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in light of recent events

here’s my great comet experience from 6/15/17
GREAT COMET NOTES (this is like a month after I saw it and I didn’t know it when I saw it so I prolly missed everything)

•the outside of the theatre before you go in looks like a war bunker there’s torn up posters and everything!!!
•we technically had the worst seats in the house and we got no interactions but it’s ok
•I think sumayya has our section but I’m not sure?
•no pierogis I was depressed
•they were playing korobeiniki it was lit
•gelsey was walking around pre show what a bean
•I forgot who came up to us for the safety announcement but whoever you are I love you!!
•"keep all things out of the aisles! bags, programs, children, i don’t know"
•"repeat offenders shall be sent to Siberia"
•you can’t rlly see pierre @ the beginning from my seats he’s blocked by the chandeliers
•speaking of lighting the lights on the end tables brighten and dim with the music it’s great
•during prologue everyone has a pose that’s usually “raise hand dramatically and take a shot” but dolokhov’s was fist pumping???
-azudi was in for nick and he was so good but very different from what I’ve seen of nick
-his voice lowkey reminds me of taye diggs tbh
•Josh’s pierre? Wow. you can see his facial expressions from the rear mezz legit
•the end aaaaaAAAAAAAAA at pierre? art
•grace McLean has SUCH stage presence
-she’s like lowkey mean to sonya????
•denee was a lil bit quiet but it was prolly a mic problem
•I forgot that sonya and natasha were cousins and proceeded to lowkey ship them for the majority of the show ngl
•ok bolkonsky is literally terrifying sorry guys
•people enjoy me though got laughs (he awkwardly stares at part of the banquettes it’s very weird i love it)
•the where are my glasses bit I almost had a fuckin panic attack
•also Paul pinto is bolkonskys servant here and it’s hilarious but also.
-when he’s singing he’s fuckin bent in half with like a serving tray in hand/on his back how does he do that
•like i feel u Mary your dad is legit SCARY
•"natasha is young… an WorthleSS and DUMB.“
•natasha and bolkonsky was lowkey funny tho
•HEllo. HEllo
•they grab chairs and sit around a table with some audience members and there’s an awkward 10 seconds of them shuffling around and making room for themselves
•says the mean old man in his underthings
•so I LOVE no one else!
•the fake snow!!!
•the light bulbs coming down to look like stars???!
-my entire aesthetic TBH
•the opera feels like a drug trip honestly
•Paul in a top hat(?)
•the opera singers
•just all of the opera
•the glitter falling down
•andrey(?) getting ‘killed’ and the way they do the ribbons. wow
•azudi has such prescense like damn
-like, wow. i was like. damn. he's… he’s fedya
•HELENE???? wow.
•helene and dolokhov arm in arm?more like helene and dolokhov tongue in mouth
•"no I am enjoying myself at home this evening” he says, sitting in the pit while reading a book
•like the comes in with the lights blaring, he lowkey looks like he’s been surrounded by paparazzi and he just snaps his fuckin head around by 90 degrees like “make sure to get my good angles oh wait they’re all good”
•like I love him but also me, a hardcore theatre person was pissed because WHO WALKS IN DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE ACT
