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hello there, do you know of any good fics with ex-boyfriends (EX FIANCES OR HUSBANDS WORKS TOO) chanbaek? this trope is a guilty pleasure of mine lol it's like angst x1000000 😩😩😩😩 thank you!!!!

hey anon! omg i love this au too and i would love to recommend fics with this theme^^ 

i hope this would satisfy your craving sweetie! happy reading! 😘

- Admin Elle ♡


new exo-l

  • probably just watched mama and identified themselves as exo-l
  • bias is either baekhyun or chanyeol or sehun
  • what is an exo-m and can i eat it the harsh reality still in my heart to this day
  • can name 3/12 members
  • haven’t stepped foot into tumblr territory
  • thinks baekhyun’s eyeliner is so extra
  • probably hasn’t listened to winter songs
  • deserve a warm welcome to the fandom

old exo-l

  • 169% done with exo
  • “what has exo done to me”
  • managed to stay with exo till now
  • seen members leave one by one and seen all of the drama surrounding relationships and really doesn’t know how to feel at this point
  • sassy and special
  • probably has a soft spot for junmyeon
  • can identify the 12 members based on pictures of their big toes
  • choking when exo’s comeback is as hot as fuck

stan exo-m exo-l

  • i’ve literally only seen like four of you
  • underrated puppies that need love and just want to be relatable
  • actually precious lil muffins i wish there were more of you
  • still get kicked in the balls feels when thinking about the old ot12 days
  • cried when luhan/kris/tao left and still feels like rummaging through their old merch box wanting some sort of content feeling
  • why !! are !! the !! chinese !! versions !! so !! under !! rated !! tell !! me !!
  • prefers the chinese versions ??<///????>>>>
  • mature and content and soft

stan exo-k exo-l

  • screeching
  • they’re so loud and wild and i just love them so much 
  • fell in love with exo-k and loves exo as a whole now
  • singing along to the korean lyrics making their friends think they’re fluent in a foreign language 
  • they like “baby don’t cry” and listen to it when they’re sad
  • listened to an exo-m song and was like “oh this is nice”
  • they’re literally the definition of what an average exo fan sounds like but x1000000 more intense

emo exo-l

  • monster is their aesthetic
  • anthem is probably something from mama or wolf era
  • actually soft on the inside but hide it
  • needs to be loved

shooken exo-l

  • when exo made their comeback they were the people that were like “oH HOLY SHIT WHAT THE IAWUZFHSUGSEZGRIOFVCJN KAI HAVE MY CHILDREN”
  • they’re basically just internally screaming and need to let it all out because they’re just that enthusiastic about the fandom and need someone to talk to because aREN’T WE ALL THIS WAY
  • always shook
  • can be found in the youtube comments section of m countdown, music videos and on tumblr questioning their life

dead inside exo-l

  • so done with everything but keep coming back for more
  • scrolling through tumblr looking for a sense of hope but only being pulled further and further into the fandom
  • don’t even bother trying to leave the fandom because they know that the boys have already killed them by breathing and are too lazy to leave and come back
  • “why”

multifandom exo-l

  • mature and resolve fanwars
  • love exo along with their other respective fandoms and are a great pleasure to see on your typical monday evening
  • respectful of others’ opinions
  • but when exo made a comeback most of their posts were about this great historical event which is understandable

smutty exo-l

  • constantly coming up with new smut ideas and hoping they won’t get kink shamed for doing so
  • literally the most creative people i’ve ever seen
  • usually great writers that just need to unleash their creative writing skills so others may feel the same way
  • actually cute fluff balls

emotional exo-l

  • constantly crying over exo
  • crying because of old departure news, ot12 feels, old ship feels, new ship feels, their bias died in that fanfic feels, etc
  • just need to be loved
  • we should feel concerned

tumblr exo-l

  • will spam your dash with pics of exo, rants, and memes
  • enjoy writing and reading fanfics and just indulging in all of this amazing literature that is posted every 0.78 seconds
  • blessed
  • need help

lovin the size exo-l

  • probably wants chanyeol’s d more than they want air
  • horny 
  • wet whenever exo does anything
  • horny


  • amazing people that need to be appreciated in the kpop community 
  • creative people that are seriously amazing and talented
  • some of the best people that you will ever meet
  • we are one !!