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Not A Bad Thing ~ Part Six

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Word Count: 4.4K

Errors. Please excuse and ignore them.

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I stood there, with my voice caught in my throat. I didn’t miss the way Sehun’s face scrunched up in thought. His eyes darted from me to Eun Ji, who was still staring at me.

“I don’t think so.” I almost croaked, my smile falling slightly. I’m feigning ignorance, staring at Sehun with questioning eyes.

“No, no. I’ve seen you somewhere before.” Eun Ji pushed looking at Sehun, “How long have you two been together now?”

Sehun was a bit taken back by Eun Ji’s seriousness in her question.

“It’s been 2 months since we met.” I answered for Sehun, “I don’t think we’ve met. What was your name again?”

“Eun Ji.” She stated, glaring at me. This was expected, and I wasn’t surprised. It seems that Eun Ji is still stuck at Sehun’s hip. Her feels haven’t faded and she still wants to keep a tight grip on Sehun. It’s not clear if her personality has improved like Sehun’s has.

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The Stables (Jon x Reader)

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Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Jon Snow

Persona: Female

Word Count: 569

Request: Requesting a Jon Snow x reader where Jon is about to leave to join the Night’s Watch but the reader stops him in the stables and they roll around in the hay (aka they do it) before he leaves. (And smut is very much okay if you’re feeling it)❤️❤️ 

A/N - Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

Come outside tonight, meet me by our favourite spot.

I’ll be waiting for you.

- J

The note sent shivers of excitement up your spine even though you knew it couldn’t be good news; Jon would never of sent you this note if it meant he hadn’t gone through with his plan. You clutched it to your chest and wrapped the shoal tighter around you. The North was cold enough during the day, but at night it was deadly.

You didn’t bother with a torch, by now you were used to walking around in the dark. You pretty much knew Winterfell like the back of your hand. Getting closer to the meeting spot you could begin to make out an outline of a figure, upon hearing footsteps they turned to you. Instantly you were greeted with open arms: his clothes were cold as you pressed your face into his chest. “Jon…”, it was soft and timid for you were fearing his answer.

“I did it”, he answered grimly preparing for the backlash that was to come. Your sobs mixed in with the bitter snowfall and Jon’s chest lurched, “Come on, let’s go inside”, his gloomy tone only worsened your mood as he lead you towards your shared sanctuary.

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I hope you never stop finding joy in the seemingly mundane - that you never stop staring in awe as the milk spins galaxies in your morning coffee or finding joy in the way that certain flowers smell in the spring or how beautiful bookshops are or how everyone you know has enough stories to fill an entire novel or how your favourite sweater seems to warm you in the winter from inside out. I just hope you never feel like life is boring, when everything else is a testament that it isn’t.

Wonderful - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: G

Warnings: Fluff!

Summary: Barry got out of a bad relationship, and he’d never imagine that true love just stumble right in front of him.

Word Count: 1505

“I love her.”


“I do, though. I just- I just thought she did, too.” Barry sighed, covering his face with his hands. “I can’t believe she went behind my back and just-“

Iris hugged her best friend. “Hey,” she tried, patting his head, “you’re gonna be ok. She just didn’t deserve you.”

Barry Allen was dumped, and he hated the feeling. What made it worse was that it was because she fell in love with someone else and lied to Barry. That was the blow that shook Barry to the core. He hated it.

For the next few months, Team Flash came to his aide. They had more nights out and get-togethers. The speedster was, for some sort amounts of time, distracted. However, whenever the happiness died down, and he was alone in his room again, Barry always came to one simple conclusion: Barry Allen would never find anyone for him.

Soon, he buried himself in work, whether it be as a forensic scientist or as the Flash. He was always working, studying, saving. He rain-checked on every event Team Flash had planned. Barry would just say, “I have work,” or “There’s an interesting case back at the station.” There was always an excuse.

One time it was “I have errands to run.”

“The fridge is full, though,” Iris insisted.

“Well, I want more…”

“More what?” Joe laughed. “We’d probably survive the entire winter if we were trapped inside!”

