like would you do that to your friend

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Is it still weird knowing that you could just call up your Youtuber buddies now but like a year ago you could only imagine doing that?

It will always be weird haha Just today while editing Guns of Icarus I thought how awesome it was that all the people on my ship were just talking to me normally and calling me “Jackie” like I was a close friend.

When this time last year I had only just played with Mark for the first time. I’m constantly reminding myself how lucky I am. There are millions of people who would love to get into that group the way I have and be considered “one of the guys” so I cherish it. I think you can tell by how I always gush over them :P


Galaxy mofs have rather stunning nebula-printed minky bodies and a cosmic paint job to match. They have green glittery stars to add a bit of detail, are super soft, have fake fur manes and deep all-knowing eyes…

One of these has been made as a gift for my good friend @beezeeart who I met when we were playing neopets about a billion years ago (can you believe it). We drew dragons a lot, made art dolls when they first became cool, and now we both run awesome crafty businesses! BZ started making galaxy bats a while ago and when I saw that printed minky I HAD TO HAVE. And now I do. And my life is so much fuller. Thank you Brittany. Keep an eye on your post box!

If you would like your own galaxy mof there are two available in my shop, and two mini mofs! For mini impish cuteness! :D

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Okay, so we are nearing the season finale (It’s on June 22, mark your calenders) and this might be the very last time our ninjashow gets a new episode

I don’t care what fandom you’re in, whether it be small or big, but please please please watch this show. Let me know if you like it. If you like it, let your friends know. Let your siblings know! Let your cousins know! Just get the word out!

I know I’m desperate, but all of us are. Just imagine if one of your fandoms got cancelled out of nowhere. Or, what if you’re nearing the season finale, and it might be the very last episode? What would you do? Would you try to save it?

Also, on my instagram (fandomes.are.bae) I’m trying to get a tag trending. Please use, #savetheninjashow

I honestly don’t care if you aren’t in the fandom, but you are in one. Jut imagine one day it gets cancelled. Please help. We’re all desperate. We are all doing our best, but it’s not enough.

Please get the tag trending and please let the world know about this bruce- tastic show!


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1.  “I feel sorry for a poodle because he’s a dog. You know, a dog is a fucking great creature. They would do anything for you. And the poodle gets a haircut. No one asks if the poodle wants his hair cut like that. Do they? They just fucking cut his hair like that. And he just walks around. And everyone is like, ‘why is that poodle so snarky?’ Fuck you.”

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Advice: Conversation Between Two Characters

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Hello, how are you? I don’t want to offend anyone with this character. I have a character and he essentially gave up his body to help the spirit of his friend, Who happens to be a 800 year old fox demon, so now they are two spirits peacefully sharing a body ((Like Ermac from MK)). He regularly speaks to this demon by meditating, but I don’t know how to write their conversations together. The original man is calm, playful and fatherly, while the other is strict, impish and mischievous.

Hi! I’m doing fine, thanks. I hope you’re well, too. :)

I don’t see any reason why your character would offend anyone. It sounds to me like you’ve come up with two distinct personalities, so their voices should be distinct as well. I suggest thinking about different things each character is likely to say. What types of slang and bad language (if any) they might use, whether their sentences are short or long, and any other grammatical or vocal characteristics they might have. This will help distinguish them further. Something else you might try is acting out their conversations yourself, just to get a feel for how they might go. It might feel kind of silly to role play as two different people, but it can be very helpful. :)

HEY Taylor...

So taylorswift hi, I’m Kaitlyn. You do follow me on here even though I’m not quite sure how because the day you followed I literally hadn’t been on tumblr for a couple of days and I decided to check tumblr and the only activity I had was you following me. So THANKS FOR THAT… it was probably one of the best things that happened to me and I will never forget it. Even though you do follow me, you haven’t ever liked any of my posts and that is why I introduced myself in the beginning of this paragraph (?) Well anyways, I mainly decided to make this post because I have a few friends who are SUCH a huge fan of yours and you haven’t followed them yet and I know it would make them so incredibly happy if you followed them. I love you so much and I hope that one day I’ll get to meet you. Okay here they are….

Andrea - 1989sfearless (this is her fan blog for you but if you want to give her other main blog a follow it is andrearexach )

Aleigh - m-i-ld

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No. 30 NaLu

Send Me A Number

30. This can’t be real

No this wasn’t Natsu, he would never do anything like this.

He wasn’t holding her up by her neck, claws digging into her skin, with a wicked grin spread across his face.

“Na-tsu s-stop.”

He chuckled before pulling her face closer to his, “I’m not Natsu, human,” he said, dropping her to the ground.

