like wtf is wrong with you :(

So it says a thousand years have past. Yuki brings flowers and Bloody Rose to the Kiryuu grave and basically says her goodbye to Zero. As soon as she leaves Zero’s grave she goes and kills herself.

Yuki admits to wanting to die like Zero did. SOON. We all know how terrible Yuki is at dealing with her thirst. So I doubt she would stick around for a couple hundred years UNLESS Ren was a child and needed to stay till he was grown. 

Tragic BUT an option.

Whats the difference between 900 and 1000 years for Zeki???? Nothing really for them. Im pretty damn sure 1000 years past before Zero died. When it says 1000 years, it could mean 1000, 1100,1200,1500, ANY OF THOSE. Hino is vague as fuck as we all know, (unless she ya know, WANTS TO KILL PEOPLE)

Just saying: You’re a pretty pathetic little piece of shit if you feel the need to write nasty shit/death threats to actors because they’re playing villains in a show/movie

ps: You’re also a pretty pathetic little piece of shit if you feel the need to write nasty shit/death threats to actresses because they’re playing female characters in a show/movie who comes into the way of your ~ precious ship ~

When you know you’re using an alternate spelling of a word, but you can’t figure out which part of the world your spelling comes from.

Well, uh.

I mean, maybe like…we could do just…lunch sometime?

…ew. Maybe we could not. 

Everyone who likes/reblogs that ask is love cause i actually have an axiety induced headache and im looking at gerard’s pro-trans/poc videos because im suffering

People are being angry about Millenials on twitter. Again. It doesn’t really stop, it just flares up worse than usual on occasion.

Is every older generation this hostile towards the younger generation or are baby boomers just terrible? I don’t see Millenials viciously attacking the next crop of youngsters yet, but I suppose it could be something that only happens when you’re old enough for your cohort to be firmly ensconced in all the positions of political and economic power.

So here am I

Not wanting to do anything
Not cleaning the house
Not wanting to go upstairs to pay the rent bc I look like crap and I don’t have the energy to fix myself
Scared that she will call and waiting it at the same time
Having no fucking idea what to do with my life (and hoping this state doesn’t last longer than 5 months)
And not being able to call anyone bc I won’t do other thing that complain about simple stupid things that I shouldn’t being complaining in first place