•also this boy literally checked himself out every time he passed a mirror. without fail.
•natasha and anatole
•anatole fuckin peacocks up to the top of the stage where natasha is and leans against the balcony and very deliberately sticks out his ass
•the “you ought to come, please come"s are so adorable!!!! like wow Lucas despite being anatole the pompous asshole he doesn’t forget to remind people that anatole’s a child. he’s a literal child.
•the way denee says enraptured
•kiss me on the neck part is like OOOoooOoo
•on “give me this flower as a pledge” he takes Natasha’s flower from her hair and natasha gets a lil mad like ‘wtf did I say you cld do that”
•anatole walks down to where Pierre is sitting and he looks so miffed
•there’s this little shoulder thing that Lucas does during “were off to the club!” And it is so adorable like again what I said about him being a child
•lend me fifty rubles?
•I don’t know if azudi did the weird nick choksi dance I didn’t check TBH
•the fuckin strobe lights wtf
•how do they move around
•there are light up shoes
•I don’t know if there was “oh yeah show me what you got girl” rip
•also during the really cool electric part right after the “feather in my hat” thing they did this awesome thing with the lights where they synced it up so that a spotlight hit for each note and idk how to explain it but they went along like little footsteps kinda?
•I believe josh downs a glass after “pouring several glasses.”
•I think dolokhov fills helenes drink but idk
•Paul pinto’s voice is so distorted during his part the duel bc the bass is So Much the entire theatre is Vibrating
•they advance slowly towards each other and when josh fires they both look so shocked
•pierre stands right at the barrier with his arms outstretched waiting for dolokhov to shoot him
•meanwhile dolokhov is only shooting with one arm bc his other arm is propping up the shooting arm which pierre just fucking shot
•the shot goes off
•there’s like 5 seconds of silence
•and then he just, looks up, pats himself over, and is just like “wait shit,,,, I’m ok????”
•anatole carries dolokhov off
•what can I say, it’s a Gift
•honestly what can I say about dust and ashes that hasn’t already been said
-like there is such a good energy build in that song dave malloy man what a genius
•the part with the mirror is lowkey adorable
-they do the candle thing. Natasha’s like “I see my face” and sonya just gives her a look like “you know that’s not what I meant”
•also correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t anatole stand so that natasha sees him in the mirror
•also grace just fuckin yelling “sUNDAY MORNING TIME FOR C H U R CH”
•Helene just walks in on natasha in her underwear and she’s like sup girl
•she swishes her dress so much it’s beautiful
•definitely got some Gay Vibes from that
•natasha starts to swish her dress too !!
•she then like epically changes into another dress
•Helene takes off Natasha’s necklace and replaces it with her own
•the transition from charming to the ball is effortless i love it
•I don’t remember much about the ball tbh
•except for:
-thinking “dang I’d go with him too if he spoke to me like that”
-the kiss!!!!!!! wow
-the silent but collective 'oh shit’ after it happened was real
-like you just feel everything natasha is feeling just through the music WOW
-the I WILL LOVE YOU ANATOOOOOOLEs wow I had a heart attack
-I’ll do anythiiing for youuuuuuuuuuuuuu


