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Magic Kaito Chapter 36 [English Translation]

Happy KaiAo day!

  • The danger divides two destinies
  • And Thief’s choice is…

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The signs as The Princess Bride quotes

Aries: I’ll explain and I’ll use small words so that you’ll be sure to understand, you warthog faced buffoon.

Taurus: As you wish.

Gemini: Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Cancer: Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while.

Leo: You mean you wish to surrender to me? Very well, I accept.

Virgo: I would sooner destroy a stained glass window than an artist like yourself.

Libra: There’s a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours.

Scorpio: Is very strange. I have been in the revenge business so long, now that it’s over, I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life.

Sagittarius: Well, I’m not saying I’d like to build a summer home here, but the trees are actually quite lovely.

Capricorn: Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.

Aquarius: I’m not a witch, I’m your wife. But after what you just said, I’m not even sure I want to be that any more.

Pisces: Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder today. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam..

I love You Back

Author’s note: FAHC imagine where reader is Ryan’s wife and bakes him cookies to take to work, she knows what he does and she’s alright with it. Geoff and the rest of the crew are always curious how Ryan always has some form of goody with him until maybe one of the lads see them exchanging things and they think you’re a drug dealer or something..

Pairing: Fahc Ryan Haywood x female reader

Warning: smut, the f-word (it’s Michael), the s-word, fluff, masterbation, implied rough sex..


“When are you going to share what I bake with the rest of the crew? I make enough for a small army.” You said, a small smile on your face as you handed your husband Ryan a goodie bag filled with treats you just baked. “Maybe I don’t want to share you at all. Maybe I’ll just keep you for myself.” Ryan said with a smile before hugging you around the waist and kissing along your neck. You blushed profusely, “Ryan. Please, don’t let me make you late for work. Besides they’re always asking about me.” “They don’t know about you.” Ryan said into your neck, his words tickling you and making you giggle. “Yeah well something makes you happy and it’s not just my baking. They’re gonna find out about me eventually Ry.” You said, though you wore a smile. “Nah, you’ll be my secret forever.” He said, before kissing you on the neck again.

When Ryan got home he came into the house slowly. You could tell just from hearing how he was walking, slowly, but heavily, that he’d had a rough day. You immediately got up from bed where’d you’d been reading and went into the bathroom to start a hot bath. You slipped into your robe and nothing else, heading into the living room to find Ryan sitting on the couch, his head slung back against the couch cushions. You appeared next to him, “Come on Ry.” You said and he opened one eye to a slit to try and see you. You beckoned him with a finger and he grunted, getting up and following you into the bedroom. You took his shirt off him, splaying your hands across his chest you massaged lightly as you went down, before removing the rest of his clothes.

Once he was bare you lead him slowly into the bathroom, hands in his and once in front of the tub you slipped off your robe. Nothing was said as you got in and let the hot water envelope you like a silk cocoon. You turned in the water, and Ryan woke up enough to follow you. Once you were both in you swam around Ryan so you were behind him and brought up a canister to get his hair wet. You washed his hair for him, massaging his scalp in the process and he grunted when you pinch his bottom. “Too tired and sore.” He muttered and you smiled knowingly. “Couldn’t resist a tease Ry. You do have a nice butt.” As you massaged body wash into his back you could feel his chuckle. You finished washing him and got out.

You pulled him into the bedroom and now that he was clean and relaxed you had a plan to make him even more so. “Lay on the bed Ry, on your chest.” You said simply before you walked back in the bathroom. As tired as Ryan was he did what you asked. When you came back your robe was back on and you held a bottle of oil in your hands. You climbed up the bed and sat at his feet. You warmed some oil up on your hands and started massaging his feet. You massaged the arches, heels and toes until you got more oil and rubbed up his calves and the backs of his knees. You replenished your oil and massaged his posterior and his lower back. You slowly worked up his whole body, eventually reaching down his arms to his fingertips where he trapped your fingers in his. “Too good.” He mumbled against the sheets. “Huh?” You asked and he turned over sleepily. “You’re too good for me.” He said and reached up to touch your face. He cupped your cheek and you smiled down at him, “I love you Ry.” You said and he smiled now completely sated and pulled you down for a kiss. It was loving and gentle and when he pulled away he said, “I love you back.”

When Ryan woke up he woke up to the sweet smells emanating from the kitchen. A lazily smile grew on his lips as he realized he wouldn’t have to go in till later and he stretched. His muscles from last night instead of being sore, were pliable and soft. He chuckled as he got out of bed and got dressed. You really were too good for him. The only reason the crew didn’t know about you was for your safety and for Ryan’s. If other people knew about you they’d try and use you as a weak spot to get to Ryan and then Geoff. Ryan made his way out to the kitchen to see you dutifully baking more treats, it was almost a wonder how Ryan kept his strong figure with the amount he ate of your goodies. “Someone’s busy.” He said, a smile on his face as he watched you bake in your apron, without a bra and in your panties. You turned and smiled, “And someone finally got to sleep in.” You said and removed a pan from the oven, setting it on top of the stove to cool before you got out another cooling rack and started transferring the goods onto it.

“Thanks for last night, I needed it.” Ryan said, coming over to wrap his arms around your waist. “It’s no problem Ry. You just got back from work, it’s bound to get tiring.” You said and placed a kiss to his shoulder when you turned your head. He spun you around to kiss you properly which brought a blush to your cheeks. You looked down but Ryan brought you back up to face him. “You’re so cute when you’re flustered.” “And you’re always cute.” You said and stole another kiss from him before slipping gently out of his grasp so you could finish your baking. “What time do you go in later?” You asked and you set another cookie sheet down on the stove top. “Ehh, probably in a few hours.” “You stopping by the store on your way back?” “I can. What do you need?” “More sugar.” “Babe, if you get any sweeter you’re gonna melt me completely.” “Is that so?” You asked, relieving yourself of your oven mitts and your apron and stepping towards Ryan in nothing but your panties. “You saying I’m not sweet enough already?” Ryan stuttered when he saw you but quickly pulled you in for a kiss. And just like the temperature of an oven, things heated up in the kitchen.

“Dude, how come you always have cookies with you?” Michael asked as they were getting ready for a heist. “I like cookies.” Ryan said and Geoff scoffed, “Yeah we all do, but you always have them. How do you have time to go to the store?” “They’re homemade.” Ryan muttered and Gavin gasped, incredulous. “Wot! I didn’t know you baked Rye-bread.” “Maybe it’s just one of my many secrets Gav.” “Many? That means you have more. You gonna tell us Ry?” Gavin pushed and Ryan turned towards him, a crooked smile on his face, “That’s debatable Gavin. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.” “Oh come off it!” Gavin laughed it off but even he didn’t think Ryan was joking completely. Needless to say Ryan did end up sharing his cookies and then went through ten whole minutes of the rest of them raving about how good they were. It was only a matter of time until they found out about you as well.

“The guys tried your baking today.” “And?” “Ugh, they thought it was awful. Must mean more for me.” You hit him playfully in the chest. “Stop that. I know they liked it. And you’ll always have my confections so don’t worry.” Ryan chuckled. “And your affections?” He asked, sounding hopeful. “Of course Ry, isn’t that why you married me?” Ryan smiled and cupped your head in his hand, causing you to blush and smile. “I love you.” You said and Ryan leant forward on the bed and kissed you. Pulling away he repeated, “I love you back.”

You were out at the store, getting your normal everyday groceries when you saw Geoff enter the store. He went over into the liquor isle and picked out an expensive looking bottle. You tried not to pay attention to him but you couldn’t help but recognize him from Ryan’s stories. You smiled and went back to your shopping. When you were in the check out Geoff appeared behind you. “Saw you looking at me earlier when I entered the store. You checking me out?” You chuckled and shook your head, scanning your items. “Just browsing.” You said and scanned a package of flour. Geoff caught your hand and you gasped, pulling back slightly. Geoff noticed this and said, “What’s wrong? You act as though I can’t touch you.” “You shouldn’t.” You replied and Geoff smirked, “Why not?” “Because I’m married.” You said and finished bagging your groceries. Geoff held up his hands. “Okay fair enough. Though if I were a little younger maybe I’d fight them for you.” At that you actually laughed, taking up your groceries and turning back to look at Geoff. “Now that, I’d pay to see.” Geoff gave you a strange look accompanied by a smile but didn’t say anything. You nodded to him and then left the store, putting your groceries in your trunk before heading back to your apartment.

