like wowow

  • expectation:weird-mustache john and short-hair sherlock run around victorian london; cool cinematography
  • reality:sherlock arguing with sassy-memory moriarty and himself; microsoft powerpoint transitions
Me as a babysitter
  • [playing pretend]
  • Kid:what should my name be? Miss...
  • Me:Miss Knope, that sounds a good name
  • Kid:Yes! It's like no! And I can be like "yes, it's Knope"
  • Me:yes... Yes you can...
  • *subtly introduces parks and rec one child at a time*

So, I don’t really have a title for this story. It’s kinda one of those imagine your otp things. But this is the prompt

Imagine your otp:

Person A:  How do I look?

Person B: I would rather see you in this *holds up empty hangar*

Person A: There’s nothing there..WAIT YOU SMOOTH LITTLE CRAP

Anyways, on with the story! And thank you for reading!


Imagine Your Otp

Pairing: Septiplier

Word Count: 485 (really fucking short omg what)


Jack was getting ready for his cousin’s birthday. He, of course, had NO IDEA what to fucking wear. What does “casual formal” mean anyways? Jack was muttering to himself as he threw clothes onto the bed that might fit the attire. Mark walked into the room and sat down in the chair, watching Jack with an amused look on his face. Jack muttered to himself and turned to Mark.

“Can you help me?” He said, whining and crossing his arms over his chest. Mark laughed and stood up, wrapping his arms around Jack.

“I’m sure that whatever you wear will be perfect.” Mark said and he felt Jack relax a little in his arms. A smile creeped onto Mark’s face and he started tickling Jack, hearing the Irishman laugh loud, and fight against Mark’s strong arms. Mark was laughing just as hard as Jack, and finally he let go of Jack because he was laughing too hard.

“You suck, Mark.” Jack said, pouting and crossing his arms. Mark laughed, giving Jack a quick kiss on the cheek, and returning to his spot on the chair.

“You know, you’re going to this too. You should probably get dressed.” Jack said to Mark, continuing to rifle through his wardrobe. He heard Mark get up behind him, and heard his light footsteps walk down the hall. Jack sighed, sitting down on the floor in frustration.

For a long time, Jack kept getting dressed and changing his outfit. It took him about 30 minutes until he felt confident in what he was wearing. He walked over to Mark’s closed door and knocked. Mark opened the door, and smirked at Jack.

Mark was in a simple suit but he somehow made it look sexy as all hell. His tie was left loose around his neck, and he had his hair in that sexy mess. Jack looked him over and felt a blush run across his cheek.

“Mark, you look…wow.” Jack stuttered, finally meeting Mark’s dark brown eyes. He smiled and pulled Jack into his room. He pushed him against the wall and smirked again.

“Oh do I?” Mark said, his voice husky and Jack was having trouble getting air into his lungs. Mark leaned in, pressing his lips to Jack’s softly. Jack leaned in, deepening the kiss and pulling Mark closer.

They parted, breathing hard and Mark started smiling like an idiot.

“Well, how do I look then.” Jack said, twirling around and making Mark laugh. Mark walked over to his closet and pulled out an empty hanger.

“Hm, I’d much rather see you in this.” He said, holding up the hanger and confusing Jack.

“What the fuck does that mea-WAIT YOU SMOOTH LITTLE FUCK COME BACK HERE!” Jack yelled chasing Mark down the hall while he laughed manically.

Needless to say, they never did make it to the birthday party. But, Mark did start dressing up more often.