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“Tilt My World” - Digital Oil Painting

Inspired by the amazing fic “Perversions Delicates” by @lostinfic, here is Betty and Jean-Francois sharing a moment behind a carousel. If you haven’t read the fic, you should, the prose is fantastic and it will give you a new Tennant-Piper ship that you didn’t know you needed.

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This year that passed you’ve touched so many hearts and handed out so many smiles .. I admire you for genuinely always giving your family, your friends , your work and your fans 100% of you . Everyday you face challenges and knock them all down with a smile. You inspire/motivate people (including myself) around the world to strive for greatness with no fear of failure. I pray in this upcoming year God continues to bless you with wisdom , success and health. I pray for every door to open for you. I pray for you to live , laugh and love through out your upcoming journey. I’m so proud of of you my love. Forever here .#HappyBirthday @lestwinson #Smile #live #laugh #love #itsacelebration 🎉🎉🎉

Finally able to watch the new episode. And I just. Ooooh boy. This writing. I can’t even be mad at this point. I’m just here for the ride.  

one thing that’s hard about being a lesbian, is that regardless of your gender presentation, you are simultaneously conforming to and disregarding societal expectations. if you’re butch, people may see you as less of a woman, but you’re “such a stereotypical lesbian”, and if you’re femme you may be criticised for acting to girly/ wearing too much make up/ whatever, while also hearing, “but you don’t LOOK gay”.

to all lesbians (especially trans lesbians), how you choose to dress and express yourself does not invalidate your identity as a woman or a lesbian, and nor is it bad to conform to stereotypes of your gender or orientation. you are all beautiful and valid, every one.

How (White) Feminism Failed Gabby Douglas, Leslie Jones, Normani Kordei & many other Black Women

(Image provided by Tumblr) 

by Rachael Edwards 

The world has watched Black Girl Magic (Olympic Black Goddess version)  in action at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Simone Manuel made history as the first black woman swimmer to win an Olympic Gold Medal in an individual event. We cheered as Simone Biles  soared through the air and easily collected medals. Michelle Carter made history by being the first American woman to win gold for shot put. Black women athletes are unapologetically leaving their mark this year.

While the Olympics has been a triumphant time for our community, it has also been a heartbreaking one. Gabby Douglas has won several gold medals individually and for the USA team, but that was not enough. Our celebration was marred as we watched Douglas  be criticized for her hair, for not putting her hand over her heart, not smiling enough, and a host of other reasons. Gabby could not catch a break. She expressed her heartbreak in a tearful interview, “Either it was about my hair or my hand not over my heart [on the medal podium] or I look depressed. … It was hurtful. It was hurtful. It was. It’s been kind of a lot to deal with.”  As I watched this unfold I saw the support of black women on my timelines, all of us trying our best to garner support for Gabby despite the odds. However I could not help to notice there was an extreme imbalance of defenses for Gabby from white feminists. Many of them, enough of them, said nothing.

Feminism, in short terms, is the support of women’s rights and equality to men. One would assume that “women’s rights” would mean all women, but just like the Constitution, “all men” didn’t really mean all men. Mainstream or (white) feminism will always benefit white women before women of color. We are an afterthought, often not even mentioned.  My critique of this kind of feminism is that it severely lacks intersectionality and will always benefit the majority.

This is not a new concept, but was a blaring reminder that white women have been the face of feminism while black women/WOC are pushed to the side lines.  In 1848, the Women’s Suffrage Movement was birthed and heroines like Ida B. Wells fought for the rights of black women. Historically, a gap in the feminist movement existed between white and black women because the temperance and suffrage movements did not recognize our equal rights. White feminists collectively fail to realize, that the struggle of black women/ WOC effortlessly comes with intersections that are social, economic, and racial. It has and continues to be harder for black women/WOC because of the inevitable combination of white and male supremacy.

Feminism also looks like supporting other women in every facet of womanhood. Gabby Douglas’ situation mirrored that of Normani Kordei and weeks before that, Leslie Jones. These three women share a common experience. Both Leslie and Normani decided to disengage from Twitter because of  disgusting and racist tweets . Specifically in Leslie Jones situation, I questioned the lack of support from her Ghostbuster’s cast members who are all white women. While the entire cast was undergoing sexist remarks because of the Ghostbuster’s remake, the amount of verbal abuse Leslie received was unbearable. Not only did she receive sexist tweets, but racist tweets as well. Normani’s from the girl group Fifth Harmony, incident occurred a few weeks later where she penned an open letter stating, “I’ve been racially cyber bullied with tweets and pictures so horrific and racially charged that I can’t subject myself any longer to hate.” Black women are subjected to be ridiculed, but our feminism does not seem to matter to the mainstream feminist eye. What these women have in common is that (white) feminism is likely not to come to their aid.

White women celebrities have been under the microscope of sexist scrutiny, but have always been supported by other (white) feminists. To be specific, Taylor Swift, Amy Schumer, Patricia Arquette, and Lena Dunham, to name a few. Check out this thread from Caitlin Moran (English journalist, author, and broadcaster at The Times) below:

(Courtesy of Twitter)

Yep. You read it right.

As black women we will always be offered the short end of both sticks.

