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Please tell me you know of jaybabs comics or masterlist or suggestions or something?! I want to read up on them and no one has them. I want to read more about them.

Ok, well I have a couple of suggestions. Mind this, this isn’t like an comprehensive list of their interactions, just stuff that springs to mind from issues I have. The issues and arcs are bolded.

Pre-New 52 most of their interactions have been placed in canon via flashback after jason has died.

Gotham Knights #43 gives them a backstory and history via flashback.

This occurs sometime after Felipe Gonzanas “slipped” to his death. Bruce wants Babs to basically give her review of him because Bruce doesn’t believe Felipe simply fell to his death. So queue the team up.

So basically team up, banter and whatnot. Then this happens…

Babs was all like wtf? But Jason is all “anybody cuts one of us gets cut in return.”

Along comes sunrise…

So when they get back to Batman, she gives her thoughts on Jay..

You can follow this issue up with Gotham Knights #44

Babs is breaking the news to her father Jason died. I’m pretty certain that she didn’t actually tutor him. It was just a cover.

Later in the issue, we see Jason’s funeral through Barbara’s perspective.

Also there was this tidbit in Nightwing Year One

During Under the Red Hood Jason does reference Barbara while giving reasons the joker should be put down: ”friends [Joker] has crippled”.

That’s pretty much it for pre-New 52. I’m sure there’s more stuff out there but this is all I can think of.

Now for the New 52

You get a sense of their relationship during Red Hood and the Outlaws #9. I think Babs would have acted different during this encounter, but it does sort of run in line with her feelings towards Jason at the beginning of Batman Eternal I think.

Following this came Death of the Family arc. The arc crossovers into the batfamily titles but Batman is where the batfamily come together. They shared a lot of panel time but didn’t interact with each other. Then this happened…

They may not get along a lot of the time, but they reached out to one another. 

Then another team up happened in the Superman/Batman Annual #1. It didn’t result in anything new to their relationship, but it did acknowledge both of their pasts with good imagery.


Batman Eternal is giving an actual insight and development into their relationship.

I won’t post anything just in case of spoilers but issues to look out for (at the time this was written)….

  • Batman Eternal #11
  • Batman Eternal #12
  • Batman Eternal #15
  • Batman Eternal #18
  • Batman Eternal #19
  • Batman Eternal #20
  • Batman Eternal #25

There’s also currently a team up with the Batfamily in Batman and Robin.

I’m sure I’m missing out on stuff, but this is what I’ve gathered off the top of my head. Hope I could help, Anon.

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I think maybe people are asking Jason/crew the wrong questions... they are used to dodging the ship/bellarke questions so what if they are rephrased? Just to throw them for a loop, like, "So can you confirm that Clarke & Bellamy are best platonic buds and only have a sibling relationship that is going to stay platonic forever and always?" "Also can you confirm why you'd zoom in on Clarke sliding her hands around Bellamy's waist if you say they're only platonic pals because wtf...W.T.F. JASON!"

emphasis on the 


We’ve got freaking eyes, man.

Nico ‘n Magnus
  • Nico is all smiley with Will and whoever (Jason probably he’s such a dork)
  • (Everyone loves his smile so they try to make him smile like 24/7)
  • But Annabeth is like “Magnus Ima introduce you to some o’ my friends”
  • Magnus is like “sure y not”
  • So they all go up to Percy and Piper and Rayna (they’re visiting from Camp Jupiter)
  • And they all chat it up, being social and everything
  • They don’t know Magnus is *dead* necessarily but
  • Nico can sense death
  • So Nico stops smiling when he senses this weird thing
  • Will and Jason are all worried like “NEEKS WHAT’S WRONG”
  • And Nico just ignores them like the butt nugget he is
  • He just stands up (he was playing mythomagic the little geek aw)
  • Walks towards the strange feeling
  • Annabeth, Percy, Piper, and Rayna are just “Whattup Nico”
  • They all think he wants to meet the newcomer so Annabeth introduces Magnus
  • Even though Magnus isn’t staying at Camp Half-Blood but
  • Nico just stands there staring at Magnus who is starting to get uncomfortable like “why is this goth emo kid staring at me wtf”
  • And they all kinda just stand there waiting for Nico to say something
  • And Nico’s just like “Are you dead?”
  • Magnus stares at him like “HOW DID YOU KNOW”
  • Annabeth facepalms

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Talk to me about the batfamily, give me any hc about tim, sad, happy, silly. Anything. Everything.

-Tim Drake is the best at Monopoly.

-and despite Bruce being a goddamned billionaire, he sucks so bad at Monopoly God help this man

-Tim loves memes so much

-I mean this kid is ridiculous when it comes to memes. And when he gets tired of someone’s bullshit he’ll just sing “why the fuck you lyin”

-when he’s fighting baddies like a boss with Bruce and just kicking major ass in general he sings “can’t touch this” and Bruce is just like “no Robin”

-Tim is a great dancer

-the batfam has repeatedly found him doing the moonwalks

-eventually, Tim doesn’t walk anywhere. He just moonwalks

-after his parents’ death, Tim doesn’t like being alone so anytime someone’s on patrol, he’ll come with

-they don’t mind bc they know he’s grieving in his own way

-Tim doesn’t cry in front of people no matter how shaken up he is

-he’ll wait until he’s by himself before he does and he’ll walk out of the room like nothing happened

-he isn’t vocal with his feelings and he hides them very well but he will open up if someone is observant enough to know that he’s not okay

-Jason took Tim to Red Robin’s once for his birthday bc that’s the kind of crazy shit he would do tbh

-Tim gets wayyyy too into detective shows


-“don’t go in there hoe don’t do it—OH MY GOD”


-when Tim is gliding off buildings he’ll sing Fly by Nicki Minaj

-he is crazy good at poker

-like even Bruce is scared of this kid bc holy shit he can play and win against everyone

-he’s a lightweight (when it comes to drinking)

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Just an ordinary day in Jason DiLaurentis` life...

CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte: *abducts and drugs Jason*

…a few moments later…

Jason: wth, what is happening, why can`t I move??  and who the hell is dragging me?

Jason: oh, black hoodie, it must be Charles! hey Charlie, Charlie, it`s me your little brother, I have waited so long for this moment, look at me, I love you so much, I know we have a screwed up family but we can still be the best brothers that ever walked this earth, oh god why can`t I move

Jason: *catches a sight of long blond hair*

Jason: Charlie??

Jason: *sees that it is in fact CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte*

Jason: ok, so no Charlie :`( just my ex-girlfriend…wait, is she psycho now, too? I guess you can`t trust anyone in this world  :`(

Jason: oh, hi “dad”, my favourite person in this world…at least I am not alone…

CeCe/A/BigA/UberA/Charles/Charlie/Charlotte: *starts talking*

Jason: *listens*

Jason: Now, that makes total sense.

Jason: So just a quick summary: my big brother Charlie, WHO I thought my whole life was just my imaginary friend because my father sent him to a  nut house to protect me and my sister(well done, mr D, well done) is actually my sister WHO is actually my ex-girlfriend, WHO broke my heart when she without a reason, unexpectedly broke up with me and WHO is in fact the psychopath that blackmailed, abducted, therrorized half the Rosewood, but mainly my other sisters and their friends and WHO almost killed me in an elevator. Yeah, quite logical.

Jason: wait…





Jason: OK, I need to find something positive in this. Well, it`s not like it was an actual incestuous relatioship - she is just my HALF-brother/sister. And incest is now kind of trendy in TV anyway. And she was so kind that she didn`t sleep with me, I mean at the time, I thought that there was something wrong with me, but it was actually her being considerate. And she didn`t kill me!!! I am actually quite lucky that I have a sister like that… And his/her story is so heartbreaking :`((

Jason: ehm…NOPE…not helping..i need some alcohol



Jason: *finally, after hours being left at Radley, because everyone cares just about Charlotte and her heartbreaking story and not poor Jason, starts to move*

Jason: *runs as fast as possible* 

Jason: Ashleeeey! The only one, who gets my troubled soul in this town(ok, let`s not mention that you also broke my heart by choosing a pastor over me)! Prepare some wine!

Jason: *after several bottles of wine* Oh, wait, I`ve completely forgotten the fact that I kissed my other sister, too. 

Jason: …

Jason: There is not enough alcohol for this…

I think that I would watch this episode just from the Jason`s POV. I swear, this guy has the most screwed up life in Rosewood and that is something to say. And funny, how some people thought that the Jason/Ashley hookup was weird/inappropriate.

Right now I would actually rather watch a pll spinoff with him, the moms, tippy and pepe than the actual pll. 

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So Ive been reading some of ur blog and what you say about Percy being mischaracterized in hoo: I dont think thats because WE the readers are mischaracterizing him. Its because for the 1st time we're seeing how other ppl see him; ppl who arent in his head. So we see him as a goofy guy because that's how he presents himself to ppl he deems Not Enemy. Only really in Annabeth's pov do we see him as really SCARY. And thats why in even in other povs youll get the 7 go "woah wait a minute wtf"

That’s not really what I was trying to imply when I said that the characters were mischaracterizing Percy.

I do honestly believe that we the readers are mischaracterizing Percy, because we are taking the first impressions from the characters who know Percy the least (people like Jason, Leo, and Piper) and then treating them as undeniable facts. For example, a lot of the seven has perceived Percy as a mindless goofball, and then a good chunk of the fandom more or less starting perceiving Percy as exactly that and forgot about his other characteristics.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disagreeing with the fact that he has goofy moments, and can be silly at times, but I believe that in a lot of situations, Percy was not trying to act goofy but the characters perceived him as goofy anyway. - Things he was saying sarcastically or in dry sense of humor, were perceived to be factual statements by the rest of the seven excluding Annabeth. For example, when Percy said “The Feast for Tuna” I am nearly 100% certain that he was saying that sarcastically, he knew that that was not what was really said but it sounded similar. But I’ll bet you either Hazel or Frank or Reyna, after hearing him say that in a completely serious tone of voice, assumed that he probably wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. There are many instances were Percy will say things sarcastically but members of the seven think he’s being dumb or oblivious. Something that Piper said in MoA, albeit it was a joke, still irks me to this day. “Percy probably couldn’t find a way out of a paper bag with out you.” 

We all know that that statement wasn’t true, but a lot of the fandom started perceiving Percy as a dumb goofball around the time hoo started coming out. 

Something I distinctly remember when reading the pjo series was how much I loved Percy’s dry sense of humor. But the whole point of dry humor is that you can’t tell when someone is being serious or not. So in Percy’s head, we knew for a fact he was being sarcastic because it was very obvious. In everyone else’s, they thought he was dead serious and was legitimately not the brightest demigod, thus the reader’s perception of him started to change.

That’s what I meant when I thought that the characters and readers were mischaracterizing Percy.

  • Me: I love Dick Grayson so much!! Best Robin!
  • Person: Yeah like Tim is so boring and Jason was the worst and nobody wants to see Steph-
  • Person: but you said...?
  • Me: They are all the best robin.