“Babe? You home?” You called out as you heard the front door open and then the the familiar sound of Ryan walking into the kitchen. “Yeah, what’s up?” “Saw Geoff at the store today. Also I was thinking maybe we should get a house that way I’ll have more room to bake for you.” You said, putting the groceries away. Ryan gave you a strange look, “Wait, say that again?” “The house part? Well I was thinking-.” “(Y/N). You know which part I mean.” You looked down and then back up at Ryan, his face solemn. “It’s fine Ry, he didn’t know who I was.” “But you knew who he was? How?” “Come on, all your stories. Besides, first pace he went when he entered the store was the alcohol isle. If that doesn’t give it away what does?” “Did you talk with him?” “Yeah, in the check out. He thought I was checking him out but I told him I was married and he said if he were younger he’d fight whoever had me, in this case you, but he didn’t know that and I said I would pay to see that.” Ryan pierced his lips. “He’s gonna know something’s up. You acted like you know him.” “I do.” You said and Ryan placed his hands on your shoulders, “No, I know. But-.” “Ry, it’s okay. He doesn’t know me and I think he’d be pretty used to people recognizing him, he’s the boss of the most notorious crew in the city.” You wrapped your arms around Ryan’s shoulders, feeling how tense he was. “It’ll be fine Ry.” “Okay.” He relented and placed a kiss to your lips before he parted and said, “I’m going out, I’ll be back later.” “Okay.” You said and placed a kiss to his cheek.

“Dicks dude, there was this girl at the supermarket today.” Geoff started in when Ryan got to the penthouse. “Oh no, Geoff’s finally gone rogue, falling in love with the public.” Jack said and made a funny face. “No dude, she wasn’t like the public.” “How so?” Gavin asked and Geoff told his side of how he met you. “Well I go into the store right, to get some Whiskey.” “Go figure.” Michael said and Geoff chuckled, “And I see this chick just looking at me, or at least in my direction so I get behind her in the checkout and ask her if she was checking me out when I came in.” “She probably had to look for a trashcan after seeing you.” Michael teased, making Geoff laugh before continuing, “And she says no and that she’s married. So I told her if I were younger maybe I’d fight the lucky son of a bitch who got to have her.” “Yeah? So what makes her different Geoff. What makes this one stand out from all the rest?” “I don’t know man. It was almost like she knew me. She laughed and said she’d pay to see it. Like she’d knew I’m lose.” At this point Ryan had come into the room more and said, “Aww, did Geoff get the piss taken out of him and that’s why he thinks she’s different?” Geoff scoffed, “Knock it off cocksucker, you wish you could have seen her.” At that Ryan smiled, but only slightly, little did anyone else know he did see you. All of you, all the time.

When Ryan came home you weren’t out in the kitchen, you are in the bedroom. You didn’t hear Ryan come in and you were too unfocused to register the door opening and closing. You were on top of the sheets, fingers deft in your folds and sinking in and out of your wetness. “(Y/N)?” Your name fell on deaf ears as you got yourself off. Ryan walked into the kitchen only to not find you there, only a fresh sheet of cookies, cooling on a rack. You made slight whimpers as you held your breath, thinking only of Ryan. You came, just as he opened the door to the bedroom, getting to see you arch your back in pleasure and take out your fingers. You brought them up to your lips and lazily licked them clean. “Well, this is always a welcome sight to come home to.” He said and you were too sated to be startled. Instead you reached out your hand, waiting for him to come to you. He did, and lost his clothes in the process. You watched, dazed from your playing, as he crawled on top of you. He cupped your cheek and ground his front on your warm sex. “Always know how to get me going.” He started, “Tasting yourself on your fingers, knowing I would be there to see it. Naughty girl.” He said and ground his now hard length into your inner thigh. “What to do with naughty girls?” He mused out loud and proceeded to make your body completely useless for the rest of the night.

When you woke up you wore a smile on your face, getting up and dressed before wincing slightly. Ryan really had shaken you all night long as that band from the 70s would say. You got up and dressed, glancing over at Ryan’s empty bedside. “Early again.” You muttered and made your way out into the kitchen only to find Ryan in it instead. “Good morning sleepy head.” Ryan greeted you with, holding up a spatula as he turned pancakes on the griddle. “Did you sleep well?” You scoffed and smiled, “You know I slept well. Did you?” You asked, grabbing a seat at the table and flinching slightly. Ryan chuckled, “Something wrong?” He asked when he watched you sit down. “Only thing wrong is you won’t answer my question.” You said, pretending to be serious. Ryan tutted and came over to give you a hug. “Is someone a little sore from last night?” “Just you wait mister. Once this is over, I’ll be the one on top and you will be the one with the sore lower half.” Ryan chuckled and pulled back to check the food. You smirked and added, “For a week.” That comment got him to turn around, a dark, lidded smile in his eyes as he watched you try and get comfortable in the kitchen chairs. “Well, we’ll just have to wait a while until then. Won’t we?” You taunted him further by teasing, “Yes, it will be a while until I can recover. Make sure you have your favourite memories of me to keep you sated while I heal.” You said. Ryan pretended to pout and it was one of the cutest sights. “Please?” He asked as a question and the rest of your resolve fell. “Just make sure to pay attention to the angle of me on you.” You said and Ryan sucked in a breath. “You know for a baker, you sure know how to melt my butter.” Ryan chucked and you laughed, “Stop with the baking puns, you’re ruining it.” “Never.” Ryan said and you replied, “I love you.” Only for Ryan to say, “I love you back.”

“Come on Ry, when are we gonna meet your supplier?” Gavin whined on the couch, xbox controller held lazily in his hands. Ryan perked up, his eyebrow curious as to what he meant. “What are you talking about Gav, I don’t have a supplier.” “Denial.” Michael called in and Jeremy laughed, “Come off it Ry, you always seem to have the best cookies and you’ve been happier recently. You doin’ drugs or something?” Ryan choked on his diet coke spluttering, “Drugs? Why would you think just because I’m happy, I’m hitting up?” “Come on, it’s like you always have the munchies or something. And if I were coming down off a high I know which cookies I would want.” Michael said and Ryan said, “I thought you quit when Ray did?” “I mean yolo right?” Though the mention of Ray made Michael go quiet, until his phone chimed with a call. “You talking about me bro?” It was Ray and Michael smirked, “Yeah fucker, telling them how my dearly departed friend used to justblaze.” “I’m not dying!” “Sometimes I can still here your voice.” “Enough with that meme!” Michael chuckled and took Ray off speaker phone, walking out of the room to have more privacy. And then the banter continued on, the rest completely forgetting about Ryan’s so-called dealer.

“Hey Ry? Where are you now, I’m out and I wanted to give you some cookies. I figured you’d be out by now.” You said into your phone. “What makes you think I’m out?” You heard back and you laughed, “Please, like you aren’t still giving the crew little tastes of my amazing cooking?” “Well someone thinks highly of herself, doesn’t she?” “Please, I like myself very well thank you very much, and so do you. Besides, I saw you sneaking cookies last night, it’s like you didn’t get enough yesterday morning in your goodie bag.” “I don’t share.” He said and you blushed thinking about the other night, “Yeah you do. You can’t tell me you don’t share when you shared all of yourself with me the other night, and then some.” You heard Ryan exhale a breath, “That’s not fair, we’re getting ready to heist and here you are talking like that up in my ear.” You smiled and blew against the mouth piece, “If only that could hit your real ear.” And you knew you heard Ryan try and hold back his whimper. His ears always were sensitive. “Fine, I can meet you in five minutes. You better not be teasing a man about his cookies.” He fake threatened and you smiled, “Never.”