#LetGabbyLive was one of the hashtags that emerged on Twitter but only after a statement was released from Gabby’s mother that Gabby was heartbroken from the bullying. There should have been an onslaught of support since Gabby stepped on stage, especially from white celebrities who tote “feminism” on their hems.

In hopes that society is making strides towards intersectional feminism, it is important as black/WOC that we hold each other accountable and continue to encourage one another. While the world is figuring out how to include us, we must put ourselves first.  In cases, where we see our sisters being bogged down by cyber bullying like Gabby Douglas, Leslie Jones, or Normani we have to speak up.

In the words of beloved Assata Shakur, “…we must love and support one another.”


21 years of progression. I have very specific memories of when I was younger. I remember crying in bed for god to make me a girl. I begged and pleaded every night that I would wake up the next morning with the right parts in the right body and every day I woke up in disappointment. I remember going through my mom’s wardrobe on more than one occasion and showing her what I put on. I remember picking the girl characters in any video game I ever played.

For years I would have people refer to me as a girl with a variety of different names. I would ask them to do my make up or let me borrow their clothes. All I thought about, all I wanted to do was girly things.

Going through puberty and not having my body develop the way I wanted to was a hard blow to handle. Things were different when I was younger and still had a high voice and softer features.

Figuring out the way boys act with each other was a wake up call as well. I wasn’t like them I didn’t want to do the things they wanted to do. I flocked to the the feminine my whole life. If I tried to put it out of mind, it wouldn’t last long. This wasn’t a phase this was who I was.

I hid who I was for too long. I cared what others thought about me and I let that dictate my actions. I couldn’t continue this or things would only get worse. Finally transitioning was the most incredible thing that could have happened to me. Finally I was on the right track I was doing what made me happy. I was living my life authentically as a woman. I was being myself.

This is something I know I’ve not only wanted but needed. I don’t know where I’d be if I’d even be anywhere if it wasn’t for transitioning. I’m in a body I can be comfortable with and I can flaunt my femininity without shame. I have always been a girl and nobody will tell me otherwise.

Trans and proud.

I’m surprised that some people still refer to Yuri on Ice’s content as ‘yaoi fanservice’?

Like, I get that all the butt shots and Victor’s need to get naked every episode are fanservice of some form, but Victor and Yuuri’s relationship just isn’t.

Or, if you think it is, then just tell me: when do interactions between two characters of the same sex stop being ‘fanservice’ and start being a canonical relationship?

Like, seriously how much further do they have to go for you to realize that they’re *gasp* gay for each other?

I mean, what are you expecting? The things we see in straight couples? Like, Idk, maybe physical closeness? Hugs? Holding hands? Touching foreheads? Public declarations of love? The desire to seduce/be seduced by your partner? Mental support? The desire to help someone find confidence in their skills? The desire to know someone better but also the tact of knowing not to push too far? The act of understanding love thanks to one very specific person? The act of dedicating your best work to one specific person? The act of always being there for one specific person?

Come now, you must be dreaming, no pair of two characters of the same sex could get that sort of development.

Oh wait. They already did.

Tell me one more time that Yuri on Ice offers nothing but yaoi fanservice. I double freaking dare you.

I told myself I wont get my hopes up for a canon miraculous!Nino … listen as long as he gets proper development one way or another, i’m happy   also, I tried to make this look similar to the sneak peek we got of the peacock miraculous wielder.

I know it’s a little late but in honor of Coming Out Day here’s a comparison. The left was when I came out to everyone four and a half years ago at a school assembly. The right is from today. I wouldn’t be where I am on the right if it wasn’t for the person on the left not letting people dictate her decisions anymore. Coming out changed my life for the better. Happy National Coming Out Day.

the thing about being a young woman is that they will take everything from you. and i mean everything. and they will make it about them. your makeup, your clothes, how much you eat. your attitude, your hairstyle, your gym routine. they will take your driving and your train stations and your video games. your sexuality as sexy, your gender identity as a fetish, your cooking. your tv shows and your high heels and every harmless thing. 

if they cannot eat it, if it does not satisfy them, it will be an immediate shame. they cannot control how much you put food into your body, so it is seen as disgusting. your love of starbucks is your vapid need, your comfortable boots are symbols of your inherent stupidity. your fake nails, your body’s natural cycles, the hair on you. bath bombs, pink, the low singing of women talking about depression. your crazy, your hyper, your laughter, your loud, your excited, your passions. the things which are yours, that do not belong to them, that cannot be taken and devoured like flower petals, cannot be sucked dry until the wilt forms in you. 

do not satisfy them. let them starve. let them shy from the sin of you, the unfettered sinfulness of loving taking up space.

ok as much as i love dadreyes sombra is. clearly her own woman. she’s 30 years old, she got herself those cybernetic upgrades, she lived through the crisis and came out of it with some serious power, im PRETTY SURE she joined talon for convenience considering she sacrifices their goals for hers. so yes, by all means, have reaper looking out for sombra and bonding over a shared heritage and all that good stuff; but she is not his protege or his baby and she sure as hell is not a fucking gremlin in a baby carrier. there is nothing he could give her that she hasn’t already taken for herself.