“Well, I need more printing paper.” Barry nodded. “Yeah, I need paper.”

Caitlin suggested, “I can just give you paper.”

“Well, you see, I need this, um, specific… type of printing paper. I just-“ Barry shook his head, “I just need to go.”

No one could stop him from leaving.

Barry searched the store for paper. Then, he forgot what he said he needed and started to wander around the streets. Glancing upwards, he spotted a nearby couple, maybe a decade older than he was. The two were smiling and holding hands. Both of them stared at the sky, pointing out stars and making up fake constellations. Every single moment possible, one gazed at the other with such love and contentment, it made Barry’s heart ache.

He wanted to look at someone like that. He longed for someone to look at him like that. He wanted to hold hands and stare at stars. Barry wanted all of this.

It was such a shame that he believed he never would have such happiness.

Letting his head drop, he continued dragging his feet along the sidewalk.

Suddenly, while passing by a busy restaurant, Barry stopped abruptly.

A young woman, you, stumbled in front of him. It was obvious that you were pushed there onto the street by one of your friends.

Barry steadied you. “You ok?”

You stuttered, “I’m, uh, I’m ok. Yeah.” You glared at your friends, the one who forced you to talk to the man who made you stare. However, your glare didn’t have much effect, especially since there was red on your cheeks.

Barry stared at your friends, who were giggling. He tilted his head at them. “Forced you to do it?”

You nodded, not meeting his gaze. You were so embarrassed. He probably just tease you as well.

Barry smiled a little. You were so much like he was a few years ago. The hero couldn’t help but admire your beauty. He wondered why you were so shy. Barry saw no reason for you to be.

He smiled. “Is all right if we give them something to look at?”

“What do you mean?” you asked meekly, peeking up through your hair.

He reached out his hand towards yours. “May I?”

You gasped. Your cheeks grew warmer, if that was even possible. You pursed your lips as you nodded.

Barry slipped his hand into yours. He smiled. “Are you ok?”

You nodded, ignoring your friends and their squealing. “Um, I’m (Y/n). If you wanted to know.” You tucked your hair behind your ear, finally looking at him, just a bit.

Barry laughed. “I’m Barry Allen.” He shuffled his feet. The warmth of your hand in his was such a great feeling. It made electricity run through his blood and his heart stop. “Say, you wouldn’t  happen to be free? Maybe tomorrow?”

You smiled, looking down at the floor for a while before nodding your head. “I am. Free, I mean. I am free tomorrow.”

“Great. I’ll meet you here? Noon?”

You nodded. “That’d be, um, great.”

The date went well. Barry was a complete gentleman to you. He didn’t get you to open up that much, but he did make you smile, blush, and laugh a lot throughout the few hours the two of you spent. When it came to an end, Barry, while scratching the back of his neck, had told you, “You know, I don’t mean to sound very, uh, clingy or anything, but um… You wanna go on another date? Maybe Tuesday?”

You nodded. “I’d like that very much, Barry.”

He beamed. “Great!”

The two of you arrived at your home.

“See you then.” Barry smiled.

You nodded. “See you then.” You walked towards your home then stopped. You turned around and quickly pecked his cheek, blushing furiously. “Bye, Barry Allen,” you whispered. You sprinted home. You closed the door and sighed. You took a peek out of your window.

Barry was still out there, stunned. Suddenly, his face broke out into a smile. He pumped his fists and let out a “Yes!” Barry laughed joyfully.

Dates continued to go well for the two of you. It became a tradition to  peck each other on the cheek as a sign of goodbye. Even when you blushed, Barry would always compliment your beauty when red dusted your cheeks.

Months passed before Barry asked you, “(Y/n)?”

“Yeah, Barry?”

“Well, you know, we’ve been dating a while now. I really like you.” He smiled. “I really, really, like you. And I wanted to ask if maybe you’d want to be my girlfriend?” Barry scratched the back of his neck, pursing his lips.

You stiffened for a while.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-“

“Barry! It’s ok.” You beamed, clutching his hand. “I’d like to be your girlfriend.”

