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Jack with glasses is a weakness of mine 


It’s so touching I couldn’t help but cry. You see the yellow ribbon, memorial symbol of Sewol Ferry tragedy, right?. Zico keeps the memory alive. Tough Cookie and Well Done have both 04:16 minute run time, symbolizing date of the tragedy (2014/04/16). 

말해 Yes or No has 04:14 run time which probably stands for 2014/04. Furthermore he added the yellow ribbon to his cover. He’s the only idol/artist I know who continuously shows condolences to the victims. 

You could probably write a book about all those wonderful and amazing things Zico has done so far. Therefore I don’t understand how someone can hate him. He deserves pair of wings and a halo not sticks and stones. 

anonymous asked:

ah! didnt realize that about the otp question post!! in that case do the rest of the questions for sombrya!! (i didnt wanna give em all to you at once, thought it might be a bother)

NAH ITS GOOD.. ill just recopy/paste my four answers from before

  • Which of the two could absolutely dunk on the other? if im being honest idrk what this is supposed to mean (something w basketball?) but im gonna say aleks through my intuition
  • Which one flushes the toilet while the other is in the shower? sombra lol aleksandra isnt super bothered by hot water though so jokes on sombra when she hops in with her and its still burning hot
  • Which one sings in public much to the other’s consternation? both of them, and to neither ones consternation. one starts belting out some song and the others like YOU GO BABY WOO!! and the other farmers market goers are perturbed
  • Which one tell the first joke during sex? SOMBRA they both laugh like jackasses though and forget what they were doing
  • Which one texts the other something really sweet, just for the other to reply with “that’s fucking corny”? aleks cause shes so poetic and well-read in-game so she probably sends sombra some russian poem and sombras all “jajajajajaja thats gay” (im adding this to my previous answer to say sombras secretly cryin in the club tho. aleks calls her right after just to talk and shes like “what is your voice doing” and sombras all *sniffling* “ha whatre you talking about *her voice cracks*”)
  • Which one is the 10 million power and which one is the 10 million techniques? aleks is 10 million power and sombra is 10 million techniques obv
  • Which one insists they listen to System Of A Down unironically in the car while they are going somewhere? Is it both? sombra but aleksandra doesnt hate it
  • Which one is the usual instigator of eventually turning any and all instances of cuddling into bed wrestling? mostly aleks but sombra knows when aleks gives her that look theyre throwin down
  • Which one wins in bed wrestling? aleksandra every time
  • Which one drinks milk straight from the carton like its 3000 B.C. and which one opens a verbal can of whoopass for it? aleksandra and sombra respectively
  • Which one cries while chopping onions? aleks…..
  • Which one has the other in their in phone as “Bby <3”, and which one has the other as “shitter”?
    • sombra in aleks’ phone: милый
    • aleksandra in soms phone: *bear emoji and tongue emoji*

“you guys are our inspiration and we love you from the bottom of our hearts. thanks for sticking with us through the ups and downs and, we’ll be back for you guys, so keep on waiting for us, saranghaeyo~" 

        — Kevin Woo