ACT 2:
•SO letters is legit such a bop
•(didn’t get a letter tho rip me)
•FOR I V E BEEN STUDYING THE CABAL (I think this is the park where he slaps the book and dust flies out but I’m not sure)
•also when the chorus joins in for the “NATALIE NATALIE NATALIE"s the lights sync up w them so they brighten when it happens it’s so COOL

•the way he did the “just say yes"s was really funny for some reason?
-he gets down on his knees or at least crouched down so he’s shorter then denee
-he looks up with the puppy dog eyes of a practiced privileged white kid
-just say yeeeeeeeeessssssssss
-*pauses and awaits for natasha to respond. she does not*
-just saaaaaay yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessss
-*another pause. no response from natasha. audience laughs*

-……… just saayyyyyyy
-when Natasha’s like "yes! yes!” Lucas dashed over to Helene hand he’s all smiley and he gives her fake punches like “!!! i did it!!!! i really did it!!!!!!”
•ps i love the irony of natasha and pierre and mary all saying “so alone in here” at the same time
•so sonya and natasha
•sonya, friend Protector extraordinaire
•Natasha’s “I HAAAAATE YOU SONYA"s were so convincing it hurt my heart
•Brittain legit started sobbing wow
•sonya alone
•oh my god
•so as much as i love dust and ashes sonya alone is my absolute favorite solo
-she just stands alone on stage with a single lightbulb over her head
-and has this beautiful soliloquy
-i was crying. brittain was crying. everyone was crying
-the "and if i never sleep again” part is just so beautiful and heartbreaking ugh
•preparations was so good but it was like a lil bit weird to hear azudi bc he doesn’t sound At All like nick which isn’t a bad thing at all I’m just used to having a Very Clearly Midwestern 19th Century Russian Dolokhov™
•so in the beginning anatole comes up to pierre and he’s holding a bag and The Green Coat
•also shaving cream
-on the “lend me fifty rubles” Pierre gets out his wallet and takes out the money and holds it out for anatole to take and instead of taking the money anatole just takes his whole fuckin wallet
•azudi’s voice was just a lot more musical theatre-y i guess? idk
•but he still did amazing he did not miss a beat like Wow
•sadly did not get a shaker rip
•but the whole theatre was so lit during this song
•the Green Coat in all its glory
•just as squishy and majestic in person
•Paul pintos energy was off the charts!!!!
•idk what happened with danatole ugh I wasn’t lookin
•they were all dancing it was so beautiful and chaotic
•when josh goes “wOOOOOAAAAAAAAAH” they pause for a few secs to catch their breath it’s real funny
•anatole does these fun hand motions when the ensemble joins in for the next “WOAH OOAH
kinda like he’s conducting them
•The Abduction is possibly my new fav group number
•lucas’ wOAAAAAAAAAAAAH’ lasted forever oh geez
•he was finessing every man, woman, and nonbinary person in the fuckin room with that violin
•güd shit
•"smash your glasses on the floor” is the 19th century russian equivalent of “SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS”
•and then there’s a whole bunch of dancing
•and then The shut The door part
•i was a lil miffed bc you couldn’t see what he was doing to the person next to him from my seat but everyone laughed so /:
•azudi in the Abduction aka slay my life
•he looks legit so concerned for anatole
•but also he’s like take the cloak you stupid fuck
•i think he takes the cloak off of pearl but if not sure
•gelsey as the maidservant!!!!
•she fuckin slayed those high notes
•they were slewn
•in my house is a song of pure unfiltered RAGE
•props to grace because it’s very hard sometimes to like a character as aggressive as mama marya but she’s one of the best characters in the show honestly
•the part where the music which had been so chaotic and energetic for like half an hour almost starts to mellow out and marya does the whole “I covered her with two quilts” thing is the auditory version of a liminal space
•the last lyrics of in my house sung by natasha are pretty haunting not gonna lie
•I don’t remember anything from a call to pierre TBH except for marya tracking pierre down and all of pierre’s “whAAAt"s getting more and more loud and honestly that’s all I needed to remember
•also grace being terrifying but what’s new
•I feel like this is weird but I really love find anatole
•like Lucas and josh have a really fun chemistry I don’t know
•josh laps the entire stage "looking” for anatole
•he literally seizes Lucas by the collar and at the bash your head in line he picks up what I originally thought was a bottle but Is actually a bear paperweight and legit looks like he wants to murder him
•also at the part where it sounds like a computers breaking down that’s when natasha poisons herself
•i personally didn’t realize this bc i was too focused on Lucas ngl
•like he looks so terrified
•pierre rather unsubtly gestures to anatole’s crotch during the “besides your pleasure” bit
•when anatole goes “you could at least take back your words, eh?” pierre just. glares at him. he’s like “are you… are you fucking kidding me”
•he held that note forever i swear
•there was a long bit of applause after that
•anatole’s exit is just as dramatic as his entrance honestly
•natasha very ill is just so… sobering? like it’s been nonstop energy and anger and panic and manic energy for like half and hour and then the whole thing just slows down
•I don’t remember much of pierre + andrey but people usually read it as andrey being sarcastic but he seemed genuinely worried about natasha to me i don’t know tho
•pierre and natasha just. wow
•denee comes in in her dressing gown and braided hair and she’s just stripped raw it’s so beautiful and impactful
•and the way denee leans on the handrails for support, she was just so so good w o w
•Josh’s "if i were not myself” monologue is done I believe as Natasha’s about to leave, then as he starts talking she just stops and listens and at the end you see her physically regain some of her innocence •and when she touches his face!!!!!!! wowwwww
•like when I see any musical, i didn’t pay much attention to the last song because oH NO THE SHOW IS ALMOST OVER WHAT NO IT CANT BE OVER
•josh has the voice of an angel wow
•the strings at the end are very anxiety inducing
•as they get higher and higher the comet glows brighter and brighter it’s really mesmerizing
•just. wow.
•i love the bows music wow it’s so amazing
•there was a standing o
•also so much applause for lucas and denee and josh

