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Dominique is a nuclear engineer, a motivational speaker, has a YouTube channel where she speaks positively, an album where she speaks positively, owns residences in two states, and I believe she used to be a pastor, yet the small bearded man wants to talk down on her and everyone wants to act like she’s the one trying to cause drama in the house?? This girl’s whole life is about being positive and spreading positivity lol he needs to take a seat very quickly.

The Trans Agenda
  • Wearing clothes we are comfortable in
  • Having people use our pronouns
  • Finding a partner who accepts us for who we are
  • Finding friends who accept us for who we are
  • Being able to live our  daily life without being attacked when shopping, working, or having a night out at a bar
  • Making terfs angry by being wlw
  • Making terfs angry by being accepted by cis women as a fellow woman
  • Helping other trans people along on their way so they don’t have to struggle as hard as we did.
  • Last but not least, making terfs angry when trans men, agender, and  nb trans people don’t let themselves get minimized down to their genitals.

    Sorry dear fake feminists, you don’t get to tear down our label just because you want to keep calling yourself a lesbian while being attracted to men and non-women.

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isn’t she the most beautiful woman oh my god 1/?

Dear mansplaining morons who think "Batman could totally win a fight with Wonder Woman"

Are y'all high?


- an average human dude
- has no superpowers to speak of
- trained fighting for like, 10, 20 years tops
- uses fancy but breakable human-made gadgets


- literally a deity
- “only a god can kill another god”
- trained fighting for 500 to 2,000 years (depending on who you ask) under Antiope, the greatest general in the history of a legendary warrior race
- can fly
- can literally level a building with a single punch
- can control lightning
- able to take punches by someone capable of crumbling a gun with their bare hands
- can toss a tank with her bare hands like it’s nbd
- has magical weapons originally made for & owned by gods

Being a man doesn’t give you the ability to defeat a deity who’s trained for centuries under the best of the best, has magic powers, and magic weapons, you twats.

Being a man doesn’t make you better than a deity.


Tfw you procrastinate so hard that you end up making a bunch of bisexual Wonder Woman icons for no reason other than that.
Please just reblog if you use? :)

When people ask why I've been so motivated at the gym:

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Because I want to become like them.