about a new sword design when they entered.

After a quick explanation of what had happened last night and Lance kicking Keith in the shin for laughing at him everyone was ready to help.

“Your like really cute like this.” Hunk grinned ruffling his best friends hair, Shiro didn’t doubt that if anyone else had done that the Mage would of bitten them instead of preening under the touch.

“I’ll have you know I’m always cute.” Lance huffed crossing his arms with a pout.

“Can you reverse it?” Shiro asked looking down at Lance with an expression of fondness.

“Hmmm maybe, it was Lance that cast the spell so it won’t be easy but he should be able to undo what he did.” Pidge shrugged turning back to her bubbling test tubes.

“Erm… about that. I can’t exactly feel my magic anymore.”

Lance’s words hung in the air.

“You never told me that.” Shiro frowned.

Lance looked down playing with the hem of his much to large shirt. “I’m sorry… I can’t even feel Blues power.”

If Shiro was worried before then now was down right terrified. He had noticed that the blue lion amulet wasn’t glowing last night but he hadn’t even dared imagine the guardian spirit of the magical object would fall silent.

“Ok this is bad, I’m not going to lie this is really bad.” Pidge sighed running her hands through her hair in an attempt to calm herself down. “No one in the Kingdom has the power to break a spell Lance cast, the only option I see is.”

“No.” Keith interrupted.

“Asking Lotor for help.” Pidge finished shooting the knight a glare.

Lance began to shake “n-no not him… I can’t go crawling back to him for help.”

Shiro sighed dropping to one knee and placing a hand on his shoulder “Lance I know you and your old master have… a rocky relationship. But you need Blue to stay alive. Don’t you remember how close you got when the amulet was stolen, and even then you could hear Blue.”

Lance paled at the memory. It had been stolen while he slept. His body slowly got weaker and weaker, shutting down until he couldn’t move, hear, see or even talk.

It had been torcher the whole time until Keith and Shiro had managed to find it again.

“If Lotor our only option… then I say we ride out as soon as possible.” Shiro expected Lance to fight him on this. Instead he grabbed his pants leg as Shiro straightened up and held tight.

“Ok… lets go.”


An hour later Lance was dressed in a Still too big tunic pants and boots but at least they fit better then what he had before.

He had a black cloak draped over his shoulders with the hood pulled up, it would take almost three days to get from the kingdom of Altea to Lotor’s tower.

The horses were all ready with Shiro and Keith securing the saddle bags.

Their usual armour was replaced with casual tunics and cloaks similar to Lance’s.

The last thing they needed right now was for Altea’s enemies to discover they were without magical defence and attack.

Or worse discover them on the trail and take Lance and his power for themselves.

Lance tried to stay calm, he hadn’t seen Lotor since he ran away almost five years ago and prayed to the goddess that he had forgiven him by now.

“Lance are you ok?” Allura asked.

Even though she was the princess Allura always found time to see any of her friends off before their quests. Lance assumed someone had warned her about his situation before hand because she didn’t seem all that surprised he was currently a small child.

“Yeah I’m fine.” Lance managed to force a smile. His friends were already doing so much for him, he could at least keep them from worrying.

“Are you sure?” She asked her brow creasing slightly.

“Yeah, just kinda pissed that I’m gonna have to share a horse with one of those two. Have you ever seen them ride? It’s like they never heard of comfort.”

Allura chuckled as she picked him up and hugged him.

Lance was frozen in surprise for a moment. It reminded him of home. Of his sisters and brother… of his mama.

He swallowed the lump in his throat as the hug turned into a pass over, with Shiro taking him and positioning him so he was in front and not in danger of falling off.

“Good luck.” Allura smiled as she waved them off.

“Be careful Lance! Don’t over exhurt yourself!” Pidge yelled jumping up to wave.

“Make sure you eat enough, and get enough sleep, and keep warm, and stay away from weird plant, and and just come back ok!” Hunk was crying, he always did when his friends went away. But this time was different.

This time of someone got hurt Lance couldn’t just use his magic to heal them right up.

This time Lance was more vulnerable then he had been when he came stumbling through the city gates all those years ago.

Half starved and covered in injuries but practically bursting with more magic then anyone had ever seen.

“Please goddess… bring them home safe.” Hunk mumbled as they crossed the boundary of safety and disappeared through the magic barrier.

BTS Reaction: First Relationship

request: being their first girlfriend/boyfriend @anon

Kim Seokjin

He adored you so much, there wasn’t a day you weren’t showered with love, and great food. He’d be so happy to have someone with him who loved him for who he was, not just his fame or his incredible looks.