•i don’t remember half of the people that came out in sorry
•here’s what i do remember
-we came out of the wrong side of the theatre and had to fucking bolt to the other side
-josh canfield came out for sure he was so nice!
-azudi came out and he saw the great comet hat i just bought and he was jokingly like “no way i have one just like it!”
-2 girls in all purple clothing and wigs i don’t remember who they were im sorry
-gelsey came out i was crying a little bit!!!
-josh came out but he didn’t go down as far as i was (the barricades didn’t stretch that far rip)
-I had a full conversation to pearl rhein about how she looks like lulu @melchixr and she was like! “no way! my name is pearl and lulu in swahili means pearl!” she was so nice
-cathryn wake addressed my playbill to me she was so lovely wow
-lucas came out last and he was wearing a pastel green baseball cap i was living
-i asked him for a picture he was literally so nice?????? w o w
-so the line was stretching way back like past the barricades and paul god bless him was trying to exit out of the doors in the back like the one with denee’s face on it
-little did he know the line stretched back so far that the end of the line was just around said door
-he opened the door and accidentally fuckin decked the person standing in front of it
-he apologized profusely and just kinda scampered off god love him
-when i left i stopped for a sec and lucas was walking out and he patted me on the back i absolutely started crying
-side note: andy mientus was at the show and i didn’t know and when i got home and found out i was like “wHAT? DID HE GO BACKSTAGE? COULD I HAVE S E EN HIM IF I WAS CLOSER UP??”

in summary, great comet was the single most amazing and unique theatre experience I’ve ever had and i would do almost anything to get to experience again


Saturday night Toby made nachos. After Kadie got Selene to sleep they watched classic BW horror movies. Dracula then Creature from the Black Lagoon, they stifled their laughs as they did their version of MST3K.  

He brought some hand-made chocolates from the Sweet Shoppe downtown and surprised Kadie with them. “They remind me of you.”

“How’s that?” 

“Sweet and nutty and you never know what you’re going to get and … and sticky.” He chuckled. 

“Oh.” She side-eyed him. Sticky? Clingy? Was she that unpredictable? Her brow furrowed with self-doubt as he laughed at her. She turned to concentrate on the movie, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

“I…I..uh’ll, be right back. ‘m gonna take these to the kitchen.” Toby kicked himself; what an idiot! 

He put away the leftovers, tossed the plates in the dishwasher. Leaning against the counter he blew out a deep breath. She was sticky alright, she’d stuck in his head 24/7 since day one, but that came out all wrong. Half the time he was grasping at words just to keep her attention, but that was terrible. He wasn’t sure what this feeling was other than wanting to be around her. For the first time in his life, he knew what happiness was; every time they were together. Alright, man up and go apologize.

When he returned she’d moved to the floor, her head on a pillow. He couldn’t bring himself to look at her so he settled himself in. Finally he worked up the guts to say something only to see she’d fallen asleep. He couldn’t help but take in her beauty while he had the chance. Her outstretched athletic legs crossed at her ankles. He contemplated her long slender fingers, calloused and she didn’t care. He liked that about her, no pretense. She had bumps, cuts, and bruises and he found himself wanting to soothe her. He watched the slow rise and fall of her chest, she was covered modestly yet his eyes lingered…and his cheeks flamed. The nape of her neck, her pink cheeks, her smooth soft skin beckoned him. Lips full and pouting even in her sleep. The black hair she’d let down framing her face. It was no wonder her parents called her Angel. He reach over to wipe away the trace of a tear that had escaped. His words had hurt her. “I’m sorry.” he whispered. He would make it up to her.

His brows pinched together, his chest literally ached it was so tight. What was wrong with him?

Nora moved softly into the room from the kitchen, sipping from a water glass a quilt over her other arm. “Still up? I brought this out for you.”

“I am. She’s out. I was just getting ready to head to the loft.” he stood, taking the blanket from Nora.

“Don’t forget you two have a kitchen to clean up tomorrow, assuming you can find it.”  

“Yes ma’am.” He draped the warm comfort gently over Kadie and left.

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Peterick Vs. Ryden: How they defend each other

Rude fan: Lol Patrick is like an elf, so little and ugly.

Pete: Wtf did you say? He’s like the best person alive, not to mention the cutest.

Patrick: *blushes* come on Pete, he’s not worth your anger.

Pete: Okay babe, but next time you insult him I will beat the hell out of you.

Rude fan: Ryan is so ugly and talentless.

Brendon: Yes he is.

my thoughts on Arrow 5x19

This gif is an accurate representation of me. Everything I’ve been waiting (rather patiently, if I do say so myself… as someone who doesn’t come by patience naturally, I think I’ve done a pretty swell job this whole last year *pats self on back*) is finally starting to happen. I’m hesitant to say it’s more glorious than I imagined, because I tried very hard not to imagine anything specific, but it’s pretty damn glorious and I couldn’t be more pleased. 

