like wow they'd be so perfect for each other

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Eileen and Sam are such a perfect match i can barely believe it, their personalities are so compatitable their histories are interwined with the man of letters and similar backround like how. I love Destiel obvs and they are an epic slow burn but I didnt think they'd be perfect for each other after their first episode that took time and growth to reach that point. i expected to watch a good episode not find sams soulmate XD

Oh gosh, I know! I’m not one to quickly jump on a ship, but wow, there is just so much to love about these two. Their history, for one. Both lost their mothers to supernatural evil when they were merely infants and were pretty much raised by a non-parent. Both were raised to be hunters. Both have an interest in the law. Both are MOL Legacies. They even both realize that hunting is their life, and that they can think about some normalcy in their lives, hunters is what they are and they are OK with that. 

Eileen has trust issues born from a history of hunting. Sam, of course, does too, but the difference is he has someone he knows he can always count on. Wouldn’t it be great to see Eileen get that same support?

And they are both so sweet and respectful of each other and she’s adorable and heroic. Just… so much yes! And Sam’s cute little subtle hints to keep in touch and visit any time. Zheesh! Sam, just nut up and ask her out!