“Jagiya, you’re so cute” “Sit down, I’ll make us a special dinner!”

Min Yoongi

He was probably the happiest male on earth. He knew he wasn’t good with showing affection, but it seemed so natural when you were around, he turned into the biggest fluff you’d ever see.

“I love you so much, Y/N, you know that right?” “You’re the best thing that ever happened to me”

Jung Hoseok

Much like Seokjin, he would never hesitate showing his love to you. Whenever he had the time you would be trapped inside his arms showered with “I love you’s” and kisses.

“You can’t believe how happy I am to have you” “Tell me you love me, Jagi”

Kim Namjoon

Even though you were his first girlfriend ever, he wouldn’t mind showing you off or insisting on skinship ot only when you were alone. He loved that he could show the whole world how happy you made him.

“Hold my Hand, Baby” “I want People to know you’re mine”

Park Jimin

He was anxious sometimes, afraid he’d do something wrong as it was his first relationship. He loved you so much, but he was scared that you wouldn’t be able to handle the things that came with dating an Idol, he didn’t want to lose you.

“You love me right, Y/N?” “I love you so much, please don’t ever leave me”

Kim Taehyung

Much like Namjoon, he loved to show everyone who made him so happy. It was like a shout out to the haters that he didn’t care what they said about his love life. What mattered was that you were with him.

“The hate isn’t getting to you, is it?” “Tell me and I’ll deal with it, you’re worth so much more”

Jeon Jeongguk

He was shy, and, a lot like Jimin, he was afraid that he woud fuck up. He’d ask his hyungs for advice, you being his very first girlfriend, he didn’t want to lose you. He’d stay around every free minute he’d get, loving the way you felt in his arms.

“You’d tell me if I was an Idiot, right?” “I love you, Jagi, don’t forget that”


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“This is far from over. You’ll see. I’ll get you back for this.”

“I’m trying to be a decent person, but I don’t think it’s working.”

“Can we leave this spooky spaceship before something bad happens? Please?”

“We can never tell if you’re being serious. In this situation, I’d like to think you are.”

“This is the worst gift you’ve ever gotten me. It’s so bad, the rock you got me last time is infinitely better.”

“If you hadn’t touched it like I told you not to, it wouldn’t be stuck to your hand.”

Pumpkin Spice - Negan

Originally posted by ifellinlovewithabrokenheart

Pairing: Negan x Reader
Synopsis: Negan wants to convince the reader to give him a chance, so he goes out of his way to get something the reader wants.
Word Count: 2,127

I spent way too long writing this, as you can see by the word count. I haven’t been caught up on this season at all, but after seeing what happens in the most recent episode, I’m going to get caught up asap. I love this man so much. (Please don’t request anything that would possibly spoil what happens!)

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you damn well know that billy russo is gonna wake up and remember EVERYTHING that happened to him and his pretty face, and will get his revenge on frank, and will most likely use karen to get to him yOU DAMN WELL KNOW ITS GONNA HAPPEN IN S2 OF THE PUNISHER. TOO BAD WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT A LONG ASS TIME UNTIL WE CAN SEE THIS AND NOW IM UPSET

i really cannot with kylo ren. i probably shouldn’t watch the next movie in the theatre, seeing as a theatre is a public place and yet i cannot guarantee that i won’t just scream DO YOU KNOW WHO YOUR PARENTS ARE??????? they are FINE and BEAUTIFUL and BRAVE and HILARIOUS PEOPLE who happen to be like THE GREATEST CINEMATIC SHIP OF ALL TIME and you TEAR THEM ASUNDER FOREVER by BECOMING EMO/EVIL and then MURDERING YOUR BEAUTIFUL DAD?????? who do you think you are, sonny???????????? don’t you know how badly you RUINED THIS FOR ME??

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you've been together for 4 years?? tell me ur secrets omg

!! awh man yeah we feel like old grandparents LOl but tbh i dont have any secrets! my bf & i got tgt cause we were friends first (tbh he liked me since gr8 but we didn’t really start talking until gr10) & we just happened to have a lot in common (interest/humor/goals wise) but mind you, we were like gr10 LOL things are a lot different now but we managed to grow tgt as a couple + we see a lot of things eye to eye ! i guess as long as you guys have the same goals + are both committed to being tgt, things can last :+) ! for the more technical side if that’s ur jam, u can take a love language quiz (my bf & i express our love for each other by spending quality time tgt as opposed to wanting gifts cause some ppl have diff wants/needs!!) but yeah im rambling a lot but have fun!! you dont have to settle down just yet- dating can be fun to explore what you like (i had my fair share of ‘dating’) gl, stay safe + use protection !! if u need any more advice, just hmu !! :+)


look, you don’t have to come in with me, but what happens when another georgie goes missing, or another betty, or another ed corcoran, or… one of us? Are you just gonna pretend it isn’t happening like everyone else in this town? because I can’t. i go home and all i see is that georgie isn’t there. his clothes, his toys, his stupid stuffed animals… but he isn’t. so, walking into this house, for me, it’s easier than walking into my own. It (2017)

Killing Stalking’s Most(……)Scene Tag Game

I was tagged by @the-architect–analyzes thank you!

