like y u do dis

  • Me: *has a dream about Egyptian mythology*
  • Me: ah yes the gods are calling to me let's see who it is
  • Dream: here is a picture of literally every deity, you're looking through a mythology book
  • Me:
  • Dream: but one of them is trying to get your attention
  • Me: but I'm looking at all of--
  • Dream: have fun

i was looking up pictures of hirata yuuya when i came across this and i couldn’t not point it out, so

here you have the difference between IwaOi

and MatsuHana

i am still yelling

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Kirk and his S/O visiting family on earth head cannons?

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  • Imagine visiting your parents.
    • Of course, they’d heard things about Captain Kirk, but were eager to finally meet him.
    • Your mom(lowkey) thinks he’s really attractive,  probably pinches his cheeks when you introduce him. Tells him things like, “You’re better looking than (Name) told us! Isn’t he?” She looks at your dad, who is just glowering at Kirk. Kirk grins at your mom, and ignores your father’s glare, and says, “I can see where (Name) gets her good looks from.”
    • Classic.
    • Your dad is(lowkey) skeptical about him, because of things he heard about Kirk over the years. (That mainly being that he didn’t think before acting, and that ended up in some messy situations.) Your dad just wants the best for you.
    • Kirk is a mess, but he makes it look good. Any sort of nervousness wasn’t showing, considering he had panicked almost the entire way here because he really wants to impress your parents.
  • “You’re sleeping in separate rooms,”
    • Is what your mom and dad decided. 
    • Kirk smiles politely, though he really wanted to sleep in the same bed as you. He understood why not though.
    • You try to argue though, and it’s interesting to watch because Kirk’s never seen you interact in such a way. Which was that of: Cutesy, puppy dog-ish and pleading. 
    • Needless to say, it worked on your mother, but your father still insisted on separate rooms.
    • “If you want to sleep together, you can go to a hotel.”
  • Minimal PDA.
    • Kirk pressing his hand to the small of your back. Your dad glares, and he brings his hand up.
    • Kirk smiling and kissing your forehead slowly. Your dad glares, he backs off.
    • Honestly, Kirk is a little intimidated by your dad.
  • You showing Kirk your old bedroom, which actually, stayed the same all these years.
    • He makes a few playful jabs at all the stuffed animals and some vintage rock n’ roll posters on the walls.
    • “Don’t tell me this is where you had your first kiss,” Kirk laughed, gazing at you through his beautiful, blue eyes. You nodded shamefully, heat attacking your face.
    • “Some guy, Joe, in the 11th grade. It was a really awful kiss.”
    • “I bet mine are better.” He pulls you closer by your waist, causing you to chuckle. But, right before your lips touch, your mom walks in to announce that dinner is ready.
    • Awkward.
  • Kirk feeling a bit out of place at dinner, because he honestly can’t remember the last time he sat down at a dinner table, with a homecooked meal in front of him.
    • He stares at his plate for a few minutes, being tugged back into reality as you lean over and ask him if he wants any mash potatoes, which he gladly serves himself.
    • This sort of thing always reminded him of his home in Iowa, and his mom.
    • He makes a mental note to take you to meet her the next time he gets shore leave.
    • Gives your mom a really warm, and sweet smile as he thanks her for cooking.

Your dad is just staring at him, eating his food. It’s then, that the conversation starts. “(Name) tells us you’re a Starfleet Captain.”

This doesn’t surprise Kirk, but he still swallows thickly and nods, taking a drink of water before replying, “Yes sir, I am.” You’re sitting there awkwardly between the two of them, looking at your mom for assurance. She nods at you, but it doesn’t calm your nerves.

“How did you two meet?”

“I told you how, Dad.”

“I want to hear it from him.”

Kirk stays quiet for a few seconds and looks over at you before speaking, “I was on a short stay at Starfleet Academy a year ago, when she was still a cadet. But, now she’s an officer-”

“Is that a conflict of interest, you, a Starfleet Captain dating a Starfleet officer?”
You glared at your father.

“It would be if she was under my command, but she isn’t.”

“I told you dad, I wasn’t assign-”

“She wasn’t assigned to my ship, sir.” Kirk said rather sternly. “And even if she had been, I wouldn’t love her any less than I do right now. Starfleet regulations or not, I would have kept loving her.”

“Would you give up your position as Captain for her?”

“You’re damn right I would.”

Things got quiet after that, and after the epic stare down your father gave Kirk. You picked at your food for a few minutes, before ultimately deciding that you weren’t hungry anymore, “Are you done?” You asked Kirk, watching as he nodded silently. Picking up both your plate, you sat them in the sink and returned to the table.

“I don’t get why you have to pick fights with every guy I bring home,” You said to your dad, holding out your hand for Kirk to take. He did so, very gently, standing up and pushing his chair in, “I don’t get why you can’t just be happy for me like mom is.”

Kirk thanks your mom once again before walking out with you.