“But you are N-”

“Etherious Natsu Dragneel, or I believe you know me as your best friend.”

Gray coughed from where he lay on the ground, “All this time…even when we were kids…Were you just pretending this whole time?”

“Let me think…yes.”

“Everything was a lie?” Erza asked, from where she leaned against the wall, sword piercing through her stomach.

“Yea, you guys are pretty stupid ya know.”

“All this time the enemy was right beside us,” Gray murmured, slowly losing consciousness.

“As your beloved dense Salamander,” END said with a laugh.

Lucy felt hot tears pouring down her face, memories flashing through her head.

“Now if you don’t mind I have a brother to go teach a lesson too,” he said turning away.

“Natsu don’t go!” Lucy shouted.

“Lucy be careful he’s dangerous,” Erza mumbled, feeling lightheaded as she watched her blonde haired friend stand up.

“Please don’t leave me Natsu.”

He turned back towards her looking down at her small frame, biting his lip.

“You know Lucy, you’re the only human that I actually like.”

She stared into his onyx eyes, “Please take me with you…I l-love you.”

“Demons don’t feel this love you talk about Lucy…but for some reason you make me feel…human I guess you would say.”

“So take me with you!”

“You really want to leave everything behind?”

“I just want to be with you.”

“LUCY NO!” Erza shouted regaining some strength.

Natsu held out a hand to her, wings extending behind him.

“Lucy don’t go,” Gray whispered from the ground, knowing his attempts were futile with how much she loved him.

She grabbed onto his hand, which he flung over his shoulder picking her up bridal style and taking off. She held on tightly burying her face into the crook of his neck, inhaling the scent that smelled like home to her, even if they were hundreds of feet in the air.

“I love you too,” Natsu said, “At least I think I do…As much as a demon could ever love someone.”

“This can’t be real, Natsu Dragneel loves me…I must be dreaming.”

“Naw you’re awake but it would be best if you slept…Don’t worry I promised I wouldn’t hurt you and I won’t let anyone else hurt you…You’re mine now got it?”

She nodded her head, ignoring the anger in his voice, “I’m yours Natsu.”

“And you won’t leave me…I’ll make sure of that.”

She felt herself falling asleep, his warmth enveloping her feeling her heart drop when she heard him mumble,

“I’m sure Zeref can find a way to make you immortal so we can be together forever.”


I’m your older sister, and it hurts when you treat me like you hate me. I think you’re being bullied, I think your friends are assholes and I think you deserve the world, but you won’t listen to me.

If I could give you everything, R, I would. But you need to make your own mistakes, even if it hurts to watch you do so. I’m here if, when, you need me.

Your doting sister,


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Hi, I'm intj and when I'm talking to my friends and they're complaining about a situation with another person a lot of the time I can see the other person's side and it makes it hard to support my friend. Is this an intj thing? Advice?

Fucking this. I honestly don’t have the social skills to handle this stuff appropriately (that is by helping my friends see the other side while not pissing them off in the process). I would imagine that’s really difficult to do.

You’ve basically got two options:

1. Try to offer some perspective, perhaps by asking them questions that get them to think about their own situation in a different light and therefore cause them to reach the same conclusion on their own. This has a really big chance to backfire and make your friend pissed off at you.

2. Offer noncommittal platitudes like “man, that sucks” without taking a side. Your friend thinks you’re supporting them even if you’re really not. Vent your frustrations later to some uninvolved party.

I will say that sometimes it helps to wait a bit. If people are emotional and venting they aren’t going to listen to reason. They want support. Trying #1 casually at a later time might work better.

Anyone else have a method of dealing with this that doesn’t end with the friend being pissed?

how easy it is to be like “OMFG if MY friend wrote in a book that she did that she did that I’d never talk to them again!!!!!!!!!! problematic Taylor as usual”
Idk if you really would lmao
you think it would be so fuckin easy to just cut all ties and believe what everyone else was saying about your friend but for literally 2.5 seconds imagine the situation with YOUR BEST FRIEND and it comes out that they did what Lena Dunham did
like you think you know what your reaction would be but do you lmao
third party bias is so real
a person being friends w/ problematic people doesn’t insta make them problematic themselves you have no idea what kinda conversations they have or what Lena has convinced Taylor to believe so just…shhhh…shhhhhhhh… don’t KNOW stop acting like you do ?!?!?!

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Do, you know if all your friends/family are voting yes? What would you say to someone close to you if they said they have voted no?