Barry laughed a little. “Great.”

Being in a relationship with the Barry Allen proved to be quite odd. Because you spent more time with him, you started to pick up on some signs. He’d always leave unexpectedly on dates, forget dates, and nervously stutter whenever you asked him what was going on.

One day, you built up the courage to ask him.

“Sorry, I need to run,” Barry told you, pecking your cheek.

“Where?” you inquired.

“To, uh, well, Iris! She needs help, and I need to… help her.” He nodded. “Yeah.”

You sighed. “Barry, if you don’t want to be with me, you should tell me.”

Barry froze. He faced you. “What?”

You shrugged with a sad smile. “Barry, you always forget dates we’ve planned, leave at the most random times. You lie.” You pursed your lips. You had to know the truth. “Barry, if you don’t want to be with me-“

He rushed to you and held your hands. “That’s not true. Not at all! No, I just. Work catches up with me. And, I have to go.”

You sighed. You didn’t believe it one bit. “I understand, Barry. You don’t have to lie.”

“I’m not lying! I love you!”

The two of you stopped. That was the first “I love you.”

Barry sighed. “I love you, (Y/n). I’ll- I’ll prove it to you!” He smiled. “Yeah. I’ll prove it to you. Ok?”


Barry picked you up bridal style. Before you could ask him what he was doing, you were flying.

At least, that’s what it felt like. Wind whipped through your hair. You felt your heart pound as your looked around your blurred surrounding.

Suddenly, you stopped. You were in STAR Labs. Barry’s friends were there, and they looked astonished.

You gulped as your boyfriend let you down. “You ok?” Barry asked.

You took a deep breath, piecing everything together. The flying sensation, the sudden disappearances followed by superhero actions, the lying. Barry was the flash, the speedster who saved Central City. Your boyfriend was a superhero!

You beamed, facing him. “Ok?” You hugged him tightly, not believing the entire situation. “Barry, you save people’s lives! You inspire the entire town! You put the needs of others before your own, and- and…” You sighed, kissing him on the cheek. “I’m better than ok!” You leaned your forehead against his. “I’m wonderful.”

Barry laughed. He took a deep breath. “Wonderful.” He gazed at you and then your lips. With a reassuring nod from you, he kissed you.

You kissed him back, wrapping your hands around his neck. You felt every cell in your body dance with joy. Your heart raced and pounded, letting the blood reach your cheeks.

When you parted, you whispered, “I love you, too, Barry.”

Yes, everything was wonderful, indeed

It’s been a while guys! Wow! I really had a bit of writer’s block for a while. I am not a shy person, so I was always thinking and rethinking the events that occurred. Anyways, I hope I portrayed a great shy reader!

I hope you guys like it! have a great night!

EDIT:  Guys…. there’s a Part 2!!!


so i designed rudy (german bby w/ big eyebrows) a cute tiny baby spanish bf called emilio!!

emilio is here to kick down ur gender roles and rock floral outfits and mascara as rudy quietly supports from the background. rudy’s eyebrows are emilio’s pride and joy


I skyped my mum, dad, my brother and all my friends around the world. Incredibly blessed by everyone God has put in my life. Wow. So much is changing, I’m moving states, transferring to UO and majoring in product design. I’m finally coming to love who God made me. I’ve stopped hating myself. I’ve stopped seeing the negative in everything. I’ve come to realize that stressing about things does nothing. Trusting God is the best thing I can ever do. Loving God in every high and low leads to true joy. Loving every single person is not as hard as it seems. Encouraging others is so important. I’ve forgiven people. I learned that uncertainty is a huge part of life and it’s totally ok to feel unsure about where you are heading; that’s what this adventure called life is all about. YAY! God is the best. Thank you all for always supporting me and keeping me in your prayers. I’m beyond blessed. Also, I might be going to Israel this summer?!?!? like wow. Thank You Lord, to walk where You did will be completely surreal and a life changing experience!

I’m excited about life and I’m excited about your life! God is with You.