like yes a legit library




I practically DO have a library of manga, anime, and video games, I just never took an interest to Bleach/FF for some reason… >3>;;

Uuuh~ =D *gets curios*
Bleach isn’t as interesting as it was in the beginning *sigh*
and to FF, FF X was the first RPG for PS2 and the first FF title, I’ve ever played. I like the games from 10 upwards xD

Alright, so here’s the proverbial library! >w>;

The one on the left is all my CLAMP manga–everything CLAMP has ever published in tankoubon form (with the exception of some missing volumes of Tsubasa Chronicle and Kobato (and I have yet to get my hands on Gate 7 OTL;;; )), 4 How-to-Draw-Anime books, 6 art books, and all 12 CLAMP no kiseki magazines.

The one on the right is just all my other manga. XD I actually have about 30 more volumes of manga, but I plan on selling them so they’re not on the shelf. >w>;;

As for anime, I have 11 of the Miyazaki films, all of AtLA, I have 18 anime series, 3 pokemon movies, all of the original Powerpuff Girls and Invader Zim, and series 1-5 of Doctor Who. I have other DVDs, too, but they’re not as cool. XD;;

As for video games, I don’t personally own all that much, but between my brother and I, we own every single Legend of Zelda, Mario, and Pokemon game as well as a shit-ton of other stuff (these are just my faves XD; ), and we own every Nintendo gaming platform from the NES all the way to the Wii, We also have an Atari and uhhh, another old one, I forget what it’s called, PS1 and PS2, but no Xbox for some reason. XDD

Um, sooo…yeah! That’s my library! XD And my family is full of collectors. Like my dad collects special editions of Monopoly, LEGO sets, and comics. He was original prints of MARVEL comics from all the way back to the 1960s! O: So yeah, I’ve been a comic geek my whole life. XD;;

Also, I didn’t think Bleach was all that interesting at the beginning, so I suppose I shouldn’t try to get into it now. XD;;; And I’ve never actually played a FF game. I hear they’re good, I just…I dunno. Just haven’t gotten around to playing any of them. >w>;;