"I don't trust civilians who have guns unless they are police"

First off, you don’t seem to understand what the word “civilian” means.

Secondly, I would like you to ask somebody who lived in Nazi Germany or Communist Russia/China or Cambodia during the rule of Pol Pot how well things work out when only the police have guns.

You took my breath away and planted flowers in my heart.
It’s only been a month but they’ve grown beautifully and so much since the start.
—  you’re amazing (via kiss-my-bumper-peasant)

anonymous asked:

The gif version of harry and Louis killed me. My sister was looking at it with me and goes did that fucker (harry) wiggle his eye brows at louis. And when i seen it I think God was coming down for me. I actually stopped breathing and was speechless

the thing that kills me with that video is that you can actually see harry thinking ‘they know and now they know that we know that they know so what do we have left here’ and louis is looking at harry like ‘i know they know that we know that they know so let’s go’

The Signs and their Flowers

Aries : Poppy, thistle, fern

Taurus : Daisy, dandelion, Lilly

Gemini : Tansy, yarrow, privet

Cancer : Water Lilies, rushes

Leo : Sunflowers, chamomile, lavender

Virgo : Wintergreen, sage, privet

Libra : Pansy, primrose, violet, strawberry

Scorpio : Root vegetables, black poppy, hemlock

Sagittarius : Asparagus, chestnuts, soybeans

Capricorn : Hemlock, black poppy, burdock root

Aquarius : Dandelions, resins, frankincense, myrrh

Pisces : mosses, ferns, seaweed