Soon you heard Ryan pull up in his black with green trim, Zentorno and you walked up to the passenger side window. You leant against the car when he rolled down the window and you offered him a bag that had white tissue paper against the interior walls, to keep the cookies more fresh. He smiled as he got some money out of his wallet and offered it to you. “I feel like this is a drug run, you getting me my fix.” He laughed out. “And you paying me for it. What’s this for?” You asked him and he chuckled when he said, “Play it up. Treat yourself.” You smiled and winked at him saying, “You know I will.” With that, you stepped back from the curb and tucked the money he gave you in your purse, and Ryan revved off to go back to work. Little did either of you know the lads had follow Ryan and with the little act you had done, they were now under the impression you were Ryan’s drug dealer.

They followed you for the rest of the day, though they never spoke to you once. They didn’t try and corner you, or take you or even stop you. They just watched you. Back at the penthouse late at night after Ryan left they told the rest of the Gents about it. “It’s real. We saw it.” Michael explained. “Geoff you have to believe us, it was like they really were exchanging drugs.” Jeremy put in after Michael. Geoff shook his head, “This has to be a misunderstanding.” “What’s there to misunderstand? Ryan pulled up, got handed a plastic bag with white shit in it and gave her money.” “Well, Ryan does seem to be acting differently lately, though it’s just happiness. What’s wrong with that?” Geoff asked and Gavin piped up with, “It’s bloody terrifying and different. Usually Ryan will slip in a joke about stabbing someone, now all he does is laugh.” “Or make an even more morbid joke.” Jeremy put in. “Alright, so maybe just follow this “dealer” again. See what her routine is.” Geoff said, “And don’t mention this to Ryan, if he denied it once, he’ll just deny it again and we have to figure out a way to help him before he tries something stronger and really hurts himself.”

So the lads continued to follow you throughout your day until they slipped up, and you recognized Gavin. You would be able to recognize him blind with that nose of his, and his British accent. He was peering behind a display of chips when he was knocked into from behind. You were currently doing the weekly shopping and turned when you heard a squawk of, “Micoo!” You turned to see Gavin picking himself up off the floor of the grocery store and turn to a freckled guy with burnt red hair. “Careful Micoo.” Gavin said, though was much quieter about it. You paid them no mind, trying to act like that sudden out burst hadn’t caught your attention. You paid for your groceries and drove to the police station knowing they wouldn’t follow you in there. You requested a back room to make a private phone call and then called Ryan. “Babe, I think the lads are following me.” You told him and you could almost hear him bristling, “What? Why?” “I don’t know. They were at the supermarket, hiding behind a chip rack.” “Well Lil J’s here with me and Jack so.. Are you sure it’s them?” “Yeah, I think I’m able to recognize any of them from the stories you’ve told me.” “Okay well let me call them. Where are you now?” “The police station, figured they wouldn’t follow me in.” “Why you think they’ll try something?” “Well maybe, since they don’t know who I am. Why would they be following me?” “I’m not sure. But act natural, just go home and if they try something I’ll find them.” “Okay.” You hung up your cell and pocketed it, making your way back out through the station and thanked the dude at the front desk.

You started making your way back home when you got on the road only to hit a bump and cause your tire to go flat. “Dangit.” You muttered and texted Ryan where you were before getting out to assess the damage. You heard a little motor like a mo-ped and turned to find Michael and Gavin riding up behind you on a Faggio. You ignored them and went about changing your tire. “Looks like someone’s a little flat.” Michael said and you frowned, “You better be talking about the car.” Michael just laughed, “Don’t worry babe, I was.” You visibly recoiled and tsked, “Only my husband is allowed to call me babe.” You said and Michael held up his hands. “Didn’t know you were married.” “That’s because you don’t know me. Now why are you following me?” You asked, still changing your tire. “Maybe because we found you out.” Gavin put in. You frowned, your brow furrowing, “Okay, what’d you find out?” “That you’re a drug dealer.” “That I’m a what?!” You asked, eyes wide and face incredulous. “That you deal drugs and we saw you making a deal with one of our friends and we’re just gonna tell you to stop selling to him before he hurts himself.” You stared at them, dumbfounded until you remembered back to your little charade you did with Ryan when you brought him cookies. “Don’t you think you need more evidence before you just start accusing people of dealing or doing drugs?” “Not when our friend who’s normally just creepy starts randomly laughing and it makes you wonder whether he’ll kill you.” “Right? It’s bloody weird, makes me shiver about what he’s thinking of.” That made you smirk because you did the same thing. “How do you know what your friend is thinking of is bad? Maybe he’s just remembering a good time?”

Michael and Gavin continued to look at you until Michael came back with, “I see what you’re doing. Not answering our questions, now be honest. Are you a drug dealer?” “No.” You said and Gavin answers with, “Ah ha! Drug dealer’s are never honest so that means you are one!” A blank look crossed your face and you set down your tire iron. “You just told me to be honest and when I am you don’t believe me? How biased is that question?” “How’d you know we were following you?” “Uh, this is Los Santos. Not hard to pick up on suspicious people around here.” “Leaning up against our friend’s car and offering him a bag of white stuff and getting paid for it is suspicious.” Michael sneered and you countered with, “So’s hiding behind a rack of chips.” Gavin muttered, “Crisps.” “Whatever. Now are you done interrogating me so I can finish fixing my car?” You asked and Michael crossed his arms. “Well if your not a drug dealer, then what’d you give our friend?” “I gave him cookies. And if you believe that then you know I’m not a drug dealer.” Both lads faces dropped, “What?!” Michael screeched, “You’re the master cookie maker?! Those are your cookies Ryan always has?!” You smiled, “Yeah what of it Jones?” Michael was still freaking out about how delectable the treats Ryan shares with them are yours when Gavin said, “Wait, how do you know his name?” “I can figure a lot out Gavin, especially since I know Ryan.” Michael stopped fawning over your baking to say, “But how do you know about us? We’ve never heard about you.” “That’s because she’s my wife.” You all turned to see Ryan standing there, black Zentorno pulled up behind the Faggio. “And that’s how it was supposed to stay.”

“You’re married?!” Geoff shrieked when you were all back at the penthouse. “Since when you fucker?” Michael asked and Ryan and you laughed, “Since three years now?” Geoff huffed, “Well that explains you being so happy these past few years Ry. I can’t believe I thought you’d turned to drugs.” “Geoff come on, who long have you known me? Besides, (Y/N)’s the only drug I need.” Geoff made a disgusted face saying, “I didn’t need to know that.” And Jeremy called out, “Don’t forget her cookies.” Everyone but Geoff laughed, “I can see now I would lose, even if I were younger.” He said, calling back to the conversation he had with you at the store. Ryan brought you aside, walking with you up to the roof and sitting down on one of the many chairs. “I’m glad they handled that well. Now I’m off the hook about drugs and you’re off the hook about being hidden.” Ryan looked at his feet when he said that last part and you knew he was still scared for everyone’s safety, especially yours. “It’ll be okay Ryan.” You said and held up Ryan’s face so his eyes could meet yours. “I love you.” He said and you kissed him, wrapping your arms around his neck. Pulling away you said, “I love you back.”

Fiesty Little Hobbit

Warnings: Swearing, So much sass

General Summary: Imagine you are Bilbo’s little sister.

Chapter Summary: Your mouth gets you into trouble as usual

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 5

“We will camp here for the night,” Thorin calls out and you sigh, relieved to finally be resting.

You wait until Bilbo gets off before you follow your brother. You hear Thorin getting into an argument with Gandalf, but you ignore it, opting to tie your pony to the tree.

“Gandalf? Where are you going?” you hear Bilbo ask and that catches your attention. “To seek the company of the only one around here who’s got any sense!”

That causes your brows to crease.

“Who’s that?”

"MYSELF, Mr. Baggins! I’ve had enough of dwarves for one day!” Gandalf replies and you watch him go.

You follow him to see where he’s going.

“Gandalf?” you ask quietly. He stops and sighs. “I will be back Ms. Baggins. Do not worry about me,” he says and you nod, turning back around to go back to the dwarves.

By the time the sunsets, Gandalf is not back. “Y/n, be a dear and take this to the lads,” Bofur tells you, handing you two bowls. Bilbo takes one from you and you smile at him in thanks.