  • Felicity had The Best wardrobe this whole episode. When I saw that red dress at the beginning I literally gasped
  • Curtis is definitely veering towards annoying with all his quips and babbling, but the Airplane! quote at the top of the show made me chuckle. Yes, it was bad timing. But I still enjoyed it. 
  • It’s more than a bit nerve-wracking to watch Felicity dance on the line like she did in this episode. Like Oliver, I want to protect her and I found myself constantly gasping and going “oh no!” and “ack! Felicity!” but in the end I’m all “that’s my baby, I’m so proud” so it all worked out.
  • The best way to describe Oliver in this episode is “Shook”. The best way to describe Diggle is “Shook Pt. 2″
  • I’m snickering at the boys being at odd ends because their wives are going rogue on them. 
  • Also: Felicity and Lyla crossing paths and sniping at each other is equal parts delightfully entertaining and nerve-wracking. Is this going to put a damper on future double dates? 
  • I’m pretty #TeamLyla most of the time, but not telling Dig and Oliver that they’d moved Caden was… a bad move. Very bad move. SOOOOO bad. C’mon, Lyla. Don’t be that way. 
  • Even though, seeing Diggle and Lyla at odds makes me feel uncomfortable and I just want to yell “Don’t get divorced, mom and dad!”
  • Rene was my pumpkin cupcake this episode.
  • I’ve really grown to love him this season and the FEELINGS I had last night were off the charts. 
  • Is it just me or has Rene become Quentin’s honorary kid? I’m all for this, btw. If you ask me, it’s a step up from his last child. 
  • Oliver drinking
  • GUYS. Oliver just does NOT drink. A shot here and there, maybe a celebratory toast or a beer with OTA. But this is a man who needs to be in control 100% of the time. He never sits down with a bottle like he did last night. I’m shook
  • That is how upset he was about facing off with Felicity. That’s how much he didn’t mean “don’t count on it”. That’s how much he loves her and wants her safe and her soul intact and it’s just killing him, the distance between them and OMG I HAVE ALL THE FEELS. 
  • I think I officially have too many feels to adequately discuss this episode. All that’s coming out of my brain are whale noises. 
  • The moment Dig said “I’m not the man she was gonna marry” I think I stopped breathing and I didn’t start again for the rest of the episode. 
  • You know that gif where the person’s eating popcorn and they stop with their hand halfway to their mouth and they’re just O.O? That was me. 
  • Actually, no, I was Oliver. He froze and then, slowly, looked at Dig like “omg wtf did you just say to me?”
  • The engagement was OFFICIALLY brought up. And it was everything I wanted it to be. Olicity is off pause, folks. We’re hitting the play button. The fast forward in some spots. THE WAIT IS OVER. 
  • The scene in the loft was so much better than I was expecting. I was NOT expecting Felicity to bust out the “one of the reasons I fell in love with you” thing. YEP. The pedal is to the metal. We’re full speed ahead!
  • And how her voice softened? And she stepped closer? The TENSION in that scene was amazing. I’m giddy. 
  • There was the whole blue laser face-off that was equally hot and sad and amazing. 
  • And the final face-off in the bunker… My heart hurt for BOTH of them here. She absolutely believes he doesn’t trust her. She doesn’t realize he doesn’t trust himself. It’s all gonna come out. BRING ON 5x20! 

I’m gonna go fan myself and find something chocolate to eat. I need to recover. What a heck of an episode! 

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“ The two from A.C.E seemed really close. It was really visible that they were relying on each other. The atmosphere was good and their teamwork matched well. They were cute” - Trans: @TheUnit_KBS


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i dont like what jype is doing, tbh. It's making jackson looks like the villain here. first, with the solo activies, a lot of fans talked shit (that he should leave and even telling him to kill himself on vlive)... now, even though they're saying jackson wont be doing the promotion in japan, he wont cease his activies in china. they are making him look like he's putting himself first and not got7. people will come at him again.

There’s honestly no way of winning with fans like that. I hate having to separate the boys from each other but Jackson honestly needs to lessen his workload before he burns out for good. Cutting out Japan activities would be the easiest for him to do, especially with everything he’s got going on in China. 