I’m tagging @natsumi82 @bunpunpun @noonamika @sangwoo-ohmygodstop @adaeve-a @sassybum @ikanaideu @bucky-is-autistic @m0chamilk @yoon-b (Sorry if any of you have been tagged already!)

Most shocking scene:

I chose this one mainly because I can remember holding my breath wondering if Sangwoo was gonna catch them!

Most WTF scene:

Most irritating/enraging scene:

I mean, I expected this to happen but that didn’t make it any easier to read

Most disturbing scene:

Most heart-breaking scene:

Cutest scene:

Hat Bum in general is adorable but also this: 

It was super cute to see Bum practically melt into the hug and relax like that after being so stressed out and dealing with the police for hours

Funniest scene:

This cracks me up every time :D

Most satisfying scene:

This is one of my favorite scenes in the entire comic. I just love how it’s completely obvious that Yoonjae is accustomed to looking down on Bum and making him feel like shit but then Sangwoo swoops in like “Try :) again :) bitch :)” 

And it was really satisfying to see Bum stand up to his uncle, even if it was a hallucination


Favorite Bum panel:

(I tried but I just can’t narrow these down to one!)

Favorite Sangwoo panel:

Favorite Seungbae panel:

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I need to know if you think a straight guy and a straight girl can just be friends. My question is if you both think each other are cool and fun enough to be close friends what's gonna stop romantic feelings from happening? I don't think it's possible. What are your thoughts?

yeah I think they can just be friends I have plenty of guy friends I would never want to date. I think I’ve felt like… on some level at least a tiny bit attracted to all of my guy friends because when you have good chemistry with someone it’s easy to see them as more attractive. but the attraction just isn’t strong enough to want to be romantic. 

I’m a kind of person who always reply to messages instantly and I would never like to seem ignorant or lofty. So please forgive me for not replying to many of your messages lately. I’m having a worse time and I need to sort this out. I’m not even visiting tumblr often, all you can see here is my queue. Please be patient, I can’t wait to be able to reply normally and talk with you, and hopefully that’ll happen soon. Thank you…

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You write such awesome captions on your art posts!! I love them so much!! How do you come up with them??

aw that is such a nice thing to say??? thank you??????? and ummm it’s either 

-“caption that adds context that is very needed because i was too lazy to draw context” (aka for any comic whatsoever, “AU where thing happen do you have the context now do you see what i just drew ok ok ok”) 


-“i dont need to add context because the drawing speaks for itself so might as well make it Cool and Edgy” (aka for eye kids stuff or undertale stuff, “(some kinda eye expression i furiously googled seconds before posting this)” or “(a sentence about the futility of life)”)

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Hello, I really like your blog! Could I maybe get reactions from the bots for this scenario: human s/o has insomnia that gets really bad sometimes, and they try to keep it secret but the bots start noticing how frail and sick they’re getting until they all but collapse in the middle of their work. I’m very tired haha. Btw, tfp Magnus is bae and you are by far my favorite writer for him, thank you so much!!

Deepdrive: I’m so glad that you think I have done a good job writing his character. Get some sleep sweetspark.


It would hurt him to see you getting sick like this without you telling him what was wrong, and the worry would have plagued him at the back of his mind. When you collapse he would almost be relieved to now at least know what was wrong. He would be willing to do anything he can to help you sleep if it would mean preventing this from happening again.


He is sadly not much better than you, when he started to notice you becoming frail and sick he himself started having to have trouble falling into recharge because he got so worried about you. When you collapse at work he really starts to panic and it would be up to the other Autobots to intervene and lock both of you in a room until you get some sleep together (Ratchet would probably supply sleeping medicine for you).


He would blame himself, thinking that it was his bad habits of staying up late and watching movies had rubbed off on you. He would go into one of his rare, over-protective-worried states and begin pushing, almost too hard, to help you get to sleep until he calms down and you can both have a proper discussion.


He would be really mad that you aren’t looking after yourself properly, some of the anger is aimed at you, because you didn’t tell him, and some of it is just a general mad. Basically, you have earned a spot in the med-bay in which you cannot leave until you’re better. Ratchet isn’t a complete monster though, he would give you sleeping tablets from now on to help you out.


