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Peter paused, not sure how he should react to Rocket’s answer. He sighed. Peter knew Rocket didn’t want people feeling sorry for him, but Peter could tell he had struck a chord with Rocket.

“Well,” Peter said, placing his hands on his hips, “how about person?” He asked. “It’s a pretty neutral term out here in these parts. You have the physical features of a raccoon, but you’re like, 2 times cooler.”

     ‘Person’ was a word he deep down always wished he’d be considered as, because it sounded equal to everyone else.  It sounded stupid, which is why he suggested something to just call him an experiment.

     “That’s a nice sentiment, Quill, but I just don’t seeing you rephrasing ‘stupid raccoon,’ for ‘stupid person,’ but I …”  he trailed off, not sure what to say exactly.

     He knew Peter wasn’t a straight up mean dude, but they had been at each others throats a lot lately. Rocket knew it was probably he own fault too.  He just didn’t know how to function around people for longer than a short while.

27 Things About My Potato Family

We are strong,
But we’re also funny.
We’re kind,
But we’re also dorkish.

We’re lazy,
But we’re also passionate.
We’re sinners,
But were also not guilty.

We’re mature,
But we’re also free.
We like to joke,
But we can get serious.

Sometimes we make mistskws,
But we can also make misteaks.
We can write our hearts out,
But we can also stay silent.

We can be everything,
We can do anything.
We can move on,
We can hold on.

We know what is wrong,
We know what is right.
We step up for one,
We step up for all.

Because as much as we can fight,

Or as crazy as we are,

This is our family

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