My mom’s parents are voting no. It felt like a kick in the stomach to hear it. I don’t know about my parents. My mom’s been very dismissive of my own sexuality and said some homophobic stuff before, so I don’t know. It’s something I’ve wanted to talk with her about, but have just been too scared (stupid, I know). She hasn’t voted yet today, so I’m going to ask her before she goes to do the right thing (if she wasn’t planning on doing it already).
My mom’s side of the family are a bit more conservative in their views. And it’s only now that I’ve thought about it (she has 11 brothers and sisters, like, so if most of them are voting no, that’s a considerable amount).
But at least I know that all the wonderful human beings I’m so lucky to call my friends are all voting yes. I’ve cried so many times over the past while seeing the bravery of everyone who this referendum affects, and the love and commitment that the entirety of the Yes campaign has showered this country in. Seeing support from straight allies and LGBTQts and businesses alike. Ireland is no longer an emerald - it’s a fucking rainbow. And when I wake up tomorrow, I hope that’s solidified. I hope all the hate and lies of the No side slither down the drains and disappear for good, as the rest of us are all united as equal citizens.
(I am a sap and I love it)

Tumblr – too much of a reblog culture

I’m not against reblogs, but Tumblr’s just too focused on it, like that’s what you’re supposed to do. Isn’t social media supposed to be a complement to or replacement for normal social interaction?

There’s the idea that not reblogging something makes you a bad person: “if you don’t reblog this I’m judging you”. Even if you do agree with something, you aren’t obligated to post about it, and there are other (and better) ways to express your support than lazily reblogging something.

There’s the idea that when you reblog something, you’re not allowed to add your own comments. This is like saying if you want to show your friend something cool, you’re not allowed to say anything or express any emotion, just robotically relay the content.

There’s the idea of “why would anyone follow me, my blog is shit”. A personal blog doesn’t have to be “good”, it should be about expressing yourself. Trying to have a “good” blog encourages just reblogging stuff that you think people will like.

These sort of attitudes, and how social media has become a game of numbers, are encouraging people to stop being individuals, to interact and express themselves, and simply become content aggregators.

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I'm seriously obsessed with Gigi's body, I think it sets such a realistic body goal for young girls out there. She's thin but still got curves (those boobs look good with any cleavage hahaha ) ♥ I mean I would love to have Kendall's body and legs any day but is more genetics than anything. What do you think?

I honestly disagree and I feel like I’m one of the ones lol. My friend and I actually talked about this the other day. If you’re not genetically built like Gigi, her body is also kind of unattainable. Being thin with big boobs, good sized hips, a flat stomach, and mile high long legs is not the norm. A lot of the time when you’re on the thinner side, your boobs are also on the smaller side. Of course that’s not the case for everyone, but logically speaking, boobs are just fat and if your body doesn’t have a lot of fat, chances of having big boobs are typically slimmer. When a lot of women lose weight, one of the first places they notice the difference is in their chest. I don’t think a lot of people realize how thin Gigi actually is. She’s not much bigger than Kendall and their measurements are almost identical. They’re also the same height. Gigi just has a bigger chest and slightly wider hips. If you’ve ever seen Gigi’s mom, she’s 51 years old and has the same body as Gigi even though she’s had three kids. Her body is incredible, but for me it’s not very relatable lol. I find it just as genetically based as Kendall’s although I’m sure both girls put a lot of effort into maintaining their figures xx

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Would it bother you if your BF had a girl best friend? I'm in situation, where 2 of my guy friends have gf's and when we all hang out, 20min later they leave because their gf's don't want me around them. I have never given any of them a reason not to like me, I never dated or seen any of my friends in that way. I stay out of their relationships to. All we do is chill, eat and play video games. I have no idea what is so wrong with that.

If they have an issue with you for whatever reason, just respect it. They are the girlfriends and you can’t really do anything about it unfortunately. You should probably back off from your guy friends if they have a problem. Keeping it going knowing they are uncomfortable with it comes off disrespectful. Just my advice, that’s what I would do.

heyyyyyy friendsssssssss! so like a month or so ago samanthaangel suggested that I do one of those Q&A videos using your questions, but I was like “nah, nobody wants to see that” but I was thinking hey, we could totally do a joint, best friends Q&A since Sam will be here in 3 weeks.. 

would anyone actually be interested in that? in asking me question and asking Sam questions and asking us joint best friend questions? I could play guitar for you guys?? lol idk. is anyone actually interested and does anyone even have questions?


Please, forgive me for what I did to you. It wasn’t fair to you. It wasn’t fair to our story. I don’t understand what led me to break up with you. I guess it was only fear of where we were going, of how serious our relationship was becoming.