As much as I hate to admit it, fame is fleeting and what he has in China is an amazing opportunity. I feel like fans always forget that anything Jackson does is to help Got7. It’s never just for him, but for his friends, his family. 

There will always be people out there who will hate on Jackson, whether it’s because he’s doing all these solo activities or it’s because he isn’t going solo. But remember that there isn’t a Jackson with Got7 and there isn’t a Got7 without Jackson. 

Let the boy rest. Let him choose what he wants to work on. We do not control his life or what he wants to do. But what we can do is support him in his decisions and make sure he knows that we love him no matter what.

I’m sorry if this got kinda angry anon, but people who think that an idol with a heavier solo schedule means they’re being selfish just riles me up.


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pairing : Stiles x Reader
author : sorrynotsorrylovesome

words : 1163, woah.
warnings : cursing here and there. uh I think that’s it?
A/N : hello! this is my first story I’m posting for the teen wolf fandom. hehe I read a lot of the fics on here. so I wanted to do my own!! so here you go and enjoy! and THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE WONDERFUL PERSON THAT IS @were-cheetah-stilinski BECAUSE SHE PROOF READ THIS (sort of lol) AND SHE’S SO NICE. AND YES THERE WILL BE A PART TWO.

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Man. Sorry you have to deal w/ more shit in the fandom. I guess this time while it's more personal to where you're located, it's not as harsh as before, maybe? Small mercies but still utter bs. I didn't even read the 1 post I saw bc it was too redic to get through. This is just to wish you a good morning & to stress that no matter how much noise comes from the other side there are tons of us here who are glad you're back hopefully to stay & have your back in any of this that's thrown at you. xox

Thanks for being sweet anon! You’d think I’d be used to it by now but nope. Every time there’s some new bullshit to deal with I’m just like…………really??? I know the post was written with good intentions so I won’t fault her for that, but I’ve posted pictures of Effy where you can clearly see the socket in the background many times and yet no one picked up on it before now? 

I even posted a video a few months ago where I’m talking to her and you can hear my accent. There was no need for all these rumours about me being someone else when it was more than obvious that it wasn’t true. Even my friends have vouched for me. I think they’d know if they were talking to someone who was putting on a fake Irish accent. I don’t understand what I’ve done or said to cause so much doubt surrounding my nationality and where I live. The reasoning seems to be because I post in EST time, but I don’t? I go to bed at like 11pm (6pm EST) because I’m a Grandma and when I wake up (around 8 or 9) that’s 3 or 4 am EST. 

I’ve also heard that I “type like a Canadian” but Ireland and Canada spell things the same way. In fact I rarely spell things the “British/Canadian” way and instead go for the American way because it’s easier with auto correct/spell check. As for not using Irish slang etc, why would I purposely want to confuse the people who read my blog when the majority are American? It’s bad enough when I talk to Lauren and Julia and they’re like wtf did you just say?? I can’t imagine having to explain what I mean to thousands of people everyday. If you’re American then you don’t understand that literally the entire internet is catered to you and those of us outside of it have to adapt.  Anyway I wasn’t even planning on addressing this but I kind of got carried away so sorry about that. I’m glad it’s finally resolved. This is the last I’m saying on the subject. Let’s move on (and enjoy the cute pictures of Effy okay bye).

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How would the RFA + V and Saeran react to a bilingual MC, who uses a word in another language when she can't think of the right one in the language she's speaking? (I do this a lot with French + English, and my friends who don't speak French always give me weird looks :( )


The language I picked was the language (Punjabi) I speak at home, but I didn’t know how to spell it in english but I tried my best!!! (Most of these are actually my own experience) (Also sorry I didn’t use several languages, i just like putting my own personal stuff in here sometimes) 404 did the non-Punjabi ones! ~ Admin 626

-He convinced you to play LOLOL with him!!!
-Big mistake
-He knew that he could get loud and angry when something happened, but…
-Did not expect you to get so loud!!!!
-You said it fairly often, and he knows it’s another language, but…. WHAT WERE YOU SAYING?
-He’s asked you constantly what it means but you….couldn’t…..think of the right words?
-”It means… um…. Well. It means… Oh my god? What are the words?
-Scared the hell out of him when you yelled “FUCKING HELL” out of nowhere one day and you had to explain that  you finally remembered what you were trying to say!!! Only this time, not in Swedish!!
-MC!!! BAD!!!
- lowkey google translates anything you can’t remember for you

