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         Top 15 MTV Scream Relationships (as voted by my followers):
               12. The Lakewood Six // “That’s what everyone’s been calling us lately.”

Here’s Something No One Asked For!! 

Ao no Exorcist Characters Casted as 13 Reasons Why Characters! 

Rin Okumura - Clay Jensen! 

Yukio Okumura - Mr. Porter!

Ryuuji ‘Bon’ Suguro - Zach Dempsey! 

Shima Renzou - Jeff Atkins! 

Konekomaru Miwa - Alex Standall! 

Shiemi Moriyama - Sherri Holland! 

Izumo Kamiki - Jessica Davis! 

Shura Kirigakure - Kat! 

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Can you do a head cannon of jeff and tony being jealous cause clay keeps hanging out with sheri (like clay you made out with her once)


+So clay starts for some reason hanging out we Sheri more and less with Tony and Jeff
+suddenly Jeff and Clay’s study sessions are getting few and far between is well
+ At first Jeff and Tony don’t really think anything over it until it becomes a few weeks and nothing has changed
+Tony is the first to get jealous, Jeff thinks he’s over reacting being the more relaxed one
+Jeff does end up getting jealous, he walks into school and sees Clay and Sheri laughing over something and he officially become jealous.
+Tony is the obviously jealous one full of glaring at Sheri and when Clay finally has some time to spare for Him and Jeff, Tony is more open to PDA and i mean full on making out with Clay as Sheri walks by (He probably flips her off as well)
+Jeff is quietly jealous he doesn’t voice or show his jealousy in anyway but every time he sees Clay and Sheri laughing together he turns and walks the other way 
+Eventually (Like it takes a long ass time, cos boy is Oblivious, and some intervention from Alex during one of his and Clay’s weekly Monet meetups) Clay realises Jeff and Tony have been acting differently, Jealous even
+Clay asks them about it because again i say poor old Clay is oblivious
+Tony just straight up says “Yea we’re jealous”
+”Why you guys know I love you”
+”Dude you did make out with her once” Jeff ends up saying
+”Yea but that was before this”
+”Still you did basically ditch us for her” Tony says with an affectionate roll of his eyes
+Clay then ends up apologizing for being an idiot and the three hug it out and make it up with a movie night full of cuddles
+Clay then lessens the time he spends with Sheri and makes sure to make lots of time for Jeff and Tony
+Tony still acts jealous around Sheri though, whilst Jeff just tells him to knock it off



“You have to excuse my partner. When it comes to technology he’s a little behind. He just learned how to poke on facebook.”

righteousman  asked:

u have no EVIDENCE that i am jensen

I very much do have The Evidence.

Here is a list that describes what Righteousman (aka Tori)  & Jensen have in common 

  1. Tori is… a meme. Who is also a meme? Jensen. 
  2. Tori plays a string instrument just like Jensen,, He plays the acoustic guitar and Tori plays a ukelele. 
  3. Tori also sings sometimes?? Like wtf. Jensen has the voice of the gods. 
  4. Tori has green(ish??) eyes.. we all know how green Jensen’s seeing balls are. Very green.
  5. Tori has freckles (or as she calls it “seasonal freckles”) & Jensen’s face is… a literal galaxy. 
  6. Tori is absolutely beautiful?? Stunning?? Gorgeous?? And Looking at Jensen is like looking into the sun…. coincidence? (it’s not)
  7. They both make this face: 

conclusion: can’t fool me jensen, i know who you are.


“I’m taking a risk here, I get it, but dude she’s a hunter too.”

Does Jensen Ackles know HOW to age?!

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Jared has depression and those Tinhats skanks use it as an evidence that he should face his true-self? Like WTF!!?? *fake high-pitched* Jensen is so ready to stop hiding behind closet, he hand over a job to Gino in his brewery business to shut them up bla bla bla. Rrrrrright, they squee over Jensen's unique behavior towards Jared and still fail to acknowledge Jared's bro-act.

When was Jensen ready to run out fo the closet, before or after the birth of his tiwns?  Gino reminds me of the (domestic) turkeys on my aunt’s farm that accidientally drown themselves while drinking out of a trough.  That’s like hearing about men accidentally downing themselves at the bar because they forgot to stop drinking their beer.  For some reason I see Jensen getting hit with a lawsuit because of Gino.

Jared has depression and those Tinhats skanks use it as an evidence that he should face his true-self? Like WTF!!??

I think most of us foresaw how the AAs/Tinhats were going to use Jared’s mental illness against him, except they would do it under the guise of being “concerned” for him.  Yeah, right.  Before and after outing himself for depression, the Tinhats’ behavior are the same; pissed at Jared that he’s not behaving according to their bodice-ripping fanfictions and Jensen on the white stallion rescuing his darling woobie Jared.


“How the hell do you expect us to believe you’re a Winchester too?”

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