When Gandalf left, you did not want to talk to anyone, but Bilbo. You both leave to find Kili and Fili. You find them easily, but they’re just staring at the ponies.

“Whats wrong?” Bilbo asks and you sigh.

“You lost the ponies didn’t you?” you ask them and Kili turns to you in surprise. “Please don’t tell Uncle,” he pleads. “Well, someone has to tell him,” you reply as Bilbo takes a look around.

“As our official burglar, we thought you two might want to look it,” Fili says and you narrow your eyes at him. Biblo will undoubtedly fall for it.

“Well, it looks like something big was here,” Bilbo says, looking at the fallen tree. “That’s what we were thinking,” Fili says and you roll your eyes. You look around and you see a light.

You move forward, shoving the bowl into Kili’s chest. You jump over the broken trees and move closer to the light.

"Trolls,” you mutter. You duck as you see another troll carrying Myrtle and Minty.

“They’ve got Myrtle and Minty!” Bilbo says, coming to stand next to you. “We’ve got to do something,” Bilbo says and you sigh. The boys were going to tell him to do something and he did.

Needless to say, you were all captured by smelly trolls and luckily for you, you were put in a sack and not tied on the spit.

“I’m going to murder you both as soon as we get out of here,” you tell Kili, trying to wiggle yourself out.

“It was your brother’s fault for us getting captured!” Kili exclaims. “It was you two dunderheads that didn’t notice a fucking troll stole the ponies. What were you even doing to not to notice it?” You ask annoyed and he shuts his mouth.

“Oi. You two quit your griping. We’re trying to figure out how to cook ya’,” one of the trolls says. “Oh shove off you cotton headed ninny muggin,” you retort, opting to just lie there instead of wasting your energy.

“You wot?” The other asks. “None of your business you swine,” you reply and you’re immediately lifted up by your foot and turned towards the trolls, blood rushing to your head.

“I don’t like you,” he says. “Get in line big fella! Half of my people don’t like me,” you say. “What are you then? An oversized squirrel?” He asks and you roll your eyes at the same question the trolls asked your brother.

“I’m a hobbit you twat,” you say, trying to get the blood flowing properly but you can’t given the fact that he has a tight grip on you.

The troll grabs you by the waist and rights you and you thank valar for that.

“What is a hobbit? The other one was a buglarhobbit. Are you some kind of offspring?” he asks again. “What are you going on about? There’s no such thing as a buglarhobbit you daft bimbo,” you say and that causes him to lift you above his mouth.

That’s it. You were going to die right there. You weren’t even halfway to the mountain yet.

“Wait! You can’t eat her! She’s got worms. In her — tubes,” you hear Bilbo says and suddenly, you are tossed into the other dwarves landing unceremoniously unto Thorin.

“Are you alright?” Thorin asks. “Just Peachy,” you reply, trying to sit up. “Yes. They’re all infected with parasites,” Bilbo says as you see Gandalf running in the background. Ah, so he’s buying for time.

“We don’t have parasites, you’ve got parasites,” Kili shouts and you kick him. He looks at you and you glare at him. He turns back to the trolls. “I’ve got huge parasites! The biggest there is!” he shouts and the company starts agreeing with Bilbo’s words.

“What would have us do then? Let them all go?” the troll spinning the spit asks. “Well,” Bilbo says and you laugh at your brothers silliness.

“I know what you’re trying to do! This little ferret is taking us for fools!” another one says, poking Bilbo in his stomach.


“The dawn will take you all!” another voice interrupts and suddenly the trolls are turned to stone.

It takes you all a while, but you are all packed and ready to go by midmorning.

You glare at Thorin as he blames Bilbo for getting them into trouble in the first place.

“You are forgetting, Mr. Oakenshield that it was your two nephews that lost the ponies in the first place,” you growl out, poking the king in his chest.

He looks at his chest in surprise. A hobbit would dare poke him?

“I suggest you change your attitude towards Bilbo because he was the only smart one that had the nous to play for time, you cheeky little shit. Now, if there are trolls here there must be a cave nearby,” you say, looking around and leaving the dwarf and wizard behind with stunned expressions. You were such a feisty little hobbit.


red umbrella

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

in which it’s raining again.

genre: angst (with a very, very slight mention of sex)

word count: 1836

― yoongi x reader

a/n: inspired by soyou and baekhyun’s rain and kikwang of beast/lee da in’s drama twenty

    HE STILL REMEMBERS. Everything―like it all happened yesterday. He remembers seeing you shiver in the cold rain with your red umbrella. He remembers how especially vibrant the red was compared to the gloomy monotonous bus station. He remembers how much he thought that umbrella was an eyesore. He remembers how you offered to share that ugly umbrella with him after seeing that nothing was protecting him except his flimsy black, black hoodie. He remembers how, even though he could only see you through the raindrops in his eyelashes, you were stunning. You leaned against him subconsciously to warm yourself, taking no notice of how his heart skipped a beat and how he closed his eyes, drinking in the moment as if it were his lifeline.

He was in love.

He is in love.

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mayihaveyourdesert  asked:

Hi! So, i saw you having tarot. Would you mind sharing how you started readings (if you do your own) and how I could approach myself to this matter? It's all very very new to me! Thanks a lot :)

@mayihaveyourdesert Hi! Tarot is actually a huge part of my life tbh, it’s my main writing inspiration and definitely my main focusing tool. I’m not sure that I’m the right person to ask about starting out because I have a very personal approach to tarot that may or may not be what you’re looking for! Right off the bat, I’ll tell you that I’m not a spiritual person, so if you’re looking for tips for starting out from a spiritual standpoint, I unfortunately won’t be much help in that category. (Maybe someone can comment who does approach it from that angle and who would be willing to help, though!!) I’ll break down my own approach within two categories.

1. Based on Symbolism
2. Non Fate-Oriented


Choose your deck(s) for you! My favorite thing about tarot is the beautiful imagery and symbolism, and I think it’s really important to consider this when acquiring your first deck. There are a metric sh*t-ton of options when it comes to tarot, and each deck can be a bit like learning a new language (sometimes literally, one of my favorite decks is in Italian). Tarot is personal, and you’re going to get a lot more meaning out of it if you enjoy and connect with your cards. Do some research, compare decks! My personal favorites are the classic Rider Waite deck, the gorgeous & lush Ancient Italian deck, and the minimalist-yet-somehow-still-primordial Golden Thread deck (which comes with an amazing app that is actually free even without the deck.)

— Get to know your cards. Having a working knowledge of the meanings of each card is a great jumping-off point, whether you use the booklet that often comes with the cards or do individual research. This may be an unpopular opinion, but don’t even be afraid to modify them if you feel the urge (more on this in the next paragraph, but for one example, I hand-gilded the edge of one of my decks to make it feel more personal.)

— Don’t let gained knowledge of the cards obscure gained meaning. Now that I’ve told you to learn the cards, I’m going to tell you to un-learn them, at least sometimes. A lot of books and websites will tell you very specific things about cards, everything from “The Emperor represents an earthly fatherly influence” to “The Queen of Cups is a blonde woman whom you have yet to meet who loves reading Calvin & Hobbes comics but only during the month of April.” This is all well and good, especially when you’re starting out! I even have Whitcomb’s 600 page Magician’s Companion textbook because I love fun correspondences so much. BUT as you go on, cards may take on new meanings. Let them!! If you start feeling like a certain card represents you, or a particular part of your life, allow that to happen. And tracking that progress is a great way of looking at personal growth and your life, actually. Making a non-linear journal (or grimoire) is helpful: One page per card, add thoughts or conceptual meanings to them as you think of them, quotes, book characters they remind you of…I’ve gotten so far as to know that one particular card is the main character of my book series, and I carefully replaced the word Temperance with Alchemy on one of my decks. And, just as you allow the traditional cards to take on personal meanings, allow your given meanings to rearrange. Finding new connections is so fun, like the moment when you realize that you admire the same qualities in your best friend and your favorite quote. Try to recognize when you are holding on to old influences and work on letting go.