-The two of you were coming home from a completely boring party you had to attend
-It was full of big, important business owners and directors and you just couldn’t stand it!!!
-”HOW in the WORLD do they run their businesses??”
-”I know! They’re such…. Um… uh, como se dice…pendejos??”
-”I agree, they did seem to be lacking in the knowledge department.”
- okay that wasn’t what i asked exactly but thanks
-This happens more than you’d like to admit, but it’s a good thing he can speak Spanish
-He’ll always understand you, whether you’re speaking in Spanish or not!!!
-”Jumin? Como se dice gato?” “MC, that’s a simple word. It’s cat. How could you forget?”
-”Do you want some… some.. Um… Vino?” “? Wine? Yes, MC, please.”
-YOU’RE SO GRATEFUL THAT HE CAN UNDERSTAND YOU where would you be if he didn’t translate for you???
-He notices when you’re quiet in public and realizes that you probably just can’t think of the correct word outside of Spanish, so he’ll answer you quietly just so you don’t get embarrassed what a cutie omg

-”Shit… what’s the word again….”
-??? So you ask him what word he’s thinking of. He didn’t figure you’d know but he told you anyway
-”I forgot the word for ‘safinat fadayiya’”
-????? Did he not realize you’ve been able to get into his house since the beginning
-Now the two of you speak Arabic around the others just to be jerks
-Not even Jumin knows Arabic
-You don’t say anything meaningful, either. It’s usually random sentences!
-So every time you forget a word, he’s got your back! So long as you you do the same for him
-Except if you forget a word at the gate, he’ll let you suffer and laugh at you
-Well!!!! Until you get angry enough at least. Then he’ll let you in and hide from your cute wrath

-He didn’t even know you could speak another language
-Honestly always thought that you were muttering or making words up
-That’s why he always gave you a weird look
-One day though, you were mid-conversation with him and blanked on the word
-”Do you want to go get…. Um. Get…crème glacée?”
-”….Get what?”
-”Crème glacée. You know… the uh, frozen milk stuff you like to eat!”
-”You..mean ice cream? You’re saying ice cream?”
-”YES! YES HEY!!! That thing! Thank you!”
-”What the hell was that? Made up words? What the fuck?”
-Saeran it….. Was….. French, sweetheart. Not made up
-??? He was really confused but took your word for it
-Tries to learn French secretly so he can help you next time instead of looking at you like you were crazy

- you’re actually lowkey worried about him???
- He’s so pretty!!!
- What if he gets jinxed and he becomes ugly because his looks are shown off so much??? Literally my grandma has said this to me and my cousin after she and i dressed up one time
- you always try to encourage him to wear sweats and other lowkey clothing so no one will be drawn to him! (of course only when you two are trying to do something in public together, you wouldnt try to get him to do that for anything job related)
- but he just doesn’t get it??? He never listens to you but you never really explain why bc you feel so embarrassed believing in this!!!
- but one day you two get into a terrible argument about this
- “I just don’t get it! Are you jealous of the other girls giving me attention?”
- You start tearing up because that’s so far from it, you completely trust him
- “Nazaar, okay?! I just don’t anything happening to you!!!”
- Zen is just like wtf did u just say, was that even human or are you just choking wtf
- “Oh god sorry, I didn’t mean to use Punjabi but I don’t know another word for it. It’s kinda like jinxing but it’s more intense? But basically by showing off your looks, other people might want something bad to happen to you and you might turn ugly!”
- but he understands it’s part of your ritual and he lets you do these little rituals to ward away the “nazaar” because it’s cute that you worry that much <3

- you’re helping out at the shop when you run out of cardamom to put in the chai! sUCH A TRAGEDY
- but you can’t remember what it’s called??? You can’t tell Jaehee???
- “MC, what’s wrong?
- “We’re out of that one spice!!!”
- you decide fuck it and you’re like “We’re out of leche!!!”
- Jaehee goes wide eyed because you can speak another language wtf
- She actually knew what you were saying because Jaehee knows Hindi and that overlaps with your language a lot
-yes Jaehee knows Hindi don’t question it okay
-You two start trash talking the customers in Hindi/Punjabi