I can’t understand what you’re doing to you life. I see you at the hall and I think you are not my P-, the one that was my best friend and my lover. You are throwing four years of your life away. You are forgetting everything you went through to get this. To get what you’re giving up now. I was with you then. I saw how hard it was.

I keep asking myself if it would be different if we were still together. I wish I could explain to you what a stupid decision you’re making, because it looks like no one close to you notices it.

I’m happy that you found someone that likes you as much as you’re able to like her, but I didn’t think our friendship would be forgotten so quickly.

I didn’t want us to become strangers to each other, saying nothing more than “hi” when we meet. No one that didn’t see us two years ago would believe that we could talk for hour on end.

I want my best friend back. I want you back to my life.



So I made some phone backgrounds for me and my friend and I was wondering if any of you would like one! ^~^ I’d only be able to do a few because I still have some exams coming up but if you’d like one just send me a message saying what characters (doesn’t have to be anime), whether you’d like the images in black and white or colour, what kind of background and then your phone type so the size is right :D

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my friend threatened to punch me after seeing my cuts today and I kinda awkwardly smiled at her and now I can't find me blades and I think she took them what do I do

i understand that self harming is awful and your friend would want you to stop, but punching you is no way to help you. please, please don’t self harm, my love. there are so many other ways you can get your feelings out like listening to music loudly, exercise, do some art, or something to distract you. i found a website that has lots of alternatives to self harm, please have a look x

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do you think its ok to like... not be into going to parties and stuff when youre in high school? my friends are like obsessed with getting drunk and high and it just makes me really anxious :( but i feel so lame

i mean i dont go to parties and i am quite content with life! i would like to but at the same time i realize im not missing out on anything too spectacular… highschool parties are so pathetic its literally kids testing out their limits and crying/puking or they’re entirely underwhelming bc no one knows what they’re doing you’re honestly doing better chillin at home enjoying yourself than sitting through an awkward party. 

your friends hobbies are not ur own and you should not feel bad for not liking them/not doing them, just as u do not force your hobbies on them (hopefully). ur not lame. ur pretty cool

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everything you do is so creative! like, yeah, your porn is smokin' hot, but it's because of the situations you put your characters in and the things you have them liking!

This is very nice to hear, anon, because I don’t often feel creative in my writing, so I’m really glad the situations feel fresh and new (even if I do keep writing friends-with-benefits-to-lovers).

Putting these anons together because it’s a THEME and I love it. Character work is my absolute favourite thing, and porn really is just a (also fun in its own right but) way for me to get at characters in a really intimate way, so all of these made me smiiiiile. :)))

anon two:

Your specialty /would/ probably be porn. But like, porn with feEEeEEEeeelings which makes it even better. Somehow you make super smutty stuff seem more than that? IDK, I love your stuff, basically, xoxo.

Fact: i actually am rarely that interested in reading PWPs. 

Weird, right? But basically all my favourite sex scenes (with a few notable exceptions where an author is talented enough to cram a world into a PWP) are in the middle of Giant Amazing Epics with Personal Journies and Misunderstandings and Coming Togethers and Ups and Downs and man, porn is great and obviously I love it but it’s best and hottest in context. So that is what I try to do, even when I do write PWPs.

anon three: 

look, no one is going to deny that your porn is gr9, but my favorite part of your stories is actually the way that the characters interact. I love the moments when as the reader I’m sitting there going ‘how are you this dumb you are in love with each other why are you like thisssssss’ and then eventually they work it out? Idk.

HOW ARE THEY THAT DUMB??? Honestly my favourite thing in writing big slow get-together stories where it’s DEAD OBVIOUS to everybody but the protagonists that they are EPIC STUPID IN LOVE is somehow making you guys believe they actually would be that dumb. It’s a unique challenge every time and it’s honestly one of the most fun parts of writing. I think my favourite scene in Tympani is the one where Patrick’s like “Too bad I can’t date you, eh?” and there’s this PAUSE and it’s like HEY BUT–and then they are dumb and do not and it’s like WHY GOD, WHY. (At least I felt that way writing it and hope that came through.)

anon four:

You are fantastic at writing romantic and sexual exploration! The porn is amazing but so are the little drama-filled moments that make my stomach drop with empathy for the characters. Also– you post them on ao3 that result in lost sleep. Still worth it.

Empathy! That is the best, anon. The way I write is very character-embedded–I really try to get in their headspace and inhabit their experiences and feel in my gut how they would feel, so that it doesn’t come through as OTT or underwhelming but hits the right note of emotional resonance. Glad I can steal your sleep with it sometimes! :D