Your fate is yours. You see what you want to see. My personal view is that tarot is about the past but mostly about now. You are the one who has to use that knowledge of yourself to look to the future. Ue the symbolism to ask: what influences are in my life? What am I seeing in these cards, and what is that saying about my subconscious focus and desires? For instance, if you’re trying to meditate on whether to move to Boulder or San Diego and you keep picking out mountain/forest imagery even though the sea is right there as well, that tells you something. Listen to yourself, first and always.

On that note, I don’t use reversals. Reversals are different readings of the cards should they appear upside down when you draw them, often bestowed with the inverse or undesirable traits of the original card. Personally, reversals don’t really fit into my imagery-based fate-less approach, so I ignore them. I feel like they cast an unnecessary negative pall on my readings.

Don’t be afraid to draw clarifiers, and don’t take it too seriously! Clarifiers are extra cards that are useful if one (or multiple) card in your reading is making you say “wot in the ever-loving tarnation…..” or even “damn that’s scary, what can I do to prevent that?” But I most commonly draw clarifiers when I see something I really love and I’m thinking “okay, how do I get from where I am now to that?” Pick a goal card for yourself, once you learn the meanings. Are you aiming for The Moon, mysterious artistry and wildest dreams? The Sun, light and truth and warmth? The Hermit, old guy alone with a lantern and maybe a cat or twenty at home who really knows but he’s got a sweet cloak? (Jk but rlly….I got him recently for myself and I was like yeah honestly I’m ready, bring to me the Lantern of Solitude). In this vein, I like to remember that there are no bad cards, because to me, none of the cards represent a definite future. 

TO WRAP UP! Hopefully that was at all helpful haha. I’m sure many people heartily disagree with one or all of my views on this, but there they are. Tarot is a lot like writing: You have to know the rules to break them effectively. The rules in this case are the time-honored meanings of the cards and the process of reading them for yourself and others. Try things out, read what you can and read more when it interests you, don’t be afraid to change your mind, take notes, try to put out as much positive force into the world as you can! Have fun! 

Oh, also, last advice: rope your best friend into learning, too. Being the only one who reads tarot at parties makes you surprisingly popular but sometimes u just want fresh insights on yourself as well tbh.

after I recovered from the first shock: 

how will they portray rand’s working and healthy relationships with 3 different girls who are also friends with each other and fine with the whole concept? please just don’t turn this in to a love rectengular or something. please.

don’t you dare to change one of the best relationships in the whole damn series into something other than a companionship that built on trust between Moiraine and Lan. don’t you dare.

Don’t make me ship Egwene and Rand. it was already hard enough to get over them once. (I still don’t like you Aram)

Make Tuatha’an real gypsies. please.

Make Basheres one big loving royal family. I want all of them with their war techniques and everything. I want to see Faile as a character, not someone to prompt Perrin.

GIVE PERRIN YELLOW EYES. Make Elyas is portrayed by some seriously perfect actor. like Jason Isaacs  or something.just give him a cameo and kill afterwords but make him perfect.

Lan. Show me his war. with his backstory and all. I want Malkieri. I want my king. 

give me the torture. with Egwene and damanes and suldams. I want to feel it and cry in front of my computer for hours.

Galad. give his storyline some respect. even though I didn’t like him so much, the character was amazingly written. 

Don’t even think of hinting Merrilin and Moiraine. JUST. DON’T. it was one real shock and hearth warming scene i don’t want to be robbed from it.

While talking about shocks…. VERRIN. do her justice. don’t hint anything. don’t go outside of her book lines. don’t even think about add or take anything from her. I am begging you.

Make that insane and diverse cast. I want it all. 

anonymous asked:

Life's too short to be so fascinated by two British guys that will never know you exist. so why not do something better with the short time you have left

bc i’m not doing this in the hopes that they’ll one day know i exist?? that’s like,,,,, not even slightly my motivation??? wot?? hahaha you’ll have to try harder than that if u wanna shame ppl for having fun and enjoying what they enjoy,,, the short of it is that with limited time, it’s literally basic human instinct to do the things that make you happy. watching dan and phil and writing about them are things that make me happy :) you should chill out m8 

sasawichi  asked:

hi, just found your blog and it is amazing <3 may i request rfa + saeran + v when they find out mc is actually a very good programmer/hacker? Thank you <3

Thank you so much!! ☺️☺️❤️

Zen ✨
- it was a normal sunday
- The two of you were sitting on the couch both on your laptops
- Suddenly Zen sees a hate page about himself
- Its not the first hate page he’s seen so he doesn’t really care
- But when he clicks on it he sees that the person who made it posts really weird photos of Zen
- In the corner of your eye you see Zen tense up
- You look over at his screen and immediately know what to do
- So you press a few buttons on your laptop and suddenly the page Zens on changes into a page about dogs and theres dogs everywhere
- Zens like wot??
- You see his reaction and laugh
- Hes like “omg mc did you di this what the hell”
- “This is great”
- He thinks its super cool and he’s amazed that you have so many hidden talents

Jumin 💎
- Jumins company has been in trouble for a while now
- And with trouble i mean that some other company tried to hack it and steal some important data
- Jumin looked call but boiiiiiii noooooo
- Hes freaking out inside
- And since Seven was “busy” again he couldn’t help
- And hiring a unknown hacker may not be a good idea since it’s important data and all
- So you decide to surprise him at work
- He’s super stressed and relieved when he sees you
- Jumin tells you that they finally know which company is behind this but that they don’t know how to stop them since talking won’t help
- You’re like bun sugar hun i got this
- After 45 minutes some man who works for Jumin bursts into the room
- “ Their site it’s overflowing with cats what is this”
- Jumins like ok
- He looks at you like how?!!
- You have this smirk on your face and say tell him that you hacked into their documents deleted all the date they stole and as cherry on top you put a virus onto their site
- Yes a cat virus
- Idk man lmao

Yoosung 🎮
- He was on LOLOL again
- You were trying to study
- Yes trying
- Because suddenly Yoosung screams
- He punches the computer like YOuSuNG nO
- Youre like ???
- he’s almost crying
- Poor puppy
- You hug him and ask whats wrong
- Apparently he just downloaded some new armor and stuff but the site crashed and now its all gone
- You tell him to go get some fresh air
- Hes like alright
- While hes gone you hack LOLOL
- You get him alllll sorts of stuff
- He comes back and is like mc why are you on LOLOL
- you’re like surpriseeeee
- And he probably cries again
- Thinks it’s great that youre a hacker
- Would say “no dont do it it’s against the rules”
- 5 minutes later

Jeahee ☕️
- Jeahee was working hard once again
- She was super stressed
- Until she heard that there was a new music with Zen in it
- The moment she heard about it she rushed to the store to get it
- But it was sold out
- No biggie right
- Just try another store
- But it was sold out EVERYWHERE
- Jaehee is a bit sad of course
- So when she comes home and sees you shes not as happy as she usually is
- You ask her what happened and she explains
- You’re like ok Jaehee go take a bath and relax
- Shes like but i have wor-NO GO TAKE A BATH
- okokokok
- While shes gone you searched and searched and finally found the movie
- It wasn’t easy to get since you had to hack it but whatever
- When Jaehees back you tell her the good news
- and then you watch the movie together

Seven 👾
- He kinda already knew
- When he did your background check he noticed that there wasn’t much information about you
- One day he has a mission but its so HaRd
- He’s literally dying
- You’re like if you need hel-NO MC AGENT 707 CAN DO THIS ALONE
- you’re like mhm sure we’ll see about that
- Suddenly he falls asleep
- So you look at what mission it is and what he still needs to do
- You finish it quite early
- When he woke up he was like wot
- Thinks he did it in his sleep lmao
- Youre like jfc seven

V 📸
- he found his old laptop
- Hes like “mc come check this out”
- All his old photos were on it
- He’s super excited since he hasn’t seen them in yeaaaars
- But then
- Theres a password
- The poor boy doesn’t even remember what he had for dinner two days ago
- He’s like “ oh well it’s okay they weren’t that good anyway”
- But you could see the disappointment in his eyes
- So you grab the computer and start hacking
- And boom password unlocked
- It was probably something like bunnies111 or something lmao
- V’s like *hearteyes* he’s impressed