  • Sitting on the swing that was on your parent’s front porch, in silence for a few minutes as his fingers rubbed yours very gently. You having to explain to Kirk that it was nothing personal and that your father has always been like that.
    • By the end of the explanation, Kirk thinks he finally understands.
      • “He’s just afraid of losing you. And I can’t blame him.”
  • And he had some explaining to do, revolving the fact that he had just admitted that he’d give up his position to be with you if that situation ever occurred.
    • “I love you,” He whispered to you, “and I can’t lose whatever it is we have… Someday… Someday, i’m going to want to get married, and have kids… And I want to be there for them, like my dad never was… He was a good man, don’t get me wrong. But,” Kirk stopped for a moment and sighed, “i want to be a better one.”
    • Things get all sappy after this, and you say something along the lines of, “you’re already a good man, your father would be so proud of you.”
    • And Kirk just looks at you through really sad eyes, because while he never knew his own father, it’s a bit heart wrenching to see how much your father cares for you, to the point where he’s defensive, and Kirk almost breaks out in tears but controls himself when you lean over to kiss him.
  • He’s always wanted something like that. In a lot of ways now, he admires your father.

Walking inside after an hour of talking to one another, and you go off to help your mom with the dishes, and Kirk goes off to talk to your dad. Who is obviously hesitant about starting another conversation, because unbeknownst to the two of you, his wife gave him an earful about being rude this evening.

Kirk just stuffs his hands into his tight jeans and sits down across from your dad, who’s still at the table.

“Listen,” He starts slowly, “I love your daughter. So much.” Kirk swallowed back his emotions and let him speak for him, “I would… Give up my position as Captain of the Enterprise for her, for a chance at a semi-normal life with her, to get married, to have kids, and all that good stuff…”

“And I know, you probably have an idea at what sort of guy I am. James Tiberius Kirk, Captain of the USS Enterprise with a reputation for sleeping around with women he has no emotional bond with.”

“Something changed when I met (Name), though… Something I… I was hoping maybe you could tell me… It’s really apparent that you’re close with her, so maybe you could shed some light.”

Your father stayed quiet, but nodded a response to tell him to continue. Which, he did. “She had really strange aura, when… when we first met. I couldn’t read her off the bat, and if we’re being honest, she played hard to get,” Kirk shuffled, “She intrigued me and I guess I fell for it, because here we are…”

“What are you trying to say, Jim?” Your father mumbled.

“No matter what you say, or think about me, won’t change anything I feel for your daughter. A year ago, I was out of control, using women to fill a void in my chest because… Because the sort of warmth that (Name) gives me is something that was rare in my life before.”

“I can see where she gets it from, you know.” Kirk smiled slightly, “The defensiveness, homeliness and the happiness. She grew up in a good home, unlike me. She grew up with both parents, always there for her when she needed them, unlike me…

“It’s something I admire about her, something that I…have wanted. And it’s something I plan to give my children, someday.”

“I just want you to know that… I have absolutely no intentions of ever hurting her. And if I can see something in my future that may be harmful to her, you can bet I’m going to do all I can to keep her safe, and if that includes telling her we can’t be together anymore, despite my heartbreak, I’d do it to keep her safe. Because to me, that’s what matters.”

“I’m a reckless Captain, so I’ve been told. But, I’m not a reckless boyfriend. Not anymore. I grew up, finally. Thanks to your daughter. And for that, I’m forever thankful for her, and for you and your wife raising her the way you did.”

“I hope someday, you can see that. And you can see past all the things you’ve heard about me, about what I do…”

“She’s a lot like her mom,” Your father finally spoke, “she’s got this sort of spirit that I can’t explain, but it’s what drew me to her in the first place. And watching (Name) grow up, I always tried to keep her safe because I thought that spirit would get her into trouble one day,” He cleared his throat and looked at Kirk, “trouble like you.”

It got quiet for a minute, “Just don’t break her heart, or I’ll break your pretty face.”

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How are they in person?

I met them for the first time in 2008… it’s been so long that I can’t really remember details. (I know I made a post about it on my main blog so I’ll find it and reblog it here)

Spencer was awesome each time. I’ve met him 3 times. He always made a point to have a small conversation with each person. He was also funny.

Brendon’s always been nice. In 2008 someone had given him sunglasses so as we got things signed I remember he had them on. I had them sign a steak dog toy (I can feel your judgement… don’t worry I too am judging my younger self like …. ??????) and Brendon was like “It’s a T-Boooone!”
Most recently last summer I was like “I’ve met you before!” And he looked at me and was like, “yeah, we’ve done this before” then I was like “I had you sign a steak!!” And in my head I was like GIRL Y DID U SAY THAT Y U DO DIS 2 URSELF and he was like “….yeah”

Jon was… like. Not rude but made no effort to engage at all just like signed it and passed it along. I left feeling very meh towards jwalk. I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy it just seemed he didn’t really want to be at a m&g full of teenage girls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Ryan was like “I’ve never signed a steak before”.