He would race you over to Ratchet not having a clue what was going on, he would be full on panicking, worried that you were dying or something else serious. It would take a long talk with Ratchet to calm him down. Until you get better and afterwards at night he would make sure to keep you company to help you sleep.


He would chuckle softly. He had recognised what was going on from the beginning, as many times he has observed restlessness in Bulkhead and at rare times when he has bothered to care, Ultra Magnus. He would just gently pick you up and place you in a pile of blankets and keep you company while you sleep.

Ultra Magnus

It would trouble him greatly, but he would relate to you almost completely, being the workaholic he is whom occasionally forgets the concept of sleep/recharge. He would seek human medical advise and make sure that you get plenty of rest the next few days.


Shon’s first stop was at the police department. He was greeted like a returning celebrity. He was ushered in to see the commissioner who stood up to shake his hand.

“This is an honor” the man said waving a hand to an empty chair in front of his desk. “Everyone here appreciates your many years of service to our fair city.”

“Thank you sir” Shon smiled taking the offered seat. “What can I do for you?” the Commissioner asked.

“I’d like some information on the incident that happened at the modeling agency. The studio to be precise.”

The man steepled his hands in front of him. His elbows resting on top of his desk “what is your interest in that unfortunate accident?”

“Is it definitely an accident then? No sabotage” Shon persisted pressing for answers.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss an ongoing investigation” the commissioner gave him a blank uninformative stare.

“Please sir I’d appreciate any information you can provide” he requested refraining from making the request sound like the plea it was.

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Yep, these are new Twitter troll accounts. One vile person created sock accounts with handles and photos that look legit. After seeing the hate replies to Sam, I clicked on each profile and each of these accounts like each other's post to make it look like fans agree to the post. Made by someone to pass the blame to shippers. Your guess is as good as mine.

Yep. Sickening, but not surprising. The same happens on IG, you just can’t tell when troll accounts are made over there so it’s harder to pick up on it. 

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hey hello! sorry to bother but i've been trying to find an old gta v video, and i wanna see if you can help me ;v; its probably one of vanoss'. at one point wildcat(i think) is changing his headwear and says something like "glasses, no glasses, glasses, no glasses, HAT!". do you know which one it is? thanks!

I know that video, but I can’t seem to search it. :( 

Either Vanoss made it private or something, but I’m pretty sure it’s either after or before this video when that moment of Wildcat happened.

Sorry if I can’t help at all, anon. Can someone help this anon out? Thank you.

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Do you think Hiccup could ever reach a point of being entirely emotionally reliant on Toothless? Like, the world is crumbling around him, and he clings to his dragon friend, and slowly starts to break when he's not there. (Not in a crying, pathetic, ooc Hiccup kind of way. In a more... Genuine Hiccup way. I don't know if this makes sense...)

In Hitchups (rather, Without a Hitch) that had 100% happened. Genuine soul-mate, if-he-goes-I-go, we’re-in-this-together-or-not-at-all situation.

In canon? Yes, I can see it reaching that point. Hiccup has a hundred other things grounding him now– people he loves, relationships, a village he cares about, a purpose, a message to spread… but we know Hiccup’s… particular. He needs escapes as much as he needs things to ground him; a healthy balance. Toothless is his escape. His comfort. A literal and metaphorical freedom. An open window should he ever feel stifled. 

The less things that ground Hiccup, the more he’ll cling to Toothless. Dissolved relationships, lost lands, failed missions… hell, even losing Astrid: he has Toothless. Take away Toothless? He’s not going to rebound so well in the other direction. He’s already emotionally reliant on Toothless. It’s not crippling, but it would certainly take a lot of time and pain to recover from. I can certainly see it deepening over time.

Hiccup and Toothless formed an “Its us against the world” bond right in that cove years ago and that will never dissolve. No matter how content they are with their lives at the moment, that bond is there, laying in wait like a safety net should things ever start to fall apart. They can’t lose that safety net.

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I’m fine with the twins in AUs/Even then I still find it jarring every time they're mentioned. They're bad guys, I hate them, I'd rather even have OCs! Also, even if dumb Scott would accept them, I don't think Stiles (who was there!) would ever trust them or forget what they did. Ooh, is there Sterek fic where this drives Stiles & Scott apart? I can see it: Scott is like, but I forgave them! Stiles is like, "YOU forg- you know what, I'm going to Derek's. Don't call me." I really wanna read it!

Ha! I ‘d love to read a fic where this happens! 

Does anyone know of one?