- It was one of those days where he locked himself in his room again
- You tried to talk to him
- Nope
- Text him
- He wouldn’t even read them
- You were getting frustrated by now
- So you grabbed your laptop
- Searan was also on his laptop looking at YouTube videos like “how to make slime” lmao
- Suddenly theres a heart on his screen
- And another one
- Another one
- “ i luvv youuu”
- “ i want to seeee youuu”
- He’s like whats this madness
- damn you seven
- Suddenly theres a picture of you on his screen
- He opens his door slowly
- Sees you sitting behind a laptop
- Youre just like 😎
I’m kinda busy today so sorry if i don’t post as much as yesterday
Also thanks again for all the support!!
I’ll try to start writing a part 3 for the jumin fanfic ✨
- Tess

anonymous asked:

Wot is with tv shows and the same-sex intimacy double standard this yr? Supergirl making Sanvers implicit, Shadowhunters doing a fade to black with their only gay couple while their het couples get sexualised scenes... it sucks :(

It’s even more ridiculous if you think they have no problem sexualizing f/f and m/m sexual encounters. They have an issue with showing romantic pairings having intimate, non-cut sex but they have no problem with scenes like Clarke/Niylah on the 100 and Sara/Random on Legends of Tomorrow.

What is concerning to me is that same-sex intimacy of occasional sex with less relevant characters is allowed but God help us having actual intimacy for relationships that are deeper and all about love and respect for one another.

Examples: Clexa love scene cut to where they lie onto the bed or having to wait after life for a hug, or Nyssa and Sara never having an actual love scene or simply intimate scene.

anonymous asked:

why dont you use adfly? (i'm not complaining lol) but I was just curious, from my experience most creators do? i love your poses and your stories btw!

hi!! there’s a few reasons, I guess 

  1. the ads or pages linked from sometimes contain some pretty non PG13 content, like nudity, dating sites, gambling etc. anddd idk how comfortable I’d be with my younger followers seeing that because of lil ol’ meee
  2. When I’m downloading cc I become really uncomfortable when a link shortener asks me to disable my adblock and I’d feel bad vise versa xD
  3. aaaaaand idk the specifics but i imagine you’d have to get 100,000′s of clicks to make it even remotely worthwhile; and with more and more people using adblock, i imagine it’s even harder idkk
  4. sooo, instead I just have a donate button, which gives people the option 😊  

but hey ho tons of my favourite creators use and I’m happy to go through in order to support them!! creators in this community totally deserve to be supported and compensated for all the endless blood, sweat and tears that goes into their custom content 😊 

thank you my love!! I’m glad you like my blog!! heheh 😊

anonymous asked:

A dragon comes to try and eat Plumette (because she's clearly a princess and thats wot dragons do) except he's not the only golden, firemaking thing in the room. (And Plumette is also a badA). ~NiceAnon (still needs tumblr account.)

you always get your fics right away because you are Nice Anon, so even though this fic is so amazing it should probably get like 20 chapters and full commissioned illustrations, I will give you just a little fic just to show you my fondness. also i am a bit tired so APOLOGIES if it just devolves into not making sense. but here we go let’s get some DRAGONS

The dragon looked over the Dragon Classifieds, dipping toast into his egg. He needed a princess—a good, proper princess; not any of these new-fangled breed, who hit things with saucepans or shot them with arrows or blasted ice out of their fingertips. No, that sort would not do at all. This dragon was getting old, and bitter, and a little fat around the tum, and he couldn’t remember the last time he had stolen a good princess. A good princess, now: dressed all in white, and near-divine with grace, and with deep dark eyes and a heart-shaped face. Elegant, beautiful, infused with love and femininity. That was the type of princess an old dragon wanted.

He scanned the Classifieds. Princesses in Germany, Austria, Italy—here was one all the way over in America, but the listing specified that she came with “raccoon and hummingbird sidekicks,” and that was just too much trouble to counter. No sidekicks. No princes, hanging around with slashing swords. Just a princess, all in white.

Ah! The hidden heart of France. Just normal France would do, but the listing was worded well. (dragons appreciate that little bit of style. many dragons have been known to go into careers as professional editors, when they are not eating people’s faces off). The princess of villeneuve had no sidekicks, no princely lover, not even a fairy godmother at hand. This princess would be perfect.

The dragon flapped his cranky old wings—oh, they ached, nowadays—and took off from his cave. To Villeneuve he would go. And soon he would come back, pretty princess in hand.

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~spOopy~ daforge headcanons 

  • Geordi teaching Data how to do shadow puppets
  • Geordi and Data doing a joint Holmes/Watson costume to a halloween party
  • Data taking trick or treat like super literally and when kids come round to their quarters saying TRICK he takes his hand off/takes an eye out or something and they all run away screaming
  • Geordi calmly explaining that you just always give the kids candy Data not actually scare them

•  alright so honestly this relationship is going to be too cute shit wait i need a moment ,,, 

•  the way you met was in a mall while you were taking your younger cousin for a little bonding trip w just the two of you 

• but you just stopped for five  minutes at little burgundy to check out some shoes when the child just suddenly disappears and you’re like hw AT THE FUK C 

• so you’re frantically searching the mall showing strangers a picture of your cousin asking if they’ve seen them and you’re sweating profusely bc thEIR MOM IS GOING TO KILL YOU 

• but suddenly someone tells you that they saw a kid that looked similar to the one in the picture over at the little indoor playground on the other !! side !!!! of the fucking mall !!!!!!!!!! 

• so you’re sprinting over there and guess what sight greeted you 

• your cousin :)) without a care in the world :))) conversing w some dressed up mascot near the ball pit and they seem like they don’t ever want to leave 

• so you’re walking over there and your cousin sees you and prays to god bc this child knOW S they’ll be getting an earful from the whole trip until you reach the house for your weekly sunday family dinners or smth

• so you’re like to the mascot “thanks for looking after them and sorry for being a bother, we’ll be taking our leave” so while you’re walking away and nagging this child abt running off without permission, the mascot was starting towards you in an attempt to say smth

• but some mother and her four year old child approach him for a picture so he’s just watching you disappear into the crowd and is thinking that he’s probably never gonna see you again 

• but WAIT

• it’s gonna be 11 in the evening and you’re in the mood for some instant ramen but there’s none in the cupboard so you’re like agh shit looks like i gotta go get some at the corner store 

• so you went but halfway back to your house after buying your midnight snack, you realized that going out at this time of night was anything BUT a smart idea and the street lights were flickering and no one was on the street and barely any cars were passing by 

• it was scary as fuck so you’re just hoping to jesus and mother mary and the holy spirit that youll get back to your house without a hassle while holding on tight to your ramen bc u can’t spell ramen w/o amen amirite ¬‿¬

• but someone just suddenly taps your shoulder and you’re like shit should i turn around ohymgo d im gonna die tonight rip bye y'all

• but it’s lee seokmin clad in denim jeans, high top converse, and a crew neck sweater 

• hes like “it’s dangerous for a lady to be walking around at this time !!!” and you’re like lmao idek this kid and seokmin being the nice person he is, offers to walk you home 

• you obviously protest at first like yO ive never seen you onCE, how can i trust you to walk me home and how do i know you’re not a serial killer, which seokmin finds is completely reasonable to question bc when some random guy shows up offering to walk you home at 11pm ,,, even he can’t deny it sounds kind of shady 

• but this kid is gonna be honest w you all like “i wasn’t ready for a follow up question so i can’t really answer ,,, but my conscience is just telling me to walk you home ?????” tbh its not a sufficient excuse but you’re tired as fuck and want nothing more than to eat so you’re like lmao good enough 

• it’s a silent trip on the way back but seokmin just decides to pipe up like “that kid w you last Sunday,,, are they your sibling ???" 

• and you’re like what how do you know abt that and it turns out that he was the mascot guy at the mall looking after your cousin 


• but still, you kinda feel bad bc the child was probably annoying the shit out of him while you were on the hunt so you ask if there’s anything you can do to repay him or whatever and he’s like "show up to the ball pits again next time you’re free and bring ur cousin !!!!" 

