like wow first time i drew all of them

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Haha this is gonna be super corny but I just wanted to let you know; I've followed your art blogs for years and I've always adored your style and the amount of love you put in your characters. I always wanted to draw out the story of my own WoW characters that I've had since WotLK but I kept getting discouraged by the fact that my hand couldn't spit out what I saw my characters looking like in my head. It was hard at first but I always kept seeing your art and it inspired me to keep drawing. (c)

© I recently drew up a rough headshot and started the outlines of a fullbody ref for my two main OCs and you have no idea how ridiculously giddy I felt at seeing them for the first time the way I always wanted to see them. I just wanted to thank you for all your art over the years, and I wanted to let you know how much you inspire and mean to me, if not many others.

BAWWWWWWW IM SO GLAD YOU KEPT DRAWING!!!  Motivation to keep drawing can be SO HARD sometimes but you didn’t give up!  and now look how happy your own work makes you!  

AND THAT’S THE BEST FEELING: loving what you create.  Even when you feel discouraged sometimes, you’ll never lose that power to make life a lil better and brighter with your creations, even when it’s just for yourself.  I hope you ALWAYS keep drawing and never stop loving what you do!! ✿


So, I did this random compilation of Fiddleford’s I’ve drawn from the very beginning to– well, right now, out of nowhere (hence the drawing below the cringe-worthy compilation yes flkglk;fh), and I’m actually really surprised how much my way of drawing him has improved since my first go? Like, when I first drew him on April 12th, I legitimately couldn’t get it out of my head that it was 1000000% accurate to how he looked in the show, and since then I haven’t looked back or thought about how much he’s probably changed since my first try; until now, anyways. I dunno. Seeing it all bunched together here kinda makes me cringe a lot because some of them the majority of them look like they spawned straight from Hell, but at the same time, it also makes me weirdly proud, too, because it’s like, “Wow! Look how far I’ve come!”

Point of the matter here is that I guess sometimes you wind up improving without even realizing it, no matter how gradual the improvement is and this was all in the span of MONTHS rather than days, so that’s saying a LOT. And evidently if you draw your favorite character enough, your bound to start pouring more and more of your love and nurturing into them in order to ensure that you get better at drawing them, but that’s probably just me ha.

Anyways! That’s my random literally-nobody-asked-for-this-but-everyone’s-getting-it-anyways compilation of my improvement over the past few months in drawing Fiddleford! I’ve been DYING to draw recovery!Fiddleford for decades, and I felt like this was the perfect opportunity to do EXACTLY that, so I’m really, really happy I could actually include that in with everything else

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So what made you want to make this blog? And are there any other fnaf ask blogs you recommend?


Listed below are some of the awesome FNAF blogs I follow!!

(If I didn’t put you on the list, don’t be hurt, I just love so many blogs and didn’t want this list to be huge!)


teacupsandcircuits - A Mangle ask blog!! Their art is sooo super cute, like wow I absolutely love the way they draw all the animatronics (especially faceless Bonnie!)

maliciousstrings - A puppet ask blog, once again their art style is so super cute! Plus, the way they color is absolutely amazing. Love It A+ A+ A+

fazgang - This is a general ask blog for all the animatronics. It can sometimes be NSFW, so be warned!! But it’s almost always under a cut, I think. Regardless, Flip’s super awesome and has super awesome art!! I love his Springtrap!!

freddyfazbara - SO CUTE??? This is another ask blog for all of the animatronics. Their style is really great, and their Freddy is adorable!! This can be NSFW on occassion!

fazbeardiner - this is an ask blog for human Freddy & Spring Bonnie! Their designs are SOOOOOOO cute, I Require More

ask-lanky-animatronics - This is an ask blog for the whole crew! The style is SUPER unique and awesome, I really love it!! It’s a more newer blog, so definitely go ask some questions and follow, guys!!


slightlysimian - my absolute favorite, FAVORITE FNAF artist!!! I really love how the animatronics are still on model while being REALLY expressive! Plus all the art is really cool and funny, and creator of my favorite FNAF post of all time. The Absolute Best Here, Folks

leeffi - SO AWESOME AND TALENTED like wow, the first time you drew me fanart I almost died and definitely cried a little. Super amazing and everyone should follow her main art blog, too!! what are you all waiting for

ready4bonnie - one of my favorite art styles ahhh, it’s so good!! Super amazing and cartoony, also just a generally awesome FNAF blog! (warning, can sometimes be NSFW)

There’s tons and tons and tons of other amazing, talented and cool FNAF artists and ask blogs out there, I wish I could list them all!! What are some of your favorites? Feel free to share and pass along, gang!

Edit; OOPS I FORGOT TO EVEN ANSWER THE BEGINNING OF THIS ASK lmao I’m The Best Blogger. As for what made me want to create this blog, I dunno!! I love the games and wanted a place to dump all my FNAF art, it sorta just snowballed into an ask/comic blog.