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Breaking Your Heart

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Sam, Dean, and Y/N were investigating a case in which people with broken hearts were getting killed by witches. They kept asking people but couldn’t get much of a lead.

So Dean decided to propose an idea to Sam, “Hey Sam. I have an idea but you’re not gonna like it.” “Ok, what is it Dean?” Sam asked, wary of what Dean might say. “So you and I both know Y/N holds a torch for you-” “Hey” “Shut up, let me keep talking. She likes you, so maybe you can say some mean things to her.”

“Lemme get this straight, you want me to BREAK HER HEART?!” Sam asked incredulously. Dean replied, “Obviously no. But we’re getting nowhere and we have to find out where the witch is. More people are dying by the second and Valentine’s Day is coming up.” Sam reluctantly agreed. Dean looked at him with pity as he left Sam to do what he had to.

Sam called Y/N. “Hey, what’s up?” Y/N said cheerily. “Um, can you come to my room? We need to talk.” Sam said. 

Y/N walked into his room, confused at what was happening. “Are you ok, Sam? What’s going on?” Sam took a deep breath, preparing himself for what he was about to do. “What are you doing here?” He blurted out. “What? You asked me to come-” “No, that’s not what I meant. I meant with us. You don’t belong here.”

Y/N stammered. “Wait, what? Where is this coming from?” Sam said again with as much strength that he could muster. “I heard Dean say that you liked me. How… pathetic. Did you really think I could like you? You? I can barely tolerate being your friend.” Y/N said nothing as a single tear rolled down her cheek. “I never expected you to like me back. I thought we could at least be friends. I guess I was wrong.”

Y/N left the room, her head hung low and crying. Sam got up to close the door. As he heard her footsteps walk away and the unmistakable sound of her sobbing, he couldn’t control it away. A flood of tears started pouring out. He felt miserable for what he did. All he wanted was to run out there and tell her how he really felt. How he always felt.

Dean walked into the room, concerned when he couldn’t find Sam. Maybe he went out for a jog. Dean tried to call him. No answer. He kneeled down and saw something. The same mark the people with broken hearts had as a warning. Crap. The witch took Sam.