• when you reach your house, he gives you his number telling you to text him back when you’re good to go and ends off the night w a smile sO bRIGHT YOU NEARLY WENT BLIND HOLY SHIT 

• since you and your cousin live super close, they visit really often even if it’s just for a snack or their internet is down while your wifi’s connection is great 

• but they come over and you’re like "aye the mascot man wants us to come back to the ball pits whenre u free”

• and this kid is like “ahhhh the mascot man ??? he thought you were cute lmao” and you just go fucking red like – 

• so you text seokmin telling him that you’re free next saturday and this boy is literally so excited he adds little smiley faces at like the end of each word 

• "hey, my cousin and i are good for saturday !! is that a good time for you ??“ 

• ” ahh Saturday :DDD sounds good to me :DDD see ya there :DDDDDD"

• you spent all week planning for this okay, you have had an outfit prepared since Tuesday, you saved your paycheck from your job so you could probably treat seokmin and ur third wheeling cousin to ice cream like everything wAS A-OK

• but on the day of, you get a call from your aunt saying that this child suddenly went down w the flu so they can’t go hang out today so you’re like “ah okok s'all good, that means it’s only gonna be me and seokmin then ,,,, wAIT SHIT ITS ONLY GONNA BE ME AND SEOKMIN”

• this has you nervous as fuck but it’s too late to back out now fham, you agreed to meet at 12:30 and it is now 11:45, so rip, u ded, clocking urself out is no longer an option 

• so you head over to the mall and he’s sitting on the bench by the indoor playground and he sees you and greets you w that signature bright as the sun smile and you couldn’t help but internally scream bc he was so !! fucking !!!! cute !!!!!!

• but he’s looking around all like “ahhh, where’s ur cousin so and so ?????” and you just tell him that they’re sick and tbh he’s v concerned like awh man D: tell em i said get better !! 

• but lowkey, he’s slightly happy that it was just the two of you for today bc 1) he doesn’t want ur cousin to feel like a third wheel, 2) he just wants you to himself for the day okay he has developed a crush 

• so you go around yenno, get some food, buy some clothes, talk A LOT and before you know it, it’s already 6 in the evening and you gotta go home awh man it was fun 

• hOWEVER seokmin is like “this was a great trip, lets do it again sometime !!!” and ur like aight but he’s like “not just a hangout thing tho ,,, like ,,, a date —– i mEAN IF YOURE OKAY W IT THO I —" 

• when he gets all flustered, you just internally clutch your heart bc hoNEStly, wHO WOULD SAY NO TO THIS FRAGILE LIL BEAN AWH

• the way he confesses to you is on New Years and he obvs invited you to hang out AGAIN and since your fham wasn’t all gung-ho abt New Years, you were like sure thang lets meet at this place see ya 

• idk why all these aus take place during winter id rather it be spring w cherry blossoms but aNYHOE 

• so you’re maneuvering through a bustling crowd like shit god damn seokmin what were you thinking, i- the crowds ,,,

• you’re calling him on his cell phone all like whERE YOU AT, but you bump into one person and it turns out to none other than leE seoKMIN !!!!! 

• this is gonna be like an anime moment okay where the main protagonists realize that they’re deeply in love or some shit bc he’s standing there in basically the same outfit he wore on the first night you met and you’re also standing there, w your hands stuffed into your pockets, huffing and puffing bc of the busy crowd and he can actually sEE your breath while you deeply exhale and literally the only thought invading his mind at that moment was "shit, you’re god damn beautiful”

• he just takes this as the perfect moment to confess his feelings and while people are chanting the countdown, he just leans in to whisper in your ear, “how would you feel right now if i asked you to be my girlfriend”

• and right afTER HE SAID IT, the New Years fireworks are lit and they illuminate the sky in various colours while people are cheering and doing whatever they do after the clock strikes 12 and you’re just standing there while seokmin awaits your answer and you honestly just hug him and nod yes against his coat and aG H SHIT WAIT I NEED TO SIT DOWN

• he makes a lot of jokes ,,,,,


• probably the very first one he told was having dinner with your family when they finally acknowledged him as your boyfriend

• everything was silent ,,, your mom just kept encouraging everyone stuff like not to be shy, eat to your hearts content, hows the potato salad or smth while your dad is just picking at his food and eyeing seokmin every once in a while

• he sensed how awkward everything was so he was like “guys ,,,, what did the pirate say when he turned 80 ,,,,” and everyone’s like ‘wot’ and you’re like holy shti seokmin pls dONT-

• “aYE MATEY !!11!!1″

• your family loved him after that ,,,, 

• he’s literally the light of your life okay his smile aside, his energy is just contagious and he always wants to keep you motivated so he encourages you a lot to do your best and gets you back on track when you’re studying and get distracted and literally what would you do without lee seokmin

• okay okay so to the cute parts,,,,, kiSSES SHIT I GTG I HVANET EVEN STARTED YET

• not really the type for passionate kisses, unless he wants to fuck around but usually he just gets straight to the point and gives a little peck or smth

• idk what an eskimo kiss is but lets say he does that bc the word eskimo sounds cute and so is seokmin


• maybe a month and a half after you start dating, you are suddenly struck w the realization that you know nothing about him

• yeah you know his birthday, you met some of his friends, and his parents love you but he doesn’t tell you abt his hoBBIES

• so one day you ask him about it on a date while walking through the park like “what do you like”

• he planned on answering smth cute or cheesy like “do you mean who ? bc then i can say you lmao ;)))” but that is embarrassing af and you didn’t really need to clarify yourself for him to properly answer the question

• he was like “well ,,,, i sing ,,,” and you’re literally like ah so you can sing :))) nice :))) ,,,,,,,,


• however, to your convenience :)))) there was some random guy playing guitar on a park bench and you usually dont request for him to do things that he’s not comfortable with but you really ! want !! to hear !!! him sing !!!!! so you’re like go sing w guy on the bench

• you thought he was gonna go protest like “ aHhhhh nOOOooO i couldn’t possibly !!11!1 ./////.”

• but to your surprise, he’s like sure and he sits down beside the guy asking if he can sing along and he starts and shIT IF HIS VOICE IS NOT THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING YOU’VE EVER HEARD IN YOUR LIFE THEN ——-

• seokmin and the guitarist made a good duo so it attracted attention so while he’s there having the time of his life, before he knew it, a whole crowd had gathered around and he’s like ohmy whats this ,,,,, ;)))))

• so after that event that happened in the park, he constantly sings to you whether it be on another date or you’re just hanging around at your houses, but you will actually never let him go a day without having to hear his voice

• when its 3am in the morning and you’re feeling restless, you text him if he’s still awake and to your surprise, he still is

• you ask him why he’s still up but he doesn’t really have a particular reason ,,, however when he asks you why YOURE up, you just answer him saying like you can’t sleep or the movie you watched before bed scared the shit out of you

• so, likewise, this boy offers to SING :))) 

• hes gonna call and even through the phone when you could hear a few cars driving past or drunken voices flooding the background bc of his wild neighbour having another house party through the other end of the line, his voice puts you almost right to sleep and when you’re dozing off and he thinks you’re already asleep, he’s gonna whisper 

• “have a good night, i love you” and he hangs up

• that was the first time he eVER SAID THAT OK AND HONESTly you keep the fact that you heard it a secret bc if seokmin told you that thinking that you were asleep, he obviously didn’t want you to just bLATANTLY mention it but he low-key knew you were still awake and did it on purpose bc he loves you that much shit ok i need to drink some water bye guys