- This boy got a cute owl figurine at a store!!!
-smh what a hipster *eye roll*
- He puts it in your room bc it’s so cute!!!
- but when you see it, you freak out???
- “wait what’s wrong with it MC???”
- “Nazaar lagna!”
- He just looks at you like ??? what did you say to him???
- What did you just say about his son
- “Oh sorry um, in my culture, owls are considered bad luck?”
- okay but what u did u just say MC udumbhoe
- “I just said you jinxed me, I mean it’s worse than a jinx but that’s the best way I can say it”
- He spends the rest of the night asking you to say other words in Punjabi cause it’s so pretty
-asks you to call him Daddy in your language (just kidding that’s Jumin)

I love/ hate this video because one the interviewer doesn’t know that Calum gets easily offended when ppl say he’s a certain type of nationality because he looks like he “could” be Asian or Malaysian (if I spelled that correctly…soz if I didn’t) like he asked Cal in the video. The interview asked “Has anyone come up to and said are you from Malaysia(IM SORRY IF IM SPELLING WRONG)?” Or something along those lines and Cal gets defensive. And that’s why I hate this video because that’s one of Calums pet peeves. Ik the fandom likes to do the whole 5esoes thing where we Mock the band out of fun and we can do that because we are fans and we do say Calvin the Asian one or like Michael the drummer. It’s for fun and games, but then this video is like “wtf bro why did you say that?” However I do love this video because do you see how quick the boys try to distract the interviewer or try to quickly change the subject to not put anymore uncomfortableness or anger on Cal. Like if you see Cal and Michael has emojis that say done and the little Kermit the frog emoji while Luke and Ashton are like “CLEAR THE AIR NOW DO SOMETHING FUNNY.” And I love that it wasn’t like a second thought to help cal out they did it they split second they heard the question and if that doesn’t show you what kind of band they are and friends to each other then Idk what does. Okay I got school tomorrow peace out

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fuckin giggles mcgee over here

my fav. thing is that no one else is laughing. they’re all just like “jiyong, please”

I gotta get this off my chest and its bugging the shit out of me.

Recently with voting for BTS on AAA ive seen some boarderline bullying and harassment coming from some fan pages and some fans in the comments.

Just the other day a bts fan page was bullying other fans saying that “if you dont vote for bts youre not a true army.” Practically begging them to give them their twitter and facebook info for voting. I get that voting is very important and trust me armys are voting, but some armys are working adults and students and can only do so much. Some also have limited internet access. They also claimed that “not having enough time” isnt a valuable excuse. Again, some armys do what they can.

Then, (i think) the same page had said “if armys win and you didnt put enough effort into voting, youre not allowed to say ‘we did it. We won’ because you didnt contribute enough, and you’re not allowed to say that, youre allowed to say 'they won. They did it.’” Like wtf is wrong with you to say that?

Also another thing, this is coming from the comment section, the other day when jin announced on fan cafe about his dog, a fanpage wrote about it, saying that we will keep jins dog in our thoughts and that the page will be celebrating and mourning the loved one, in the comments a fan had posted 'we need to really focus on voting.’ Like have you no compassion? No sympothy?

Like i said, i get it, voting is very very important. But there are limits, and i believe these fans have said are pushing those limits.

Basically board line bullying and harassment.

I vote everyday, but im not gonna go jump down someones throat and basically accuse them of being lazy. Like you don’t know their story, or their lives. Let loose will ya?

Thats just my midnight rant. Have a good night/evening/afternoon/morning to yall.

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When Elliot says the world would be better without Milo Melissa and Zack really look like "WTF DID YOU SAY ABOUT OUR SON"

“Don’t you ever talk that way about our son again you jackass or I will hack you into pieces then bring you back to life and carve out your intestines and kill you again.”

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Andrew being really protective over neil after the incident with his father, so everytime someone fouls him or just lowkey threatens him andrew is like WTF DID YOU JUST SAY TO MY BF and everyone is so confused like whats going on, especially when they play in competitive legues later on

Andrew doesn’t think much of Neil. Somehow this loud-mouthed, vaguely arrogant boy wormed his way into Andrew’s life and changed it. Andrew isn’t really sure if this change is for the better or not. He’s given this boy the keys to his house, his car. Quite possibly the key to his heart, though he can’t quite gauge is Neil aware of what he has. He isn’t quite sure that he’s okay with that.

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