like wow. wow. wow was it necessary

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i spent roughly 4 hrs putting this powerpoint presentation together i regret NOTHING

many thanks to tonystarksredthong for providing the sources for a lot of these. check them out for more updates on naked tony (and others!).

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(1/) that user who was like, arguing w you abt the terrible harm of the ~narrative re: cis/gender......... like wow?? I'm sitting here super into this convo you're having like "yeah this is totally me and my experience, wow I've never heard it put that way" having a fucking cathartic moment lol and suddenly I'm hit with "hhnn but r these conversations reeeally necessary? this is kinda terfy, not sthg important that rly needs to be said, plz think about how this hurts trans ppl" and like......

(2/)………wow! Idk it just felt super hurtful!! I cannot believe you had the patience and like… class, to engage with that so fucking civilly for so long. What a fucking rude and dismissive way to respond to somebody talking about a problem that they have personally experienced and have observed!!! I am astounded. Like the most disrespectful way to miss the point I have ever seen smh (I’m still very hurt by this on a personal level, if you couldn’t tell lmao)

the only reason that I was that civil in the first response was bc I thought this hmar was a trans woman & the only reason I was so civil in the second response is because I’m a literal angel sent down to Earth from above but the THIRD response when they were STILL dismissing what I was saying even though they claimed in their about to “prioritise the voices of poc in conversations about transness” or w/e? there is a limit even to angelic patience & they maxed it out lmfao


You have really pretty eyes. They’re like the fruit of hawthorn plants, swaying in the breeze. But not even birds will eat them. They’re not sweet, bitter, or even poisonous, yet they provide nothing. They’re completely useless, empty fruit. No one bothers to pick them, so they’re left all alone to wilt, wither, and die.

Oh my god this took me so much longer than I originally thought it was going to. I really tried a bunch of different things with this. I hope the background isn’t too weird. I actually tried really hard with it! I’ve never really tried to colour trees or water or grass digitally so I’m hoping it looks ok. I kind of liked how it turned out. Just fulfilling my recent eremika feels lol.

Oliver Queen As Food - Olicity fic/prompt

Prompt - kind of:

“Oh, I like that one!” Felicity squealed, pointing to the screen.

Dig snorted “Oliver Queen as chocolate cake?”

“It kinda reminds me of that time when we used chocolate syrup to… Hum. Nevermind” she trailed off, blushing.

“TMI, Felicity. TMI…” Dig sighed, shaking his head.

“I like the one as oreo cupcake!” Thea chimed in, leaning over their shoulders.

They had just got back from the field, the night being unusually quiet. Ever since Oliver had been elected Mayor and running the city, the criminality had dropped significantly but Team Arrow was still more than necessary. Oliver being held back to a city council, Thea and Dig had patrolled on their own, Felicity guiding them from the lair. They had been back a few minutes earlier, and had caught Felicity drooling over a twitter account mainly composed of pictures of her husband and pictures of food supposed to represent him. One of her guilty pleasures that always made the team laugh.

Felicity giggled “He once made that frosting for me, because I told him I’d like to lick it from…”

“Wow wow wow!” Thea shouted, holding out her hands over her ears “I am positive I do not want to know the end of that sentence!”

Felicity bit her lips, mumbling something about being a woman made of flesh and blood.

Dig and Thea shared an amused smile behind her back as she kept on scrolling down pictures and pictures of Oliver and delicious-looking desserts of all kinds.

“I’m going home, do you want me to drop you off?” Dig asked the girls.

Felicity sighed, resting her head on her hand “No, thank you. I told Oliver I’d wait for him.”

As Thea and Dig left her alone again, she moaned as she came across a picture of Oliver in a tux besides one of a waffle with white chocolate and oreo. Oliver in a tux was already her own personal kryptonite, but adding a waffle with white chocolate syrup was almost like torture. She shifted uncomfortably on her chair, not sure if she was craving the waffle or her husband. Both, she thought. I’m craving both.

She was so focused, thinking of all the things she could do with that white chocolate syrup, that she didn’t even hear the elevator. It’s only when Oliver lightly cleared his throat that she jumped, startled, a hand on her chest.

“Oliver!” she shouted, turning around to glare at him.

Smiling, he took the last steps separating them and bent down to lightly kiss her.

“I’m sorry?” he asked, his lips still brushing over hers.

She smiled into the kiss, her hand reaching for his neck and lightly scratching his scalp. He pressed one small peck on her lips, then sat on her desk.

“Did they already go home?” he asked, crossing his arms over his chest and attracting her eyes over his biceps. He was wearing a crisp white shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. She bit her lips, nodding absentmindedly, unable to tear her eyes off his arms.

“Felicity?” he tried to get her attention once more.

“Yes?” she answered, finally looking at him “I mean, yes. Quiet night. They just left actually.”

“Are you ready to go as well?”

“Yup. Yup” she nodded, closing the tabs, glancing one last time at the tempting image.

Oliver’s hand stopped hers “… were you going through that twitter account again?”

She paused awkwardly, her hand underneath his, her eyes shifting and avoiding his.


“It’s those freaking hormones, OK?” she exclaimed “I tried to stay away, I swear I really did but… it was a picture of you in a tux, Oliver. A tux” she whined, bowing her head in shame “I am not strong enough to resist that kind of temptation.”

Oliver smiled as he cradled her head, pressing a soft kiss on her forehead “So… what does my pregnant wife want for breakfast tomorrow morning?”

“Waffles with white chocolate syrup and oreos” she answered right away, her eyes wide and her breathing short.

Chuckling, he stood up, helping her on her feet as well “With extra syrup, I guess?”

“Oh yes. I have big plans for that syrup. Big, big plans” she said dreamily as they both made their way to the garage area.

“If it’s anything like the oreo frosting I did last week… I’ll make a double batch.”

“Don’t you flatter yourself, Mister Queen” she teased him.

“Whose fault is that, Mrs Queen? You’re the one who told me you barely had enough to cover my…”

“Oh my God, Guys!” Thea screamed, wincing. Oliver and Felicity jumped in surprise, not expecting to see her in the garage.

“What are you doing here? I thought you were gone with Dig?” Felicity asked, feeling her cheeks flaming up.

“Can’t a girl forget something without being scarred for life?” Thea huffed, shuddering with disgust “Oh Dig is going to be so thankful he didn’t have to hear that.”

With one last dirty look, she walked past them, going back inside the foundry, shouting over her shoulder “and remind me to never eat cupcakes at your place again!”

“… Should we tell her about that strawberry mousse she loved so much?”

“No. I don’t think she’d forgive us if she knew what we did with the leftovers.”

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