• Your first impression of him would probably be that he’s the greasiest boy ever and is really quite full of himself.
• HIS first impression of you would’ve been that you were the most beautiful human in the universe.
• he’d ask you out by simply doing it, walking straight to you and spitting the words out.
• “you, me, a date tomorrow, pick you up at 8” //insert flirtatious wink//
• your first date together was a movie date and he rented out the entire cinema so there was just you two there. he probably tried to make moves in the dark bc he’s greasy asf, the classic yawn then low key wrap their arm around you, the reach over for popcorn but is really an excuse to get you flustered bc his face tOO cLOSE OHMYGOSH CNT BREATHE, stuff like that. it was fun though, he kept cracking jokes that got you choking on your soda.
• is the king of cheesy pickup lines
• “did it hurt when you fell from heaven?”
• “are you from Tennessee? because you’re the only ten, I see”
• “seungcheol, stop.”
• loves to give you cute pet names that get the other members gagging a little in their mouths.
• “poopsy doodles” “schnookums” “oojy woojy koojy moojy poo poo”
• and you just stand there kinda just dying of embarrassment bc seungcheol plS there are people around!!1!!1!
• your first kiss with him was after their debut, they had just released ‘akkinda’ and he was just so happy that the words just flew out of his mouth.
• “I’m so happy, I could… I could just kiss you right now!”
• “then do it.”
• he has a habit of gripping your hand tightly when he feels the need to protect you, whether it be someone trying to fight you or you just feel unsafe. SUPER S.COUPS IS HERE
• his favourite type of kiss is literally every kiss I mean, as long as he gets to kiss you amiright? smooches, forehead kisses, cheek kisses, you name it, you’re bound to experience all of those once or twice and knowing seungcheol it would probably be more than that lmao.
• you’ll know when he wants a kiss because he’ll either tell you straight up or whine like a baby, making as many excuses as possible to get one.
• “jagiiii!!1! I’m dying! Quick kiss me before your beloved boyfriend disappears forever!”
• seungcheol loves to give you hugs where he buries his face in your hair and when he rests his chin on top of your head. his hugs are usually very strong and secure and when you get inside one of those, there’s no way of getting out unless he lets you.
• he likes hearing you talk, whether it be singing, or just talking to him on the phone, he’s such a good boyfriend that simply hearing your melodic voice is enough to make him smile awh
• he despises it and even gets a little ticked off whenever you look down at yourself and think that you’re not good enough. whenever he hears you or even senses you feeling that way he will grab you by the cheeks and stare deeply and intensely in your eyes.
• “you listen here, and you listen good, okay? you, are the most amazing person I could ever have the pleasure of meeting. you’re the light of my world and the one that always keeps me grounded. without you in my life, I don’t know where I’d be. so don’t even think, not even for a second, that you’re not good enough for me.” • has an addiction to 2PAC like seriously he rants on and on about him, so much that sometimes you gotta just lowkey show him you’re not really interested.
• he likes 2PAC so much that for his birthday you organised all the members to help purchase the newest 2PAC album/mixtape and when seungcheol opened it he was so happy and demanded to know who’s brilliant idea it was. when he found out it was YOU the biggest grin spread on his face and he like sprinted over to where you were and showered you with kisses and thank you’s.
• secretly watches you sleep whenever you take naps and he just smiles to himself BC HOW’D HE GET SO DAMN LUCKY
• “babe lets buy these couple shirts, they would TOTALLY look cute on us!”
• “what about these matching necklaces? or those cute little couple promise rings??!!! I jUST WANT TO TELL THE WORLD UR MINE JAGI”
• gets jealous so easily. if he sees someone even look at you in a way he doesn’t like, he’s straight up going to makeout with you right then, right there and be an affectionate little puppy to show them that YOURE TAKEN. YEAH THATS RIGHT! YOURE TAKEN BY HIM
• will do anYTHING to make you a flustered mess on the floor
• gives you small kisses all over your face, even in front of the members, which makes you die a little.
• on the rare occasion does anyone ever catch seungcheol off guard and gets him flustered, but oh you can. you play his game and get greasy right back at him, teasing him with your kisses, purposely distancing yourself from him just to watch him squirm, giving him cheesy pickup lines. yes, he tries to fight back, but you usually win.
• your phone background is a picture of you and seungcheol sleeping on each other in the practice room, that Jeonghan took a picture of bc he’s you’re number one shipper.
• his phone background is a candid photo he took of you bc he thought you just looked beautiful in that particular moment
• being the leader of a 13 member group really takes its toll on seungcheol, you’re always trying to pry him away from the practice room because he’s ALWAYS in there working himself too hard, thinking about how the group could get better, stronger. on some occasions, you barely get a glimpse of him for days, because he’s always busy working hard.
• “seungcheol, let’s go home, you’ve been in here for hours..”
• “jagi, I can’t, I need to work on this until I’m happy with it, everyones depending me.”
• due to his role as the leader, seungcheol sometimes comes home in the wee hours of the morning, so he can’t wish you goodnight. but he always makes sure to ring you or text, wishing you a good nights sleep and that he loves you.
• and how he wakes you up? he’s always sleeping in so its always YOU having to wake up first and waking him up by flopping on top of him and pecking his cheek.
• seungcheol doesn’t have many insecurities, but his biggest one is the fact that he may not be up for the job, he might not qualify to be the leader of such a successful group. you’re always having to stop him from what he’s thinking, telling him to take deep breaths and reassuring him that he was, and he is the perfect person for his job, he’s got great leadership, he’s kind, and all in all, he’s more qualified than anyone in the world.
• you’re first fight with seungcheol was over something silly, he asked if you could come in and babysit the members for him while he went and ran some errands, they were such a big handful that you had to bring seungcheol back bc it was TOO HARD.
• “you’re telling me that you brought me back because they were being too noisy and loud?!”
• “it’s not MY fault! YOURE the one who signed me up for this!”
• then you got really quiet bc a) he yelled at you and he’s NEVER yelled at you before and b) did he just mention that he planned for you and him to have children in the future???! tears threatened to come out of your eyes but you quickly turned your back to him and wiped them away.
• he ended up wrapping his arms around your waist from behind and whispering his apologies in your ear, saying how he’s sorry to have exploded like that.
• “I’m just worried, you know, what about the future kids?’
• despite the fact that seungcheol can come off as immature, when it comes to you and seventeen, he’s serious about it all. don’t think for a second that he doesn’t mean it when he says I love you.
“jagiya, saranghae ~chu” - bby s.coups

Mabel Pines is Canon Gay


Okay so ever since Alex Hirsch stated that he wanted a gay character in his show I always had a headcanon that is was Mabel. Well now I am convinced that Mabel Pines is a canon pansexual! (You just gotta look for the clues)

So now I shall tell you why I think this is secretly canon. 

Disney told Alex he can’t have LGBTQ+ in his show. He then openly stated that he would like a gay character. Then right after he said that the episode “Love God” appeared. And we got this 

The episode is about love… She is wearing a rainbow…. 

I know what some of you are thinking “So what? The chick is wearing a rainbow? Not EVERYTHING has to be gay.” Yes you’re right, she could be just wearing a rainbow, she is very colorful to begin with so it wouldn’t surprise me. But then there was the “Escape from Reality” episode… we got this

Look at these cute little sweethearts. Now that you’re done squealing, look at Mabel’s shirt. See the colors? Now a lot of people don’t see any significance in these three colors, pink yellow & blue. But I do. I see this

THE PANSEXUAL FLAG! The colors on her shirt are even in the same pattern!!! Now some of you are probably like “wot is pansexuality???” Well I myself am a pan and this is the (google) definition:   “not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity”.

In other words Hearts not Parts. 

Now I submit to you a new theory! She hits on boys because she doesn’t know she’s pan. I didn’t know what I was for almost SIXTEEN YEARS. 

So yeah, I am 98% positive she is Pan or at the very least gay. 

You’re welcome. 

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"generic protag character" wot anon have you even read or even watched higurashi like wot?

for real and to say that there are more “developed and interesting” characters than him is honestly doing him a giant god damn disservice. like i love all of the higurashi girls as much as the next damn person but keiichi is a fucking incredible character like he’s the main reason that they’re able to win at all without him rika never would’ve been as inspired to defeat fate and never would’ve been able to break out of the loop, she’s said so herself that any world without keiichi is doomed from the beginning. not to mention he canonically has a learning disability? which is something i don’t often if rarely ever really see explored in anime/manga and it effects him in realistic ways. he’s well rounded and portrayed very well as human god damn being he isn’t perfect, he definitely isn’t invincible and he doesn’t have some kind of almighty god like protagonist abilities he’s just an average kid and that’s what makes him so fucking great.